A war has broken out within the MDC tent. Leader Morgan Tsvangirai and Secretary General Tendai Biti are at each other's throats. The only one smiling is ageing leader, President Robert Mugabe.


Musician Alick Macheso whos is divorcing his wife, Tafadzwa, could be in trouble after his treatment of nhova was exposed. The treatment could be seen as child abuse and Macheso could, possibly, face arrest.


Cuthbert Dube has been re-elected the boss of Zifa to a chorus of boos within the football fraternity. Dube said he was not bothered as the people who voted wanted him to lead Zifa again.


Open war has broken out in the ruling party with the two factions, one believed to be led by Joice Mujuru and another by Emmerson Mnangagwa squaring off. Mugabe is on his last five year term and succession is now on the cards.


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Saturday, 20 September 2014


A MUTARE woman shocked a Mutare court by threatening to give her alleged violent husband a divorce token during court proceedings.
Appearing before Mutare magistrate Mrs Sharon Chipanga, Edwina Malikwe, a ZETDC employee, begged the court to protect her and stop her husband, Lameck Chishakwe, from insulting and harassing her both in private and in public.
After she was granted her protection order, Malikwe surpsrised the court when she raised her hand asking for permission to say something.
“I do not want this man in my life any more. In fact, I want a divorce right now,” she said.
The magistrate said it was not in her power to grant such an order.
“Madam, your application was for a protection order and has been granted.
“If you need a divorce, there are other steps which need to be taken in a court of law,” she said.
The drama spilled to the following day as the couple was back in court again with the wife who earns $700 per month claiming $100 maintenance for their two children from her husband who is currently jobless.
“I get $100 per month from the part-time jobs I do. What will I be left with if I give her that same amount?”
This disclosure was contrary to what Chishakwe had told the court the previous day when he boastfully said he gave his wife $200 per month for food only.
Chishakwe nonetheless was ordered to pay $50 maintenance for his two children with effect from September 30 2014.
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A MUTARE woman shocked a Mutare court by threatening to give her alleged violent husband a divorce token during court proceedings.
Appearing before Mutare magistrate Mrs Sharon Chipanga, Edwina Malikwe, a ZETDC employee, begged the court to protect her and stop her husband, Lameck Chishakwe, from insulting and harassing her both in private and in public.
After she was granted her protection order, Malikwe surpsrised the court when she raised her hand asking for permission to say something.
“I do not want this man in my life any more. In fact, I want a divorce right now,” she said.
The magistrate said it was not in her power to grant such an order.
“Madam, your application was for a protection order and has been granted.
“If you need a divorce, there are other steps which need to be taken in a court of law,” she said.
The drama spilled to the following day as the couple was back in court again with the wife who earns $700 per month claiming $100 maintenance for their two children from her husband who is currently jobless.
“I get $100 per month from the part-time jobs I do. What will I be left with if I give her that same amount?”
This disclosure was contrary to what Chishakwe had told the court the previous day when he boastfully said he gave his wife $200 per month for food only.
Chishakwe nonetheless was ordered to pay $50 maintenance for his two children with effect from September 30 2014.
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A MUTARE woman shocked a Mutare court by threatening to give her alleged violent husband a divorce token during court proceedings.
Appearing before Mutare magistrate Mrs Sharon Chipanga, Edwina Malikwe, a ZETDC employee, begged the court to protect her and stop her husband, Lameck Chishakwe, from insulting and harassing her both in private and in public.
After she was granted her protection order, Malikwe surprised the court when she raised her hand asking for permission to say something.
“I do not want this man in my life any more. In fact, I want a divorce right now,” she said. he magistrate said it was not in her power to grant such an order.
“Madam, your application was for a protection order and has been granted. If you need a divorce, there are other steps which need to be taken in a court of law,” she said.
The drama spilled to the following day as the couple was back in court again with the wife who earns $700 per month claiming $100 maintenance for their two children from her husband who is currently jobless.
“I get $100 per month from the part-time jobs I do. What will I be left with if I give her that same amount?”
This disclosure was contrary to what Chishakwe had told the court the previous day when he boastfully said he gave his wife $200 per month for food only.
Chishakwe nonetheless was ordered to pay $50 maintenance for his two children with effect from September 30 2014. manica post


A GWERU security guard who stole an iPhone at a company he was guarding was exposed by WhatsApp leading to his arrest.

Boars Chada, 34, of Village 11, appeared before Gweru provincial magistrate Judith Taruvinga facing theft charges and was sentenced to five months in prison. He will, however, serve an effective three months after two months were suspended on condition of good behaviour.

Chada was stationed at the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company premises in the Central Business District of Gweru when he committed the crime. For the State, Daniel Tafuma told the court that on August 18, around 4.30PM, Brian Gurajena parked his Toyota Prado at the company's parking area.

Tafuma said the complainant left his car unlocked and Chada wasted no time in pouncing on the complainant's iPhone which he had left in the car. The court heard that Chada inserted his Econet line and memory card into the phone and started using it as his own.

Tafuma said the complainant's wife then started communicating with Chada through viber software on the phone and she deliberately started a conversation. He said Chada would also alternately use Whatsapp as he enjoyed his "new” gadget.

The court heard that Gurajena downloaded Chada's profile picture as they were communicating through WhatsApp .Tafuma said when Gurajena downloaded the picture, he realised that it was one of the security guards who he used to see at work. The matter was reported to the police leading to the arrest of Chada. chronicle


AN INSUZA orphan was caught red-handed raping a Grade 3 pupil after she had visited his homestead to collect a needle.

The orphan, who claimed that he was 16 years old, appeared before regional magistrate Chrispen Mberewere and pleaded guilty to rape. He said he has no birth certificate or a birth record to ascertain or confirm his exact age, but a clinical examination done by a Mpilo Central Hospital dentist estimated that he was between 19 and 20 years old.

Another dentist at the same hospital estimated that the girl, who also does not have a birth certificate or a birth record, was aged between eight and nine.
Magistrate Mberewere convicted and remanded the alleged rapist in custody to Monday and tasked prosecutors to confirm his correct age as it has a huge bearing on his sentence.

"You’ll come back to court on Monday where you’ll hear your sentence after the state has established your age," the magistrate told the rapist, who cannot be named for legal reasons.
In mitigation, the rapist said he was born on July 23, 1998, and both his parents are dead, which made it difficult for him to get a birth certificate or a birth record number.

Prosecutor Trust Muduma told the court that on September 8 this year, the victim went to his homestead at around 2PM to collect a needle and found him alone.
He dragged the girl to a hut and raped her once, but was caught by the girl’s brother who had followed to check why she was taking long.




NINETEEN people cheated death on Friday when a Kombi they were travelling was involved in an accident with a South Africa registered Toyota Corolla in Iminyela, Bulawayo.

According to Chronicle, the Corolla rammed the Magwegwe-bound kombi which was carrying 16 passengers at the intersection of Benjamin Burombo and Hyde Park roads at around 10:30AM.

The Corolla had three passengers and only the driver was injured. All the passengers in the kombi, as well as the driver and conductor, were injured.

The injured were taken to Mpilo Central Hospital for treatment.

Three passengers suffered serious injuries, but the condition of the rest was not deemed to be life threatening.

The seriously injured passengers were seated on the right side of the commuter omnibus.

A Chronicle news crew visited the scene of the accident and found the right lane leading to the intersection partially closed by the police.

Members of the Bulawayo City Council fire brigade were clearing the area, which was stained by blood.

The now windowless commuter omnibus was toured away.

Chronicle observed that from Benjamin Burombo road into Hyde Park road there is no Give Way sign to control traffic.

Joe Sibanda, a witness, said after being hit in the middle, the commuter omnibus rolled twice before landing on its right side.

In the process all the windows of the commuter omnibus were broken.

"The commuter omnibus was hit in the middle by the Corolla which failed to observe simple traffic rules. The driver of the Corolla was supposed to give way to traffic coming from the right or left, but he didn't resulting in the accident," said Sibanda, an air time vendor.

Obvious Moyo, a passenger in the Corolla, said they were coming from Lupane.

"The driver is my neighbour and we were coming from Lupane going to Magwegwe. At the intersection, he stopped to check if there was any traffic from the left or right but I think he didn't see this commuter omnibus," he said.

"As soon as we were in the right lane I heard a loud bang and the next thing the kombi was rolling. Our car hit a Zesa pole and stopped."

A motorist Bekithemba Khumalo said he was overtaken by the commuter omnibus, just before the accident.

"The commuter omnibus wasn't even speeding because if it was, this would have been a major disaster," he said. chronicle


THE Philanthropy Institute of Zimbabwe (PIZ), which recently stirred controversy when it dished out dubious honorary doctorate degrees to music superstar Oliver Mtukudzi and nine other prominent personalities, is back in the limelight after naming First Lady Grace Mugabe as the Philanthropist of the Year.

Grace is among the 12 other prominent people who were named philanthropists of the year 2014 in various fields among them business tycoon Phillip Chiyangwa, Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader Prophet Walter Magaya, swimming sensation Kirsty Coventry and Mtukudzi.
The award to the First Lady comes just a week after she graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of Zimbabwe.

 The PhD has raised eyebrows as it was not clear when Grace started her studies.  PIZ chief facilitator Enrico Sibanda said the honours his organisation bestowed on the First Lady was in recognition of her “outstanding” work helping needy people across the country.

“We have named these people and organisations in recognition of the work they had done to transform Zimbabwe,” Sibanda said. PIZ also named Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s United Families International Church as the Religious Philanthropist of the Year. Chiyangwa was named “Celebrity Philanthropist” of the Year while Magaya was the “Emerging” Philanthropist of the Year.

Mtukudzi was named Tourism Philanthropist of the Year, Kirsty Coventry was named Sports Philanthropist of the Year, and Zimbabwe Republic Police Commissioner general Augustine Chihuri’s wife Isabel was named Woman Philanthropist of the Year.

Isabel is also a beneficiary PIZ’s honorary doctorate degree.  Econet Wireless was named the Corporate Philanthropist of the Year. The late Jairos Jiri was given the life time achievement philanthropist of the year award.

PIZ in June conferred Doctorate degrees of Humane Letters to Mtukudzi, Makandiwa’s wife Ruth and various other Zimbabweans for outstanding philanthropist work. The degrees torched a storm with academics rubbishing the accolades which can only be conferred by universities or institutions affiliated to universities.

Zimbabwe Council of Higher Examination issued a statement condemning the doctorate degrees. But Sibanda who claimed he had been legally mandated to confer such degrees has since said he would take the council to court over its statement.

He argued they were not academic degrees and there was no need to affiliate his organisation to a degree-conferring university. newsday


A 24-YEAR-OLD Chitungwiza woman had to flee for her dear life after her husband severely bashed and threatened to axe her after he rejected the food she had prepared for him.

Given Mutsetse (35), who resides in Zengeza 2 with his wife, was fined $100 or to spent 20 days in jail on his own plea of guilty when he appeared before Chitungwiza magistrate Lazarus Murendo on Wednesday facing charges of physical abuse and harassment.

Murendo wholly suspended an additional two months on condition of good behaviour for five years.
Prosecutor Zuvarashe Mushayabasa told the court that on September 14, this year at around 1200hrs, the complainant Beaula Banda served her husband his food. The court heard that Mutsetse threw the food in the bin and damaged the plate.

Banda took to the heels after sensing danger. But Mutsetse followed and caught her before severely assaulting her with open hands and clenched fist all over her body.

Mutsetse, who was in a fit of rage also threatened to kill her with axe. Banda ran away and sought refuge at their neighbour’s place until her mother-in-law came to her rescue and a police report was made leading to Mutsetse’s arrest.

The complainant sustained some injuries. newsday


A GRADE Two pupil at Mutanda Primary School in Sakubva high-density suburb on Tuesday ran amok and attacked fellow pupils.

The girl, probably attacked by a bout of hysteria, clobbered other pupils in her class. Education authorities confirmed the incident, which is a second one this year involving the same pupil.
The school’s headmistress, Mrs Chikwangwani, described the pupil’s behaviour as odd, adding that she was failing to ascertain whether the girl was possessed or was just being mischievous.
Said the head: “The child portrays abnormal behaviour, which we do not expect from someone as young as her. We are failing to understand whether she is possessed or is just being mischievous. She suddenly falls into bouts of hysteria and becomes aggressive towards other pupils and the teacher.
“She behaves like that for a few minutes and becomes normal again. When we ask her why she would have beaten others up, she simply says her classmates would have provoked her.”
Mrs Chikwangwani said the school was yet to deliberate on a way forward. “So far, we have just asked the parents to go and apologise to the pupil’s teacher,” she said.
Mutare District Education Officer Mr Nathaniel Machini said they had received the report from Mutanda Primary School and investigations were underway.
“We are still deliberating on a way forward, but the child needs to be attended to by a psychologist to try and establish what the problem is because it happened again in June.
“Had it been a once-off incident, we were not going to be worried, but the recurrence of the same problem makes it important for us to take the issue seriously. Our duty is to mould these children and assist them. I hear she is quite an intelligent pupil and so she needs help,” he said.
Asked whether the child would continue attending classes at the school despite her violent behaviour, Mr Machini said if her parents insist on keeping her there, she would have to stay.
“Transferring the child to another school is not a long-term solution because the other schools may reject her as well. Rather, she should be helped so that she acts normal. If the parents want her to stay at the school we will not stop them. The most important thing now is to ensure that the child gets help. We also need to know if the child behaves the same way while at home,” he said.
Efforts to hear the parents’ side of the story were fruitless as they bolted from the school when approached for comment. It was drama, as the parents took to their heels with their daughter in tow. They had to use a small gate and ran through the Elise Gledhill High School yard in their desperate bid to avoid an interview with The Manica Post.
Parents with children at the school expressed concern over the child’s behaviour, saying they now fear for their children’s safety.
“This child’s behaviour is peculiar and we are afraid that she may harm innocent pupils. Administrators at Mutanda Primary School should find a lasting solution to this problem. We are told that at one point she bit the teacher and it is alleged that whenever she bites you, the wound takes long to heal. We need sanity in schools so that when we are not with our children we have the assurance that they are safe,” said one parent who spoke on condition of anonymity.
Another parent who witnessed the drama when the parents were fleeing from the news crew pointed an accusing finger at the child’s parents.
“These people know what is wrong with their child and that is why they ran away. If they really had nothing to hide, then why did they run away from the news crew? Their behaviour shows that they do not need help. They want whatever is haunting their child to remain a secret,” the parent said.



Former Sports Minister, David Coltart has denied that he tried to have the Zone V1 games moved from Bulawayo to Harare as claimed by President Mugabe. Here is his full statement.

When Zimbabwe was awarded the 2014 ZONE VI Games we had to choose the host city. From the outset I wanted it to be held in Bulawayo and told both my Ministry and the ZONE VI secretariat. However we had to go through the bureaucratic processes within the Ministry before coming to Cabinet with a recommendation. When the first draft report was produced by my subordinates a recommendation was made by them to hold the Games in Harare purely on the grounds that only Harare had a big enough existing Games Village (the University of Zimbabwe).
I was dissatisfied with the report and ordered that a better comparative analysis be done, in particular to assess what “legacy benefits/investment” could accrue to a Host City from the games. In particular I asked that they focus on the National University of Science and Technology’s (NUST) shortage of accommodation and the argument that if we built residences that would not only serve the purpose of the games but would be of long lasting benefit to NUST. At the time, indeed still now, NUST only had accommodation for some 139 students and has a housing backlog for over 4000 students. A second report was done but the overwhelming sentiment of the civil servants in my Ministry was still to hold the Games in Harare. The cost of constructing the 4 residences needed at NUST was going to cost in excess of US$40 million, raising the total cost of the Games to some US$64 million.

When the matter came up in Cabinet I had the difficulty of overcoming the fact that the Games would cost far less to be held in Harare and that the bulk of my Ministry and even Cabinet members were against it being held in Bulawayo. I argued against the technical report and said that we should consider the legacy aspect of the Games. I pointed out that for the 2012 Olympic Games the British Government had deliberately chosen a disadvantaged part of London for the Olympic Park so it could uplift the entire area in future, well after the conclusion of the Games. I cited other examples such as the cost of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the cost of which could not be justified on purely financial grounds. Sadly a majority of Cabinet did not agree with me and indeed when the matter came before Cabinet on the 21st May 2013 a senior ZANU PF member of Cabinet called me outside to suggest that we agree on the Games being held in Harare and that a commitment be made to build the residences at NUST in due course. I disagreed and said we needed to be bold and argue for both.

When the matter came for final discussion it appeared as if I was losing the battle to have it allocated to Bulawayo and in all fairness to President Mugabe his intervention was critical. After arguing the case for Bulawayo it was clear to me that I was losing the argument because an overwhelming majority were against it coming to Bulawayo, including certain heavyweights, and I assumed that it was a lost cause. I said as much and it was then that President Mugabe intervened for the first time saying that I needed to be bolder in advancing my argument and that he agreed it should be held in Bulawayo. The moment he disclosed his hand all the opposition coming from a few ZANU PF heavyweights evaporated and a final decision was made to hold it in Bulawayo.

So whilst it is true that President Mugabe supported me, and that his intervention was critical in getting the Games to Bulawayo, it is incorrect that I ever attempted to move them from Bulawayo to Harare. As I have said above no decision had been made yet about where they were to be held in the course of the debate, and I consistently argued for Bulawayo and never asked that they be moved to Harare. In this regard I think my record for the last 31 years, since I moved to Bulawayo, has been consistent – I have always tried to argue for the advancement of Bulawayo and have succeeded in sporting terms with the refurbishment of Khumalo Hockey Stadium and, now, in the allocation of the Zone VI Games. Anyone who knows me well understands my absolute commitment to my home city where I have lived since 1961.

I am not surprised to learn from President Mugabe’s statement yesterday that after I left Ministry there were some who tried again to get the Games moved to Harare. No doubt this was a case put forward by those who had opposed me on this issue from the beginning and who thought that once I was out of office it would be easy to roll Cabinet over on the matter. In this regard I am obviously pleased and grateful that President Mugabe maintained his support for the Games to be held in Bulawayo.

I have been following the reconstruction/construction of the various facilities with keen interest since leaving office. I am sad to note that the construction of residences at NUST has not taken place, presumably due to cash constraints, but pleased to note that all the residences at Hillside Teachers College are being renovated and two small residences are scheduled to be built there to cater for the extra athletes who cannot be accommodated in the existing residences. The Games village will now be at Hillside Teachers College.

Bulawayo citizens will be pleased to hear that work is being done at a variety of sports venues. I recently visited the Parirenyatwa Street Pool and it is being transformed into a venue which meets international standards. A new warm up pool (which incidentally looks as if it will be ideal for water polo) has been constructed at the east end of the existing pool. The pools will be surrounded by 30 meter high floodlights and the main pool will be equipped with state of the art timing equipment. Four tennis courts are being resurfaced at BAC to international standards. Barbourfields and Luveve football grounds are being rehabilitated; new change rooms are being constructed and both will have new floodlighting. White City is being totally transformed. The original proposal was to rehabilitate the tartan track at NUST but a decision has been made to build a brand new tartan track at White City Stadium; in addition new change rooms and other facilities are being built there. Other sports such as basketball will be held at the Trade Fair and some facilities there will be upgraded.

So all in all I am delighted that my original vision to have the ZONE VI Games held in Bulawayo is now becoming a reality. The Games start on Friday the 5th December 2014 and I hope the Bulawayo Public turn out in their thousands to support them. This is truly the biggest sporting event Bulawayo has ever hosted and now that we will have the best sports facilities in the country my hope is that Bulawayo will become the sporting capital of Zimbabwe, with the ability to host many more events like this in future. However for that to happen we will need the total support of the Bulawayo public to ensure that all the athletes and their supporters who come have a memorable experience.

Senator David Coltart


President Mugabe has appointed 17 ambassadors, replacing those that have either been recalled or retired. 

The announcement was made by Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr Misheck Sibanda in a Government Gazette published yesterday and were made in terms of Section 110 (2) (i) and 204 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment Number 20 2013. 

Zimbabwe’s ambassador to China Dr Fredrick Musiiwa Makamure Shava moves to New York as Harare’s permanent representative to the United Nations. 

He takes over from Mr Chitsaka Chipaziwa. Some of those appointed were serving ambassadors while others were senior staffers in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or at foreign missions who were elevated. 

Former consular general in the Far East Mr Paul Chikawa becomes Zimbabwe’s ambassador to China, taking over from Mr Shava.Between 1999 and 2010, he was a diplomat at the Zimbabwe Embassy in Beijing, rising from Counsellor, Minister Counsellor and Minister Plenipotentiary. 

At the advent of the “Look East Policy,” he was exposed to several bilateral business ventures between Beijing and Harare. From 2010 to 2014 he was Zimbabwe’s consul General covering the Consular Jurisdiction of Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions of China. 

Director for multilateral affairs in  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Taonga Mushayavanhu has been appointed Zimbabwe’s permanent representative to the United Nations in Geneva, replacing Mr James Manzou. 

Permanent Secretary responsible for special projects in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and former Secretary for Regional Integration and International Co-operation during the inclusive Government, Mr Tadeous Tafirenyika Chifamba, has been appointed Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Belgium. 

He replaces Dr Margaret Muchada. Mr Chifamba is a career diplomat, having served in several countries before. Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Libya Mr George Tsaurai Mudzviti Vengesa becomes the country’s  ambassador to Australia, replacing controversial ambassador Ms Jacqueline Zwambila who was recommended by MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai during the inclusive Government. 

Director responsible for Europe and the Americas in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mrs Ruth Masodzi Chikwira, becomes Zimbabwe’s new ambassador to German, taking over from Mr Hebson Makuvise whose term expired early this year. Mr Makuvise had been recommended by Mr Tsvangirai during the inclusive government. 

Anjin deputy general manager, Ms Gertrude Ratidzo Takawira, becomes the new ambassador to Zambia while independent consultant Ms Rudo Mabel Chitiga, becomes Zimbabwe’s new ambassador to France, replacing Mr David Hamadziripi. 

Ms Chitiga also has more than 30 years experience working in senior management and leadership roles in government, civil society and inter-government organisations. 

Director for external relations in the President’s office, Mr Ammon Machingambi Mutembwa, becomes Zimbabwe’s new ambassador to the United States of America, while Executive Secretary of the African Union Committee of Intelligence and Security Service in Africa in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Mr Isaac Moyo, becomes Zimbabwe’s new ambassador to South Africa. 

Mr Mutembwa takes over reigns in Washington from Dr Machivenyika Mapuranga, while Mr Moyo replaces Cde Phelekezela Mphoko, who has since retired. Zimbabwean Consul General in South Africa, Mr Godfrey Magwenzi, has been elevated to become Harare’s representative to Italy, taking over from Mrs Mary Sibusisiwe Mubi. 

Director for policy, research and training in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Edwin George Mandaza, becomes Zimbabwe’s new ambassador to Algeria while another Director in the same Ministry Mr Albert Ranganai Chimbindi, was appointed as Harare’s representative to Ethiopia taking over from Dr Andrew Mtetwa. 

Deputy permanent representative for Zimbabwe in New York, Mrs Rofina Ndakaziva Chikava nee Chikamhi, has been appointed Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Namibia replacing Ms Chipo Zindoga. Director in the President’s office responsible for special projects, Mr Ignatius Graham Mudzimba, has been appointed the country’s representative to Cuba, replacing Cde John Mvundura who has retired.

Acting ambassador to Pretoria, Mr Samuel Chihondo Mhango, has been appointed Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Sweden while Zimbabwe’s Director in the embassy in Russia, Mr Christopher Mapanga, has been elevated to become ambassador to the Arab Republic of Egypt. herald

Name                         Country
Vengesa                       Australia
Takawira                   Zambia

Shava                        United Nations – NewYork

Chitiga                      France

Chikawa                     China

Mutembwa                USA

Mushayavanhu        United Nations – Geneva

Mudzimba                Cuba

Mhango                    Sweden

Mapanga                  Egypt

Magwenzi                 Italy

Moyo                         South Africa

Mandaza                  Algeria

Chimbindi                 Ethiopia

Chikwira                   Germany

Chikava                    Namibia

Chifamba                  Belgium

Friday, 19 September 2014


Prophetic Healing and Deliverance(PHD) Ministries leader Prophet Magaya has threatened to sue the Zimbabwe Mail over a story it published this week claiming that he had paid US$150 000 to a man who was suing him for adultery. 

Prophet Magaya is at the centre of an alleged illicit affair between him and Mr Denford Mutashu’s wife. 

The PHD cleric’s lawyer, Advocate Thabani Mpofu, wrote to the Zimbabwe Mail seeking retraction. He gave the paper until Tuesday to make the retraction, failing which he would sue.
The story complained of was published in the paper’s of Wednesday ‘s edition under the headline “ADULTERY SAGA: MAGAYA SETTLES OUT OF COURT”, which claimed that the popular man of the cloth had hammered out an out of court settlement with Mutashu. 

According to the report that was the reason why Mutashu withdrew the case against Prophet Magaya. But Adv Mpofu said the report was patently false and ridiculous and demanded a retraction. “We are therefore instructed to demand…an immediate retraction of the insinuation that our client induced the withdrawal of the adultery claim through settling the matter,” said Adv Mpofu. 

“That you give such retraction the prominence that has been given to the offending articles and give a firm undertaking that such kind of offence will no more recur.” 

Adv Mpofu said as if not enough, the paper in its follow-up article published yesterday under the title “Mutashu speaks out on Magaya sex saga” the inane allegation was repeated quoting unnamed sources. 

“The allegations that you make about our client having paid for adultery that he never committed are astounding and an act of criminal nuisance,” he said.

“We place it on record that no such payment was ever made, none was ever contemplated and none will ever be made by either our client or those associated in any way with him or otherwise acting on his instructions. 

“Those who have been making such allegations must slough off the dreamy sentimentality on the basis upon which they have been prepared to entertain such hopeless views.” 

Adv Mpofu said the paper was peddling a false story in an attempt to gain relevance. “This is because a diligent newspaper would have asked itself why Mr Mutashu is paying the hefty legal fees incurred by our client if there has been such a settlement. 

“Indeed, a well meaning newspaper would have been prepared to share with its readership its informants in order for it to support the credibility of its story.

 “If Mr Mutashu was paid, why would he keep the fact of such payment under the carpet having gone out all guns blazing in relentless attack of our client from the beginning?”

The adultery saga spilled into the High Court recently after Mr Mutashu filed a US$500 000 suit accusing the cleric of having an illicit affair with his wife, Nomsa Ruvazhe. Prophet Magaya denied the allegations before Mr Mutashu decided to withdraw the case last week.


The MDC national council met today to deliberate on preparations of the upcoming party Congress to be held at the end of October 2014.

Today's meeting of the National Council follows the meeting of the National Executive, which met for 11 and half hours until midnight yesterday. The executive met and debated on the rep
orts of two Committees, one on Institutional Reform and the other on Constitutional Reforms. These committees were set up to seek members views on how the party can further refine its Constitution and enhance institutional transformation in line with our values as a democratic party.

Basing on the reports of these committees the National Executive made far reaching recommendations that were further debated by the National Council today.

Among the key resolutions made after protracted debate in line with our democratic tradition are:

(a) the 14 Standing Committee members, including the President, will be directly elected by the people at Congress.

(b) the Standing Committee has been expanded to include the position of the deputy secretary for Information and Publicity.

(c) the secretary for elections, once the selection criteria is finalised, will also sit in the Standing Committee.

(d) The party will respect gender parity in line with its Constitution and will strive to ensure equal gender representation in the organs of the party.

Our Congress preparations are going on very well and Provincial Congresses begin tomorrow with Harare province, which province will further make its own nominations for office bearers of the Standing Committee and other members of the national executive. We are gearing for our Congress where the key business will be more than just elections, even though elections are important because we are a democratic party.

The National Council also observed a minute of silence in honour and remembrance of Mr Ndanga, the provincial secretary for Mashonaland West province who perished in the disaster when a guest house collapsed at the Synagogue Church Of All Nations led by prophet TB Joshua. The party also honoured and remembered two other members who perished in an accident on their way from the party's anniversary celebrations in Masvingo last week


In 2012 23-year-old Chinese medical student Zheng Gang died of a heart-attack while masturbating in a Hubei sperm bank.
According to the International Business Times, it was the fourth time he had donated that week, and his family blamed the bank for his demise.

Zheng was found dead in one of the clinic's stalls when staff noticed he had been in there for two hours. Although medics tried to revive the student, he was eventually declared dead due to a heart attack.

The family apparently blamed the sperm bank for the Gang's death, and sought $648,545 compensation in a lawsuit claiming the sperm bank forced him to sign up as a sperm donor and pressured him to make frequent donations of his seed.

The court didn't agree with this - and they only got 5% of their compensation claim to cover funeral cost. The family appealed and lost.

The courts figured this guy was 23-years-old, it was his own fault he signed up as a donor and besides he was encouraging his male friends to sign up too.

Hardly signs that he needed pressuring into his frequent dates with Rosy Palms and her five daughters.


LIKE the dictator couple of Romania, Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu, President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace have built a pervasive personality cult around themselves.

Not only did Mugabe and Ceausescu — awarded Freedom of the City of Harare in 1983 for training Zipra and Zanla freedom fighters during the liberation struggle — enjoy warm relations, but there are striking parallels on how their wives manoeuvred and wormed their way to the top.
The most interesting similarity is how both obtained PhD degrees under controversial circumstances, while enjoying saturation propaganda coverage from the state media to boost their egos and profiles.
Parallels can be drawn between the rise of Elena, executed in 1989 together with her dictator husband, with Grace, whose unexpected plunge into active Zanu PF politics has created a conflicting wave of support and opposition.

From humble beginnings, Elena, like Grace ended being involved in the matrix of power, although that was ill-fated in the case of Romanian dictator’s wife.

Like Elena, Grace emerged from nowhere in July as the Women’s League’s preferred boss.
In a political move that shook Zanu PF ahead of the party’s elective congress in December, senior female party officials nominated Grace for the powerful position of secretary for Women’s Affairs in the politburo, which was endorsed by the women at their conference last month.

It is thought Grace would end up as a Zanu PF central committee member, politburo official and cabinet minister, while she might also enter the succession race to replce her 90-year-old husband and build a political dynasty.

Last week Grace pulled another shocker when she was controversially awarded a PhD by the University of Zimbabwe (UZ). As with Elena’s doctorate, questions have been raised about Grace’s PhD.

Grace’s graduation last week has raised a furore among academics at the UZ who are questioning her doctorate, which they say was obtained more through political patronage than academic merit.
Acquiring a doctoral degree is a long process which takes between three to six years.

Questions are also being asked if Grace will emerge as Zimbabwe’s own Elena, who became an ex-officio member of the cabinet in 1979 through her chairmanship of the National Council of Science and Technology.

By 1980 she was deputy premier, second in command to Nicolae himself. According to a research paper, titled The Personality Cult of Elena Ceausescu by Carl Anderson, who was post-graduate student at the University of San Diego in the US, the period between 1970 and 1989 illustrates the gradual creation of Elena’s public personality through the intervention of her husband and propaganda as her publicists sought to portray her as an embodiment of the party’s ideal type of a communist woman.

Elena’s personality cult was deceitfully built around a dubious PhD in chemistry, party involvement, central committee positions and propaganda even though she had a poor education background as she barely finished elementary school.

However, after her execution in 1989, a former teacher exposed her. At age 14, Elena dropped out of school after failing everything but needlework, singing and gymnastics, and then went to stay with her brother in Bucharest where she started working. She then met her soon-to-be husband, Nicolae at meetings of the Young Communists’ League.

While Nicolae was beginning his rise in the Romanian Communist Party (PCR) hierarchy, Elena worked as a secretary — Grace was also a secretary in Mugabe’s office — at the Foreign Affairs ministry, but due to her incompetence, she was fired.

Elena then began attending chemistry night courses at the Bucharest Municipal Adult Education Institute, but during an exam she was caught cheating and was expelled. Grace was deregistered in 2004 by University of London for repeatedly failing exams.

Nevertheless, by 1960 Elena had obtained a PhD after defending her thesis on the Stereospecific Polymerisation of Isoprene on the Stabilisation of Synthetic Rubbers and Copolymerisation.
However, there was no record of her ever obtaining a chemistry degree in advance of her doctorate.
Like Elena, what is known about Grace’s academic record is also disastrous.

In 1998, she failed all three subjects she was tested for at the University of London where she was studying for a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

She failed Explorations in Literature (I) as she got 9%, Explorations in Literature II (18%) and Renaissance Comedy: Shakespeare and Jonson (17%). The following year she repeated the three subjects, but again failed Explorations in Literature (I) 31%, Renaissance Comedy: Shakespeare and Jonson 29%.

She, however, salvaged a dumped down pass in Explorations in Literature (II) with a 42% mark. In the same year, she attempted an additional subject, Approaches to Text, but failed with a lowly 7% mark.

Also like Grace, Elena not satisfied with a false PhD; she also wanted political status. As Nicolae became the general secretary of the PCR in 1965 and president of Romania in 1967, Elena wanted to become more than just a “scientist”, and thus her political life and personality cult commenced.
Two years after her husband assumed power, Elena was elected member of the Communist Party’s Bucharest Municipal Committee, and it would not take long before more important appointments.
The personality cult that rapidly grew along with her scientific and political career had as its major outcome to promote her as mother, scientist and political woman.

On July 19 1972, at the national conference of the PCR, Elena was elected a full member of the central committee and from that moment on, she was nominated to many other important positions.
In 1973 she became a member of the party’s executive committee

In 1979, she was appointed an-ex officio member of the cabinet and by 1980 she was first deputy prime minister and the most powerful figure in Romania after Nicolae himself.
The question now is: Could Grace be gradually following in Elena’s footsteps? independent


CBZ Life has suspended insurance cover for Members of Parliament’s vehicles after government failed to pay full comprehensive cover for the 370 vehicles.

MPs and senators were given Ford Ranger vehicles from Croco Motors on loan two months ago under Section 1.2 of the Addendum to the Parliamentary Vehicle Loan Scheme.

The comprehensive cover for the motor vehicle was supposed to run for a period of 12 months.

The lawmakers were advanced a $35 000 vehicle loan by Treasury to purchase the vehicles.

While government had entered into an agreement with CBZ to pay Croco Motors the $35 000 per vehicle, they were supposed to pay directly for the vehicles’ insurance, estimated to be about $790 per vehicle. But government has however failed to pay.

On July 18, 2014, CBZ Life wrote to MPs to inform them that it had suspended cover on all policies.

The situation has prompted Austin Zvoma, the clerk of Parliament, to write to the MPs and the Finance ministry registering his displeasure that government was not sticking to its  contractual obligations.

“The regrettable situation is contrary to the letter and spirit of the agreement entered into,” Zvoma said in a letter.

“The administration of Parliament has requested both the ministry of Finance and CBZ to expeditiously resolve the impasse so the members are not duly disadvantaged and will provided feedback on any development on this matter.”

In its earlier correspondence to the legislators, CBZ Life had informed them that according to the bank’s policy, their vehicles remain uninsured until the first premium has been paid.

“We therefore confirm that cover on this policy has been suspended with effect from the date it was given and that no claim under this policy will be entertained by CBZ,” wrote Norbert Mureriwa, the CBZ Life managing director.

CBZ Life Limited was established in 2010 and licensed to transact long term insurance business. CBZ Holdings has 100 percent shareholding in the company.

The MPs Ford Ranger vehicles, which cost about $12 million, were purchased at a time government is struggling to pay civil servants’ salaries on time.

The purchase of the off-road vehicles has further rocked the boat for a government accused of profligate spending on perks for ministers and government officials while turning a blind eye to the plight of lowly paid civil servants.

Government also reportedly spent about $6 million recently to buy 100 fuel-guzzling vehicles for ministers. daily news


Prices of locally produced goods are seen rising as manufacturers pass the cost for excise duty on fuel to consumers, analysts have warned.

“Our view is that the revenue measures, from Treasury, paint a murky picture of Zimbabwe in the short to medium term. The increase in excise duty on fuel will likely increase the cost burden for most companies. Companies, under normal circumstances, will have to pass that cost to consumers in a bid to maintain profitable margins. In Zimbabwe, however, consumers are already reeling under falling disposable incomes, hence presenting challenges for companies to increase their selling prices,” MMC Capital says in its weekly market report.

“In an environment where companies are already reducing prices to encourage sales, the rise in fuel cost will result in a further squeeze in margins.” Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa presented his mid-term fiscal policy statement last week and hiked excise duty on fuel, drawing criticism form economists.

Analysts say that a more sustainable model would be for the government to intensify its efforts in implementing investment friendly policies.

“These measures will be key in opening up the economy to capital and trade flows. As a potential source of funds, foreign investment can break the vicious cycle of low income, low domestic savings, and low investments. Foreign investment can occur in two ways,” the report says.

Foreign companies can invest directly in a domestic economy via foreign direct investments by building or buying property, plant and equipment or indirectly through domestic economy by purchasing securities such as equity and fixed income issued by domestic companies.

These forms of foreign investment will potentially increase Zimbabwe’s capital stock, leading to higher productivity, employment and wages, and even increased domestic savings.
The recent deals with China and Russia are good starting points and a lot still needs to be done to ensure they actually take off.

An analyst with a local bank said the excise duty hike would squeeze consumers and corporates alike, warning government revenues would plunge.

“In addition, some of the measures, such as the excise duty hike on fuel, may only squeeze the consumer and corporates leading to an overall reduction in revenue. Consumption by households and investments by corporates are critical pieces in growing national output,” the analyst said. “Yet the increase in excise duty on fuel may adversely fuel cost-push inflation in an environment characterised by company closures, an increase in unemployment and static and/or declining disposable incomes.”

He said cost-push inflation would result in higher prices to consumers, reducing consumption.

“This has for the past months seen most consumers now preferring basics ahead of luxuries. For businesses this increases their cost of production and may lead to consumers resorting even more to imported goods. Hence further reduction in demand and profitability. There is thus a need for policymakers to find sustainable ways of reviving demand which will ultimately lead to an increase in job creation, increased investment and profits ultimately increasing money in government coffers,” he said. independent


JUDGEMENT in the divorce case between Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander Constantine Chiwenga and his former wife Jocelyn has exposed the amount of wealth which the Chiwengas have acquired over years, underlined by impressive real estate in Harare’s affluent suburbs.

Proceedings of the case cannot be published as it was held in camera, under case number HC 1200/12. In judgment number 463/14 the High Court granted the Chiwengas divorce after both parties conceded that their marriage had irretrievably broken down.

The court also adjudicated on how the couples should share their matrimonial property, among them real estate, companies, top of the range motor vehicles, jewelry, furniture and clothes exposing their vast wealth in the process.

Most of the couples’ properties were registered in the name of companies. The couple owned Blue Chip Stamp Company (Pvt) Ltd which owned a property at 5 Rosary Close, Quinnington, Borrowdale measuring 5 701 square metres.

They also owned Lighthouse Investments (Pvt) Ltd which owned four industrial units in Willowvale, with each unit measuring  3 850 square metres and Liversay Investments (Pvt) Ltd which owns a property at 614 Prince Drive in Borrowdale Brook measuring 4 817 square metres.

In addition, the Chiwengas owned Hidcote Investment (Pvt) Ltd which owns a property at 79 Follyjon Crescent measuring 4 955 square metres and Grandi Lodge Sixty One (Pvt) which owns a house on a 1 692 square metres stand in Borrowdale Brooke.

They also owned Ouacker Investments, which owns stand 103 Shawasha Hills residential estate.
The Chiwengas owned Yolsac Safaris (Pvt) ltd which trades as Kazungula Wildlife Safaris as well as Ventilux (Pvt) Ltd, which has since folded.

The couple also owned an apartment in Malaysia and a house at 9 Msasa Drive in Msasa Park.
In addition, the couple owned Dokson Investments which spearheaded operations at their farm in Goromonzi. Chiwenga was allocated the farm under the government’s land reform programme.
They also own stand 539 Borrowdale Brooke measuring 1 456 metres squared as well as Dominicus Investments (Pvt) Ltd which owns an industrial stand in Marondera.

The couple owned a property at 34 Lythan Drive in Glen Lorne and a vacant piece of land at Mermaids Pool about 42 kilometres from Harare.

Apart from the properties, the couple also owned motor vehicles, among them, a Prado, Jeep, Toyota land Cruiser V8, Mercedes Benz C180, Land Rover Defender and a Land Rover Discovery 4.
They had an impressive list of jewelry, among them, gold bracelets encrusted with diamonds, gold rings encrusted with diamonds, four gold watches with 36 carat diamond, three gold chains with diamond pendants, gold choker with centre diamond and two gold bangles encrusted with diamonds.

The Chiwengas had 40 gold watches, white gold rings, four white gold chokers, choker Jackie Kennedy pearls and bracelet pearls, 10 gold anlelet, an emerald ring, pearl ring encrusted with 24 carat diamond, forty eight gold broaches and a set of gold earings and chain with diamonds.

They also had 45 sets of diamond earrings, diamond tiara, blue diamond ring, diamond and emerald necklace, emerald cocktail ring, yellow diamond ring, diamond engagement rings, emerald rings and men’s rolex watches.

The court awarded most of the immovable property to Chiwenga including property at 5 Rosary Close, Quinnington, 79 Follyjon Crescent, stand 332 Borrowdale Brooke, Ventilux (Pvt) Ltd, Chakoma Farm, Marondera Industrial stand and part of Mermaids Pool, 3 850 square metre stand where Ventilux operated from on stand 181 in Willowvale and similar stand where C&J (Pvt) Ltd operated from.

He was given 85% share of 614 Price Drive, the couple’s matrimonial home, and stand 103 Chishawasha Hills, weapons and several hunting trophies. Jocelyn was awarded the house in Glen Lorne and a second house on stand 332 Borrowdale Brooke which she had already disposed of.
She also got the 3 850 square metre stand from where her company Zimsafe operated from and a similar industrial unit which the couple was leasing. She also received two properties in Borrowdale Brooke.

She was given most of the property in the master bedroom, five bedrooms, kitchen and master bathroom at their matrimonial home.

She was also awarded seven vehicles among them a jeep, Toyota Land cruiser V8, two Mercedes Benz, Land Rover Defender, Land Rover Discovery and a Toyota Hiace. independent