As Zanu PF factions destroy each other, the military will have a huge say as to who would take over from President Mugabe.


As Zanu PF factions destroy each other, the military will have a huge say as to who would take over from President Mugabe.


He is a controversial prophet who continues to draw large crowds with his promise of miracles. But as his popularity soars he faces all sorts of allegations. So far he has survived.


Two secretary generals tried to topple him but failed. His wife walked out but returned home. Now MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is plotting his way to State House.


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Wednesday, 20 November 2019


POLICE yesterday had to disperse rowdy MDC-A youths who chanted slogans, disrupted traffic and harassed vendors along Nelson Mandela Avenue and First Street in Harare.

They had gathered outside Harvest House  after the party had cancelled a rally approved by police in the open area near Exhibition Park and opted for the party headquarters.

Police ordered the party’s supporters to assemble inside the venue and vacate the streets but they defied the order.

The police intervention then came after the rowdy supporters continued waving placards, singing and chanting before the arrival of party leader Nelson Chamisa. 

Some shops such as OK First Street, TV Sales & Home, Bata and FBC Bank headquarters were temporarily closed and reopened later after police intervention.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said: “The police engaged some MDC-Alliance officials including (Chamisa’s  spokesperson)Nkululeko Sibanda and asked them remove their supporters from the road but some of them became confrontational and stoned one police officer, who was injured and taken to hospital.” Herald



After waiting for more than 48 hours for a funeral policy payout, a desperate Thandaza Mtshali did the only thing she thought would make Old Mutual pay out a funeral policy for her uncle's funeral - she took his body to their office.

Mtshali and her aunt, Ntombenhle Mhlongo, were captured in a video that has since gone viral, dropping off Sifiso Mtshali's body at an Old Mutual branch in KwaDukuza, north of Durban, on Friday.

Mtshali told TimesLIVE on Wednesday that her uncle died after a long-term illness, on Thursday, November 7. She put in a claim with the financial services company on Monday, November 11.

“I put through a claim on the Monday and they told me that it was already after 1pm and that they would process my claim only the next day, and I understood. They said I would have the money after 48 hours,” she said.

Mtshali said that on the Tuesday [November 12] she received an SMS, seen by TimesLIVE, saying there would be a delay in the payout and that further assessments needed to be done. There was no explanation for this.

“They have never till this day explained what caused the delay. They said all my documents were in order,” she said.

She claimed that when she asked why the claim had been delayed on Thursday, an employee told them to borrow money to pay for the funeral, because their claim was still being assessed. This frustrated and angered the family.

“I saw it fit to take the body to them while they were doing their assessment, because that could have taken months. I saw it best for them to figure out where they put the body, as long as they kept it safe and it didn't rot,” said Mtshali.

“I am unemployed and I don't have any other money. We are not a rich family, we are struggling. The money I paid was from my children's grant. I did not want the embarrassment of an undignified funeral just because we are poor. I want to give my family dignified funerals and they [Old Mutual] failed me,” she said.

After arranging with a local mortuary, Mtshali and Mhlongo took the body to the Old Mutual offices. She said after speaking to an employee, they received payment in less than an hour and were able to bury Sifiso on Sunday.

The banking and insurance group came under fire on Tuesday when the video was circulated on social media. Sowetan







MDC vice-president Tendai Biti has rekindled his $15 million retirement claim against First Mutual Holdings Limited (FMH) after the insurance company said it would only pay him less than what was agreed upon reaching the retirement age of 60.

Initially, Biti dragged FMH to court over the same issue in August this year, but the matter was not pursued further culminating in the present lawsuit. In summons filed at the High Court this week, the Harare East opposition MP said in 1993 while he was a partner with Honey and Blanckenberg, his pension contributions were with his consent converted by FMH into an annuity policy.

“The annuitisation phase commenced with a payment of $15 648,04 and the written projection given by defendant (FMH) was that upon attaining the retirement age of 60, plaintiff would be paid a capital value of $4 133 593 and an annual pension of $782 066,47 giving a total assured sum of $15 000 000,” he said. 

“In breach of the agreement between the parties and taking advantage of the changes in currency that occurred in 2009, defendant has unilaterally claimed that as at March 2009, the value of plaintiff’s policy was US$196,76 and US$327,28 as at December 31, 2015.”

The MDC deputy president said FMH’s unilateral position means that it will, upon his retirement at the age of 60, pay less than the agreed value of the annuity policy.

“In terms of the purchasing power parity theory, which constitutes an integral tacit term of the insurance relationship between the parties, plaintiff (Biti) is entitled to  payment which preserves and reflects the total value by which he was insured,” he said. 

Biti further said despite this being the agreement between the parties, FMH has refused, even in the light of the findings made by a presidential commission of inquiry, to take a position which recognises and upholds the essence of what was agreed to rendering it necessary for the court to declare the correct position to guide the parties. The matter is pending. Newsday


MDC leader Nelson Chamisa will not enter into dialogue with his arch-rival President Emmerson Mnangagwa as long as Zanu PF keeps on scoffing at the opposition party’s preconditions, an MDC executive has said.

“We have spoken about dialogue and its benchmarks, it is up to Zanu PF to take it or leave as they stole the election,” MDC national chairperson Thabitha Khumalo (pictured) said yesterday.

“There is no contemplation of holding talks with Zanu PF and its leader Emmerson Mnangagwa before the end of the year to solve the economic and political crises the country is facing.”

There have been growing calls for Chamisa and Mnangagwa to dialogue and solve the country’s political and economic crisis. Churches, political players and economists have been pressuring the two antagonists to put the plight of the people first and enter into sincere dialogue. 

Chamisa has snubbed the dialogue between Mnangagwa and fringe losing presidential candidates in last years’ general elections, demanding that any dialogue with the Zanu PF leader will have to be predicated in his admission that he was not a legitimate leader, apart from engaging a foreign and independent mediator.

The MDC has refused to recognise Mnangagwa as President, accusing him of stealing last year’s election, and its MPs have on repeated occasions walked out on him in Parliament.

Zanu PF has scoffed at the demands, but insists it was ready to dialogue with the youthful leader and his party, seen by many as the custodian of the keys to economic recovery for the country pummelled by hyperinflation and shortages of electricity and fuel. 

But Zanu PF had seemed warning up for talks when the MDC did not mention its legitimacy demand in a statement released after the party’s national executive meeting held at Richard Morgan Tsvangirai Building, a fortnight ago.

Mnangagwa’s government seemed to have adopted a conciliatory tone saying there was need to depolarise the country and focus on developmental issues.

But Khumalo said there was no likelihood of talks between Chamisa and Mnangagwa this year as long as the latter does not accede to the opposition’s set of demands. The MDC is calling on Sadc and the African Union to intervene and mediate to save the suffering masses. 

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said the opposition was playing games with the people and should concentrate on the 2023 elections for them to be relevant.

“What are their demands? They should tell us their demands. We are not aware of them. These people have been saying a lot, they are playing games with the people. The issue of legitimacy is irrelevant. The matter went to the Concourt (Constitutional Court) and it made a ruling that the legitimate leader is President Mnangagwa. What can we do about what was said by the highest court on the land? They want us to reverse that?” Moyo charged. Newsday


A WOMAN from Matobo allegedly struck her husband with an axe twice on the head after the man assaulted her over a missing hoe.

Charity Sithole (29) of Lushongwe Village is expected to appear in court on December 16 facing an attempted murder charge after striking Elias Dube (58) with an axe.

“On 23 September at around 10PM, Mr Dube arrived home from the local bottle store drunk. A misunderstanding arose between them over a hoe which had been misplaced by their children.
“Mr Dube demanded the hoe from his wife and accused her of being careless and failing to properly look after their household property.

“They started fighting and Sithole took an axe and struck her husband twice on the head and he fell to the ground and bled profusely.

“Upon realising that her husband had been injured, Sithole reported the matter to the police who attended the scene.

“Mr Dube was rushed to Masiye Camp Clinic where he was further referred to United Bulawayo Hospitals,” read the State papers.
In another case, a Filabusi man has appeared in court for assaulting his neighbour.

Nicodemus Siziba (29) pleaded not guilty to assault when he appeared before Gwanda magistrate, Mrs Nomagugu Sibanda. He was remanded in custody to November 25 for trial.

Prosecuting, Mr Silent Shoko said Siziba attacked Okay Shoko on September 11.

“On September 11 at around 11PM at Base 2 Umzingwane Panning Site in West Nicholson, Okay was having a dispute with his wife in their tent and she went out.

“Siziba got out of his tent and asked Okay what was going on between him and his wife. Okay became furious and ordered Siziba to stay out of his family issues. 

“Siziba then grabbed Okay by the belt and pushed him to the ground.

“He kicked him several times and further picked up a stone and struck Okay on the right jaw.

“Okay screamed for help and neighbours intervened and restrained Siziba from further assaulting him,” he said. Chronicle


The late Zanu PF politburo member, Kumbirai Kangai’s Luna Estates (Pvt) Ltd has been dragged to the High Court by two people seeking an order declaring as null and void the cancellation of an agreement of sale of stands entered between the parties in May 2016.

Josephat Mubvumba and Nicodemus Mubvumba recently filed summons against Luna Estates and Devine Aid Trust Company (Pvt) commonly referred to as Datco, accusing the firms of unilaterally cancelling their agreements of sale by alleging a breach of contract.

In their joint declaration, the two said between July 2015 and May 2016, they entered into agreements of sale in respect of stand numbers 69 and 275 respectively situated in the district of Zvimba.

In terms of the agreement, the two said, the purchase price of the stands were pegged at $33 600 of which a deposit of $336 was payable together with minimum monthly instalments of $150 over an 18-year period.

However, on July 5, 2019 the pair said Luna Estates wrote to them alleging breach of agreements, arguing that the pair had failed to pay 1% of the respective purchase price as deposit.
Luna Estates also alleged that they had defaulted in the payment of instalments and the sums of $4 457 and $5 057 were due and owing.

Soon after receiving the letter, the duo approached its lawyers who addressed Luna Estates requesting further particulars to the notice of cancellation of the sale agreements. 

“Without responding to the letters of August 23, 2019, the first respondent (Luna Estates) proceeded to cancel the agreements between the parties. It was alleged that the plaintiffs had failed to regularise their breach,” the pair said.

“During the period February 2018 to date, the first defendant by its conduct prevented the plaintiffs from fulfilling their contractual obligations of paying monthly instalments by failing to specify where such payments were supposed to be made. For that reason, the plaintiffs cannot be held to have been in default of their monthly obligations to the first defendant,” they said, adding that they are seeking an order compelling Luna Estates to direct them to where they are supposed to pay. The matter is pending. Newsday


COMEDIENNE Felistas “Mai Titi” Edwards yesterday dismissed social media gossip that she had earned her keep through prostitution.Mai Titi told NewsDay Life & Style that claims by socialite Jackie Ngarande that the former lived off sex work were baseless and unfounded as she runs luxury stores in the central business district. 

Mai Titi, who recently bought a house and is building another two-storey mansion, said an associate of Ngarande fuelled the rumours after having been engaged to put up curtains at the latter’s house.

“Lately, people are bitter that I bought a house and jealous can make someone lie about people they don’t know. Someone went to Jackie’s house to put curtains and they started gossiping about me, that’s when she said do you know that Mai Titi drilled a borehole for the community and the house is not hers, so it’s crazy, how can I put a borehole at the house which is not mine?” Mai Titi quipped. 

“Imagine I paid US$5 000 for that borehole and they say it’s not mine. Thereafter she called the person and that person phoned me now because she thought we were not friends, so she told me that that’s what Jackie is saying. That’s why I got angry and made a video to set things straight.”

This was after Mai Titi had posted a video hitting back at Ngarande, whom she accuses of spreading gossip about her.She, however, refused to disclose where the properties are located.

“I work hard; I have shops all over town, luxury and epic stores known as “Zvemukati kwaMai Titi. I think my work is seen everywhere. I don’t do (dirty) businesses like these stupid clouts are doing. I am a hard working single mother,” she said.

“I know my house is causing all this alarm, of which it’s not even the only one. I am actually building a double-storey (house) and everyone knows that, so people should not be jealous, but should work hard and believe in God.”

Mai Titi, who wears many hats including gospel artiste, entrepreneur and MC, aid she was “a prayer warrior” and earned her money through hard work.

In March last year, she received an award as the Top Female Entertainment and Social Media Enterprise Business Leader of the Year Award (2018). She was presented the award by the Women’s Business and Leadership Awards. Newsday