First Lady's entry into politics has shaken Zanu PF to the core. Will she grab the throne?


As Zanu PF factions destroy each other, the military will have a huge say as to who would take over from President Mugabe.


He is a controversial prophet who continues to draw large crowds with his promise of miracles. But as his popularity soars he faces all sorts of allegations. So far he has survived.


Two secretary generals tried to topple him but failed. His wife walked out but returned home. Now MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is plotting his way to State House.


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Monday, 22 December 2014


FOUR people were yesterday arrested in Bulawayo’s Nkulumane suburb after allegedly killing a python measuring about two metres. The huge snake reportedly swallowed three live chickens, instilling fear among residents.

It allegedly came from a bush between Mtshane Primary School and Nkulumane Beer Hall.
Elizabeth Mupamba said they discovered the snake when their dog started barking incessantly on Sunday.

She said police arrested her husband and three others for killing the snake.
“We were preparing to go to sleep when we heard the dog barking at around 10PM. My husband (Edward Mupamba) went outside to check but saw nothing. He heard noises emanating from the chicken run adjacent to the durawall. He went closer and to his surprise, saw that there was a snake,” she said.

Mupamba added that her husband was shocked to see a python swallowing one of their chickens.

“My husband noticed that it was inhlathu (python) when he saw it opening its mouth to swallow one of my chickens. He alerted tenants and together with my son (William Mupamba) pounded the snake to death with logs and stones,” she said.

Mupamba said they called the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority and police at around 12PM but the two authorities did not turn up citing transport problems.
She said they only came yesterday morning.

When Chronicle visited the house, the python had been taken by police officers from Nkulumane Police Station. Four people, Edward Mupamba and other men whose names could not be established, were arrested for killing the reptile.

The councillor for the area, Rodney Jele, said he was notified of the incident early yesterday morning.

He appealed to the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority to conduct a search in the area, saying residents believed there were more snakes.

“I received the news early in the morning that Mupamba and his family did not sleep yesterday after discovering a python in their chicken run. We appeal to Parks and Wildlife officials to conduct a search because this was an infant python. In 2012 there was a bigger one. We are now living in fear,” he said.

Parks and Wildlife Management Authority spoke person Caroline Washayamoyo could not be reached for comment as her phone rang without being answered.
Some Emakhandeni residents also face arrest after they killed a stray monkey last month. chronicle


A ROMAN Catholic priest based at Gweru Diocese Cathedral Church committed suicide on Saturday morning by taking poison after he allegedly stole a parish vehicle and went for a beer drink after which he was involved in an accident in which a passenger he was carrying sustained serious injuries. Father Batsirai Marimbe’s body was found at Mutapa Cemetery in Gweru at around 6am.
It is alleged that on Friday night, Father Marimbe took a parish vehicle which had just returned from routine car servicing and went for a beer drink at Eclipse Nightclub in the company of his friends.

According to eyewitnesses, Father Marimbe was involved in an accident in the wee hours of Saturday in which one passenger was injured. The witnesses alleged that he abandoned the vehicle and rushed home.

He then went to Mutapa Cemetery in Gweru where he took the poison. Following his death rumours started circulating on social media that he had been suspended by Gweru diocese Bishop Xavier Munyongani for allegedly assaulting a priest-in-charge at Hama Mission, Father Caesar Muchingami, following a misunderstanding.

It is alleged that he was transferred to Gweru pending a discplinary hearing. Bishop Munyongani confirmed the incident during a church service at the cathedral but denied suspending Father Marimbe over his alleged misconduct.

Addressing parishioners, the visibly distraught Bishop Munyongani said Father Marimbe had committed suicide for reasons best known to him and not because of the suspension.
Some of the parishioners who declined to be named alleged that Father Marimbe was in the process of getting a driver’s licence.

Officer Commanding Midlands Police Senior Assistant Commissioner Shadreck Mubaiwa could neither confirm nor deny the incident. “I haven’t received any report regarding that matter. I will have to make a follow-up and furnish you with details,” he said. herald


Police have identified the touts, kombi drivers and conductors who allegedly stripped and harassed a young Harare woman for ostensibly wearing a short dress last week and are appealing for her to come forward and press charges. 
Police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi yesterday said police had established leads towards the arrest of more touts who took part in the act.
Chief Supt Nyathi said the police had identified the culprits and were now waiting for a formal report from the victim.

“We want to thank the public for their assistance in this case and we are hoping to finalise the matter anytime if the woman comes forward,” he said.

He appealed to commuter omnibus owners not to employ touts for the safety of the public.
Women organisations on Friday condemned the harassment of the young woman by the touts and urged the police to immediately arrest the criminals.

They also called for the removal of touts from all commuter omnibus ranks.
Women Coalition board member Ms Nyaradzo Mashayamombe described the incident as barbaric.

“It might appear as an act directed at one woman, but its effect is to damage our children psychologically, dehumanise women and present us as a lawless nation,” she said.
Ms Mashayamombe said public places were no longer safe for women.

“As women of Zimbabwe, we will not stand by and watch women being harassed and humiliated,” she said.

In that regard, she called on all Government departments, law enforcement agents and the general public to condemn all forms of violence against women.
“Real men do not violate women’s rights! Those who are not real men and harass women like this belong to the Department of Prisons and Correctional Services,” she said.
Harare West legislator Ms Jessie Majome, who is also a lawyer, said the incident was criminal and violated provisions of the new Constitution.

Ms Majome said the Constitution protected every citizen against any form of violence and promoted freedom of expression and gender equality.

She called on the commuter omnibus association to do something about the continuous harassment of women, whom she said were the same people who brought them business.
SAfAIDS communications director Ms Tariro Makanga said over the last week there had been three incidents of women being humiliated through various forms and all videos went viral on social media.

“Enough is enough. This is our last time to talk as women. Now we want action,” she said.
The unidentified young lady was stripped for ostensibly wearing a short dress.
One man who tried to shield her and lead her into a kombi for safety was overpowered and also assaulted by the same touts.

The violent gang then pulled the woman out of the kombi by her legs, injuring her back in the process.

But Zimbabwe is not alone. In Nairobi, Kenya, last month, a group of men believed to be touts ripped the woman’s clothes, kicked her in her private parts and called her “Jezebel” for “tempting” them.

The video of the assault was caught on camera by a passenger and posted on the Jambonewspot website.
Kenyans immediately went to Twitter to express their disapproval of the act via #MyDressMyChoice.

“Even if a woman is wearing next to nothing, no man has the moral ground to even lay a finger on her,” posted one irate woman.

“Stripping a woman is an act of cowardice but women should also consider their dress code when at public places,” tweeted another.


 Sacked Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development, Petronella Kagonye has vehemently denied that she was dating ousted Ray Kaukonde.

Kagonye said she accepted her fate but wanted an opportunity to clear her name.
“I accept what the President has said because I did not become his follower to get a position. I remain loyal to President Mugabe. But all I want is for the truth to prevail particularly on allegations that I was dating (ousted Mashonaland East provincial chairman Ray) Kaukonde and that I have children with several ministers.

“I have also been accused of being a member of ‘gamatox (colloquial for the Mujuru cabal)’ yet I have been fighting the gamatox team including Kaukonde since I came into politics.
“All I want is for a chance to clear my name because there are people who have been spreading lies about me and those are the same people who took the wrong information to His Excellency. I have never been part of gamatox. I have always been loyal to President Mugabe and will continue to support him in everything he does because I follow his principles.

“I accept his letter and everything he said but I am certain that I will get an opportunity to set the record straight and clear a number of issues that have been claimed. I have documentary evidence against those people who have been spreading wrong information about me,” said Cde Kagonye.

She was also accused of fanning factionalism and divisions in Mashonaland East together with Cde Kaukonde, and working with the MDC-T.

She stands accused of swindling over 900 stand beneficiaries and four housing cooperatives of $25 000 by ordering a transfer of the money into her co-operative named Glorious Properties.

Paul Chimedza, Deputy Minister of Health, apparently smarting from the dismissal, said he had nothing to say.

He is reported to have harboured ambitions of ousting his boss — Dr David Parirenyatwa — at the Ministry of Health and Child Care, is described by those close to him as a reckless fellow who jumped head first into factional activities in the hope of realising his dream.
In a statement, the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association yesterday welcomed the sacking of Dr Chimedza saying it was in the best interest of the country’s health delivery system as he was not helpful in government.

“For a civil servant who is supposed to improve health service delivery in the country to describe doctors as drunkards and chain-smokers is not only shameful but pathetic, and undermines the office that he occupied,” read the statement.

“As ZHDA, we were shocked to hear that the deputy minister blessed the garnishing of struggling doctors’ salaries who participated in a constitutional job action demanding improved remuneration.

“We feel that such kind of people should not be allowed anywhere near public office if Zimbabwe is to achieve targets set in Zim-Asset as well as the Millennium Development Goals.


President Mugabe has allocated newly-appointed Vice Presidents Cdes Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko specific ministries to superintend as Government moves a gear up towards accelerated implementation of Zim-Asset. Already former Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru, nine ministers and six deputies — who were accused of performance below the expected standard as they expended time on factional activities within the governing zanu-pf — have been fired from Government to pave the way for a team that can deliver in line with the dictates of the results-based Zim-Asset.

Cde Mnangagwa, who is the Acting President, told captains of industry who visited him at his farm in Kwekwe at the weekend that soon after their appointments as VPs, President Mugabe outlined their duties and the specific areas they should direct.

Ministries that fall under Cde Mnangagwa’s purview include Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development; Health and Child Care; Lands and Rural Resettlement; Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare; Mines and Mining Development; Tourism and Hospitality Industry; Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development; Sport, Arts and Culture and Small to Medium Enterprises and Co-operative Development.

This effectively means that VP Mphoko, who is also responsible for national healing, would be in charge of all the security ministries that include Home Affairs, Defence and Presidential Affairs.
He would also oversee the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development; Foreign Affairs; Youth Development, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment; Local Government, Public Works and Urban Development; Energy and Power Development; Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development; Information, Media and Broadcasting and Information Communication Technology.

“There are two new Vice Presidents and we have been allocated responsibilities,” Acting President Mnangagwa said.

“I am not really new in Government. I have been around for a bit since 1980 and I have moved around a bit. So, on the average I understand how Government works.”
Going into the New Year, Cde Mnagagwa said Government would commit its energy towards resuscitation of industry.

“Overall we want to grow our economy. We want to improve the lot our people. We want to create employment, to grow our industry, our mining sector and our manufacturing sector.
Cde Mnangagwa said Government was dependent on captains of industry to know what challenges are inhibiting growth of the economy.

He said Government was more focused on projects with quick results and restore hope in the generality of Zimbabweans.

“There are areas which can quickly show results and there are others which require longer gestation to realise the benefits,” he said.

“Because of what has happened in this country we would want to prioritise these issues and see things that can quickly bring about creation of employment, bring about development, bring about hope in our people and this will depend on yourselves telling us from where you work to say in our area these are things we want you to address.”

Cde Mnangagwa said he would soon invite the captains of industry sector by sector to discuss challenges and opportunities presenting in their areas. herald


Johannesburg - A father of a 7-year-old girl, who was allegedly assaulted and throttled with a seatbelt by her stepmother until she passed out, believes the attack was motivated by jealousy.

The man from De Deur, south of Joburg, said his wife had always been jealous of his daughter, but he had never thought she would attack her. Their names are being withheld to protect the child.

The man said his wife had allegedly kidnapped his daughter from school one morning last month, and driven her to some bushes, where she had punched her with her fists and choked her with a seatbelt. “Luckily, she was found by a passer-by in the bush who took her to someone at a wedding venue. That person phoned the school and brought her to me. She had bruises on her neck,” he recalled.

At the time of the attack, the man was still living with his wife of two years, but his daughter was staying with her mother and grandmother. The couple are no longer together.
The man said his wife had allegedly waited for him to leave for work before going to the school and kidnapping his daughter.

“She waited outside the school premises. When my daughter arrived, she called her and told her to climb into her car. She drove her into the bushes and attacked her. She only left after she passed out, thinking she was dead,” he said.

He discovered that his daughter was missing after receiving a call from her grandmother.
“My son, who is in the same school as my daughter, saw my wife taking her,” the father said.
“I tried to phone my wife and asked her if she had taken my daughter. She denied that she had taken her. She told me she was at a hospital because she was not feeling well. The doctor said there was nothing wrong with her. I think she wanted to use this as her alibi,” he said.
“How could my wife do something like that to a 7-year-old? I’m still shocked. When I look at the pictures on my phone of what my daughter looked like on the day, I can’t help but shed a tear.”

The man said he had noticed his wife’s jealousy every time he visited his daughter.
“She never allowed me to go and see my daughter alone. Every time I went there, she had to be there. I told her that she should not worry about me getting back with my ex-girlfriend. I told her that I chose her because I love her.”

He said he was grateful to the passer-by who had found his daughter.
“I was too emotional. I don’t know what I would have done if anything had happened to her,” he said, adding that his daughter was receiving counselling.

“My daughter is so scared. She is refusing to go back to that school. I don’t know if the counselling will help her,” he added.

The wife was arrested after the man opened a case of kidnapping and assault. She is out on bail of R5 000 and the case was postponed to February for further investigation.
When he opened the case, the man said he discovered his wife had been convicted of assault before.

The Star


The government has ruled out price controls in the economy saying it is instead focusing on cost reduction mechanisms for industry in line with regional and global trends.
The Minister of Industry and Commerce Cde Mike Bimha says the government will not interfere in the pricing structures as modalities are being put in place to facilitate the restoration of product competitiveness to regain lost market shares.

His sentiments come in the wake of speculation that the government might resort to price controls in an effort to facilitate price reduction for several commodities and utilities in the economy.

“The pricing reduction structures are being made to create a platform to unlock productivity and boost competitiveness,” said Cde Bimha.

The government is also in the process of implementing a cost reduction policy that will enable local industry to improve the quality of products.

It is anticipated that such a plan will, in the long term, result in the reduction of the high import bill averaging more than US$2 billion yearly.


Elton John has legally married his partner David Furnish, on the ninth anniversary of their civil partnership in 2005.

John officially tied the knot with with his partner at their estate in Windsor in south east England yesterday afternoon, on the ninth anniversary of their civil partnership.
The couple - who met in 1993 - shared their special day on Twitter and Instagram, with Elton joining the image-sharing social network especially for the occasion.

Alongside an image of the couple signing the legal forms, John wrote: ''That's the legal bit done. Now on to the ceremony! #ShareTheLove @DavidFurnish (sic).''

The 67-year-old and his 52-year-old partner have long been an advocate of gay marriage, and supported the decision for same-sex couples to marry when it became legal in March. The decision to wed comes nine years after they committed themselves to each other in a lavish ceremony at the Windsor Guildhall which was attended by Victoria Beckham and Helena Bonham Carter


A PUMULA South woman is four months pregnant after she was allegedly drugged and raped by a Chosen Embassy Church prophet at his home in Emganwini during a prayer session.

The woman, who was accompanied by her husband when she visited The Chronicle offices yesterday, said she was raped by the prophet Amos Ngwenya on September 2 after she went to his house for a deliverance prayer session following the death of her nine-month-old daughter in April.

The couple said they would keep the baby because it was one of God’s innocent creations.
She said Ngwenya somehow drugged her and she fell unconscious, only to find him on top of her when she woke up. Ngwenya vehemently denied the allegation.

“I went to prophet Ngwenya’s house at Emganwini and I found him alone there. He invited me inside and we were in the living room, then he started praying for me,” she said.
She said Ngwenya started prophesying telling her she had lost her child in April and to prevent the death of her other child who is five years old, she had to receive prayer at that very moment.

“He instructed me to kneel down and I complied. He took out holy water and started. sprinkling me with it. He then anointed me with oil at the same time praying. Ngwenya then instructed me to remove my panties and I did in front of him,” she said.

Ngwenya, she said, smeared her with oil on her whole body, splashed her with water and she felt dazed and passed out. When I woke up I found him on top of me in between my legs. I was terrified and then he warned me never to tell anyone since this was all part of praying,” she said.

She said Ngwenya then gave her three stones, water in a bucket and instructed her to go wash her whole body with it. He advised her not to throw the water away since he was supposed to pray over it.

“Ngwenya also said I shouldn’t have sexual intercourse with my husband for seven days for my prayer request to be fulfilled,” she said.

“I was so scared and confused I didn’t tell even my husband until when I realised I was pregnant. I went to the prophet’s house in confidence because I trusted him as a divine messenger who could solve my life’s problems,” she said with tears streaming down her eyes.

She said she was having sleepless nights following the rape. “I went to Mpilo Central Hospital on December 17 and the doctor told me that I was four months pregnant,” she said.

The woman’s husband said he accompanied her to report the matter at Nkulumane Police Station leading to Ngwenya’s arrest the following day.

He said Ngwenya spent two days in police cells and was released on Friday. The husband with tears in his eyes said: “I wasn’t present on the day she was raped. Only my wife can say what happened.”

He said what Ngwenya did was despicable since him and his wife were members of his church.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo could not be reached for comment. chronicle


A Bulawayo woman was so outraged when she walked in on her daughter having sex with her boyfriend that she has gone to court to ban him from her house.

Monica Nekati returned home to find her daughter, Antonette, in bed with Thusani Nyathi. She does not approve of Nyathi because his family runs a shebeen.
She begged the court to bar Nyathi from visiting her place of residence and having a nice time with her daughter.

"I am the mother of Antonette Nekati and wish to apply for a peace order against her boyfriend Thusani Nyathi. I do not want him to come to my house whether in my presence or absence. This is because I once found him in my house with my daughter. Before that incident I once found his clothes in my daughter's bedroom. I went to his parents' house and discussed the issue.

"On 19 November when I unexpectedly arrived home I heard voices coming from my daughter's bedroom. This understandably aroused my suspicions and I went straight to the bedroom. Upon entering I found my daughter lying on my bed facing upwards while the respondent was between her legs.

I tried to close the door but he forcibly pushed me and ran away. I tried to run after him but I failed to catch him. I do not want him at my house at all she said.

In response, Nyathi did not dispute the facts leading to the presiding magistrate, Marylene Mtshina, granting the order in favour of Antonette's mother. The magistrate ordered Nyathi not go to the applicant's place of residence.


Information minister Jonathan Moyo has set tongues wagging with his comments at the weekend that Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s rise to the position did not mean that he would automatically take over from President Robert Mugabe when the 90-year-old leaves office.

Analysts who spoke to the Daily News yesterday were baffled by why Moyo had felt compelled to comment on the thorny succession issue now, given that the subject had proven to be seriously divisive in the ruling party — leading to the brutal purging of former vice president Joice Mujuru and all officials perceived to be loyal to her.

In an interview carried by State media yesterday, Moyo said both the Zanu PF and the country’s constitutions did not prescribe that Mugabe should designate his successor, an averment that was supported by Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao in his weekly column in the same State media.

What made Moyo’s comments even more interesting is that since Mnangagwa’s appointment, temperatures have allegedly been rising within the faction that propelled the party strongman to power — amid talk that the faction of party hardliners was reportedly locked in a nasty and escalating dogfight among themselves.

A senior Zanu PF official even claimed in an interview with the Daily News last week that Moyo did not “entirely trust Mnangagwa” since the 2004 Tsholotsho Declaration, which allegedly saw the VP dumping his followers who were savagely dealt with by Mugabe for plotting a coup against the 90-year-old.

And by having risen from the ashes of that Tsholotsho debacle so spectacularly, many analysts and Zanu PF members alike have been of the opinion that Mnangagwa was now crown prince and that the leadership of both the party and the country were now his to lose.

Political analyst Pedzisayi Ruhanya said yesterday, Mnangagwa’s ascendency to power had not been sanctioned by Moyo or Zhuwao.

He also said apart from being Mugabe’s nephew, Zhuwao was “a nobody” in Zanu PF, adding that all top party and government appointments were the sole preserve of Mugabe and top securocrats.

“If Mugabe fails through incapacitation, Mnangagwa will become the leader of Zanu PF and government and surely he will not fail.

“What this camp is doing is to make sure that Mnangagwa does not fall in the same trap as Mujuru. Moyo and Zhuwao are not necessarily enemies of Mnangagwa,” he said.

However, soon after Mujuru’s purge, respected political commentator and University of Zimbabwe lecturer Eldred Masunungure, told the Daily News that Mujuru’s ouster would not translate into Mnangagwa’s automatic ascendency to the highest seat in government.

He said there were now two main factions in Zanu PF — namely the Gushungo (Mugabe’s totem) and Mnangagwa factions.

He said the two factions had operated as one to destroy the Mujuru camp and it now remained to be seen if they could work together.

“The other two factions coalesced against Mujuru and now that they have decimated that faction, the question is, which one remains the most dominant?

“To me the Gushungo faction is now in control of the party because Mugabe knows that real power lies in the party not in the government, so Mnangagwa may not be the winner after all,” he said.

Moyo and Zhuwao are considered not just to be part of the Mnangagwa faction, but also members of the so-called “Gang of Four” that also comprises senior party bigwigs Oppah Muchinguri and Savior Kasukuwere.

The Daily News reported last week that the Mnangagwa camp was allegedly deeply mired in intra-faction brawls, amid suggestions that the “Gang of Four” was looking forward to grab more power in the party — and that it was allegedly not happy with Mnangagwa’s ascendency — on account of the fact that he had allegedly played a minor role in Mujuru’s ouster.

“It would be unconstitutional and indeed undemocratic for the president to do that. As such, those who want the president to designate a successor are either charlatans or enemies of constitutionalism and democracy,” Moyo told the lapdog Sunday Mail yesterday.

Moyo claimed further that there were people who were bent on confusing an appointment with an anointment, adding that the Zanu PF constitution and the Constitution of Zimbabwe did not provide for the anointment of a successor.

“And in the case of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, the current succession provision does not allow for automatic elevation but requires the political party of the previous incumbent to nominate the successor in accordance with its internal constitutional procedures, and the Zanu PF constitutional procedure provides for the convening of an extraordinary Congress to elect a successor should that be necessary.

“Anyone who wants to succeed president Mugabe will have to win the hearts and minds first of the membership of Zanu PF and then of Zimbabweans,” he said.

On the other hand, Zhuwao described the averments that Mnangagwa would automatically take over from Mugabe, by virtue of being a VP, as “mischievous”.

“The appointments are not about succession, nor are the appointments about succession’s toxic cousin, factionalism. The newspapers of December 11, 2014 had headlines like ‘It’s Mnangagwa’ and ‘Mnangagwa finally arrives’.

“This narrative is further bolstered by the mention of a non-existent distinction between the two VPs by seeking to address Cde Mnangagwa as the ‘First Vice President’. This is then reinforced by mischievous statements that say VP Mnangagwa has been set to succeed president Mugabe,” Zhuwao said.

He added, “Such a narrative naturally leads to high expectations by those who are close to and are part of VP Mnangagwa’s family in both the natural sense and the political one. The exuberance can quite easily result in such statements as the ones attributed to honourable Josaya Hungwe which have been described as ‘blasphemous praise singing’”.

Hungwe was attacked by the State media after he likened Mnangagwa to the “Son of Man” — wherein analysts were quoted saying such kind of hero-worshipping would create an alternative centre of power.

Commenting on how some Zanu PF officials believed to be aligned to the former VP Mujuru faction were chased away from Mnangagwa’s party celebrations, Zhuwao said, “They (VPs) cannot be denied to anyone as was unfortunately done in Zvishavane where some people were chased away from their VP,” he said.

Dewa Mavhinga, a political analyst, said yesterday that uncertainty continued to shroud the succession saga.

“Judging by the shenanigans of the 6th Zanu PF congress where internal Zanu PF rules and constitutional provisions were blatantly disregarded in a well-orchestrated move to stop the people’s choice, former vice president Joice Mujuru from contesting, while paving way for Mnangagwa and (Phelekezela) Mphoko, one would agree with Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao that by becoming vice president it does not mean Mnangagwa is an automatic successor to Mugabe.

“If Mnangagwa falls out of favour with Mugabe, like Mujuru did, then he will be cast into the political dustbin, like Mujuru was,” he said, adding that for as long as Mugabe wielded total control over the party, it was difficult for Mnangagwa to consider himself a successor.

But analyst Shepherd Mntungwa said the utterances by Moyo and Zhuwao yesterday created confusion “at a political perception level” about their loyalty to Mnangagwa.

“It’s possible that their statements are innocent, but given the turbulent events inside Zanu PF over the past few months, this creates serious confusion at a political level about their loyalty to VP Mnangagwa and what their real game plan is,” he said.


A VICTORIA Falls man who was found naked with a lover by his wife has been found guilty of assaulting her.

Busani Sibindi (41) pleaded guilty to the domestic violence charges for assaulting his wife, Molly Ncube (52) when he appeared before resident magistrate, Sharon Rosemani.

“She followed me to where l was with another woman,” he said in his defence. “I wanted to leave the place, but she wanted us to talk there, I got angry that she was causing a scene and slapped her.”

It was the State’s case that on December 11, at around 7.30pm the accused received a phone call from his lover and then went out with his friend.

The complainant became suspicious and followed Sibindi until he entered into a tuckshop at Chinotimba market.  Ncube waited outside the tuckshop for an hour.

She then decided to go inside, where she found the accused naked with his lover. The complainant got hold of Sibindi’s hand and that is when the accused slapped her and fled from the scene.

However, Ncube said she had since reconciled with her husband and he had also apologised for cheating on her.

In coming up with the sentence, Rosemani said she considered that the accused is a first offender, pleaded guilty to the charges and showed remorse for his actions.

She also added that the complainant has forgiven him. “In aggravation l considered the circumstances under which the incident happened,” Rosemani said.

“You were cheating on your wife and when she caught you instead of apologising, you assaulted her, which is indecent behaviour.”

Sibindi was sentenced to complete 70 hours community service at Victoria Falls Hospital.


Zapu leader, Dumiso Dabengwa says the hand of Grace Mugabe will further destroy the country if Zimbabweans do not stop her.

 “The upheaval inside Zanu PF has repercussions that are beginning to take shape, the most important of which is increased hero-worship and signs of the evolution of a dynastic Gushungo clan leadership,” he said.

“If that development was limited to the ruling party, it would be of no interest to most of us. However, the visible and invisible hand of the First Lady in the making and unmaking of government leadership is something that needs to be decried.

“It is something that can erode whatever is left of collective leadership after a relentless trend of centralisation, this time with the added disaster of an untried and untested family-based leadership.”

Dabengwa castigated First Lady Grace Mugabe, credited with Mujuru’s ouster, for being insensitive to the people of Matabeleland after she said people of the region preferred going to neighbouring countries for trinkets.

“This insensitivity at the centre of power is not just a slip of the tongue, it merely underlines how necessary a devolved system of government is, instead of centralised power that blames the marginalised for their situation,” he said.

Dabengwa said that is why, as the country approaches 2015, all progressive forces had to insist on the full implementation of the provisions for devolution of power that are enshrined in the new Constitution.

In a speech to mark Unity Day today, the former Zipra intelligence supremo said those purged alongside Mujuru were plotting a comeback, setting the stage for an intricate political fight in the ruling party.

“The orchestration of this power grab was skilfully managed by evil geniuses to focus on a vicious and malevolent denigration of the sitting Vice-President Mujuru,” Dabengwa said. Dabengwa said Mujuru had been savaged at the Zanu PF congress and this was ominous for democracy in the future.

“Zanu PF, at its just-ended congress savaged the country and party’s Vice-President Joice Mujuru and her presumed allies and supporters,” he said.

“The important point here is not any interest in the party’s internal preferences, but the brazen display of disrespect for basic rights and processes.”

Dabengwa said some sacked members were not going to take their fate lying down and were plotting a comeback.

“We have not sought their collective views, but we have it on reliable authority that people like Rugare Gumbo, Ambrose Mutinhiri and Ray Kaukonde are not going to take their fate lying down,” he said.

“Our unequivocal position is to urge them to stick to principle and to fight for democratic space so that events like Unity Day have meaning for all Zimbabweans within the country and in their respective political formations.”



Environment minister, Saviour Kasukuwere has visited Ukraine's Russian-occupied region of Crimea, to offer advice on dealing with sanctions.

Kasukuwere becomes the first foreign government official to visit the peninsula since Russia invasion and annexation in March.

Russia has accused the West of fuelling unrest in Ukraine by adopting anti-Kremlin sanctions that it says further erode the prospects of peace talks to end the separatist war.


HARARE City Council has once again defended the quality of its “greenish and foul-smelling” water, saying it was fit for human consumption and met international standards.

Council spokesperson Michael Chideme said the water, which has been widely condemned by residents and independent water experts as unfit for human consumption, had been approved by the World Health Organisations, adding that the pungent smell and greenish colour in most of the water was caused by a concoction of chemicals used during the purification process.

“Our water is safe to drink and meets the world-class standards that govern us,” Chideme said. “You will notice that it froths and has a greenish tinge, all this is just lime segmenting and not dirt or any form of contamination.”

Many residents have resorted to sinking their own boreholes, wells or use bottled water in place of the council water.

Council’s water engineer Christopher Zvobgo told members of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Environment in July that the local authority tested its water every hour to ensure its safety.

However, Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) quality assurance director Sebastian Zuze said declaring water safe was not a simple matter as they were processes that are followed.
“When we say a water sample conforms to standards, what we mean is that the processes leading to its sampling and procedures followed were met. It does not mean that it has been declared safe,” Zuze said.

He said it would take a whole audit to ascertain the safety of water and a certificate is issued.
“To the best of my knowledge, we have not carried out such an audit with Harare water,” he said. newsday


THE cash-strapped Grain Marketing Board (GMB) has ordered all its 3 600 employees to go on a compulsory two-week-long unpaid leave each month, starting next month as it battles a crippling financial squeeze.

In a circular dated December 18 and addressed to all staff members, GMB deputy general manager for human resources Sibongile Muchirahondo said the parastatal was facing financial problems hence the decision to cut down on the number of working days.

GMB has not paid its employees for the past four months and also owes $37 million to farmers who delivered grain in the 2013/2014 summer cropping season. The parastatal, which prides itself on being the granary of the country, has many branches dotted around the country.

Part of the circular reads: “The Grain Marketing Board is currently experiencing serious financial challenges resulting in accrual of salary arrears and statutory obligations for the past four months.
“This has therefore adversely affected employee welfare.”

Muchirahondo said other factors that had affected GMB finances include, non-remittance of handling fees and storage charges by government, depleted working capital for commercial activities, uncompetitive selling price due to high maize procurement pricing, competition from imports, and an unaffordable salary/wage bill of around $2 million per month.

She said other high-fixed strategic grain operation costs such as rates and electricity bills against a shrinking financial resource base had also affected GMB’s operations.

“In view of the above and in terms of the provisions of section 12D of the Labour Act (Chapter 28:01) on compulsory unpaid leave or short-time work as a measure to avoid retrenchment, employees shall be proceeding on two weeks’ compulsory rotational unpaid leave monthly effective 2 January 2015 until further notice,” Muchirahondo said.

“Notice of seven days shall be served to individual employees before proceeding on compulsory unpaid leave. Employees shall receive half of their monthly gross earnings and benefits commensurate to days worked.”

Muchirahondo pleaded with depot managers throughout the country to implement the new directives and maintain a workers’ register indicating that each employee was working for two weeks each month.

Last week, GMB employees rejected their employer’s proposal to give each of them five 50kg bags of maize to offset the September salary arrears , prompting management to reverse its decision.
The workers yesterday accused their management of financial mismanagement and being insincere over the salary issue, saying some top GMB officials recently bought themselves 30 top–of-the-range Toyota D4D off-road vehicles , at a time when the company was reportedly facing serious cashflow problems. newsday

Sunday, 21 December 2014


A SENIOR Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Service (ZPCS) officer based in Bulawayo allegedly defrauded more than 50 unemployed nurses who paid him between $150 and $500 after lying that he had secured jobs for them.

Superintendent Tendai Masakure, 45, who is employed in the ZPCS’s health department, allegedly lied to the nurses that he had secured them jobs at Premier Services Medical Aid Society.

He was allegedly paid the money between October 22 and November 30 this year.
Supt Masakure allegedly preyed on the desperate nurses who have failed to secure employment.

Victims told Chronicle that he invited them to his office at Mhlahlandlela Government Complex where they were made to pay him amounts ranging from $150 to $500 depending on the individual.

ZPCS national spokesperson Chief Superintendent Elizabeth Banda confirmed the scandal, saying investigations were underway.

“I can confirm receiving information on that. As an organisation we don’t condone such behaviour. Investigations are going on. Information is being gathered,” said Chief Supt Banda.

One of his victims yesterday narrated how they were conned by Supt Masakure.
“I was introduced to him by a friend and he asked for $500 from each of us to process our papers and get us uniforms. I was told to invite another person looking for employment as there were two vacancies so I told another friend of mine,” said a victim who declined to be named, fearing victimisation.

He said Supt Masakure used the same modus operandi to dupe other job seekers and he was aware that about 30 people fell victim.

“We only realised that we were told the same story when we got to his offices. Most of us knew each other so we became suspicious. We’re all told that they’re just two to three vacancies but it’s shocking to see so many of us. He also started dodging us when we inquired when we would be called for interviews,” he said.

Another source said they were convinced that Supt Masakure was genuine as he used his office to conduct interviews.

“It’s not something that happened in the streets. He actually called us to his offices at Mhlahlandlela and everything seemed legitimate. We are desperate for jobs and to me paying $150 was a small sacrifice, considering I’d get a job that might enable me to take care of my family for a long time,” he said.

Supt Masakure who was reportedly questioned has not been arrested and his cellphone has been ringing unanswered.

Chief Supt Banda said she could not pre-empt the ZPCS investigations by making assumptions on possible penalties that will be imposed on Supt Masakure if he is found guilty.

Although a comment could not be obtained from Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo, police sources confirmed the matter was under investigation.
Since 2009 nurses have been struggling to get employed following government’s decision to freeze nursing posts.

More than 3,000 nurses, according to the Ministry of Health and Child Care, are on the streets after graduating. chronicle


A HARARE man told the Civil Court last Friday that his second wife was cheating on him because he had a small manhood as he sought an eviction order. 

Shakemore Tembo claimed Snodia Nyamayaro was in the habit of sleeping with other men at shebeens. Tembo also accused Nyamayaro of breaching his peace. “She told me in my face that my manhood was too small to satisfy her in bed after I had asked her why she was having extramarital affairs,” he said.
Tembo told magistrate Mr Tendai Kasinahama that he no longer loved Nyamayaro and wants her evicted from his house.

Tembo claimed Nyamayaro was having adulterous relationships with drunkards she hangs around with at shebeens.

“I am willing to separate with her, and as for the property she is free to take whatever she wants, but I do not want to see her at my house anymore,” he said.
Nyamayaro denied the allegations.

“He is just fabricating stories to please this honourable court to grant him his application only because I am not doing anything bad to him,” she said. Mr Kasinahama dismissed Tembo’s application. herald


Acting President Emmerson Mnangagwa says Government will early next year pronounce new business policies aimed at relaxing indigenisation laws and promoting Foreign Direct Investment. Cde Mnangagwa told businesspeople who paid him a courtesy call at his farm in Kwekwe at the weekend that Government would also get rid of bureaucratic regulations that inconvenienced prospective investors.

Several captains of industry that included Zesa group chief executive Engineer Josh Chifamba, Affirmative Action Group acting chief executive Dr Davison Gomo, Lasch co-director Mr Nelson Mahupete and Zimbabwe Power Company managing director Engineer Noah Gwariro, were among the top business executives that attended the highly subscribed meeting.

The businesspeople took the opportunity to present challenges confronting the national economy and proposed plausible remedies to some of the problems.
Cde Mnangagwa said it was important to deal urgently with issues affecting business to put the economy back on the rails.

“Next year when both industry and commerce come back to work, we should be pronouncing new policies more biased towards relaxation. That is what I can say at this stage,” he said.

“In the budget statement Finance and Economic Development Minister (Patrick) Chinamasa said he was going to re-examine the issue of indigenisation. I do not know what is going to come out of that revisit, but we believe it is to make investors more comfortable and make investment easy.

“The question of investors coming here and spend six months consulting is not good. We also need to find out sector by sector how fast we can structure consultation procedures in those areas.”

Cde Mnangagwa said in other countries investment formalities took less than a month.
In this regard, Cde Mnangagwa said Government would make efforts to simplify and expedite investment formalities.
“If an investor comes here anonzi enda unoona Minister of Justice obvako oenda kunoona Minister of Tourism, obvako onoona Minister of Water obvako onzi enda unoona (Kembo) Mohadi zvonzi Mohadi haapo aenda kuBeitbridge ozobvako oenda kunoona (Walter) Chidhakwa (Mines and Mining Development Minister),” he said.
“All those things should be a thing of the past.”

Cde Mnangagwa said the sanctions that constrained the economy were largely removed and the Bretton Woods institutions were slowly appreciating the new environment in the country.

“We believe that by this time next year we would have secured more lines of credit,” he said.
Cde Mnangagwa also assured the banking sector that it would soon enjoy relaxed lending as relations between Zimbabwe and the international community continued to normalise.
President of the Brentwood Institute of Gemology and chief executive of the Zimbabwe Diamond Processing Centre Mr Bernard Mutanga, said the diamond sector was failing to access enough diamonds to train local people in cutting and polishing.

He said they ended up importing Zimbabwean diamonds sold to South Africa for training purposes.

“The diamond industry can grow the economy and turn around things faster,” he said.
“Statistics show that when India started to buy diamonds from Zimbabwe they created 60 000 jobs and they employ over 60 million people in the diamond industry but they do not have a single diamond mine.”

Eng Gwariro of ZPC presented a paper on the challenges they were facing. Organisers of the meeting Mr Regis Maburutse and Mr Tonderai Chidawa, said it was important for the business community to have direct access to the country’s leadership.

Mr Maburutse said: “We believe our Vice President is open to meet our business people and I think interaction is the robust background to move our country forward.
“We are going to arrange more meeting of this nature so that our business community have direct link with the country’s leadership.”

Mr Chidawa urged Zimbabweans to put their differences aside and work towards fixing the economy.

He said Zimbabwe was endowed with vast natural resources that could easily turn around the country’s economic fortunes. herald