As Zanu PF factions destroy each other, the military will have a huge say as to who would take over from President Mugabe.


As Zanu PF factions destroy each other, the military will have a huge say as to who would take over from President Mugabe.


He is a controversial prophet who continues to draw large crowds with his promise of miracles. But as his popularity soars he faces all sorts of allegations. So far he has survived.


Two secretary generals tried to topple him but failed. His wife walked out but returned home. Now MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is plotting his way to State House.


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Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated President Mugabe on the occasion of Africa Day celebrations which are commemorated annually on May 25, to mark the formation of the Organisation of African Unity on May 25, 1963.

President Mugabe is the only surviving Head of State and Government who attended the formation of the OAU in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

In a statement yesterday, President Putin said: “Please accept sincere congratulations on the occasion of the Africa Day, a festive day symbolising the unity and mutual supportiveness of the peoples of your continent, their victory in the difficult struggle for freedom and independence.
“Today, African states are moving confidently forward along the path of social and economic, scientific and technological development, they are playing an ever-growing role in addressing urgent issues on the international agenda.”

President Putin added that Russia highly appreciated and supported the activities of the African Union, other regional and sub-regional integration associations of the continent aimed at expanding the mutually beneficial multilateral cooperation, establishing an effective crisis response system, peacekeeping and post-conflict reconstruction.

“We intend to further make every effort to strengthen the relations of friendship and cooperation with African countries, as well as to continue our participation in various assistance programs and projects for Africa implemented under the auspices of the UN, G20, BRICS and other international structures.

“I sincerely wish you good health and every success in your state activities, and peace and well-being to the peoples of Africa,” said President Putin.

President Mugabe’s stance on self-determination for the continent has seen him being hailed as a true and senior African statesman who wants to see the continent develop.


A Ngozi Mine family has been denied a burial order for their child, 9, who died 12 days ago and had no birth certificate.

Richard Sibanda, the child father does not have a National Identity card while their four children do not have birth certificates.  His wife Sevi Ncube, only obtained an ID on Monday with the help of members of the Brethren in Christ Church (BICC) in Cowdray Park.
Yesterday, The Chronicle spoke to the couple about their loss and difficulties they have encountered since then.

They said getting identification particulars had not been a priority for them but they realised their importance following the death of their child.
Sibanda said he used to have an ID but lost it and had not bothered to obtain another one.
“Our baby died on May, 13, so we approached the police hoping to get a burial order but we were denied that. Police told us to produce the child’s birth certificate but we couldn’t as we hadn’t obtained it. We also don’t have IDs. I lost mine and my wife had never obtained it. We were then told to approach the Registrar General’s offices before we are given the go ahead to bury the child,” said Sibanda.

He said he had learnt the hard way the repercussions of not having birth certificates for his children.
Ncube said it has been difficult for her to live knowing that their child was yet to be buried nearly two weeks on.

“As a mother losing a child is very difficult but having to live everyday knowing that they haven’t been buried is even brutal. I hope after getting my ID it will be possible for us to get a burial order,” said Ncube.

BICC Deacon Mandlenkosi Ndlovu said the situation at Ngozi Mine was dreadful saying Sibanda’s family was among many with no identity particulars.

“Almost everyone in that place does not have identification particulars. Something needs to be done.  The government needs to visit that place and try getting those people national documents,” said Ndlovu. chronicle

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


The One Million-Man March to be held by the Zanu-PF Youth League today is strictly meant to celebrate President Mugabe’s success as leader of the country since 1980 and as an African icon, the league’s deputy secretary, Cde Kudzai Chipanga, has said.

He said the event was meant for none other than President Mugabe. “As the youth wing of the ruling party it is our responsibility to mobilise the nation in support and celebration of our President.

“I want to reaffirm the fact that the march is meant for none other than our President and through the march we are saying that the President must be and will remain our President till death do us part,” said Cde Chipanga.
He said all the wings of the ruling party, including the Women’s League, main wing, war veterans and the ex-detainees, were rallying behind the One Million-Man March.

“We have invited all the wings of the party to support the march, which is meant to show our gratitude to President Robert Mugabe.

“We also invite churches, youth associations, students and everyone else who voted for the President in 2013 to join us as we appreciate His Excellency’s leadership,” said Cde Chipanga.

“We promise a march of its own kind as we celebrate the peaceful environment that has been brought by our President and the manner in which he is leading us towards economic solidarity.

“All provinces in the country will participate in the march and will have their assembly points in various parts of the capital.”

Preparations for the march were already set days before the event with close attention to health, finances, entertainment and security matters.  The routes for the march had been decided as well but were withheld for security reasons. herald


The stage has been set for the two-day Bulawayo Zim-Asset Conference at which the First Lady Grace Mugabe is expected to be the guest of honour.

Fifteen out of the 17 invited ministers had confirmed their attendance by yesterday for the Friday and Saturday event at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair’s Hall 3.
The ministers will explain how the city was and can continue to benefit from the Government’s programmes.

The Minister of State for Provincial Affairs in Bulawayo Eunice Nomthandazo Moyo said the First Lady will lead cabinet ministers at the much anticipated conference.
She said people should brace for a lively interaction between ministers and residents.
“Everything has been set up. We’re ready to host the First Lady who is our guest of honour. Of the 17 invited ministers 15 have confirmed their participation. Three of the 15 ministers will be represented by their deputy ministers.

“The three Ministers apologised for not attending as they are out of the country,” said Moyo.
She said the invited ministers are expected to bring along officials from their ministries to answer some of the questions.

“This conference will be attended by people from the grassroots so we expect ministers to bring some of their officials who will interact with residents and demystify some of the technical terms,” she said.

Minister Moyo said the conference will run under the theme “Consolidating Bulawayo’s Growth through Zim-Asset.”

“Everything has been organised and we’re ready to host the First Lady,” she said.
About 600 delegates are expected to attend the conference. Minister Moyo said the conference was organised after it was realised that Bulawayo residents rarely get a platform to engage Government officials.

She said this has deprived residents of first-hand information on Government’s programmes and policies. chronicle


Harare and Queen Elizabeth Girls High Schools, stung by the death of a pupil and a man who were run over and dragged to their death by a commuter omnibus, have called for the removal of an illegal pick-up point at the corner of Park Lane and Leopold Takawira Street.

This follows the accident in which a Form Four pupil Jocelyn Gomba (17) and 35-year-old Mr Odwell Mabanga were run over and dragged to death by one of the commuter omnibuses on Monday, that have established a rank near the entrance of Harare Girls High School.

Mr Mabanga had sustained serious spinal injuries, but died yesterday at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals. Police spokesperson Chief Superitendent Paul Nyathi yesterday said: “We have questioned the owner of the kombi, Albert Guyo of Southlea Park in Harare South and he has given us information that Wadzanayi Mabika (41) of Plot 2 Nyabira was the driver. We also discovered that Mabika had one year four months driving experience after obtaining his licence in 2015.

“We are going to take action against the employer for employing someone who does not have the mandatory five years experience as required by the Road Traffic Act.”

The kombis, which ply the city to Inkomo route, have established a rank that operate from the entrance to the school at Park Lane and normally wind into Leopold Takawira Avenue.
A memorial service for Jocelyn was conducted yesterday at the spot where she died .
Two other pupils sustained minor injuries. District education officer Mrs Anatoria Ncube said they were appealing to the city and responsible authorities for kombis to be removed from the area.

“As ministry we are concerned about the safety of pupils in particular the girl child. If you look at where the kombis are stationed, you wonder what kind of criteria was used by the City of Harare to designate that area as a pick up and drop off point because the touts and kombi drivers are causing havoc at the area. They make a lot of noise touting and causing disturbances to the learning process,” she said.

“We hope this is enough signal to force authorities to enforce the law.”
The Harare Girls High School head Dr Beauty Mutsambiwa hoped that the kombis would be removed soon.

“I am hurt because it is not good for people not to be sensitive. Even if they want to make money, they have to respect pedestrians. “Last term, two of our pupils and one teacher were injured after being hit by the kombis.

“We expect council to remove that pick up point because it is creating problems for us.
“These touts and drivers harass the girls and shout obscenities to them. They also name call them, further eroding their confidence.”

Pedestrians also blasted city officials and police for having failed to bring sanity to Harare’s road traffic jungle. They accused police and the city’s traffic officers of collecting bribes from the touts and drivers operating at the rank while ignoring the danger they posed.

The city’s acting corporate communications manager Mr Michael Chideme said the city would force the kombis back to Market Square where they are designated.

“All transporters should stick to designated points, because those have provisions for picking and dropping passengers,” he said. herald


Chief Mkanganwi of Bikita yesterday cautioned the private prosecutor in legislator Munyaradzi Kereke’s rape case to stop threatening him into answering questions because as a chief he also has power to preside over matters back in his village.

 This was after he was cross-examined by private prosecutor Mr Charles Warara on his relationship with Kereke. However, the presiding magistrate intervened and advised Chief Mkanganwi that although he is a chief, he was standing in court as a witness.

Zanu-PF Bikita West MP Kereke is accused of raping a 13-year-old relative in 2010 and indecently assaulting her sister who was 15 years at the time.

Chief Mkanganwi, born Alpheus Njodzi is testifying as a witness in Kereke’s defence case.
Asked by Mr Charles Warara if Kereke is one of the people who help him in Bikita, the chief said he never received a cent, bus fare or a drink from Kereke.

“I get assistance from my child who is a police officer. I have enough resources. The accused helps other people in the community,” said Chief Mkanganwi.

The prosecutor asked if the chief attended a series of meetings in Harare in 2013 to campaign for Kereke to be elected member of Parliament.
“We came individually as five chiefs to Harare to request that accused contest as a Member of Parliament for Bikita in 2013 elections,” replied Chief Mkanganwi.

“Why did you want accused to contest in your district?” asked the private prosecutor.
Chief Mkanganwi replied that they had seen that the accused could win the elections and represent them.

“Is that the practice that chiefs nominate who contests?” asked Mr Warara.
“We came to make a request like others knowing that he is the one who could win,” he replied.

Mr Warara asked why the accused was rejected, prompting the chiefs to come and see the former Vice President Joice Mujuru.

“Accused was not rejected, but the opposition was celebrating saying that if he did not contest they would win. We heard the suspicion that he might not contest,” said Chief Mkanganwi.

Mr Warara asked if the chief was happy that Kereke won as MP and he said he was very happy.

“You wouldn’t want him to go to jail?” asked Mr Warara. The chief replied; “If he is found guilty he should be sentenced accordingly. As chiefs, we are not allowed to adjudicate such matters. We were told by former VP Mujuru that accused was facing rape charges and we asked why he was not arrested and prosecuted.

“We were told that the accused stole documents and sold them and that he was fighting with former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Dr Gideon Gono.”
Kereke called his brother Claitos Kereke as the next witness. herald


The Zanu PF Youth League is allegedly forcing schools to handover buses to party activists who are set to join the so-called million-man-march in Harare on Wednesday to show support for President Robert Mugabe.
Though school officials declined to comment in fear of being victimised, some parents of children attending schools in Chinhoyi, Mashonaland West province, expressed dismay over the issue saying they are not obliged to release buses to any political organization.
The Zanu PF Youth League, which wrote a letter recently instructing all public and private schools to provide buses for the million-man-march, allocated locally-available buses to various districts without the knowledge of headmasters and school development associations.
One of the schools, Lomagundi College, has already indicated that they won’t provide any transport, much to the chagrin of the Youth League members who are now threatening to take unspecified action against the headmaster.
Most school authorities declined to comment on the issue in fear of being victimised. But parents with children attending some schools in the province said they are not happy with what Zanu PF youth are doing.
Tabeth Chifamba of Sinoia Primary School said she is now expected to pay more money for her Grade Five child since she is funding some Zanu PF activities.
Another local parent, Phelimon Svosve, said it is unfair for Zanu PF to use force to get what it wants from poor people in Mashonaland West province.
Chifamba said headmasters are finding themselves in a tight situation as they cannot release the requested buses before getting the greenlight from parents of school-going children.
Svosve added that parents are now expected to pay for fuel costs and drivers’ allowances while on Zanu PF business.
But Zanu PF local youth coordinator, Tatenda Chitate, said every government ministry should support President Mugabe’s leadership by providing all the necessary help to ensure that the million-man-march is a big success.
Provincial director of the Ministry of Education in Mashonaland West, Sylvester Mashayamombe, said his office cannot issue any statement at the moment as they are still consulting relevant authorities over this issue.
He confirmed that some of their district offices received a letter from Zanu PF requesting schools to release buses for the march.
In response to questions posed by Studio 7, permanent secretary for Primary and Secondary Education, Dr. Sylivia J. Utete-Masango, said supports any solidarity shown to President Mugabe and as a result, they ordered all schools to provide buses for the event.
Most people say that the march expected to cost at least $600,000 is a waste of resources. Voa


Doctors in Zimbabwe say there is a marked increase in cases of stroke in the country due to high stress levels fueled by a spike in non-communicable diseases like diabetes and hypertension.
Official statistics indicate that Zimbabwe recorded 592 cases of stroke in 2009 and two years later the figure had risen to 1,134. Though the Ministry of Health has not released latest figures, doctors say stroke is affecting a large number of Zimbabweans.
Rutendo Bonde, chairperson of the Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights, attributes the increase to what she says is a stressful life in the country.
“There has been an increase in all NCDs in Zimbabwe. It’s related with the lifestyle, living a highly stressful life. The life pressures cause people to spend less on health care. Undiagnosed hypertension is a major cause. In public there is nowhere someone can go for routine checks so you have to go to private health care providers where costs are unaffordable.”
Bonde says Zimbabwe’s health institutions are struggling to rehabilitate stroke patients.
“When someone has experienced stroke it’s not just the event, it’s the rehabilitation afterwards which can be over a long period of time. Where do people go, it’s the private sector because in public health people get sent home and there are not any rehabilitation services there for such patients, speech, physiotherapy and occupational therapy to try and restore the brain.

“It shows that there are certain elements of the right to health which are not being met. The obligation of the state to fulfill the right to health of such patients is not being met. As the country becomes more difficult to live in it means that more and more such cases will be recorded and more violations too.”
Lydia Takawira, who suffered a stroke early this year, says she is now living a miserable life.
“I suffered hemorrhagic stroke in January this year. Since then my life has changed in many ways. I need to see many different specialists every week for different therapies including speech, muscles and occupational rehabilitation. That is a lot of money for me. I cannot work now and we all have to rely on my husband’s meager salary for food and treatment. I end up skipping some sessions.”
According to specialist physician, Andrew Mataruse, stroke is affecting all age groups. “Generally what we have noted with stroke which is loss of function due to lack of blood to the brain, diabetes and hypertension are the major causes and also old age. It used to be common in Caucasians but now common in Africa.
“In the 90s, Professor Matenga did a study in Harare they were lesser than what we are seeing now. Because of funding we have not been able to do community based studies but hospital-based trends have shown a steep escalation of cases now also involving younger patients. In 2012-2013 we compiled a stroke registry at Parirenyatwa, stroke prevalence showed that out of 11,000 admissions, four percent are actually new strokes.” voa


YOUTHS from several pressure groups and the opposition on Monday staged a brief demonstration in Harare denouncing the planned million man march organised for President Robert Mugabe by Zanu PF youths and called for the immediate resignation of the nonagenarian leader.

Promise Mkhwananzi, the spokesperson of the youths, said they were launching a series of demonstrations under the hash tag #Tajamuka, meant to force President Mugabe out of office before the 2018 elections.
He said they were not a political party, neither were they an organisation and did not intend to be one, adding they were there to campaign for the restoration of sanity in the country.
 “We have watched you plunge this country from one crisis to another and our inaction as young people has given you the false impression that we either fear you or that we don’t care about our country,” Mkhwananzi said.
“Both impressions are untrue. We don’t fear you and we love this country the same way we love ourselves.
“Today we are making this clear to you from the hearts of the streets, which will be our second home until you vacate office and pave way for the progress of our country and the betterment of the people’s lives.”
Mkhwananzi said it was not proper for the Zanu PF youths  to stage their march on Africa Day to prove support for President Mugabe, saying the day was an historic and important day in the continent, adding that the march was senseless and costly to ratepayers.
“We note with disdain that you plan to stage your senseless one million fools march on one of the most significant days in this continent. You cannot use Africa Day to march for an individual, not least to marshal the country’s already meagre resources towards a senseless and meaningless march. We urge you to abandon the idiotic march and direct your efforts towards restoring sanity in this country,” Mkwananzi said.
The former MDC-T youth leader said the country should not wait for the 2018 elections anymore to remove Mugabe.
He demanded the stepping down of the veteran leader step to make way for proper reforms of the country’s election management authority, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).
 “This country will have to respect the will of the people going forward and no party or individual will be allowed to govern illegally or illegitimately,” he said.


(The Source) – Energy Minister Samuel Undenge has admitted that rules were not followed in the payment of a $5 million advance to controversial firm Intratrek, but still insisted that the payout would not result in the loss of public funds.

Undenge is under pressure to explain an unsecured advance of $5 million by the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC), the energy infrastructure subsidiary of power utility Zesa Holdings, to Intratrek, a company fronted in Zimbabwe by Wicknell Chivayo.

The payment was purportedly for preparatory work on the 100MW Gwanda solar plant, one of several power contracts that Intratrek has been awarded by the government.

In a statement on Tuesday, Undenge said ZPC had “erred” in awarding Intratrek the $5million without following procedure.

“It is true that each time public funds are advanced to service providers, there is a risk that the goods or service, as the case may be, may not be delivered. To mitigate against this risk, it is as a standard requirement that a bank guarantee is secured against possible failure to deliver. Such an inevitable requirement should have been considered in the case of a $5m advance payment to Intratrek by the ZPC,” Undenge said.

He said he had now met ZPC to ensure that “going forward, the relevant procedures and requirements shall be adhered to.”

However, while Undenge admitted that rules were not followed, he defended the payment, saying it would not prejudice ZPC in any way.

The $5 million would pay for a feasibility study, environmental impact assessment, topographical and geophysical surveys, site civil works as well as fencing of the site, Undenge said. Subcontractors were already on site, he claimed.

“Given the above, it is highly improbable or unlikely that there will be any real prejudice to the ZPC in respect of this particular advance. Thus, in this ministry’s assessment, whereas the risk was there, in reality, there will be no financial prejudice and this in no way exonerates those who erred.”

The government is under fire for awarding $600 million worth of power contracts to Intratrek and its partners, many of which have no record in energy, are facing fraud charges or are facing bankruptcy. In his statement, Undenge said he is never involved in the awarding of tenders by ZPC.

“In terms of the state procurement act, tenders relating to state enterprises or parastatals are administered by the head of the appropriate state enterprise or parastatal,” he said.

These managers, he insisted, decide on who gets the tenders before recommending them to the State Procurement Board.

“One hopes that this account dispels the unfortunate misunderstanding that seems to prevail that my ministry decides on tenders relating to Zesa and its subsidiaries. For the avoidance of doubt, the management of these tenders is the responsibility of the relevant account officers in respect of their tenders and the ministry is not involved nor does it interfere with processes.”

Undenge defended Intratrek’s foreign partner on the Gwanda project, CHINT Electric, describing it as“a well established Chinese international company” that has previously undertaken other power projects in Zimbabwe.

Undenge also referred to reports that he had ordered Zesa Holdings to contract Fruitful Communications, a PR company owned by Zanu PF MP Psychology Maziwisa. Without admitting his own role in the matter, Undenge said such contracts were common but should follow “due process”.

“It is common practice for big companies to outsource some of the services they require. Such outsourcing must be based on an appreciation of internal or in-house capacities or competencies. In other words, due process must be undertaken and only when the outsourced service will add value are such external services engaged.” the source


OPPOSITION parties and civil society groups yesterday continued to pile pressure on Zanu PF to call off their planned million-man march in solidarity with President Robert Mugabe tomorrow, describing it as a senseless waste of resources. 

The march, expected to cost at least $600 000, comes at a time the national economy is on the brink, with banks facing crippling cash shortages.

The MDC-T said people should instead use the march to call on Mugabe and the government to immediately step down.

“lf anything, whoever is going to march on May 25 should be marching against poverty, joblessness, hunger, destitution and corruption. It is these ills that have been the
hallmark of Mugabe’s unparalleled mismanagement of the national economy over the past few decades,” MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu said.

Former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s newly-formed Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) described the event as devoid of any economic sense.

“The march is about creating an impression to the outside world that Zanu PF and its government, that is short of ideas on how to resuscitate an economy that is already on life support, should be trusted and supported,” ZimPF spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo said yesterday.

In a statement, a civil society group, which identified itself as Tajamuka, said: “We urge you to abandon the march and direct all your efforts towards restoring sanity in this country.”

Meanwhile, by close of business yesterday, several Zanu PF provinces had reportedly not mobilised the 100 000 delegates required from each province due to lack of resources.

In Harare, youth league affiliate members, including the Zimbabwe Congress of Students’ Unions and organisations representing children of war veterans and collaborators, claimed they had been blocked from participating in the march, although former freedom fighters confirmed their participation.

“We went to the party headquarters for accreditation, but we were told it was not possible because some of our leaders were fired from the party. We were blocked by the security at the party office, but I don’t see the reason why they would do that because we all support the President,” claimed one of the senior members in one of the organisations, who refused to be named.


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe last Wednesday reportedly left Zanu PF political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere with egg on his face at a meeting with party provincial chairpersons, after he accused him of fuelling the chaos rocking the ruling party.

Impeccable sources told NewsDay yesterday that Mugabe called for the meeting, initially at the ruling party headquarters, before switching it to State House.

“Mugabe asked for a meeting with chairpersons that was organised by Kasukuwere to get a clear picture of what is going on across the country. The chairpersons had apparently been coached by the national commissar on what to say and to complain bitterly that they were being victimised by Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s loyalists,” a Zanu PF insider said.

“However, the plot hit a snag because unbeknown to Kasukuwere, Mugabe also invited Mnangagwa and his counterpart Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko. The chairpersons stammered through the briefings and an angry Mugabe then snapped at Kasukuwere.”

Zanu PF Mashonaland provincial chairperson, Dickson Mafios confirmed the meeting, but declined to provide details of the discussions.

“It is true, we met the President. However, it was a confidential meeting and I cannot give details,” he said.

Kasukuwere said the meeting was “routine”, adding party secretary for administration, Ignatius Chombo had also attended.

“It was a routine meeting and I have these meetings with chairpersons every week. We just wanted to apprise the President on the state of the party. And it is true the VPs also attended, but as for me being blamed for the chaos, it’s rubbish. Some people have also passed a no-confidence vote in me and one of the VPs, so I cannot be blamed for such things. I do not live in all the provinces,” he said.

For the better part of the last two years, Zanu PF has literally been on the edge, as senior party leaders position themselves for a post-Mugabe era, with Mnangagwa and First Lady Grace Mugabe reportedly eyeing the top post, although both have publicly denied harbouring such ambitions.

Insiders said Kasukuwere, who is linked to Grace’s camp, was also ordered to prioritise teamwork.

“He was ordered to work with Chombo and the VPs in whatever he does and stop pushing nefarious agendas,” the source said. newsday


WAR veterans yesterday said they were “duty-bound” to attend tomorrow’s One Million-Man March and celebrate President Mugabe’s successes as a Statesman and leader of the revolutionary party, Zanu-PF. The march is being organised by the Zanu-PF Youth League.

 This comes as the preparatory committee of the Youth League held its last meeting yesterday with officials saying all was in place for the march.

Addressing journalists in Harare, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association secretary general Cde Victor Matemadanda said the agenda of the march had been specified to them and there was every reason for them to take part in the event.

“They have written to us, inviting us and the purpose has been clearly spelt out,” he said.
“Even if we were not invited, if it is clear that it is being done for the President, we are duty bound to attend. People had not been given information and there was a lot of speculation, but that has been rectified. We have been given information and there is no doubt it is in support of the President and we have no reason not to attend. We are going to attend effectively and actively.”
Cde Matemadanda added: “I know there has been a lot of talk regarding the march, its organisation and purpose, but we as leadership have said comrades must come. The march is not in support of any particular group or in the interest of any group, but is it for the President and him being our patron and Commander-in-chief, we are obliged to come and support. We are not only supporting, but taking leadership and giving direction on how it should be done. When I say direction, I am talking about war veterans being elders, the youths are our children and yes, they could have positions, but they remain our children. As parents we will not necessarily lead, but advise.”

He said war veterans with reservations about the event should first attend the march and the national executive would give an explanation later.

“War vets are soldiers and it’s like they are being called on parade and in the military if there is a misunderstanding or complaint it is done after the completion of the task. It is task first, explanation and complaints later,” Cde Matemadanda said. He said the freedom fighters should use any transport availed for the purposes of the march.

Churches, youths associations and students have also been invited. herald


A FORM Four pupil at Njube High School in Bulawayo has been arraigned for allegedly raping three primary school girls.

 The 16-year-old boy, whose name cannot be disclosed for legal reasons, allegedly raped the minors aged 8, 10 and 11 years on three different occasions.

The court heard that the three girls, who are not related, all live in Njube suburb. The boy yesterday appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Themba Chimiso facing three counts of rape. He was not asked to plead and remanded out of custody to June 6. The juvenile will be in the custody of his guardian until the matter is finalised, prosecutors said.

Prosecuting, Mufaro Mageza said the boy allegedly raped two of the girls this year and the other one last year. Mageza said in the first incident, the juvenile allegedly asked his 10-year-old victim to accompany him to the shops to buy electricity before he took advantage of her in January this year.
“On January 28, 2016 at around 2PM, the complainant was at her place of residence when the accused person arrived and asked her to accompany him to the grocery shops. The complainant agreed and while the two were walking, the accused person diverted to a certain house where he unlocked the door and got inside with the complainant,” said Mageza. “The accused locked the door and led the girl inside a bedroom where he forced her to lie down before he had sexual intercourse with her.”

He said the boy also lured an eight-year-old girl using mangoes earlier this year. “During the month of January 2016 at around 2PM, the complainant was playing with her friend when the accused person arrived at her place of residence. The accused person asked her to accompany him to run an errand at a house after promising to give her some mangoes and she complied,” said Mageza. “The accused led the girl to a house where they got inside and he locked the door. He then forcibly grabbed the girl and had sexual intercourse with the minor without her consent.”

He said in 2015, an 11-year-old girl was playing with her friends at her house when the juvenile joined them.

“The accused person lured the complainant into a room that is under construction and made her to lie down on the floor. He forcibly removed her clothes and lay on top of her where he had sexual intercourse with her” said Mageza. chronicle

Monday, 23 May 2016


Minister Kasukuwere's mansion
PARLIAMENT will soon institute a lifestyle audit for legislators including Cabinet Ministers that is expected to compel them to declare their assets in compliance with the provisions of the new Constitution and the House’s Standing Rules and Orders.

The regulations provide that public officials including parliamentarians must make regular disclosures of their assets.

Parliament’s Standing Rules and Orders Committee last month approved a draft Asset Declaration Register that spells out the kind of assets that MPs will be expected to declare.
The Clerk of Parliament, Kennedy Chokuda, said the development was meant to make MPs accountable to the public.

“This is within our Standing Rules and Orders that were approved way back during the Sixth Parliament,” he said.

“We’re now giving MPs an opportunity to make their input into the register. Remember MPs hold other people to account so this will also help members of the public to also hold them to account.

“But there are things that will be confidential and can only be made public with the approval of the Speaker of the National Assembly and the President of the Senate. So those who want that information would have to apply.”

Senate president Edna Madzongwe last week told Senators that MPs were requested “to consider and submit their views and recommendation on the Asset Declaration Register” for consideration by the committee on Standing Rules and Orders by May 31, 2016.

The draft document seen by our Harare Bureau indicates that legislators would be required to declare their assets, which include land, in and outside Zimbabwe, buildings, movable assets, financial assets and other assets such as jewellery worth more than $25,000.

The preamble of the register states that the development was in line with Section 198 of the Constitution that provides for regular disclosure of assets as well as Standing Orders 48 and 49 of the Senate and the National Assembly respectively that provides that, ‘Every member shall register all his/her financial interests in a book to be maintained under the direction of the Speaker and the President of the Senate and such registration shall be in a manner specified in the Code of Conduct’.

On land, legislators will be expected to state their address, category, year of purchase, area, percentage, type of acquisition and the owner.
The categories are farming land, forests, land inside localities, water surface and other categories of land outside localities if included in the civil circulation.

The MPs will be expected to state the owner’s name such as holder, spouse or child while on co-owned assets they were expected to clarify the owned percentage and names of co-owned assets.
On movable assets such as motor vehicles, tractors, farming machinery, boats and yachts and other means of transport that are subject to registration under the law, they were also supposed to declare them.

They will be expected to state the type of vehicle, brand, number of items, manufacture year and acquisition type.

On precious metals, jewellery, art and religious items, art collections and coins, items of the national or worldwide cultural heritage worth over $25,000, MPs will be expected to indicate all assets whether they are in Zimbabwe or outside the country.

They will be expected to give a brief description of the assets, year of acquisition and estimated value.

MPs will also be expected to declare movable assets worth over $15,000 and real estate alienated in the past year stating the type of the alienated asset, date of alienation, person the asset was alienated to, type of alienation and value of the asset.
On financial assets, MPs will be expected to declare bank accounts and deposits, investment funds, equivalent savings and investment forms if their total worth exceeds $25,000.

MPs will be expected to indicate those that are in banks and institutions outside the country stating the administrating institution and address, type, currency, opening year and updated balance or value.

Equivalent funds, including private pension funds or other savings systems as well as investments, bank deposit, placements or loans given worth over $25,000 as well as other net income generating assets that exceed a total annual equivalent of $25,000 are also subject to declaration.

Legislators will also be expected to declare their debts and liabilities outside the country including outstanding taxes, mortgages, warrantees issued for the benefit of a third party, leasing assets among others if their worth exceeds $25,000.

The draft declaration form also states that MPs must declare gifts, services or advantages free of charge or subject to subsidies as compared to the market value received from persons, organisations, companies, autonomous administrations, national companies or foreign public institutions, including scholarships, loans, warrantees, expense disbursements or the like of an individual worth over $4,500.

Under the provision, MPs will be expected to state whether it’s the MP, their spouse or children who generated the income, the source of the income, provided service or income generating item as well as collected annual income.

However, they will not be expected to state “usual gifts or treats received from relatives of first or second degree”.

MPs will also be expected to declare their stake in trading companies, national companies, credit institutions, economic groups as well as membership in associations, foundations or other non-governmental organisations where they will state name of the firm, position held, and number of shares as well as total value of shares.

By signing the declaration register, MPs commit to being held “responsible under the criminal laws and contempt of Parliament for any inaccuracy or the incomplete nature of the aforementioned information”.

The Clerk of Parliament will be expected to enter the register of declared assets. chronicle


A MAN from Pelandaba suburb in Bulawayo allegedly committed suicide after striking his wife with the back of an axe on the forehead, hours after the couple had visited a police station for counselling on their marital problems.

 Emmanuel Mapetero, 40, and his wife Tsitsi Kwindingwi allegedly sought counselling services at West Commonage Police Station before going home where they fought again on Saturday.

Mapetero was allegedly accusing his wife of infidelity and after attacking her, she escaped and headed to the police station.

When she returned home with some cops, her husband had already taken his life.
Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said it was sad that a life was lost after the couple had sought counselling.

“We’re investigating a sudden death by hanging. The deceased was having challenges with his wife and had earlier sought counselling services from the police,” said Insp Simango.
She urged members of the public not to resort to violence as this does not solve their problems.

Insp Simango said people should seek assistance from elders in their communities, church leaders, and the police among other people who can assist them to solve disputes.
A source said the incident occurred when Mapetero accused his wife of cheating resulting in the couple seeking counselling from the police.

But hours after returning from the police station, a fight erupted again resulting in Mapetero hanging himself.

“They were having marital problems. Mapetero was accusing his wife of infidelity. On Saturday they went to West Commonage Police station where they were counselled. But it seems they failed to understand each other so when they returned to their home they fought again,” said the source.

The source said Mapetero struck his wife with the back of an axe on the forehead but she managed to escape to safety.

“Kwindingwi escaped and went back to the police station where she reported the attack. She went back home in the company of two police officers and found her husband dead,” the source said.

“He had locked the gate and doors of the house. Police officers had to break the door of one of the rooms to gain entry. They found him hanging from the roof trusses in a corridor.” chronicle


THE Minister of State for Bulawayo Provincial Affairs Cde Nomthandazo Eunice Moyo yesterday refuted reports that she ate poisoned food at the weekend.

 Online media on Sunday reported that Cde Moyo fell ill after attending the Culture Week National Launch at Godlwayo Cultural Centre in Insiza’s Avoca, Matabeleland South.
Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko was guest of honour at the event on Saturday.

The false information spread through some social media platforms, resulting in the Minister’s friends, colleagues and relatives phoning her to inquire about her health.
Cde Moyo, who is also the Zanu-PF’s Women’s League Deputy Secretary, described the authors of the report as immoral and unreliable.
“It’s not true that I fell sick after eating food at the function. I enjoyed my day just like everybody else and the food we ate was first class. I never had any kind of illness and I never even visited the toilet in Insiza or along the way.

“This is the kind of unethical journalism that we don’t accept in our society. Nobody even called me to verify if this was true or not,” said Cde Moyo. She said she was shocked when her relatives and colleagues started calling her to find out if she was recovering.

“I’m really upset and I wonder what the motive was. I received information from my aide and my phone was inundated with calls from all over inquiring about my health. Everybody was concerned about me.

“If these people don’t respect my being as a person, they should at least respect Zimbabweans and stop telling lies.

“Whoever is responsible for that report must apologise to the people of Zimbabwe. The Culture Week launch was one of the most beautiful functions that I ever attended and the food was first class. It’s not fair for people to try and taint it,” said Cde Moyo. chronicle


PATIENTS will, from July 1 this year, pay cash upfront after doctors announced yesterday they will stop accepting medical aid. Doctors accuse the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) of taxing them for claims that have not yet been honoured by medical aid societies.
The doctors say patients must now pay cash upfront and claim reimbursements from medical aid societies.

 Dr Shingi Bopoto, the Zimbabwe Medical Association (Zima) secretary general, yesterday said doctors were being forced to borrow money to settle tax obligations for money that they have not received.

“Medical aid societies are breaking the law. They’re supposed to pay doctors for services rendered to their members. They’re also obligated by law to pay doctors at prescribed rates depending on their levels. A good number of insurers aren’t doing that and it’s seriously affecting doctors,” Dr Bopoto said.

“Zimra charges tax on money accrued to doctors, whether they’ve been paid or not. Due to non-payment by health insurers, doctors have to borrow money to pay their tax obligations. This isn’t a sustainable situation. No doctor or service provider can afford that.”
He said as from July 1, patients will pay cash to the doctors and take their receipts to their medical aid societies for re-imbursement.

“That will be the arrangement until the regulator, the Ministry of Health and Child Care, forces medical aid socities to pay doctors. Some health insurers force patients to use their clinics and charge shortfalls if they don’t. This is illegal. We’ve since taken the matter to the Competition and Tariff Commission.

“We’ve also taken the matter to Parliament and the Health Ministry and we hope it’ll be given due attention.”

The doctors say some medical schemes owe them money from as far back as 2009.
Both Health and Child Care Minister David Parirenyatwa and his Permanent Secretary Gerald Gwinji could not be reached for comment yesterday as they were said to be out of the country.

Recently, the government threatened to cancel licences for medical aid societies who were not meeting their obligations, giving them a June 30 deadline. Last year, PSMAS instructed more than 30 health providers to demand cash from its members.

PSMAS said then the move was aimed at preventing its debt to health service providers from ballooning and to avoid further litigation. As at May 2015, PSMAS was facing about $8 million in litigation, with some of the claims dating back to December 2014.

The health insurer’s problems have been largely blamed on huge salaries which were being awarded to ousted chief executive officer Cuthbert Dube and other executives.
Dube was taking more than $500,000 home in salary and allowances each month.


With two days to go before commemorations of the 53rd Africa Day celebrations, preparations for the One Million-Man March which will run concurrently with the Africa Day celebrations are at an advanced stage with service providers installing tents and other facilities and sprucing up the Robert Mugabe Square in Harare, the venue for grand occasion.  
Accreditation of delegates has also begun at the Zanu PF headquarters in Harare. The organising committee visited the venue to inspect progress made so far ahead of the bid day on Wednesday.

Zanu PF youth league deputy secretary, Kudzanai Chipanga, told the Daily News yesterday that all was set for the march in support of Mugabe, which he had no doubt would be a “resounding success”.

“It’s all systems go now because we have done what was supposed to be the most difficult part, that is mobilisation. Our provincial assembly points have been secured, with the National Sports Stadium reserved for all Matabeleland provinces as well as Midlands.
“Mashonaland West will assemble at Kensington Shopping Centre, and East 24 will host Manicaland and Mashonaland East. The host province (Harare) will assemble at Raylton Sports Club, with Rufaro Stadium hosting Masvingo. Mashonaland Central will be near the South African Embassy.

“The provinces will march from these points simultaneously to Robert Mugabe Square (which opposition parties refer to as Freedom Square), beginning at 9am and they will then be addressed by the president,” Chipanga said.

However, and in line with the debilitating divisions that are ravaging the former liberation movement, he made it clear that ousted Zanu PF national youth league secretary, Pupurai Togarepi — one of the alleged key Mnangagwa allies — was not, and would not be involved in organising the march.

On his part, Togarepi pooh-poohed claims that he and other supposed Mnangagwa loyalists were working around the clock to block the march, adding ominously that there were youths who were posting on social media that they would not be part of the march if Togarepi was barred from participating in the demonstration.

“I am fully behind the million-man march. Remember, I am actually the author of the first million-man march in 2007. Then, I invited Jabulani Sibanda, not the other way round.
“I am happy therefore if my youths have that zeal to use their energy to mobilise for the president. These activities create awareness and galvanise youths. I am therefore calling upon all Zanu PF youths and those affiliated to the party to participate.

“There is no misunderstanding or misgivings about what the march seeks to achieve, hence I am actually hiring buses using my personal resources,” Togarepi said.
But Chipanga countered saying he was not aware “which youths” his former boss wanted “to ferry with his buses”.

“It is sad Togarepi has some youths he refers to as his. He has no youths as they all belong to the party and he has no constitutional mandate to interact with the party structures until his case is finalised.

“We are therefore not working with him in preparing for this march and if he is going to be part of it, he is only doing it in his capacity as an ordinary member of Zanu PF. In fact, we as the youth league have not seen him since his suspension,” Chipanga charged.

Togarepi acknowledged that with Zanu PF divided along seemingly intractable factional lines, there were bound to be divisions as well in the ranks of the youth league.
“It must also be realised that these are people who have not developed that much politically and they tend to irritate each other and sometimes they are misdirected by other people with their own agendas.

“I know very well that people are saying they do not know which of the four or five factions in the party I belong to, but I am happy because I am in Zanu PF as a compact organisation led by one person (Mugabe) and directed by its constitution.

“I will remain focused behind the person who appointed me (Mugabe). I will not follow anybody else or be part of a faction,” he said further.

Music superstar, Oliver Mutukudzi, Douglas Chimbetu and various other sungura and dancehall artists are billed to provide entertainment on the day.

Every province is expected to mobilise 100 000 youths who will assembly at various designated places in Harare before they march to congregate at the Robert Mugabe Square where they will be addressed by the President.


TWO people have been killed after Basotho and Zimbabwean nationals clashed in Garsfontein on Sunday afternoon, Gauteng police confirmed. 

“It is alleged that Basotho nationals were attacked by Zimbabweans today [Sunday] while playing soccer,” said Brooklyn police spokesperson Captain Colette Weilbach.

“The Basotho nationals responded and drove their attackers out of the camp.”

Netcare 911 spokesperson Chris Botha said seven Basotho were treated for stab wounds and severe lacerations in Plastic View.
Six had minor to serious injuries, while one man was critically injured.The man later died in hospital.
“Reports from people at the squatter camp indicate that four others were killed further into the camp; however hostile community members with sticks and pangas refused the emergency service access to the camp,” Botha said.
Weilbach confirmed a second body was found in the informal settlement later in the evening.Their identities were not yet known.
Police were monitoring the situation while leaders from both sides were negotiating possible solutions.
The situation was calm and under control and surrounding suburbs were safe, she added.
No one had been arrested and police would investigate cases of murder and public violence. News 24