As Zanu PF factions destroy each other, the military will have a huge say as to who would take over from President Mugabe.


As Zanu PF factions destroy each other, the military will have a huge say as to who would take over from President Mugabe.


He is a controversial prophet who continues to draw large crowds with his promise of miracles. But as his popularity soars he faces all sorts of allegations. So far he has survived.


Two secretary generals tried to topple him but failed. His wife walked out but returned home. Now MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is plotting his way to State House.


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Monday, 22 July 2019



ZAPU rally in Berea, South Africa,


A DOMBOSHAVA woman, struggling to handle a polygamous marriage, was yesterday fined for infidelity after allegedly bedding a nephew.

She was accused of cheating with a son to her husband’s brother. Precious Mangwende, 18, would repeatedly have sex with Moses Nyore, 20, taking advantage of her husband – Roparashe Nyore’s hectic life of four wives.

The two who were in incestuous relationship were fined by Chief Chidziwa, real name Lister Chidziwa, yesterday.

Precious, who denied bedding Moses, was made to pay a beast while her lover Moses was fined two beasts for the taboo.

Before yesterday’s hearing, the two were bashed by Roparashe after he got wind of the shenanigans. 

Roparashe, who attends Johanne Marange Apostolic sect, teamed up with his brother in assaulting his fourth wife after discovering that she was dating his young brother Dambudzo Nyore’s son.

Narrating the story, Roparashe said Moses could have been forced to date Precious. “I learnt from my niece that my fourth wife was bedding my young brother’s son and I confronted the two.

“My wife told me that Moses had only fondled her breasts denying  having sex as alleged and we met as a family to settle the issue.

“I led the whole family in assaulting Moses since he is our son. My young brother and I were the only ones who assaulted Precious on the grounds that she admitted to being fondled and keeping it a secret since August last year. 

“I later received reports from villagers that the two have been in an illicit affair for some time. One of the villagers was reported to have mocked Moses over failing to propose young girls.

“Moses akaudzwa nevamwe vatinogara navo kuti sei uchirega baba vako vachiroora musikana anezera newe. Ndinofungira kuti ndizvo zvakapa mwana uyu kuti anyenge amai vake.

“We are still to know who brought the story to this court when we had resolved it as a family,” said Roparashe.

He dismissed reports that he divorced Precious and forced to accommodate her after his in-laws assaulted him and threatened to take the case before the criminal courts.

Moses told the court that Precious trapped him to marry her.

“Amai vaigara vachindesekerera uye vairatidza kuti vanonyengeka sezvo vaizviita kuvarume vakawanda. “Ndakazovati munhu wa Mwari ndinokudai ndokubva ndavabata mazamu vakapfavirira. 

“Some of the village men were after her and I felt jealous and decided to express my affection on time.

“I had no plans of snatching her from my father but only to have sex with her. We were disturbed from having sex by a little girl who passed by,” said Moses.

Precious, who is still to have a child with Roparashe told the court that Moses fondled her breasts only for two minutes.

“Moses akangondibata mazamu kwemaminitsi maviri chete ndokubva kwapfuura kamwe kamwana
“I never had sex with Moses and I was assaulted by my husband along with Moses’ father.
“The two assaulted me with a stick after doing the same to Moses,” said Precious. The case attracted Chirimuuta villagers where the family stays and Cheza villagers who are their neighbours. H Metro


A Trip Trans bus driver was this afternoon crushed to death by the bus, which was been driven by his conductor in Mutare today.

National Police Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the accident happened at around 1pm along the Harare-Mutare road, opposite Mutare Provincial Hospital.

He said circumstances are that the bus driver, Mangweru Chiweru (45) gave Tinashe Tiripamberi the permission drive the bus which had 50 passengers on board.

After picking up some passengers at a bus stop opposite the hospital, Chiweru is said to have waved to Tiripamberi to continue driving, but while trying to get back into the bus in a typical conductors’ style, he unfortunately missed his footing and fell under the moving bus.
Assistant Commissioner Nyathi said Chiweru’s head was crushed by the bus’ rear wheels resulting in him dying on the spot.

Tiripamberi has a valid class 2 driver’s license. Police investigations into the accident are still continuing. zbc



A 36-YEAR-OLD Mazowe High School teacher was last week slapped with a 15-year jail term by a Bindura magistrate for raping an 18-year-old student on three different occasions.

Terence Makombe was jailed after trial by magistrate Sandra Mupindu, who suspended three years conditionally.

Prosecutor Gossy Mudambu told the court that in December last year at Mazowe High School cottage, Makombe took advantage of the victim, who was staying alone at her parents’ house. He invited her to his office and proposed love to her, which she spurned. The convict then began playing a pornographic video on his laptop to entice the student.

Makombe demanded to have sexual intercourse with the complainant, who refused, but he went on to lock the door and raped her. He threatened to assault the complainant if she divulged the matter to anyone.
During the same month, the teacher again approached the complainant at her parents’ house and raped her again without protection.

On January 8, the convict raped the student again in her room. The matter came to light when she went to Marondera and told her parents about her ordeal. A report was made at Dombotombo Police Station leading to the convict’s arrest.

In an unrelated case, a 27-year-old woman was last week ordered to do community service by a Guruve magistrate for throwing her newly-born baby into a blair toilet.

Auxillia Dzukamanja (27) pleaded guilty to the charge before magistrate Artwell Sanyatwi, who sentenced her to six months in prison, two conditionally suspended, while the remaining four were commuted to 140 hours of community service at Guruve Court.

Prosecuting, Carson Kundiona told the court that on July 12, the police, working on a tip-off, discovered a dumped baby in a blair toilet and they retrieved it with the help of Dzukamanja. Newsday


MORE than 1,3 million Zimbabweans living with HIV and Aids and on antiretroviral treatment might fail to access the life-saving drugs due to government’s failure to mobilise US$6 million required to unlock donor funding.

This was revealed in a petition handed over to Parliament last week by the Zimbabwe Aids Network on the failure by government to pay its annual contribution of US$6 million to the Global Fund in order to access US$400 million from the International Health Fund to buy antiretroviral drugs.

According to the petition, government has failed to mobilise funds for procurement of the life-prolonging drugs at a time US$1 million was allegedly spent by President Emmerson Mnangagwa on travel alone in under 30 days.

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Tsitsi Gezi, told parliamentarians on Thursday that the pressure group had raised the alarm over the looming crisis and the matter has since been referred to thematic and portfolio committees on HIV and Aids and Health and Child Care, respectively for urgent attention. 

But MDC MP and chair of the Health Committee, Ruth Labode, said the situation was now dire and government should act swiftly to arrest the looming health crisis.

“This issue has been raised here twice and the minister (of Finance Mthuli Ncube) gave a response last time that he will respond and pay. Those were his words. He said he will pay and right now, we are about to lose almost US$400 million because we cannot pay US$6 million,” she said. 

“Madam Speaker, twice I have raised on a point of privilege that Zimbabwe committed itself to be part of the Global Fund. Right now, we are lobbying to get $20 billion to control HIV, Malaria and TB from that US$20 billion. Our share as Zimbabwe has been US$400 million. One of the things we committed ourselves to do is that we will meet our own counterpart in order for us to be able to get that US$400 million. We will produce our own share as a nation to show political commitment towards the fund, which was US$6 million,” Labode said.

“Here we are now, we are desperate. I know there is a letter which has been written to the Speaker from the National Aids Council requesting something to be done as a matter of urgency. We have over two million people on HIV drugs and we do not spend not even one cent as a nation on HIV drugs, tinongomapiwa (we just get them for free). We desperately need to do something, US$6 million ngaitsvagiwe (it must be sourced),” Labode said
Gezi then demanded that the leader of the House, who is also Justice minister Ziyambi Ziyambi, responds to the question.

In his response, Ziyambi said so far only US$2,9 million has been mobilised.

“On Tuesday, I had an occasion of speaking to the Minister of Finance with my counterpart, the Minister of Health (Obadiah Moyo) and he indicated that he had paid US$2,9 million, but we then indicated that it is not sufficient.
What is required is to pay the US$6 million so that we can access the benefits. If we do not pay, it means that we will not be able to get the ARVs as is being alluded to by Honourable Labode. He promised that he was going to look into it and pay the amount. I will follow up and advise accordingly,” Ziyambi said.

The development comes as HIV activists and people living with HIV complained about shortages of ARVs and antibiotics in health centres around the country, with Mashonaland West province being the most affected. Patients also raised concern over issuance of expired drugs.
Early this year, then Health permanent secretary Gerald Gwinji also warned that government was expecting a deficit in ARV drugs between now and 2020 due to an increase in uptake of the HIV and Aids treatment programme.

Gwinji revealed that 8 000 new patients access ARVs monthly.

Government plans to reach the United Nations-set 90–90–90 ambitious treatment target to help end the Aids epidemic by 2020 will be scuttled if Treasury fails to release the US$6 million contribution

To fight HIV and Aids, tuberculosis and malaria, the Global Fund allocates additional resources in the form of grants to countries to support their national initiatives.

As a condition of the grant, countries are required to contribute a minimum percentage of the value of the grant as counterpart financing depending on their rankings as low, middle or high income countries.

According to this policy, if a country fails to meet the counterpart financing obligation, the Global Fund shall reduce the value of the grant by 15%.

Zimbabwe is considered as a low-income country and is required to contribute 5% of the value of the total grant as counterpart financing.

The current grant (2018-2020) is US$483 980 512. Therefore, the minimum required counterpart financing is US$24 199 026 over the three-year period. Newsday


THE Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) seems determined to ignore recommendations made by observer missions to level the political playing field and run free and fair elections, a top opposition official has said.

MDC secretary for elections Jacob Mafume said the opposition party’s experiences in the recently held Bikita and Nyanga by-elections showed that Zec is unwilling to reform.

Zanu PF won the Nyanga Rural District Council poll through its candidate Bisset Mapeta, with 397 votes against Vincent Bopoto of MDC Alliance, who got 236. There were only two parties that contested.

In Bikita’s ward 31, Zanu PF candidate Thomas Matanga garnered 1 112 votes against Moses Maphosa of MDC Alliance’s 410 votes, while Peter Mavenga of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) came third with 23 votes. 

“Zec has not implemented any of the reforms that were put down by observer missions and stakeholders after last year’s elections. They still allow vote-buying, where food is distributed within the area of elections on voting day. There is a letter from Health minister (Obadiah Moyo) directing that medicines be distributed in an area where there is a pending election in order to favour Zanu PF. Zec is, however, silent in all this,” he said.

Mafume also said Zec continues to employ personnel with military links at a time when the body was urged to demilitarise its structures. 

Zec recently appointed Utoile Silaigwana, a former soldier, as the substantive chief elections officer taking over from Constance Chigwamba.

“They (Zec) are determined to run elections in a way that favours Zanu PF. The State media is also still a closed space for us. We are going to use the courts and pile political pressure to correct these anomalies,” the MDC official said. Newsday


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa says his administration has no immediate solution to dealing with illegal foreign currency trade despite admitting its role in the economic crisis.

Last week, official figures showed that inflation nearly doubled to 175,66% in May from 97,85% in the previous month, revealing an economy already in hyperinflation, a situation last experienced in 2008.

Government suddenly outlawed the use of foreign currencies on June 24 in favour of the re-introduced Zimbabwe dollar in part to catch out foreign currency speculators, which it blames for price volatility.

After liberalising the interbank market, the official exchange rate has shot up to $8,86 to the greenback compared to $10,1 on the parallel market which has persisted despite a crackdown by law enforcement agents. 

Prices remain high because much of Zimbabwe’s economic activity takes place in the informal sector, where costs are set based on the higher parallel market rate.

In the case of large retailers, prices are set based on internal inflation tracking, which invariably is higher than the official rate. 

Addressing a Zanu PF women’s league national assembly at the party’s headquarters last Friday, Mnangagwa said he did not have an immediate response on how he intends to deal with them.

“You have mentioned the issue of money changers selling our money to the people; yes, we see that on TV and we are still asking ourselves what we can do to deal with that. It is something that we are still looking at,” Mnangagwa told the party supporters.

Before his address, the women’s league boss, Mabel Chinomona, had pleaded with Mnangagwa to deal with the money changers, who she accused of fuelling price increases of basic goods and services.

“President, you said no more to money changers, but we have seen them coming out in their numbers and now they are using cars near the post office. Our people are going there looking for money, our own local currency is being sold there. The question is who is giving those people that money. You find them with new notes and the question we want to know is: Who is funding these people?” Chinomona asked

But the opposition has charged that Mnangagwa had no capacity to deal with illegal money changers because his administration was involved and driving the illegal market.
MDC secretary for economic affairs, Tapiwa Mashakada said as long as the State was involved in the illegal market, the vice would continue unabated.

“Under normal circumstances banks and bureaux de change sell or buy forex on a willing-buyer, willing-seller basis, provided the forex is available. In the case of Zim, the official forex market (interbank market) is dry, hence buyers and sellers go to the parallel market, where they can get forex,” Mashakada said.

“It is alleged that government is the main driver of the parallel market because questions are raised when new bond notes are traded on the black market. It is illegal, but in this case, it is the only reliable source of forex. No country has managed to completely eliminate the parallel market. It can only be minimised.”

The Zanu PF youth league last month named senior Zanu PF officials and some top government officials, who they said were involved in illegal forex deals, including the son of Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa, Neville.

Mnangagwa promised to set up a commission of inquiry to probe the allegations. But the commission is yet to be set up. Newsday

Sunday, 21 July 2019


REGISTRAR-General Mr Clemence Masango has issued a stern warning to officials in his department who are capitalising on the challenges in the issuance of passports by demanding kickbacks from desperate citizens intending to acquire emergency travel documents.

Desperate Zimbabweans are parting with huge sums of money to pay bribes in order to obtain passports as the Registrar General’s office is battling an acute shortage of special paper and ink used to make passports, resulting in a huge backlog for travel documents.

In an interview, Mr Masango said Government officials should desist from taking advantage of the people’s desperate situation through taking bribes. 

“Government policy as pronounced by His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa including our Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage (Cde Cain Mathema) reiterates the same point, which is zero tolerance to corruption. We therefore appeal to everyone, our clients, citizens and officials to desist from corruption,” he said.

Mr Masango said those caught engaging in corrupt activities would face the full wrath of the law.

“Corruption is a punishable offence and the cases that we will be able to detect will be dealt with by law enforcement agents and consequences will follow. Our position as a department is that when it comes to corruption there is no excuse and officials caught accepting bribes from clients will face the full wrath of the law,” he said.

“As civil servants we are already paid for the job that we are doing and there is no reason to extort or solicit for bribes. They (civil servants) are supposed to be content with the remuneration they are getting from the Government, if they feel the money is too little they should find elsewhere to go.” 

Mr Masango urged the nation to be patient, saying the Government through Treasury has availed funds for the procurement of materials required in the production of passports.

“We have a backlog of passports which stands at over 3 000 and the production of passports is depressed due to lack of consumables, which are ink, ribbons and films. Payments have since been made by Treasury to support the department to get the required material, which we expect to receive within the next four weeks after which we will be able to revert to normal production capacity of 3 000 passports per day. We urge our citizens to be patient with us because as soon as we receive material we will see production and issuance of passports and a statement to that effect will be made to update our people,” he said.

Mr Masango said the department will be able to clear the backlog within 100 working days once the first consignment of consumables arrives.

At the moment the department is only printing 100 passports a day due to a shortage of materials.

 “Once we get the materials required, arrangements will be made to dedicate part of the staff to clear the backlog while some work on new applications. All things being equal we have the capacity to clear the backlog within 100 working days,” Mr Masango said.

He said the Government at the moment is incapacitated to make a once-off purchase of the required material. 

“However, the payment that has been made currently has served as an unlocking mechanism of supply and deliveries will be ongoing,” Mr Masango said.

Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Cain Mathema has said Government was committed to meeting its obligations to ensure that the public accesses travel documents with Treasury having bought new machines to print the travel documents at a cost of nearly US$600 000. Chronicle


TWO Zimbabwean businessmen based in South Africa, who are brothers originally from Bellevue suburb in Bulawayo, were allegedly savagely tortured before they were shot dead in Johannesburg and their bodies dumped in Mpumalanga province in the neighbouring country in a case of a suspected deal gone sour.

They reportedly ran a flourishing transport and freight company where they owned buses and trucks operating within South Africa.

The two brothers – Sydney and Edmore Ncube –  reportedly went missing more than three weeks ago after being kidnapped by unknown assailants.

Mpumalanga provincial police spokesperson Brigadier Leonard Hlathi yesterday confirmed the incident, saying the two bodies were discovered in a decomposed state along the highway between Bronkhorstspruit and Delmas.

“I can confirm that there are two Zimbabweans who were found dead in an area between Bronkhorstspruit and Delmas. Their bodies had bruises, an indication that they could have been assaulted. Our investigations revealed that they were murdered in Johannesburg and the suspects then dumped their bodies in Mpumalanga,” he said.

Brig Hlathi could however, not reveal the circumstances surrounding the murder, saying their Gauteng counterparts were still investigating the case.

 Gauteng police spokesperson Brigadier Mathapelo Peters said she was yet to contact the investigating officer handling the matter. 

Brig Hlathi said they have since arrested one of the suspects linked to the murder of the two men. Sources said the two brothers disappeared on June 26 after failing to return home from work.

They are said to have used the same car on that particular day.

“It appears one of the suspects believed to be a family friend, lured Edmore to some secluded spot before they later used him as bait to capture his brother Sydney. They asked Edmore to call his brother to come and pay ransom and when he arrived at that particular place, they captured him too before torturing them,” said the source.

The source said the suspects tortured the two brothers before shooting them in their heads.  
Edmore was shot three times while Sydney had a single bullet wound. “After more than three weeks of being reported missing, a farmer stumbled upon their bodies on July 10 and he informed the police,” said the source.

They had their feet and hands tied and the post-mortem report stated that they were tortured to death. The two bodies were repatriated yesterday and they are being kept at a funeral parlour in Bulawayo.  Chronicle


Dynamos ………….. (1) 1

CAPS United ……… (1) 1

THE Harare Derby fought back, after years of mediocrity, to produce a spectacle at Rufaro yesterday — two goals late in the first half, a penalty appeal that was turned down and a bumper crowd to witness the show.

This was the Harare Derby, as we have known it in the past, and just as well it ended with a share of the spoils. 

In-form midfielder Joel Ngodzo, one of the best three players in the domestic Premiership, and Simbarashe Nhivi scored the all-important goals within the last two minutes of the first half.

DeMbare roving rightback Emmauel Jalai had a dream debut in the Harare Derby, with a performance that made a mockery of his youthfulness, while Method Mwanjali was a rock in the Green Machine defence.

Makepekepe, who enjoyed the edge over their opponents with their neat passing game in the early stages and control of the midfield, got a deserved lead from Ngodzo’s powerful grounder.

The midfielder had been teed up by skipper Hardlife Zvirekwi from a set-piece just outside the penalty box. 

The Green Machine had won a freekick following a crude challenge on overlapping defender Carlos Rusere by newboy Archford Gutu in the 43rd minute.

However, DeMbare replied almost instantly when Nhivi planted a header that beat goalkeeper Prosper Chigumba via the post from a set-up by another new signing, Evans Katema.

DeMbare coach Tonderai Ndiraya said he took a gamble when he threw into the fray all his four mid-season signings who also included Godknows Murwira and Gutu in a bid to add experience into his side.

“When you acquire players during the mid-season transfer window, those are supposed to be impact players, players who are supposed to come in and fix things quickly,’’ said Ndiraya.

“That’s what we had in our minds when we brought in those players. It’s not reasonable to buy players mid-season and sit them out.

“Previously, I bemoaned the quality in our team and clearly today you could all see that it’s a different Dynamos despite the low fitness levels of some of the players.
‘’I thought we competed very well and, with better fitness levels, we could have won the game.

“But, I think we were short in numbers, particularly going forward, because of those fitness issues. It’s better for them to play and get their fitness as we go on and hopefully in the next few weeks they will be at a better level.’’

The Derby appeared to turn back the hands of time to a period when it was the flagship football contest in the country.

Supporters from both camps had done their best to warm the stage with electric moves in the terraces before kick-off and during the game.

There was also an improvement in the attendances and the game was delayed by 15 minutes because of the long queues outside.

Chigumba almost fumbled a free-kick from Murwira into his own goal at the near post after six minutes, but the Green Machine rallied back to take control.

Winger Phineas Bamusi caused all sorts of problems on the wide flank and had defender Tinotenda Muringai booked after only 10 minutes as he struggled to deal with his blistering pace.

Ngodzo bossed the midfield and twice in the first half tested the DeMbare goalkeeper, Simba Chinani, with long-range efforts. 

But Chinani, partly blinded by his wall, could not stop Ngodzo’s well-hit grounder, with just under two minutes before the half-time break.

But DeMbare refused to be subdued with a fine goal of their own, courtesy of Nhivi.

The second half started off slowly and DeMbare substitute Ngandu Mangala missed a good chance after a fine a cross by Murwira in 67th minute.

Action swung to the other end where Dynamos failed to clear their lines from a corner kick and Blessing Sarupinda’s cross found no takers as it rolled across the face of goal.

CAPS United had a penalty appeal turned down by the referee after Mangala handled the ball inside the box.

The referee waved play on and signalled that the ball flew towards the forward’s arm after taking a bounce and he could not be penalised for that.

“I thought it was a very good game, especially for those that were watching,’’ said CAPS United coach Lloyd Chitembwe.

“Congratulations to both sets of players, I thought they really applied themselves. They gave the fans what they always want.

“The hunger was there. It meant so much for them and from that perspective I am very happy.

“I thought my team gave a very good performance. Our build-ups in the first half were precise and our ball retention was very good.

“A lot of things about our game today were very good save for the fact that we could not get a winner.’’

Makepekepe remain in third place with 27 points while Dynamos are still trapped mid-table with 20 points after 15 games. 


Dynamos: S. Chinani, E. Jalai, T. Muringai, J. Tigere, M. Mawadza, A. Maliselo, G. Murwira, A. Gutu, J. Selemani (N. Mangala, 66th minute), E. Katema, S. Nhivi.

CAPS Utd: P. Chigumba, H. Zvirekwi, C. Rusere, J. Jangano, M. Mwanjale, K. Nyamupfukudza (R. Chitiyo 88th minute), J. Ngodzo,  V. Ndaba (B. Sarupinda, 59th minute) , P. Bhamusi, D. Chungwa (N. Sianchali, 83rd minute), J. Zhuwawu.