First Lady's entry into politics has shaken Zanu PF to the core. Will she grab the throne?


As Zanu PF factions destroy each other, the military will have a huge say as to who would take over from President Mugabe.


He is a controversial prophet who continues to draw large crowds with his promise of miracles. But as his popularity soars he faces all sorts of allegations. So far he has survived.


Two secretary generals tried to topple him but failed. His wife walked out but returned home. Now MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is plotting his way to State House.


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Tuesday, 31 March 2015


A boss who hired workers and then failed to pay them has been stripped naked.

He hired them with the promise of R5 000 a month. So when he was two weeks late in paying them, the group of workers went with him to the bank by taxi from Ga-Matlala to Polokwane, Limpopo. 

When they found their boss only had R52 in his bank account, they went wild. The employees forced him to strip off his clothes until even his manhood was flashing! An angry worker said: “He’s a crook. When it’s pay day he played hide and seek.”

The group of unpaid workers decided on a special way to get their revenge.
“Our families think we’re stupid for working the whole month for free. We wanted him to feel stupid too, showing off his little 4-5 to the world,” she said.

The naked boss was filmed to make sure he was exposed as much as possible. In the video, women are heard saying, “Show us your 4-5!” and “We want to expose your body as punishment for not paying us”. 

The poor man looks nervous as he first strips off his shirt but the furious women order him to take off everything. He pleads with them, but a woman threatens to take his pants off if he doesn’t do it himself.

When contacted by Daily Sun, the naked boss refused to comment.


A KWEKWE lawyer is in trouble after he allegedly kept a Lower Sixth student overnight at his home and allegedly had unprotected sex with her sometime last year and she later became pregnant from the liaison.

Tafadzwa Ganye is now facing a $5 000 lawsuit from the 17-year-old girl’s father. The girl was forced to drop out of Kwekwe High School because of the pregnancy, which she alleges was conceived during the night spent at Ganye’s house.

In his founding affidavit lodged at the Kwekwe Magistrates’ Courts, the girl’s father submitted that his daughter slept at Ganye’s house on July 5 2014 and left the following day after being given $5.

“The defendant is fully aware that he had sexual intercourse with my daughter on July 5 2014 and slept with her on the day only to release her on July 6 and give her $5 to go to Gweru to her aunt after she had indicated to him that she was afraid to come back home,” he submitted in case 1313/14.

Ganye in his answering affidavit, although admitting that the girl slept at his house, denies sleeping with her and accuses her father of being a gold digger. He alleges that the girl was a pimp, who would occasionally set him up with her friends.

Ganye alleges that on the night he was set up with a girl (name withheld) and did not at any particular time sleep with the complainant’s daughter. The girl’s father told the court that his daughter was forced to drop out of school after her friends form Kwekwe High School spread gossip around the school and community that she had spent the night in Ganye’s place.

“I have suffered ridicule from the community and my daughter has been forced to drop out of school,” he submitted. He is claiming $2 000 in contumela (deliberate disrespect), $1 000 for birth preparations and another $2 000 for loss of dignity.

Magistrate Vimbai Mutukwa is presiding over the matter, which is expected for trial on April 2.


MDC-Renewal will not bar any of its members keen on contesting the forthcoming June by-elections as independents, but the party will not assist them in campaigning.

The opposition party said it was within the members’ democratic rights to contest any election. MDC-Renewal spokesperson Jacob Mafume said the party was boycotting the polls describing them as “the most useless and pointless election in the history of Zimbabwe”.

“The party decision for now is we are not taking part in the by-elections,” he said. “We strongly feel that they are the most useless and pointless election in the history of Zimbabwe. The Speaker (of Parliament Jacob Mudenda) was overzealous in declaring the seats vacant. He acted illegally and action should be taken against him.”

Mafume said the resources to be channelled towards the by-elections should instead be used to procure food and stockfeed to avert the looming hunger. “We cannot be seen engaging in a meaningless contest for the sake of proving who is popular when citizens are starving, that is immoral,” he said.

President Robert Mugabe has declared 14 constituencies vacant countrywide and has ordered by-elections to be held on June 10. Of the 14, five are in Bulawayo. The nomination courts will sit on April 16 at Tredgold Magistrates’ Court building.

Zanu PF has since invited members interested in contesting the 14 constituency seats to submit their CVs by today as preparation for the polls heats up. Zanu PF has not won a single seat in Bulawayo since 2000 and if opposition parties boycott the polls, the ruling party will score a first.

Asked on whether they would bar any member from contesting, Mafume said that would be undemocratic. “Anyone is free to contest, but we won’t offer any support during campaigns,” he said. southern eye


GOVERNMENT has succumbed to pressure and agreed to provide separate bedrooms for the 14 wives of a polygamous former Chiadzwa villager, Philemon Johwani Kambeni, who recently camped at the Mutare district administrator’s offices together with his other seven wives demanding adequate accommodation for his huge family.

Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandiitawepi Chimene yesterday said Kambeni will this week be allocated additional houses at Arda Transau to cater for his family. Kambeni, his 14 wives and over 60 children were among the 1 000 families displaced by diamond miner Anjin from their original area in Chiadzwa in 2011 to pave way for mining activities.

Other families were allocated four-roomed houses each, while Kambeni’s 14 wives were asked to share an eight-bedroomed house. Kambeni, however, turned down the offer, demanding a separate bedroom for each of his wives. In August last year, Mutare district administrator Cosmas Chiringa allocated an eight-bedroomed house to Kambeni’s wives, leaving out six others.

Early this month, Kambeni and his nine wives camped at Chiringa’s office protesting against the non-availability of the promised accommodation. Kambeni had also argued that he was tired of unfulfilled promises.

But, Chimene said: “There will be seven houses to be allocated to Kambeni’s wives. We hope that that process will be done this week.” The extra houses will be from Marange Resources.

Chimene added: “We were not happy with the local and international media coverage the story was getting. This was not good for our government. But now we want to show that we are organised and we will be offering him the houses.”

Marange Resources chief executive officer Mark Mabhudu confirmed that his company would offer Kambeni the seven houses. The Kambeni family claims that it was now poorer following its forced relocation to Arda Transau Estate in February 2011. newsday


DARING thieves broke into prominent businessman Raj Modi’s Liquor Hub Wholesale Centre in Bulawayo’s central business district and got away with more than $52,000 on Sunday night.Modi told The Chronicle yesterday that the break-in at his shop that is located along 4TH Avenue/Fife Street was through the roof of the building, which has no CCTV cameras.

He said the break-in was discovered by one of his workers soon after the liquor centre was opened yesterday morning.

“We only discovered the break-in this morning (yesterday) when one of my workers walked 
into his office and found two metal safes wide open and all the money, which was kept inside wasn’t there,” said Modi.

“The thieves entered the building through the roof after damaging the ceiling and creating three holes to access the office. The thieves, who seemed to have had all the time in the world, used a grinder to cut through two safes built into a wall and stole $52, 820,92.”
Liquor Hub was officially opened on February 14, this year after Modi had sold his shares in Choppies. Yesterday business went on as usual at the wholesale centre with scores of people doing their shopping.

Modi said a report was made at Bulawayo Central Police Station and detectives attended the scene. He however, said no arrests had been made by late yesterday.
Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo could not be reached for comment.

The robbers who hit the liquor centre used the same modus operandi that was used during a string of robberies at Choppies Supermarkets which was once jointly run by Modi and Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko’s family.

Choppies retail shops have become targets of armed robbers and thieves with its supermarket at Sekusile in Nkulumane having been hit twice by armed robbers in recent months.

Four months ago, thieves broke into Choppies Supermarket in New Lobengula suburb in Bulawayo and got away with about $15,000.

The thieves made an opening in the roof and used a grinder to cut through three safes built into a wall. The break-in was discovered by security guards who were making routine checks before the opening of the shop. chronicle

Monday, 30 March 2015


Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader Prophet Walter Magaya has slammed gays and lesbians for upsetting the natural order of nature as ordained by God.

In an interview on Sunday halfway through his All Night Ladies Prayer meeting themed “Fighting anti-marriage spirits”, Prophet Magaya said gays and lesbians were spiritually afflicted individuals in dire need of deliverance.

“I believe that gays and lesbians are spiritually afflicted and just like all evil spirits they need deliverance and we have delivered many of such people in our church,” said Prophet Magaya.
He said the problem of gays and lesbians was not so rampant in Zimbabwe compared to other African countries like South Africa mainly because of President Mugabe’s steadfast stance against the practice.

He said his ministry was not discriminatory and encouraged those afflicted with the spirit of homosexuality to seek deliverance.

“I am sure you have noticed that one of our focus as a church is to deliver prostitutes and we have helped hundreds of them that we have provided with funding to start income-generating projects,” Prophet Magaya said.

On beauty contests, Prophet Magaya said the competitions have become a national culture.
He said as a church they were not against such contests, but were concerned with some of the vices associated with the competitions.

Thousands of women attended the Ladies All-Night Prayer meeting with some coming from as far as Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and Malawi.

“We decided to have a Ladies All-Night Prayer to fight anti-marriage spirits because we are aware of increases in divorce cases not just in Zimbabwe but the whole world,” said Prophet Magaya. herald


Jailed RMG Independent End Time Message leader Robert Martin Gumbura allegedly told other inmates that they were foolish for not breaking windowpanes to escape in protest against poor food at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison.

This emerged in court yesterday where Gumbura, together with eight other prisoners, appeared facing several charges, including attempting to escape from prison.

The State contended that Gumbura’s utterances incited other inmates to go on a rampage two weeks ago, especially when he told them that in South Africa prisoners wouldn’t stand such a situation and would have escaped.

The State papers indicated that in the ensuing melee on March 13 as the prisoners attempted to escape, some of them were shot by the police Support Unit after they scaled the roof.

At least five of the prisoners succumbed to injuries sustained during the violence.
Gumbura was being charged together with armed robber Lucky Matambanadzo (39), Blessing Chauke (25), Lucky Mhungu (38), Taurai Dodzo (47), Thomas Chacha (37), Thulani Chizema (32), Jacob Sibanda (28) and Elijah Vhumbunu (38).

According to the indictment, the nine who are serving various sentences ranging from 12 to 40 years, are being charged with attempting to escape from lawful custody, incitement in aggravating circumstances or alternatively conspiracy in aggravating circumstances for allegedly maliciously damaging property.

They are facing an additional charge of incitement to assault or alternatively conspiracy to assault.

All the suspects were not asked to plead to the charges when they appeared before magistrate Mr Vakayi Chikwekwe.

According to the State, on February 13 in the morning in B Hall, Gumbura allegedly incited other inmates to protest over alleged infringement of their rights by the type of food they were being given in a bid to create chaos so that he and his accomplices could escape during the commotion.

“Gumbura told the inmates that Zimbabweans were foolish,” read the indictment papers. “(He told them that) if it was in South Africa, inmates would have protested and broken all prison windowpanes.

“He told the inmates to protest for better quality food by singing throughout the night. On the same day during the night, all inmates in B, C and D halls spent the whole night singing and hitting cell bars denouncing the type of food they were being served at the prison.”
Gumbura, who is the only suspect being represented by Mr Tapson Dzvetero, is accused of having created the ensuring chaos.
This month, with the intention to escape, Chiduke, Matambanadzo, Mhungu, Dodzo, Chacha and Chizema allegedly gathered and addressed inmates in C hall and influenced them to refuse food on that day and protest over poor food quality.

It is alleged that at the same time Sibanda, Vhumbunu and the other three inmates who are now deceased were addressing inmates in D hall to do the same.

According to the allegations, their intention was to escape during the commotion.
At around 9am, the inmates refused to eat the porridge which had no sugar and demanded to see the officer-in-charge Chief Superintend Marange who then sent his deputy, Superintend Dumbura who addressed them.

At that time, the inmates pushed out the food containers which had been brought for lunch as they did not want to be addressed by Supt Dumbura.

Supt Dumbura left C hall and went to D hall where he ordered for food to be brought in so as to be served to those who wanted to eat.

Before the food was served, Titus Mandikodza, who is now late, went on top of the roof through a hole in the asbestos sheets which they had already drilled, the court heard.
At that moment, it is alleged, Vhumbunu and Sibanda took sadza and dried vegetables and threw it at Supt Dumbura and that is when violence erupted, with prisoners vandalising property whose value is estimated at $450 000.

It is the State’s case that the inmates attacked prison officers, seriously injuring three of them.

During the melee, they tried to escape, but their bid was foiled by the Support Unit that was called for reinforcements and fired shots at them.

The prisoners yesterday gave a chilling account of how they are being ill-treated by the prison guards after the incident.

Some of the suspects even went on to remove their shirts to show the court the degrees of their injuries, while some of them appeared in court with their hands in plasters.
They said prison guards on duty take turns to brutally assault them throughout the day.
Matambanadzo said: “Your Worship, sometimes we are not allowed to wear any clothes during the day and we sleep on the floor naked without blankets. Despite all these injuries we are denied medical attention.”

The inmates also complained that they were not allowed access to their lawyers and relatives.

Mr Chikwekwe took note of the complaints and ordered the prison authorities not to take the law into their own hands and allow due process to take its course.

He warned them that they may faced prosecution for allegedly violating the prisoner’s rights.
Six inmates challenged their placement on remand and the court is expected to rule on the application today.

The State was being represented by Mr Michael Reza assisted by Mr George Manokore, Mrs Leonella Chitanda-Matowa and Mrs Molly Mutamangira-Mavhondo and the proceedings were held under heavy security. herald


MDC-T is being hypocritical by claiming to be boycotting all by-elections while jockeying to fill the seven proportional representation seats that fell vacant when it recalled 21 legislators as filling the seven vacancies was no different to filling the 14 constituency-based seats, Government and political analysts said yesterday.
The beleaguered opposition party also came under fire for announcing the convening of a national council meeting on Thursday this week to consider the boycott decision soon after voting ended in the Zanu-PF strongholds of Chirumanzu-Zibagwe and Mt Darwin West constituencies showing the party was only prepared to contest elections in its perceived strongholds.

Twenty-one seats fell vacant when MDC-T recalled legislators aligned to the United MDC that brought together the Sekai Holland-led Renewal Team and the Professor Welshman Ncube-led MDC.

The 14 legislators recalled by MDC-T are Tendai Biti (Harare East), Willias Madzimure (Kambuzuma), Lucia Matibenga (Kuwadzana East), Paul Madzore (Glen View), Reggie Moyo (Luveve), Solomon Madzore (Dzivarasekwa), Bekithemba Nyathi (Mpopoma Pelandaba), Albert Mhlanga (Pumula), Moses Manyengavana (Highfield West), Samuel Sipepa Nkomo (Lobengula), Roseline Nkomo (Tsholotsho North), Settlement Chikwinya (Mbizo), Gorden Moyo (Makokoba) and Anorld Tsunga (Chikanga Dangamvura).
By-elections for the 14 seats will be held on June 10 together with those for Headlands and Hurungwe West as proclaimed by President Mugabe last Friday.

Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo yesterday rapped MDC-T for hypocrisy, saying the party was pretending to be boycotting a process it was participating in.

‘’As everyone knows there are 21 seats left vacant by the expelled MDC-T MPs, 14 are constituency-based while seven are proportional representation seats. The MDC-T is filling the seven PR seats, that is participation. You can’t say someone who is filling proportional representation seats is not participating.

‘’MDC-T leaders want to participate where there is no contest, the reason being that they are afraid of losing and humiliation as they know they cannot defend all those seats. Because they know that Zanu-PF will participate, they are afraid to participate.
‘’If they didn’t want to participate, the consistent position would be to leave the PR vacancies as they are till 2018. The MDC-T does not want contest but the contest is provided for in our Constitution,’’ Prof Moyo said

The MDC-T has since announced that it will fill the seven PR seats determined by its share of the vote in the July 31 2013 harmonised elections even as the party claimed it would boycott all subsequent by-elections

The vacant proportional representation seats in the National Assembly were held by ; Evelyn Masaiti, Judith Muzhavazhe and Gladys Mathe while in the Senate, there was Sekai Holland (Chizhanje), Rorana Muchihwa (Chikomo), Watchy Sibanda (Matabeleland South) and Patrick Chitaka (Manicaland).
Prof Moyo trashed the MDC-T claim that there was need for reforms saying the only reforms that were necessary were supervised by Sadc and are manifest in the new Constitution, and the amendments to the Electoral Act, all of which the MDC-T co-authored

‘’Unless they (MDC-T) want the Electoral Act to say every election should be won by the MDC-T,’’ Prof Moyo said. herald


President Robert Mugabe has urged diasporans to change the face of Zimbabwe with their money.

Mugabe said Ethiopians in the diaspora had changed their country with their remittances and there was no reason why Zimbabweans could not do the same.

“Ethiopia has managed to do a lot of construction and improvement because a lot of its people are in the Diaspora. It is also happening in other countries like Cape Verde Islands and I want to urge our people to come together,’’ President Mugabe said.

“A Zimbabwean is a Zimbabwean whether Zanu-PF or MDC. This is one area we cannot be separated from each other; an area where we are Zimbabweans together.”
President Mugabe said the leadership was ready to get ideas and advice from fellow citizens in the Diaspora.
“Let us try to utilise our resources to the best of our ability. We must also have good roads. We need power and that is what we are trying to produce in Kariba,” he said.

“All this can happen in an environment with peace where people can interact easily, where people are not afraid and can talk as friends and allies and as ama Zimbabweans.”

President Mugabe urged Zimbabweans to cherish the peace prevailing in the country.
“We protect that environment and cherish it, that environment of peace where we support one another. You may be Gushungo, Shoko or Khumalo, but what comes first is peace. The fact that we fought together created Zimbabwe as our home.”

He challenged Zimbabweans to embrace the five-year economic blueprint, Zim-Asset.
“Zim-Asset has a meaning to the people and they must know the meaning.
“Industrial planners and experts in the economy must explain to the people what Zim-Asset means and make them understand its objectives to the entire nation,” President Mugabe said.

“We need front-runners who will lead the nation in implementing programmes that will bring development to the country. We must also be educated about the struggle so that we know where we are coming from and where we are going.

“As a nation, we have adopted principles and we will never sacrifice them,” President Mugabe said.

The event was attended by Zimbabwean Ambassador to Ethiopia Albert Chimbindi, Industry and Commerce Minister Mike Bimha, Presidential spokesperson Mr George Charamba, senior Government officials and Zimbabweans living in Ethiopia.


 Early results from Nigeria's election show little separating the incumbent, President Goodluck Jonathan, and ex-military ruler Muhammadu Buhari.
 With eight states and the capital Abuja declared, President Jonathan's People's Democratic Party (PDP) has a lead of about 20,000 votes. Final results in the closely contested poll are due Tuesday.

 The US and UK in a joint statement expressed concern over possible "political interference" in the count. "So far, we have seen no evidence of systemic manipulation of the process," said the statement from UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and US Secretary of State John Kerry.

 "But there are disturbing indications that the collation process, where the votes are finally counted, may be subject to deliberate political interference." Nigeria's election commission (Inec) dismissed these fears, with a spokesman telling the AFP agency "there is absolutely no basis" to talk of meddling.

Of the nine regions announced, the PDP has taken four, with 2,322,734 votes, and Gen Buhari's All Progressives Congress (APC) taking five, with 2,302,978 votes.

 Police in the battleground Rivers State have used teargas against female opposition protesters who were attempting to lodge complaints with election officials of alleged rigging.


A Mbare man, who was locked by his first wife has died. Wisdom Mapfumo, 31, died at Harare Hospital on Friday.
Mapfumo's first wife, Elizabeth Marwizi, last week confessed that she sought charms to ensure that he did not sleep with other women including his second wife. Elizabeth claimed that she sourced the charms from a Shamva prophetess.

Elizabeth said she did not mean to kill Mapfumo. "When I went to Madzimai in Shamva, I just wanted her to help me so that my husband does not sleep with other women. I gave her Wisdom's shirt which she used juju on but believe me I did not want to kill him."

Mapfumo's elder sister, Nomercy Mapfumo is not happy. "Ndarwadziwa nekufa kwehanzvadzi yangu. Asati aroyiwa nemukadzi wake aiva nehutano hwakanaka," she said. She said efforts to take her brother to PHD ministries proved fruitless as she was told that it was too late to "deliver" him.

 "With the help of my friends, I took my brother to Prophet Magaya's church. Unfortunately, they said that it was too late because he no longer had blood in his body. Akanga awoma shaya nemutezo vakati havachakwanise kumubatsira sezvo aiva asisina ropa vakati tiende naye kuchipatara," she said.

 She added that when they took him to Harare hospital, tests done on him showed he had poison in his body. Wisdom's relatives said they are now confused as to what really killed him. "Hatichaziva kuti chii chakauraya hama yedu, kuroiwa here kana kuti ipoison," said the deceased's aunt, Virginia Simango.

 The deceased's relatives want to take Elizabeth to the civil courts. "When we went to Mbare police, they told us that they do not handle witchcraft cases. They referred us to the civil courts," said Nomercy. Wisdom is survived by two wives and two children and he was expected to be buried today.


A ‘FLYING’ woman has crashed into a pastor’s house in South Africa. The woman, who said she comes from Ebatsakatsini, near Komatipoort in Mpumalanga’s Nkomazi region, identified herself only by her surname, Mahlalela. She was caught in the home of Pastor Simon Nsingwane of the Back to the Word of God Church in Mbangwane village.

Mahlalela said they are a team and they work for one master. They were about 15 holding on to the rope when they took off. “We use a rope to fly and I was sitting at the back when I fell off,” she told the Daily Sun. Mpumalanga police spokesman Colonel Leonard Hlathi said the woman has been taken to a place of safety.

He said the pastor has not pressed any criminal charges yet. “We are assessing the situation and, if needs be, investigators assigned to deal with witchcraft cases will be involved,” he said.
Pastor Nsingwane said he did not know how the woman got in because the doors and windows were not only closed, but also had burglar bars.
“We found her relieving herself in a bucket. When asked what she was doing, she said ‘I’m shixxxg’,” he said.
He said he called the police, who took a while to arrive, by which time a crowd had gathered at the house.
“When the police arrived, she said she knew one of them and called him cousin. She told the officer she was here to perform evil deeds on the family but she was caught,” he said.
The pastor said as a Christian he protects himself with prayer, not muthi.
“I know God has powers to keep me safe from evil,” said Nsingwane.


OPPOSITION MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s recent trip to the United States was meant to fundraise for various party programmes including campaigns to force the Zanu PF government to speed up implementation of electoral reforms and fix the declining economy, NewsDay has learnt.

Party insiders said Tsvangirai had managed to raise substantial amounts of money to run party activities after going through a bad patch since his third successive defeat by Zanu PF in July 2013.
“Tsvangirai got significant funding from party activists and other traditional donors to the party for programming as the party starts to restructure ahead of the 2018 polls,” the source said.

“However, the funding came with some conditions that the donors will be paying directly to service providers,” the source added. Tsvangirai had a week-long visit to the US where he met party members and middle level government officials to apprise them of the political and economic developments in Zimbabwe.

The MDC-T last October held its congress on a shoe-string budget after being dumped by most of its donors and had to rely heavily on the $250 000 released by Treasury under the Political Parties Financing Act. 

Contacted for comment yesterday, party spokesman Obert Gutu disputed reports that Tsvangirai had received funding from his US funders.

“Tsvangirai’s tour was a resounding success, but he took no money from foreign funding. Our party funds itself from membership subscriptions, internal party fundraising activities and funds from Treasury under the Political Parties Financing Act,” he said.

He added: “Some of our external provinces like the US, the United Kingdom and South Africa play their part by fundraising for the party in their respective constituencies.”

Gutu, however, confirmed that they had introduced stringent measures in the handling of party funds to curb abuses.

“We are moving on with the times on international standards of procuring goods and services. Sometimes individuals can abuse their positions thus we have to ensure that procurement is done above board,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tsvangirai has been holding rallies across the country urging party members to remain resolute in their fight to remove President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF in free and fair elections.
Tsvangirai says his party will only participate in elections after adoption of a new electronic voters’ roll, liberalisation of the airwaves and major reform of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.


FORMER Warriors captain Benjani Mwaruwari’s father, Amos, has died.  He was 70.
Amos died at the United Bulawayo Hospitals on Saturday after succumbing to a heart ailment.His son Benjani had taken him for specialist treatment in South Africa and the United Kingdom but all was in vain.

Born in Karonga village in Malawi on May 4, 1945, Amos came to Zimbabwe in the early 1960s where he settled in the Headlands area before coming to Bulawayo in 1975. He worked for Datlabs until retirement in 1986.

“He was flown to South Africa for some treatment but there was no major improvement so we flew him to England where he was taken to some specialists but there was no change until we came back home,” said a distraught Sithabile Mwaruwari, the late Amos’s widow.
She described her late husband as a God fearing man who was also full of love for his family.

“Now that my partner is gone I don’t know how I will live, I’m in so much pain,” Sithabile said.

She said funeral arrangements were in progress and Benjani is expected to jet in from the UK tomorrow together with his wife.

Amos leaves behind his wife and five children. Mourners are gathered at house number 103 Percy Avenue, Hillside. chronicle


A WOMAN from Pioneer village two in Fort Rixon has been slapped with 175 hours of community service after she assaulted her daughter’s boyfriend and chased him out of a bedroom hut stark naked.

Nokuthula Ncube (42) pleaded guilty to the assault charge when she appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Tawanda Muchemwa. The magistrate convicted and sentenced her to seven months in jail.
Two months were suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour.

The remaining five months were suspended on condition she performed 175 hours of community service at Zenzeleni Primary School. The complainant, Authority Ncube of Nketa in Bulawayo, in his evidence told the court that he was assaulted by his girlfriend’s mother, who then chased him out of the bedroom hut naked and he walked for several kilometres naked, before he was assisted by well-wishers with clothes.

He said his girlfriend might have connived with her mother to rob him of his belongings, as they knew he was a dealer. Prosecutor Munyonga Kuvarega told the court that on November 19 2014, Authority left Bulawayo for Pioneer Mine in Fort Rixon to collect drill bits.

He arrived at 11pm and agreed with his girlfriend, Gracious Ncube, Nokuthula’s daughter that he would sleep at her place. When he arrived at her home, Authority went to his girlfriend’s bedroom hut since he knew it.

Gracious was not present, instead there were two young boys, who were sleeping. Nokuthula entered the hut and assaulted him with an iron bar.

She bit him several times all over the body and he sustained bruises on the forehead and his left arm. She drove him out of the hut. He reported the matter to the police leading to Ncube’s arrest. southern eye


A FIERCE fight has reportedly erupted between MDC Renewal Team interim secretary-general Tendai Biti and treasurer-general Elton Mangoma over control of the party with sources saying the two politicians nearly exchanged blows last Thursday during a national working committee meeting in Harare.

The meeting, party sources said, later resolved to hold an early national elective congress to end the simmering factional fights.

The opposition party has been under the caretaker leadership of its guardian council headed by chairperson Sekai Holland since last year when its leaders broke ranks with the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T.
However, the membership still believes that the de facto leaders were Biti and Mangoma.

The leadership fights allegedly intensified with the expulsion of Biti and 20 others from Parliament a fortnight ago and members now view this as an opportunity to deal with the leadership question decisively.

“The fight between Biti and Mangoma for leadership came again under the spotlight at Thursday’s meeting where some Biti allies accused Mangoma of campaigning for the presidency ahead of the congress to the detriment of the party,” an insider said.

“It was then agreed that a congress should be held soon, between end of June and early October this year, to out to bring to finality the question of leadership.”

Biti and Mangoma could not be reached for comment yesterday.

MDC Renewal Team spokesman Jacob Mafume yesterday confirmed plans for an early congress.
“We agreed that we should have our own congress and policy conference as soon as possible so that we have substantive leadership,” Mafume said.

He, however, said the congress was not being held to end the hostilities between Biti and Mangoma.

“This is not about political contestation, but most of the leadership today is made up of people in acting capacities except Biti, Mangoma and Solomon Madzore. The scenario affects execution of programmes especially to those who are in acting capacity,” he added.

But another insider said the leadership question was bordering on who can give the party greater traction as the country moves towards the 2018 elections.

“Most in the party think Biti will give them traction because he is more popular and has more gravitas than Mangoma. However, Mangoma has done a lot of groundwork thereby having more supporters on the grassroots thus setting a stage for a bruising fight,” the source said.

Mafume said the meeting also endorsed the court challenge to the recall of its MPs from Parliament and reiterated the party’s position to continue boycotting future elections until electoral reforms have been implemented. newsday

Sunday, 29 March 2015


The law firm of MDC-T secretary-general Mr Douglas Mwonzora had property attached over outstanding rent arrears to the tune of $34 000.

Mwonzora and Associates also faces eviction from Fidelity Life Centre along Raleigh Street in Harare after defaulting on rent due to Zimre Properties.

The Sheriff of the High Court on February 20 this year attached office furniture on the instructions of Zimre’s lawyers Mhishi Legal Practice.

Last week, officers from the Sheriff stormed Mwonzora and Associates’ offices to remove the attached property and to eject the law firm but the process was stopped by Zimre’s lawyers to allow for a settlement.

Some of the property had been taken outside the building when the process was put on hold. The attached property includes, a desktop computer, five desks, Fridge Master refrigerator, two filing cabinets and a set of four blue reception sofas.

The Sheriff is also armed with a writ to eject Mwonzora and associates from the 4th floor of the building.
The ejection and attachment process was effected after High Court judge Justice Amy Tsanga issued a consent order to that effect.

Justice Tsanga’s order dated January 13 2015 reads:“It is ordered by consent that the lease agreement between the parties be and is hereby terminated and to this end, the first defendant (Mwonzora and Associates) shall vacate immovable property, 4th Floor, Fidelity Life Centre, Number 5 Raleigh Street on February 28 2015, failing which the deputy sheriff be and is hereby authorised to eject the first defendant.

“First defendant be and is hereby ordered to pay plaintiff the sum of $33 294,43 . . . ”
In terms of the order, Mwonzora and Associates was supposed to pay $5 000 by February 28.

Thereafter monthly instalments of $2 500 until clearance of the debt. Payment, according to Justice Tsanga, should have been paid at the first day of every month.

However, the law firm did not comply with the order resulting in Mhishi Legal Practice through Mr Harrison Nkomo obtaining a writ of execution and a writ of eviction.


THE Zimbabwe Revenue Authority has garnished the State Procurement Board’s bank account to recover over $1 million owed by the board in PAYE for its chairperson Mr Charles Kuwaza.

SPB has not been remitting PAYE on Mr Kuwaza’s earnings since 2009 and last week Zimra garnished the SPB’s CBZ account in a bid to recover the tax arrears.
All the other employees of the SPB have had their earnings taxed and the PAYE sent to Zimra. The Herald last year published Mr Kuwaza’s mega perks, excluding salary, which gobbled about $210 000 in 2014 alone.

Zimra has been demanding that Mr Kuwaza settle his tax arrears, but his reluctance has led to the garnishing of the SPB account, a development that could affect the board’s operations.

Zimra has since last year taken steps to ensure that all due taxes are paid following the unravelling of the “salarygate” scandal where top executives at some State enterprises gave themselves huge untaxed allowances.

Correspondence seen by The Herald shows that Zimra garnished the SPB account after Mr Kuwaza refused to comply with a request from the tax collector to provide a payment plan.
In a letter written to CBZ last Friday, a Zimra official Mr Shelton Chigumira ordered the bank to send Zimra $1, 019, 251.90 from the SBP accounts.

“CBZ could not pay the money to Zimra since there was a balance of about $230 000 in its two accounts.

Sources said Zimra early this month gave the SPB two weeks to come up with a payment plan. But Mr Kuwaza wrote to Zimra Commissioner Investigations and International Affairs Mrs A. Mutombodzi two weeks ago complaining why The Herald published a story about his tax liabilities last year.

“As you recall, the alleged Tax Liability for 2014 was published in The Herald in circumstances which were designed to denigrate my person,” said Mr Kuwaza.
“Unfortunately, certain officers in this office appear to have worked in cahoots with The Herald. The Director of Finance, Mrs S Thodhlana, explained that the soft copy of the PAYE Bill was sent to us via e-mail without any encryption.
“I asked her why this sensitive detail was dispatched in that manner, but she had no credible response. I concluded that certain persons had been hired to assassinate my character. I have yet to see Zimra taking The Herald to task for publishing our alleged liabilities in contravention of the Income Tax Act.”

In an emailed response to The Herald last week, Mr Kuwaza said tax matters were confidential.

“Your continued publication of any such details is illegal as it violates provisions of the Income Tax Act,” he said. “Could you verify the facts with the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet who administers the Procurement Act.”

But sources at the SPB said Mr Kuwaza was reluctant to pay tax since dollarisation, claiming that his contract was signed by the President.

“Kuwaza told the (SPB) director of Finance that he wants all his money that is not taxed because his contract is with the President,” said the source.

“As it stands, all of us except him, pay tax. There are high chances that we are not going to have salaries this month because of the garnishee order. The challenge now is that SPB will be forced to pay for his tax liabilities.”

Another source added: “Kuwaza is using all the company cars, he has a company house, he had repairs to the company house in excess of $200 000 that are taxable. He is also claiming board fees when he is on salary, increasing his tax obligation.

“In that case, Zimra needs to audit the source of the tax arrears to avoid prejudicing staff who were religiously paying their tax dues.”

A procurement expert who spoke to The Herald on condition she is not named said Mr Kuwaza was in breach of good corporate governance.

“In terms of the Income Tax Act, only public service benefits processed by SSB are essential service exempted from tax according to the Office of the President and Cabinet,” she said.
“SPB salaries and benefits are from revenues collected using administration fees as per Statutory Instrument 171 of 2012 and are therefore liable for tax. The board chairperson must just pay his tax dues without wasting time.

“However, the State should be vigilant to ensure public funds are then not abused to settle an individual’s liabilities.” herald