As Zanu PF factions destroy each other, the military will have a huge say as to who would take over from President Mugabe.


As Zanu PF factions destroy each other, the military will have a huge say as to who would take over from President Mugabe.


He is a controversial prophet who continues to draw large crowds with his promise of miracles. But as his popularity soars he faces all sorts of allegations. So far he has survived.


Two secretary generals tried to topple him but failed. His wife walked out but returned home. Now MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is plotting his way to State House.


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Friday, 20 May 2022


WHEN you think you have seen it all, life throws more bizarre events to your face.

A family from Nkulumane 12 suburb in Bulawayo which was visiting their father’s grave at West Park Cemetery was left horrified and disgusted after spotting a randy couple romping on top of their father’s grave.

The incident which took place on Sunday last week comes two months after another brazen couple was also busted at the same cemetery enjoying each other among the dead.

A family member who didn’t want to be named described the incident as shameful and labelled the randy couple as “disgusting creatures”.

“When we visited West Park Cemetery on Sunday afternoon to see our father’s grave, we were left disturbed when we found two people having sex on top of his grave. The half-naked woman was lying on her back with her legs in the air with her lover on top of her.

“We were so horrified that we wanted to beat up the couple before they ran away. It was really a disgrace and dogs wouldn’t behave like that.

They were however, lucky that I had left my phones in the car otherwise I would have filmed their shameful act,” said a family member.

The family member who blamed the Bulawayo City Council for failing to maintain cemeteries to the required standards said the couple decided to use the cemetery as their love nest taking advantage of the restful atmosphere, tall grass and shrubs covering some parts of the grave yard.

“Although it’s a public place and not proper to keep people out of it sex is not appropriate behaviour for a cemetery. It’s very disrespectful to do it on someone’s grave. Their behaviour was wholly inappropriate and it left us absolutely appalled,” said the family member.

A caretaker who refused to be named as he was not cleared to speak to the Press said similar cases of couples, especially schoolchildren having sex in the cemeteries had been on the rise in the past few years.

“Cemeteries are popular spots for lovers especially schoolchildren. People are going there to have sex because the place is secluded and quiet.

This is despite the fact that they will be disrespecting the family of the people that are buried there. This immoral practice worsened during the Covid-19 pandemic.” B Metro


A ZIMUNYA man who stoned a Mutare street kid to death has been slapped with an 18-year jail sentence by a Mutare High Court.

Malson Madziwana of Madziwana Village in Chief Zimunya’s area was convicted by Justice Isaac Muzenda for the murder of Godfrey Mutambaneshiri.

Madziwana attacked the late Mutambaneshiri after he had scolded him in Mutare’s Central Business District on July 2, 2021.

He was charged with murder with constructive intend as defined in Section 47 (1) (a) or (b) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, Chapter 9:23.

Principal public prosecutor, Mr Malvern Musarurwa said: “Mutambaneshir was of no fixed abode. On July 2, 2021 and along Herbert Chitepo Street, Mutare, Madziwana attacked Mutambaneshiri with concrete stones after he had scolded him.

“Mutambaneshiri sustained injuries on the head and ribs. A well-wisher took him to Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital where he died on admission. The post-mortem examination revealed that the cause of death was due to severe head injuries,” he said.

Mr Musarurwa said Madziwana was seen by a security guard, Mr Lesley Mapako, as he was attacking Mutambaneshiri with the stones.

Mr Mapako tried to restrain Madziwana, but failed.

Another guard, Mr Charles Rukanda, had to use a pepper spray to stop Madziwana from further attacking Mutambaneshiri.

“The deceased bled profusely from the nose and ear while lying on the ground. He was groaning in pain. The accused then fled from the scene, leaving Mutambaneshiri on the pavement,” said Mr Musarurwa. Manica Post


A married top miner’s dirty sexual behaviour has been exposed after he sent a string of love messages proposing love to his former lover.

A source said Zimbabwe Miners Federation secretary for youth affairs Darlington Ndlovu was in love with a lady who is only named as Simo.

According to the source, they ended their love affair a couple of years ago.

But now, the source said, Ndlovu wants to revive the love affair despite the fact that Simo is now a married woman.

Simo confirmed that Ndlovu was her ex-lover and said he had been sending her love messages via WhatsApp begging her to once again fall in love with him.

She even revealed that she pretended to love him. She vehemently denied that she has once again fallen in love with her ex.

“Darlington Ndlovu is my ex. We met last year and exchanged phone numbers because I sell chickens. Then we started to text each other.

There is nothing between the two of us. His wife once phoned me accusing me of being in love with Darlington and I denied because I’m not in love with him,” she said.

She continued: “Please don’t write the story, you will ruin my marriage.”

Contacted for a comment Ndlovu said his phone was hacked and he knows the person behind the leaked WhatsApp messages.

“My phone was hacked by someone who wants to ruin my reputation. The person who hacked my phone was involved in a fight with a person I exchanged chats with.”

Pressed to comment he said: “Just go ahead with your story. I will reveal more after the story is published.”

In the string of WhatsApp messages that B-Metro is in possession of, Ndlovu claims that he still has undying love for his ex.

Ndlovu: Uyazi izolo bengithi uzangithi hug and kiss (I thought you were going to hug me and kiss me)

Simo: Ubalekile (You quickly left)

Ndlovu: Angibalekanga.

Simo: Do you know that I’m married and you are my ex. Kodwa ubozoyimela ihugg yami lekiss yami

Ndlovu: I was more than ready

Simo: Ngihloniphe umama obuhambanaye. I will give you a small kiss esihlathini.

Ndlovu : love you

Simo : Manga. I thought okwethu kwadlula kudala.

Ndlovu: Ngeke kudlule. Ngangikuthanda ngenhliziyo yami yonke. I still feel it lamanje.

Simo: Ah inzima lendaba

Ndlovu : Yikho okukhona

Simo: Izolo uhamba loba

Ndlovu : Ngu landlord

Simo: Kukhanya umenzela kuhle ulandlord lize lihambe lobabili ebusuku.

Ndlovu: Yaa ngibhadala ngendlela.

Ndlovu : Iyaphefumula

Simo : Ngiyakukhanuka sithandwa sami

Ndlovu : Inkinga yikuthi sibanengi kuwe lapho

Simo : Libangaki. B Metro


MANY people find themselves in marriages where sex is unappealing or even non-existent.

Such relationships can lead to despair, searches for extramarital satisfaction, or even separation especially if good sex is considered vitally important.

That was at play when a sexually frustrated woman from Tsholotsho in Matabeleland North province caused a rumpus in court when she reportedly begged the magistrate to adjourn proceedings and give her a room so that she could have sex with her husband to prove that he was “very” terrible between the sheets.

Onani Dube (64) from Efusini Line claimed her husband Owen Dube (60) was not sexually satisfying her as he could not go more than three rounds of sex which apparently makes her explode into a wave of pleasure.

An embittered Onani claimed her husband lovemaking was boring such that it had become a thorn in her life.

Onani’s claims that her husband was sexually starving her came after her husband approached the court praying for an order to dissolve his marriage to his wife for allegedly threatening to kill him.

The court briefly heard that the two, before they got married, engaged in an affair while Owen was still married. Owen later dumped his wife and got married to Onani.

The two later had problems and each time they had a misunderstanding, Owen would go back to his ex-wife and Onani would follow and bring him back home.

That, however, prompted Owen to approach the court seeking an order to stop his wife from pestering him.

In court Owen alleged that his wife had on several occasions threatened to poison and axe him as well as stab him with a kitchen knife.

“She wanted to strike me with an axe, poison me and stab me with a kitchen knife. Because she is using dangerous weapons, we are no longer staying together as she is insisting on killing me,” Owen’s application reads in part.

Owen said he was now staying at Dombo Line.

The violence claims didn’t go down well with Onani who in response alleged that her husband was not man enough as he could not satisfy her sexually.

She reportedly claimed that his inability to go more than three rounds of sex was the source of their marital problems.

Onani said his application for a protection order was just a plot to run away from her since he could no longer cope with his inability to satisfy her sexual urge.

After submission from both parties, presiding magistrate Victor Mpofu dismissed Owen’s application.

In his ruling the magistrate argued: “Applicant actually wishes to have an order for legal separation with his civil wife who is the respondent.

“The court has no capacity for such an order to be made. Furthermore, the applicant’s case is not as filed of record and is hereby dismissed.” B Metro


A PROVINCIAL magistrate stationed at Karoi Magistrates Court recently arrested by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) on charges of abuse of office, was granted $30 000 bail when he appeared before the Chinhoyi Provincial Court yesterday.

Deputy chief magistrate, Mr Gibson Mandaza granted Felix Chauromwe bail under the usual conditions.

Prosecuting, Mr Tendai Tapi and Mr Review Nikisi told the court that on July 21 last year Chauromwe made a ruling removing three accused persons, Alois Togarepi, Obvious Vheremu and Mussa Anesi from remand contrary to the Practice Direction 6 of 2021 issued by Chief Justice Luke Malaba.

The three were facing criminal abuse of office charges.

Chief Justice Malaba had issued the direction meant to govern court operations, filing of pleadings and processes and handling of cases before the courts during the Level Four National Lockdown.

The practice direction suspended filing of new cases, process, documents, pleadings and papers for a period up to July 27 the same year. The accused were remanded out of custody to June 24 for routine remand.

ZACC was represented by its investigative officer, Timothy Guta. Herald


THE European Union (EU) is keen to develop relations with Zimbabwe since there are common interests in some sectors, the visiting Chief of Mission of the EU Electoral Follow Up Mission, Mr Elma Bok, said yesterday.

He said this after paying a courtesy call on Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister, Ambassador Frederick Shava, where he was briefed on preparations of the 2023 harmonised elections.

Mr Bok was accompanied by the EU’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Timo Olkkonen and other officials.

“He (Minister Shava) explained to us the progress in preparations of the next elections and getting a level playing field and equal chances to make it a free and fair elections and made remarks about the recommendations we made about the last elections that were sent to your Government and Parliament.

“The EU is very much interested in further development of our relations with Zimbabwe. This country is part of the international society and we have common interests in certain sectors,” Mr Bok said.

Ambassador Shava also met United States Embassy Charge D’ Affairs Mr Thomas Hastings, who is completing his tour of duty next month.

Mr Hastings said Ambassador Shava had explained the need for Zimbabwe and the US to normalise their relations.

“The Minister explained his desire for improved relations with the US and I was happy to hear him say that and for that to happen, meetings like this can be a start, but we need more communication with Government. If you want to engage, you have to sit down and engage and we hope meetings like this could be a start,” said Mr Hastings.

Relations between the US and Zimbabwe have been strained for over two decades after it imposed illegal sanctions on Harare for embarking on the Land Reform Programme meant to correct colonial land ownership imbalances.

But since the coming in of the Second Republic led by President Mnangagwa in 2017, a policy of engagement and re-engagement with all nations of the world is being championed and several milestones have been achieved.

Zimbabwe says it is open to establishing mutual relations with any nation since it believes it is a friend to everyone and enemy to none. Herald


IN a shocking case of domestic violence, a 30-year-old Mutasa businessman who was in the process of divorcing his wife burnt her in a kitchen hut with the help of his employee.

The now late Joyce Surudzo was refusing to vacate their matrimonial house pending the finalisation of their divorce settlement at the High Court when her estranged husband set her on fire.

Henry Elijah Surudzo of Watsomba was arrested together with his employee, Tadiwa Mhere (20), of the same area.

The duo appeared before Mutasa magistrate, Mr Artwell Sanyatwe, facing murder charges as defined in Section 47 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, Chapter 9:23.

They were remanded in custody to June 2 and were advised to apply for bail at the High Court since they are facing a Third Schedule offence.

Public prosecutor, Mr Tinashe Madziwa said the murder was committed on May 11.

“On May 11 at around midnight, the now deceased person, Joyce Surudzo, was sleeping in a kitchen hut which she used as her bedroom when she saw a light. She woke up to investigate what was happening.

“She opened the door and saw her husband holding a lit match stick which he threw on the ground, igniting a fire in the process.

“The fire grew into a huge flame, thereby forcing the deceased to retreat back into the kitchen.

“She failed to escape through the window as there were burglar bars. As the fire grew bigger, the now deceased gathered enough courage and bolted through the fireball, resulting in her sustaining serious burns,” said Mr Madziwa.

After the escape, she was assisted by neighbours who rushed her to Old Mutare Mission Hospital for medical attention.

She was later transferred to Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital where she succumbed to the burns on May 16.

The court heard that before she died, she told neighbours that her husband and his employee were behind the arson attack.

It was also established that the couple was embroiled in a fierce divorce which resulted in Joyce obtaining a protection order against her husband.

Detectives handling the case also gathered that an unknown flammable liquid was used in the arson attack.

Domestic violence is rife in Zimbabwe.

According to the country’s Demographic and Health Survey for 2015, the most recent such survey available in the country, more than one-third (35 percent) of women aged between 15 and 49 have been beaten by their partners. Manica Post




THE Honde Valley man who disguised himself as a woman and was married for 16 months is alleged to have pocketed his own bride price of US$200.

Morris Samuchena of Murehwa disguised himself as Emily Muswere and would become intimate with ‘‘her husband’’, Andrew Chafa-Sambani, during the subsistence of their marriage.

It has also emerged that Morris collected his own “bride price” of US$200 as a sole actor during the ceremony to welcome him to the Chafa-Sambani family.

Unlike the common practice where a new bride is accompanied by her relatives for formal introductions, Morris’ relatives did not grace the occasion.

Although the Chafa-Sambanis and Samuchenas were not readily available to comment on Morris’ shenanigans, Madzinga village head, Mr Manyangarirwa Mubure confirmed the development.

“I gathered that Morris took his ‘bride price’ of US$200. He actually demanded it, saying he wanted to channel it to his church. We don’t even know which church he referred to. There was no go-between (samukuru/munyai) to witness the transaction. Morris’ relatives did not attend the bride welcoming ceremony,” said Mr Mubure.

Morris and Andrew jointly appeared before Mutasa magistrate, Mr Artwell Sanyatwe last week, facing sodomy charges as defined under Section 73 (1) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, Chapter 9:23.

They denied the charges and were remanded in custody to today (Friday).

Mr Tinashe Madziwa prosecuted.

Prosecuting, Mr Madziwa said the accused persons were likely to interfere with the evidence or witnesses since they stay in the same village.

He also submitted that the accused persons were likely to continue committing the same offence.

In his statement to the police, Andrew’s father, Mr Leonard Chafa-Sambani said they threw a party to welcome their new “daughter-in-law “‘ sometime in December before the couple went back to their base in Harare.

“The two, Andrew and Morris, came to our homestead in Madzinga Village sometime in December last year, with Morris clad in a female attire.

“Andrew introduced Morris to us as his girlfriend. The two stayed together as husband and wife at our Sambani homestead before going back to Harare.

“Morris later came back on December 26. They stayed together as husband and wife up to May 4 when it came to light that Morris was actually a man,” he said.

Mr Chafa-Sambani further stated that sometime in April, Morris attended a funeral in Madzinga Village as a man.

He convinced the people who had positively identified him that he was Emily’s twin brother.

“On an unknown date, but in January 2022, both accused persons went to Harare to stay as husband and wife. In April, Morris came back home to attend a funeral while dressed as a man and some villagers positively identified him. When they approached him, he said he was Emily’s twin brother,” said Mr Chafa-Sambani.

In his statement to the police, Village head Mubure confirmed that the two stayed as husband and wife at Sambani homestead up to May 2.

On that day, there was a women’s soccer match in Madzinga Village. Chisuko Women’s Club and Madzinga Women’s Club were competing. Morris Samuchena (Emily Muswere) was one of the players and one of the players from Chisuko identified him.

“No one took the issue seriously and ‘Emily’s’ teammates dismissed the issue as mere jealous.

“On May 4, I was home when two females approached me and stated that they were Morris’ sisters. They revealed his actual identity.

“He later confessed that he was a man, insisting that he had misled the Sambanis. Morris’ sisters took him to their home in Chisuko,” said Mr Mubure. H Metro


The assault trial involving former top model, Marry Mubaiwa, was yesterday deferred to next month due to the unavailability of the trial magistrate.

Mubaiwa appeared before Harare magistrate, Vongai Muchuchuti Guwuriro, who remanded the matter to June 16.

Trial magistrate, Learnmore Mapiye, is on leave.

Mubaiwa is accused of assaulting the Chiwenga family maid, Delight Munyoro.

The doctor, who examined Munyoro after the alleged assault, was the last witness to testify.

Dr Wayne Manana, who is an oral facial surgeon, told the court that when he examined Munyoro, he observed that she incurred slight movement on her tooth.

He told the court that Munyoro presented herself in January 2020 before him at Parirenyatwa Hospital and was complaining of pain on the left upper jaw.

Manana said he prescribed Munyoro painkillers and antibiotics to reduce infection.

Netsai Mushayabasa appeared for the State. H Metro


A MEDICAL student, based in Zambia, is allegedly in the eye of a storm for allegedly duping his Zimbabwean counterparts, under the pretext he would help them secure student permits, and accommodation.

Adrian Murira, who is a third-year student in the faculty of Medicine at the University of Zambia, has allegedly been creating fake receipts, purporting to assist new Zimbabwean students, at the institution.

More than five Zimbabwean students are believed to have lost considerable amounts of money to the scheme, triggering a campaign against him, at the campus.

A number of parents have now raised complaints with the university.

Murira was not available for comment on his Zambian phone number.

However, a parent of one of the students, spoke to H-Metro and showed us a text, purportedly from Murira, in which he appears to be apologising.

“I would like to apologise for letting you down, all (the) faith you had in me and the trust, I let you down,” reads the text.

“I admit I misappropriated your daughter’s funds. I take the blame.

“Sorry for the new number, I changed (for) a genuine reason, (I) lost my phone.”

The students at the campus have created a poster, which is being circulated, targeting Murira.

“Students have come up with a poster, mocking him over his conduct,” one of the students told H-Metro.

“It’s a warning for other students, coming here.

“It’s circulating at the campus.

“It was designed by one of the victims and the students.”

Another student said: “Adrian duped me and my friend and we took his phone.

“We sold it to recover our money,” she said.

The poster reads: “V11 SCAM ALERT! This conman by the name Adrian Murira is a student at the University of Zambia, he is the biggest scammer without shame, scamming first year students at the University, targeting mainly female students.

“He scammed four students so far of their students permit money, US$470 per student totalling to US$1880 and a further US$100 for accommodation at the University.

“He has taken advantage of the UNZA system, whereby students get to apply for their study permits with the help of other students who are already at the University.”

Another parent said: “I transferred 7000 Kwacha (about US$400) to my daughter, who is studying at the same University, and she entrusted Adrian to help her to do the paperwork.

“He then transferred the money to his personal use.

“All the four families, then faced his parents in Zimbabwe on the way forward but the parents were not forthcoming.

“They clearly told us that the issue was beyond them and they haven’t got money to reimburse us.

“Our children were then given seven days to pay their study permits or risk deportation.

“We all have fake immigration documents that he gave to our daughters.” H Metro


Thursday, 19 May 2022


SolidarMed, a Swiss-headquartered NGO has come to the rescue of Masvingo City Council and donated 1 000 Ceftriaxone STI cure kits after the local authority’s four clinics ran out of drugs from November 2021.

The shortage of drugs saw STI cases rising by almost 50% between December and March.

The drugs were handed over to Masvingo Town Clerk, Engineer Edward Mukaratirwa by SolidarMed Support Unit manager, Witness Chigaba

Masvingo chief health officer Suzanne Madamombe told a small function held at the Civic Centre to receive the medicines that the local authority ran out of Ceftriaxone for injection immunox, the drug used to cure STIs because the supplier Natpharm did not have it in stock for most of the fourth quarter of 2021.

She told guests that the absence of STI medicines started to see cases reported at the council’s four clinics rising steeply from January to April and this prompted council to look for donors and that is how SolidarMed chipped in.

When we ran out of drugs we started asking patients to buy from private pharmacies but these are way too expensive and many would not buy but continue to be sexually active thereby spreading the diseases to others.

“Many of the patients are sex workers and this is one reason we think is the cause of the steep rise in the STIs,” said Madamombe

There were 159 STI cases reported in November and they fell to 132 in December. However, in January the cases started increasing steeply from 136 to 183 in February, 194 in March and 190 in April. The increase between the minimum figure December and the maximum in March is 46,9%.

Madamombe also bemoaned the lack of STI screening equipment at council clinics which is supposed to diagnose they type of STI. Because clinics cannot diagnose, patients have to be treated with three different drugs, namely Ceftriaxone, cefixime and ciproflaxin. She also decried the uptake of condoms and the proper use as too low.

She said that the common types of STIs treated in Masvingo are Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Human papillomavirus and Syphilis. She said that STIs can result in male and female sterility, still birth and low birth weight.

Mukaratirwa thanked SolidarMed for its intervention and said that the Masvingo City Council has had a longstanding relationship with the NGO. Apart from the fact that SoldarMed is housed at the Civic Center, the two have some programmes that they run together.

SolidarMed Support Unit manager, Witness Chigaba said his organisation is Swiss-headquartered and also locally registered in Zimbabwe with the Ministry of Labour. The organisation however, works through the Ministry of Health and Child Care and has four programmes including Smart B under which the donation took place.

Smart B is a programme on HIV and TB which also covers STIs.

Chigaba was accompanied by Cordelia Kunzekwenyika the project manager for HIV and TB. Masvingo Mirror


African Sun Limited has lost a legal fight to recover the company’s top-of-the-range vehicle from an employee who wants to be paid her retrenchment package and pension benefits first before surrendering the vehicle.

Ms Mildred Zulu, a former general manager, was retrenched in September 2020 and went away with the top-of-the-range vehicle, a Toyota Fortuner.

In a bid to recover its vehicle, African Sun, one of the country’s leading hotel groups, sued Ms Zulu at the High Court.

But Justice Gladys Mhuri threw out the application for summary judgment against Ms Zulu, finding that African Sun, still owes the former her retrenchment package and pension benefits.

She accepted Ms Zulu’s defence of set-off as plausible and genuine.

“Having found that the respondent (Ms Zulu) has managed to establish a defence of set-off, applicant’s (African Sun) application for summary judgment cannot be granted,” said Justice Mhuri.

“Accordingly, it is ordered that the application be and is hereby dismissed with costs on the ordinary scale.” Herald