First Lady's entry into politics has shaken Zanu PF to the core. Will she grab the throne?


As Zanu PF factions destroy each other, the military will have a huge say as to who would take over from President Mugabe.


He is a controversial prophet who continues to draw large crowds with his promise of miracles. But as his popularity soars he faces all sorts of allegations. So far he has survived.


Two secretary generals tried to topple him but failed. His wife walked out but returned home. Now MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is plotting his way to State House.


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Friday, 31 October 2014


Zanu-PF Masvingo provincial executive members yesterday unanimously passed a vote of no confidence on provincial chairman Retired Brigadier-General Callisto Gwanetsa, accusing him of promoting factionalism, abuse of office and gross incompetence.
More than 70 provincial members drawn from Masvingo’s seven districts attended the meeting which booted out Rtd Brig-Gen Gwanetsa.

His deputy Cde Paradzai Chakona was appointed acting provincial chairperson.
Provincial executive members burst into song and ululated after passing the no confidence vote at a meeting held at the Chiefs’ Hall in the city.

The motion to kick out Rtd Brig Gen Gwanetsa was moved by Bikita South legislator and Zanu-PF Masvingo provincial executive member Cde Jappy Jaboon.
Cde Chakona said they were going to notify the Zanu-PF national leadership about Rtd Brig Gen Gwanetsa’s removal from office.

“We are going to write to the national chairman of Zanu-PF, Cde Simon Khaya Moyo informing him of our vote of no confidence on Rtd Brig Gen Gwanetsa as soon as possible,’’ he said.

He pointed out that Rtd Brig Gen Gwanetsa’s continued stay in office threatened the smooth running and survival of Zanu-PF in Masvingo. “One year after provincial elections were held, provincial executive members have discovered and uncovered numerous issues and problems that have affected the smooth running of the province,” said Cde Chakona.

“This has now threatened the survival of the party and its structures.’’
He accused Rtd Brigadier General Gwanetsa of misleading a provincial co-ordinating committee meeting about the contents of a circular from the Commissariat Department on the procedure of allocating posts in the party’s provincial executive to members elected into the “basket” from their respective districts.

Cde Chakona said Rtd Brigadier General Gwanetsa allocated positions in the provincial executive to members who had not been elected into the “basket’’, thereby violating the constitution of Zanu-PF.
He accused Rtd Brig Gen Gwanetsa of failing to run Zanu-PF in Masvingo after only managing to hold one provincial executive meeting on September 5 this year ever since he was elected into office last year.
Cde Chakona said Rtd Brig Gen Gwanetsa had been booted out for abuse of office after he rushed to announce his personal nomination of candidates for positions in the Zanu-PF presidium purporting that they had been done in consultation with the province.
Rtd Brig-Gen Gwanetsa recently said the province had nominated Vice President Mujuru and Cde Khaya Moyo for posts of the two vice presidents, while secretary for Administration Cde Didymus Mutasa had been nominated for national chairman.
His assertions were refuted by other provincial executive members who said such a meeting had never taken place.
Rtd Brig Gen Gwanetsa was also accused of de-campaigning First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe who has been unanimously endorsed to become Zanu-PF Secretary for Women Affairs.
Rtd Brig Gen Gwanetsa said in an interview that he was no longer speaking to the press.
“I do not speak to the media these days,” he said.
“Why don’t you get in touch with Cde Rugare Gumbo, Cde Khaya Moyo or Cde Webster Shamu?”


A-24-Year-Old Harare man is said to have committed suicide by hanging himself with a cable in his house following an argument with his two girlfriends who had clashed at his residence. The incident happened last year in November.
However, an inquiry into the events that led to his death opened at the Harare magistrates’ court yesterday because his relatives suspect that he could have been murdered.
The two girlfriends Edna Musiiwa (22) and Jiliviv Tome (28) are expected to give their testimonies today before magistrate Mr Arnold Maburo on what transpired between them and their lover Vincent Hlekisani of No. 1453 Tynwald South on the day in question.
Appearing for the State, Ms Barbra Ndoro told the court that Vincent hanged himself on the trusses of his house with an electric cable.

On November 18 at around 2pm the now deceased went for shopping with his friend Wisdom Muchenje. He then met with his girlfriend Edna at around 5pm and took her to his place. His other girlfriend Jiliviv also visited him at his place at around 7pm and found Vincent in the company of Edna. Reports are that this did not go down well with Jiliviv and an altercation ensued.

Edna and Jiliviv later left their lover’s place of residence at around 10pm leaving Vincent retiring to bed. Vincent chatted with Wisdom before he fell asleep, according to the State.
On the following day, Vincent’s relatives tried calling him but he was not picking up his phone which forced them to go to his house around 1pm.

Upon arrival at the house, they reportedly broke the door and found him dangling from the trusses. His legs and hands were tied with a belt.

He was later taken to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals where Doctor S.A Mupanda conducted a postmortem and concluded that he died of mechanical asphyxia (traumatic) due to suspension. herald


 A video involving a married father of two romping with a student in an office has leaked and gone viral.

The man is a driver and the student was on attachment at a leading confectionary company in Bulawayo. The student fled in shame when the video leaked.  The driver has been identified as Eric Revai.

When B-Metro called him he gave his phone to a colleague.

“Eric is driving can you call after 10 minutes,” said the colleague. But after the 10 minutes his phone had been switched off.

The video became an instant hit at the confectionary company. An employee from another department confirmed this.

“It is by far better than most sex tapes that have leaked into the public.  In no time almost everyone had it. Sadly Primrose was about to finish her attachment when it exploded and she couldn’t handle the embarrassment so she left in a huff,” said a workmate.
It is not known how the video leaked.

Thursday, 30 October 2014


Musunga and Associates law firm yesterday said it conducted its business professionally when it dealt with the case in which Vice President Joice Mujuru was involved in underhand dealings with Kenyan and Indian financiers who had invested in the Mujuru family-owned duty-free shops at the Harare International Airport.

VP Mujuru received and signed for thousands of dollars in illegal cash payments from the financiers before elbowing them out in a manner that bordered on extortion and abuse of office.
Musunga and Associates, who were representing Suzan General Trading since 2011, allegedly dumped their clients and began representing VP Mujuru in the dispute with her business partners, raising serious questions of unethical conduct on the part of the lawyers.

A letter written to Suzan General Trading by Mr Aston Musunga, the senior partner at Musunga and Associates, indicated that the law firm was dumping its clients because VP Mujuru was a senior member at Zanu-PF for which the law firm handles some cases.

Mr Musunga said in the letter that there was going to be a conflict of interest if they continued representing Suzan General Trading. But yesterday Mr Musunga sang a different tune, saying Suzan General Trading approached them for legal representation in a case in which the company alleged that its shops at the Harare International Airport were not being managed properly, including disputes over profit sharing.

“They instructed us that they wanted an arbitrator to decide on their management aspect of their company,” said Mr Musunga. “We accordingly recommended that the matter be referred for arbitration.”

Mr Musunga said the arbitration proceedings did not go through, prompting the law firm to renounce agency to represent Suzan General Trading. He said the reason for renouncing agency at that point was that their efforts to have the matter resolved by way of arbitration had failed.

However, in his letter dated April 15, 2013 to Suzan General Trading renouncing agency, Mr Musunga cited alleged conflict of interest saying he also represented Zanu-PF of which VP Mujuru is a senior leader, in some cases.

“We refer to the above matter and herein advise that we will not be able to represent you in the above matter. We had hoped that the matter would be resolved amicably but the turn of events suggest that the parties are all geared to fight it out.

“Our firm represent the Zanu-PF in a number of cases and we note that our Honourable Vice President Mujuru is one of the parties. We, therefore, have a clear conflict of interest and we regret to advise that you will have to retain another firm of lawyers,’’ reads the letter from Musunga and Associates.

Efforts to get comment from the Law Society of Zimbabwe were unsuccessful last night. herald


The European Union (EU) has lifted part of sanctions effected on Zimbabwe in 2002, a move that will see the Union engaging with government in development finance co-operation.

EU’s decision will see financial support being channelled through government as opposed to the status quo where financial aid was coming through non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

However, EU travel ban and asset freeze on President Robert Mugabe, the First Lady and a number of top government officials, entities linked to them and an arms embargo remain to be reviewed next year in February.

EU head of delegation, Philippe Van Damme told journalists in Harare yesterday that part of the suspension of sanctions on Harare marks an important step towards normalisation of relations with Zimbabwe,” Van Damme said.

“The re-engagement with government is meant to enhance the effectiveness of EU aid in Zimbabwe. We want to support government to achieve agreed benchmarks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) within the new successor Structural Monitored Programme (SMP).”

Van Damme said the re-engagement with government would not hastily translate to financial assistance to government in the short-term. “Things will not change overnight. We want to build new trust to a level of complete normalisation of relations. There is need for patience,” he added.

Asked if the EU would assist agriculture development for this season, Van Damme said the 28-member bloc may expend more funds to agriculture support in 2015, not this season.
EU and Zimbabwe relations are based on the Partnership Agreement the EU signed with 78 African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries in Cotonou in 2000.

The agreement is centred on the objective of reducing and eventually eradicating poverty, consistent with the objectives of sustainable development and the gradual integration of the ACP countries into the world economy.

The EU’s decision comes as a major boost to government currently pursuing an aggressive world re-engagement to raise capital to fund Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset) projects.

Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa said government was open to work with global financiers to halt the economic free fall that dates back to 2000.


FOUR people died in a horrific road accident near Binisi Farm along the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls Road in the early morning hours on Thursday.

The Bulawayo Fire Brigade confirmed the accident, which occurred at 4am, when a bus smashed into a haulage truck.

The driver of the bus, who was allegedly speeding, is said to have rammed into the truck after trying to avoid hitting a Peugeot 504 that had broken down on the road.
Two of the deceased were trapped inside the wreckage.

A haulage truck was used to pull apart the two vehicles in an attempt to save the alive of injured passengers and the dead who were trapped alive for at least two hours.

The injured were rushed to Mpilo Central Hospital

Bulawayo chief fire officer Richard Peterson confirmed the accident.


OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso — The government of Burkina Faso collapsed on Thursday as demonstrators protesting the president’s plans to stay in office after 27 years surged through the streets of Ouagadougou, the capital, overrunning state broadcasters, setting fire to the Parliament building and torching the homes of the president’s relatives.

After several hours of increasingly violent protests, a government spokesman announced that a bill to extend the term of President Blaise Compaoré had been dropped, or at least delayed. But the protests continued, and later in the day, Mr. Compaoré announced that the government had been dissolved and promised more talks with the opposition “to end the crisis,” according to a statement read on a local radio station. 
As the crisis deepened, Gen. Honoré Nabéré Traoré, the chief of staff of Burkina Faso’s armed forces, said at a news conference Thursday night that a transitional authority would lead the country to elections within 12 months. He did not say who would form the interim government. He also announced that a curfew would be in effect from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. nightly.

The venting of rage is the most serious challenge to Mr. Compaoré′s grip on power since he took office in 1987. His whereabouts Thursday night were unknown.
At the presidential palace, soldiers fired live rounds and used tear gas to repel crowds seeking to storm the building, witnesses said. News reports said several people had been killed by gunfire.
Elsewhere in the city, opposition leaders demanded the resignation of Mr. Compaoré, a former soldier who seized power in a coup and then won several elections, the most recent in November 2010.

There have been outbreaks of violence against Mr. Compaoré at least six other times since 1999, most recently in 2011, with government buildings defaced and protesters taking to the streets. Mr. Compaoré has always managed to stay in power through a combination of negotiation, conciliation and restrained use of firepower. But it was not clear whether his late-afternoon concessions on Thursday — he also declared a nationwide state of emergency — would be enough this time.
“I’m pledging from today to open talks with all the actors to end the crisis,” Mr. Compaoré said in the statement broadcast by radio, continuing his practice of rarely appearing in public, particularly in moments of crisis.
In a statement on Thursday, France, the colonial power that once ruled Burkina Faso and still has a special forces base there, said it deplored the violence and urged calm.
France regards Mr. Compaoré as a crucial regional ally in its efforts to confront Islamic militants in the broader Sahel region who have ties to Al Qaeda. Burkina Faso, formerly called Upper Volta, is home to around 3,600 French citizens.



Vice President Joice Mujuru has met with the UK trade delegation which is in the country. While she was being ridiculed and savaged by protesters gathered at the Zanu PF Headquarters, Mujuru was talking business with the delegation.


President Robert Mugabe has sent a message of condolences to the government and the people of Zambia following the death of President Michael Sata.

President Sata died on Tuesday in London.

In his message, President Mugabe said President Sata had an illustrious political career as he fought for the betterment of the lives of the people of Zambia, adding that his commitment will forever in remain.

“Our heart goes to the family of the late President as they try to cope with the grief of their painful bereavement,”said Cde Mugabe.

He also said President Sata’s forthrightness in defending the principles of global governance enshrined in the UN Charter and his fierce opposition of the actions of those who seek to violate those principles is a matter of his shinning record.

In his capacity as the SADC chairman, President Mugabe said the region has lost one of its great leaders.

“The people and governments of SADC received with sorrow and heartfelt grief, the sad news of the passing on of one of the region’s great leaders of peace, justice, equality and freedom. We are appealing to all SADC members to observe days of mourning until the date when the late President will be laid to rest,” said Cde Mugabe.

He said throughout his life, Mr Sata lived a humble life as he identified with the everyday lives of the common masses of the Zambian people.

President Mugabe expressed hope that the people of Zambia will remain calm and peaceful as they cherish the legacy of the late President Sata.


The Zanu PF Politburo meeting held in the capital on Thursday ended late evening with the adoption of a resolution to set up a commission of inquiry into the plague of factionalism which has been rocking the party in the last few years. 
Addressing journalists at the end of the Politburo meeting the Zanu PF Secretary for Information and Publicity, Cde Rugare Gumbo said there was candid and robust debate on the issue with members of the Politburo naming the leaders of the factions as Dr Joice Mujuru and Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa. 

Cde Gumbo said the issue of factionalism was raised in a report presented by outgoing Secretary of the Women’s League Cde Oppah Muchinguri.

Cde Muchinguri was requested to compile a report on the ‘Meet the People Rallies’ held by the First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe, countrywide.

The issue of the suspension of Mashonaland West provincial chairman Temba Mliswa was also discussed with the Politburo upholding the suspension.

The development whereby some that had voted in favour of the suspension were now withdrawing was said to be invalid with the Politburo upholding the suspension.

The Politburo also discussed the issue of the chanting of some slogans such as ‘Pasi Negamatox’ and ‘Pasi Ne Zvipfukuto’ which were ruled to be out of the party’s statutes.


Cape Town (AFP) - South Africa's highest court on Thursday ruled that the country's police have a duty to investigate Zimbabwean officials accused of torturing opposition supporters seven years ago.
 The landmark judgement by the Constitutional Court is likely to strain ties with neighbouring Zimbabwe, whose President Robert Mugabe responded angrily to a similar order by a lower court, describing it as a "direct assault" on Zimbabwe's sovereignty.

South African police had refused to investigate the allegations of state-sponsored torture ahead of 2008 elections, citing political concerns, and appealed against the earlier judgement.

But they have now exhausted all legal appeals and must act on the Constitutional Court order that "the South African Police Service must investigate the complaint".

The Southern Africa Litigation Centre (SALC) and the Zimbabwe Exiles Forum (ZEF) filed the original case seeking to force police to open an investigation, citing South Africa's obligations to the International Criminal Court.

The two groups want South Africa to arrest and prosecute Zimbabwean officials accused of torture if they enter the country for holidays, shopping or seeking medical treatment.

"South Africa's highest court has set an important precedent: South Africa will not be a safe haven for perpetrators of the world's worst crimes," said Nicole Fritz, SALC’s executive director.

The 10 judges of the Constitutional Court noted that they had to determine whether under international and domestic law the police service has "a duty to investigate crimes against humanity committed beyond our borders".

Lawyers say the victims were tortured in March 2007, a year before national elections in Zimbabwe, by Zimbabwean police acting on instructions from Mugabe's ruling ZANU–PF party.

During a raid on the headquarters of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, more than 100 people were detained and allegedly tortured as "part of a widespread and systematic attack on MDC officials and supporters in the run-up to the national elections", the court noted.

Lawyers had presented sworn statements by 17 victims who said they were beaten with iron bars and baseball bats, waterboarded and had electric shocks applied to their genitals. They were also subjected to mock executions during which they were hooded and a gun was pressed against their heads.

If these allegations were proved, "the conduct of the Zimbabwean police officers could amount to crimes against humanity and thus an international crime," the court said.

It noted that the SALC case did not only target the police officers, but also their superiors in the police and government on the basis of the doctrine of "command responsibility".

The names of the victims and their alleged torturers have been kept confidential.

“After eight years of legal wrangling, we are thrilled that victims of torture in Zimbabwe now have some prospect of seeing justice served,” said Gabriel Shumba, ZEF chairperson.

However, the South African government has for years refused international and local appeals to use its political and economic clout against Mugabe, a former guerilla leader who has ruled Zimbabwe since independence in 1980.

Despite Mugabe's increasingly autocratic rule and intolerance for democratic opposition, his past support for South Africa's anti-apartheid struggle has seen the ruling African National Congress treat him largely with kid gloves.

After the first high court judgement calling for a probe of the torture allegations, Mugabe charged that the white judge Hans Fabricius, hankered after the apartheid regime and called him a Boer, a pejorative term for white South Africans.

"That judgment by that Boer ... constitutes a direct assault on our sovereignty by shameless forces afflicted by racist nostalgia," Mugabe told a group of leaders from former regional liberation movements.

He asked the ANC to prevent investigations and "apply every means at their disposal to ensure that such machinations are not, in the end, allowed to negatively affect out cordial relations."


A diplomat who said President Mugabe was an idiot is heading to Harare as Malawi’s new ambassador.

Thoko Banda attacked Mugabe  in an interview with a German magazine, The Foreigner, in 2006.

Banda referred to Mugabe as an ‘idiot’ as he tried to explain how he found himself at loggerheads with Bakili Muluzi and the late Mutharika who themselves were ‘dissidents’ and fighters for democracy and a new constitution during Dr Banda’s regime.

He explained that the last government (Muluzi’s), that he served (as a diplomat) and the people he was working with in 2006 were dissidents before 1994 but changed when they were part of the same oppressive system.

"You won’t hear about it in the West. You will hear about Zimbabwe, because Zimbabwe has an Idiot. I am sorry, I know you are recording, but they have an Idiot for president. This guy Robert Mugabe, I hope that he lives a very long time, so that one day he can go before an international tribunal. He is a horrible man," said Banda.

He went on to say that the only difference between Mugabe and some of the other leaders in Malawi is that Mugabe hurts not only his own people but also foreigners.

"That is why they hate him so much in the West. Leaders like mine, they are cleverer. And I know how it works. They know, as long they are nice to foreigners they can stay," he said.

The revelation has already sent the Zimbabwean Government working on a way to bar Banda from taking up his post due to the embarrassing comments made during his stay as a political asylum seeker in Germany.

According to sources from Zimbabwe the Mugabe government has taken the appointment with reservation and a dossier by the country’s Central Office of Intelligence (COI) has already been forwarded to Zimbabwean President’s office for action on it.

Diplomatic experts have said that Banda’s utterances, though made back in 2006, were a cause to worry by the Zimbabwean government as it puts to question the relationship that will be there between Banda and Mugabe in the course of duty.

The experts suggest that as things are it would do Malawi good if the appointment is rescinded rather than waiting for a possible action from  Harare as the country has the final say on who is to be in the country whether as a diplomat or just a private citizen. Nyasa times



Outspoken war veteran and former legislator Margaret Dongo has challenged Zanu PF politburo members to “man up” today and demand answers from President Robert Mugabe over his wife Grace’s recent gratuitous attacks on Vice President Joice Mujuru.
In an interview with the Daily News yesterday, Dongo, said the 90-year-old needed to be pushed to stop him from regarding Zanu PF as his private property.
“Bob has never bothered to respect the post of the vice president he has appointed. She is a woman and he was supposed to bring back such issues to the VP. The first lady is being used. There is a camp that is using her and that is why she is being too emotional,” she said.

The former Zimbabwe Union of Democrats (ZUD) president added: “I hope I won’t be disappointed again if they do not stand up. If they do that, then they are all Mugabe’s wives.”
Zanu PF meets in a crunch politburo indaba today, where Oppah Muchinguri is expected to present a report on Grace’s controversial “Meet the People” rallies where she publicly embarrassed senior party officials, including Mujuru.
With Zanu PF currently divided along two major factions reportedly led by Mujuru and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, Dongo said the 51-year-old ruling party was headed for a split if Mugabe decided to unilaterally appoint members of the politburo as demanded by some of his colleagues.

“If Mugabe appoints members to the politburo, that will be his greatest mistake, he is on his way out,” Dongo said.
“He wants to build the party and not destroy it and if he appoints (the politburo), then he will be destroying the party. He has to come clean and wash his hands by calling for elections.”
She said “by allowing the first lady to take over as the secretary for Women’s League, Bob has made a mistake.”

“That position requires someone with political maturity,” Dongo said. “I think Bob will regret his wife’s entry and I think he has to address it now. The root cause of all this is Oppah Muchinguri.”

Dongo, who hoped to oppose Mugabe in the 1996 presidential elections but did not meet the minimum age requirement of 40 years, said Grace was threatening the very existence of the ruling party.

“Cde Muchinguri should have approached the vice president as her senior and shared with her what the Women’s League had decided to do,” she said. “The other person to blame is Bob. He should have asked Oppah if she had consulted other women, let alone the war veterans who matter, not only to invite them to tell them what you want.”
Dongo said Grace was “careless” at her rallies and did not have the political muscle to call for the VP to resign.

“Grace is not in the structures of government and she is not in the structures of the party,” she said.

“Any fool can understand this, so she cannot call for the resignation of the VP. She is not in the structures. She has no powers to say the VP should resign.”

The former MP for Harare East said Muchinguri had successfully destroyed the friendship between Grace and Joice, when by portraying the VP as opposed to the First Lady’s rise in politics.

“Oppah ndiye chipfukuto (Oppah is the weevil), she has created this hate between the First Lady and the vice president,” she said.

“The vice president is our leader in terms of the women combatants. All these anaOppah they follow behind. There is no way Oppah could have been allowed by Bob to by-pass the vice president unless if we say he doesn’t know what he is doing.” daily news


The Zanu PF politburo members have started gathering for a crucial meeting today. 
Live updates by The Herald/ Daily News

1406: Cde Chinotimba took to the podium soon after the President’s address. He says “Vataipa macards eparty tichivanyorera macards isu asi ndovava muPolitburo. Vatakadzidzisa mupolitics ndovava muPolitburo.” He declares there will be at Congress with a new executive.

 With that President Mugabe ends his address.
 Crowds shout that "Joice ngaaende kumba" and Mugabe replies that "party ine marongero ayo."
1355: “The party has its own ways of dealing with problems. Inga kana michato  inodambuka wani…you can’t immediately chase your wife, you give her time.” He says in response to people saying fire all corrupt people.
“Congress is around the corner be patient, we will discuss all this don’t vote for those you don’t want.”

1348: “We hear people were being stopped from attending the event…Saka Jabulani akutonga munyika muno?”
Mugabe says: "Madzimai pachavo ndovakati toda kuti amai vatitungamirire, chakaipa chii? Handisi ini ndakadaro."
"Kana mudzimai wapresident wekutanga akabvumwa nemusangano ko uyu akurambirwei?"

"There is nowhere in the Zanu PF constitution where it is said the president's wife cannot contest for positions. Charwadza vamwe chii? Even ma war vets wamuri kuti Jabulani charwadza chii?"

"Kune ma chairman vataona vakabva vadhakwa nehukuru ihwohwo zvimwe chete na chairman weku Mashonaland West. Anofunga kuti ane masimba ehu king anodarika vaMugabe."

1343: “To war veterans Jabu hameno ndimi munonzi makamutengera motaka navaMutasa  akagozopiwha dzimwe five from Butau’s business and he is now worshipping those who gave him. Don’t buy people they are not commodities. We want to be focused on improving people’s lives, that’s why we were in China. We didn’t know our old leaders wanted money.”
1339: He blasts people for for trying to stop the “Meet the people” tours. He says leaders cannot choose themselves in the party pointing to the constitution which he says must be respected. He says leaders should be chosen on merit.

“If you are  a power hungry person practising vote buying then you are not fit to be in our party. Even if you are a veteran we will kick you out. I said to Cde Mutasa, you are being accused of mobilising youths and he said they were not youths from Manicaland but Harare.
“Mashonaland West chairman thinks he is now king kupfuura VaMugabe. What you don’t know is that when chosen it’s not a green light to lead all over. You should lead people and not be selective in your approach.

“We want those attending the Congress to be selected transparently.”
1322: The President thanks the people for coming saying “makatakurwa nemhepo yeChimurenga”….”Matundundunu enyu azere neshungu ekuti nhasi pano paZanu PF chokwadi chibude. Handisati ndanzwa kuti gamatox zvinorevei muchatondidzidzisa,  VaMutasa   ndakabvunza nokuti zvinonzi ndovakatanga naro.

I talked with him for two hours telling about the allegations and he said no. Vanoda chehupresident vamwewo. Zvino kana vaine shungu yakuda chemberi ndoyovo fira here?
When I said party yava nezvipfukuto vanoti ndakati zviisei gamatox hino gamatox mumwe chete ndozvovofira here?

Our party is a revolutionary party, it was formed by many leaders who have died , I am one of them we didn’t  form the party for ourselves but for the people. We didn’t have that culture of fighting for positions ever since.

1309: Cde Mutasa tried to address the crowd but stopped due to heckling.
1308: He says they no longer have confidence in Jabulani Sibanda. He says they are disciplined and will never march to the State House as he pleads for new leadership before Congress.
1305: Patrick Nyaruwata is now on the podium representing war veterans. He says they have been troubled by Jabulani Sibanda and to say that his statements are not reflective of war vets’ sentiment. He adds that they are behind the elevation of Dr Grace Mugabe.
 1258: President Mugabe comes to the podium amidst chants of “Gushungo” and beside him is Cde Didymus Mutasa. Representatives of war veterans say the leadership are using their wealth in vote buying and they are there to for three things being that noone will remove President Mugabe from power, secondly to support Dr Grace Mugabe and to demonstrate against the statements by Cde Jabulani Sibanda. Cde Gomwe said supporters had a torrid time coming as they were being harassed at police roadblocks.

1240: Cde Justice Mayor Wadyajena is now on the podium and says ” Tingafe here mayouths vamwe vachigovana vega…pasi nema 10 percent he says and the song “Zimbuya repaDotito zimuroyi” pops up again.
12:27 President about to adress the gathering
12:26 Mutasa chants slogans and some people interject saying “Pasi neGamatox!” but Mutasa says “I won’t say pasi neGamatox.” 

Mutasa took to the podium but faced resistnace from party supporters gathered un til Cde Chinotimba intervened saying “order kana vakuru vachitaura, nyararai” Cde Mutasa went on to say “Handiite pasi negamatox yamunondimanikidza, hamundimanikidzwe” before leaving the podium. 
12:20 Liberation war songs being sung “...maruza imi vapambepfumi.”
12:04 War vets are castigating Jabulani Sibanda.
12:00 “War vets, we are at war, not with Morgan but within ourselves.”
 1158: Cde Chinotimba is back on the podium and boasts “Ndinodiwa nevanhu ini…mukamisa Chinotimba naJabu anodiwa nevanhu ndiani?…Ndini nekuti ndakavhoterwa” in a swipe at Jabulani Sibanda. “Tichakanda vanhu vasingade Baba naAmai mudziva.. nhasi harizi zuva rezvichemo, we are in solidarity with the president”

1137: People start singing ” Zimbuya repaDotito zimuroyi”. According to Cde Chinotimba, President Mugabe is expected  to address the gathering anytime soon. He sings “Ukamuona  akadaro unofunga aribhoo mwoyo wake wakaora in reference to sell outs”. Provincial youth chairpersons are being introduced  and are all doing the popular slogan “Pasi NeGamatox”.

1129: “Hapana anotora chigaro chaGushungo, hamuzivi kwachakabva.”
1128: Cde Chinotimba is back on the podium.
1121: President Mugabe has used the basement ramp entrance to enter the party headquarters.

1120: Sources say VP earlier this morning and is already inside.
1117: President Mugabe arrives for the meeting and people start chanting “Gushungo! Gushungo!”

1115: Flora Buka, Cleveria Chizema and Sithembiso Nyoni arrive.
1109: Cdes Kembo Mohadi and Jacob Mudenda arrive for the politburo meeting.

1105: Politburo members have started arriving.Provincial war veterans chairpersons are going into a closed door meeting as they prepare to address the people.
Cde Chinotimba meanwhile is on the podium and tries to maintain order among the youths saying “Musaite faninga Jabu imi, rongekai” and the youths respond “Ngaende ngaende Jabulani Sibanda”
Zanu PF supporters have thronged the party headquarters.
1035: Thousands of Zanu PF supporters mainly youths, war veterans and women are gathered at the party’s headquarters  in Harare waving placards denouncing VP Mujuru and war veterans leader Cde Jabulani Sibanda.
The demonstration, being held just before a crunch Politburo meeting today, was organised by war veterans with a view to show President Mugabe that the party supporters are behind him.
The party supporters are holding placards written “Pasi ne 10 percent”,  “Jabulani puppet ya Dr 10 Percent”, “Pasi nemaChairman efake”, “Mavambo mumba mako iwe”.

Harare provincial youth chairman, Cde Godwin Gomwe, said the demonstration will show those harbouring presidential ambitions that President Mugabe is still in charge.
VP Mujuru has been accused of demanding 10 percent shares in companies among other sordid deals like illicit diamond sales and undermining the authority of the president.
More party supporters are coming and the venue is proving to be too small for the crowd.