As Zanu PF factions destroy each other, the military will have a huge say as to who would take over from President Mugabe.


As Zanu PF factions destroy each other, the military will have a huge say as to who would take over from President Mugabe.


He is a controversial prophet who continues to draw large crowds with his promise of miracles. But as his popularity soars he faces all sorts of allegations. So far he has survived.


Two secretary generals tried to topple him but failed. His wife walked out but returned home. Now MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is plotting his way to State House.


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Monday, 3 August 2015


HARARE - Daily News Chief Writer Fungi Kwaramba interviewed Former State Security minister Didymus Mutasa about his health, family and regrets at 80 years. Below are the excerpts of the interview.

Q: Cde Mutasa congratulations on your 80th birthday, isn’t it now time for you to retire from politics?

A: Thank you very much. No I don’t think I should retire from anything, I should actually take more responsibilities now more than ever before.

I feel much wiser and quite interestingly concerned about our people’s welfare and any other issues that the country should be concerned about.

I feel for instance that we should be thinking about how our suffering people are going to get to next year when things are this bad.

Q: I see you are spotting a beard these days, why?

A: I am going back to my youth days except that it is whiter while at that time it was nice and black. But I feel this white beard is not bad.

Q: Do you have siblings?

A: No they all passed away and I am left alone, I look after a lot of people including my sisters’ children.

Q: How many children do you have?

A: (muses) I have married quite a number of times and I have quite a number of children. My first wife gave me three children and I think those are the best known. Then I married my present wife Gertrude, we have two children together. I also have Sabina with whom I have one child and Sarudzai with whom I have three boys including the last one who is four years old.

Q: Do you think things should have been done differently after Independence?

A: I am looking back at our constitution. I liked the constitution we had at independence when we had a titular president and a prime minister.

Looking at the present chaos, with our two houses we should have made the Upper House the house of chiefs and let them use that house to discuss issues of concern to the country and they would choose one of their own as President of the country. We missed out on that.

Q: What is your favourite food?

A: I have none. I have left food issues to my wives. They cook what they want and I eat whatever they cook.

Q: What about music?

A: Again I have none really that I feel special about, but there was music that was played by Jim Reeves, he is my favourite musician but you don’t find that music anymore.

Q: They were rumours that you had collapsed and died, do you suffer from any ailment?

A: I am still fit as you can see. People say I have collapsed and I am dead but since I came back from India with my wife my health is good. I can run as fast as my four-year-old boy.

Q: You have friends buried at the Heroes Acre are you attending Heroes day this year?

A: Unfortunately no, I didn’t go to Independence Day celebrations because I don’t feel I have any friends within the current administration who I can mark the day with, if I want I can have my own celebrations with Mai (Joice) Mujuru, Rugare Gumbo, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti and the best place will be in private. I can’t bear a day with fake people.

Q: Are you worried about not being buried at the Heroes Acre?

A: I don’t mind. I have been taken out of the heroes realm but that is not what I am after, I will be very happy to be buried at my roots in Madzangwe with my forefathers, that is my wish.

Q: Where is People First?

A: It is getting off the ground slowly and it is usually difficult when you are starting, but now it is all over the country especially in Matabeleland. So many people are behind us.

Q: Themba Mliswa, your nephew, says Mai Mujuru is scared and holding back the struggle. Is she the best candidate to lead People First?

A: There are no doubts about her, we recently met her and endorsed her as our leader, for quite a number of reasons.

All of us in People First must apologise not only to the people we have misruled but to the entire world, you don’t run a government like we did up to 2014, I mean you break your own constitution into pieces, good heavens, we can’t repeat that, Mai Mujuru would never do that.

Q: How are you surviving outside politics, do you run any business?

A: I don’t have any businesses.

Q: What about the many properties you are said to have like houses in Rusape.

A: The Rusape house they are talking about I bought with my money, they are persecuting me now through (Manicaland province minister) Mandi Chimene. When I bought it they didn’t give me the receipt or title deeds of that house.

Q: But you were the godfather of Rusape, who could dare you when you were still minister?

A: You must have heard such things from very ignorant people, you will be told that this is the only minister to whose house we would go, do they do that to a person they fear. I was never a godfather, I was a man of the people.

Q: Bhasikiti recently took a lady who was following him to the police, do you feel safe here?

A: (pointing) At that corner there, there is always a car parked purposelessly.

Those people are from CIO, wasting meagre resources chasing shadows. They should not station anyone there, I want them to come in and we will give them tea or a hot meal because we are hospitable, but they make people stay in the mountains watching me, why?

Q: So you are being watched?

A: I don’t care; they have been watching me since the sham congress.

Q: Are you not afraid?

A: Not a bit, they can do anything and the moment that happens the world would know.


Embattled Prosecutor General, Johannes Tomana, says President Robert Mugabe is above the Constitution and that, therefore, anybody who insults him should face the full wrath of the law.

Speaking at a three-day workshop that was organised by his office to assist prosecutors in the discharge of their functions in Harare, Tomana effectively argued that Mugabe had more rights than other Zimbabweans.

“Let me say it here now, that insulting and undermining the office of the president is not trivial. It must be prosecuted and demands the highest penalty that is provided for under the Constitution and the law.

“The reason why the presidency is a protected institution even by the Constitution itself…he is the only person who is above the Constitution in the sense that he may not be prosecuted during his tenure of office and he may not be sued during his tenure of office…,” he said.

Tomana added that it was on the basis and principle of obeying the president that the insult law  had been crafted.

This speech comes hot on the heels of the strident calls for Tomana’s resignation or dismissal, after he questioned whether all cases involving sex with girls under the age of 16 should be treated as rape.

He emphasised yesterday that his office was apolitical, as he called on Zimbabweans to respect Mugabe.

And in a thinly-veiled attack on Constitutional Court judges who have previously dismissed Mugabe insult cases, Tomana said that it was not prudent for Mugabe to be called a “goblin”.

“We have heard some comments that have come from the courts, one that is on record is the one that refers to some statement that was made about the president as being a goblin and there is a judgment that is saying that, well we know that he is not a goblin and therefore why should it be an issue that somebody has called him a goblin and therefore it is not an offence.

“This has confused a lot of people. The understanding of undermining the office of the president has been interfered with in a way. But for us, we understand why that provision of the law is there,” Tomana said.

Constitutional Court judges in January this year expressed concern over the arrest of people for making political statements that had no bearing on Mugabe.

This followed a Constitutional Court application filed by MDC secretary general Douglas Mwonzora, who challenged his arrest after he allegedly called Mugabe a goblin.

However, Tomana said that insulting the president was not allowed in the context that as a leader Mugabe had followers.

“…most of you and most of us belong to this part of the world and we come from the black race and according to what we know culturally, we all understand what a goblin is.

“Chikwambo munochiziva handiti. Munhu ane chikwambo haatyise? (I believe you all know a goblin. Is it not true that a person who has a goblin is frightening?), would you want to follow munhu ane chikwambo (somebody who has a goblin), would you want to be led by somebody waunoziva kuti anoroya (that you know practises witchcraft).

“Do you see that it does have an effect and an impact on people who actually have an obligation to have the trust to be able to follow the leader and you say he is a goblin and you say it is trivial,” he said.

He told the prosecutors that the idea of respecting Mugabe was not optional, adding that his office was protected by law.

“… if it was optional to obey him and then he says for example let’s indigenise the economy, do you think the economy would be indigenised if it is optional for the citizens to be able to obey or respect him? It would not happen.

“The reason why that law is there is that law and order does not exist in a vacuum, it will happen organically where certain rules, certain laws are being obeyed,” he said. daily news


A ZAKA woman in Masvingo who forever rue the day she boasted about her husband’s amazing performance in bed to her friend. 

She caught her friend and her husband having sex in the garden. The love triangle  was heard at Chief Ndanga’s traditional court where Ezekiel Chinjeke from Chinjeke Village was dragged to court by Jealous Mutumwa from the same village. 

Mutumwa told Chief Ndanga that Ezekiel lowered his dignity in the village by sleeping with his wife Agnes Mutumwa. 

Ezekiel, who was denying the accusations was, however, left with egg on the face when his wife Zadziso Mauro produced his clothes and underwear and that of Agnes which she took after she caught them red-handed having sex in her garden.
Asked by Chief Ndanga why she committed the offence, Agnes said her friend was the reason of her actions after she bragged to her about her husband’s good performance in bed. 

She said her actions were also out of anger after Zadziso advised her to divorce her husband and find another man sexually gifted like her husband. 

“I did it out of anger after Zadziso bragged saying her husband has a big manhood and was good in bed. She courted my anger after she said I should divorce my husband and find another man like her husband. I then secretly went to her husband and told him everything that Zadziso had told me. Her husband then asked me to accompany him to their garden where we later had sex. She caught us in the act and took our clothes and underwear,” Agnes told the court. 

Agnes later demanded her clothes and underwear from Zadziso saying she was afraid that she might bewitch her as punishment for sleeping with her husband.

Passing judgment Chief Ndanga ordered Ezekiel to give Mutumwa a beast as compensation for sleeping with his wife.


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s Cabinet is not reading from the same script over proposals to cut the civil service wage bill after Public Service Labour and Social Welfare minister Prisca Mupfumira yesterday appeared to contradict Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa’s announcement that government is preparing to reduce its work force.

Chinamasa, announcing the Mid Term Fiscal Policy review on Thursday, said the government intended to cut the wage bill from 83,4% of its expenditure to 40%.

However, Mupfumira yesterday told State media that government had no plans to retrench.

“We are looking at cost cutting. There is a distinction. The process that is underway, therefore, is not to fire people, but cutting expenditure . . . No one will be fired,” she said.

Chinamasa had said he would be working with Mupfumira on the rationalisation exercise after the government completed a head count for civil servants.

“Cabinet has given a directive to the minister responsible for the Public Service, in conjunction with the minister responsible for Finance, to urgently propose remedial measures to gradually bring down the share of the wage bill in the budget from over 83% to under 40%,” he said.

“Significant progress over the exercise to develop measures to rationalise the wage bill has been made, with the Public Service Commission having also completed the physical head count for all civil servants as part of the staff audit.

“Cabinet will be considering the full package of necessary proposals in the next couple of weeks.”

The main opposition MDC-T yesterday described the policy discord in government as indicative of “a chronic paralysis of policy inconsistencies and a serious lack of planning”.

Early this year, Chinamasa courted Mugabe’s ire when he proposed a raft of measures, which included scrapping civil servants’ bonuses.

Mugabe later reversed the decision and publicly chastised Chinamasa, accusing him of rushing to announce the move without seeking Cabinet approval.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said the policy inconsistencies among Zanu PF ministers indicated lack of co-ordination.

“The fact that one minister indicates right and less than a week, another minister from the same government, same party and who seat in the same Cabinet indicates left on the same policy shows that Zanu PF is failing to plan and they are planning to fail,” Gutu said.

He said the bloated civil service which Chinamasa now wanted culled was created by the ruling party.

“It is their skunk and they must skin it. Zanu PF employed those ghost workers who are doing absolutely nothing, but get a salary every month,” he said.

“Government must just bite the bullet and fire these ghost workers. But because it’s their people, they are even afraid to deal with them,” Gutu said.

Angeline Chitando, acting president of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, dismissed Chinamasa’s statement saying they were political.

She said her organisation would rather listen to Mupfumira because Chinamasa had no authority to discuss labour issues.

But economist Godfrey Kanyenze said he could not understand how Mupfumira planned to cut down on the wage bill without retrenching.

“Where do you cut when the whole budget is employment? The real issue is 83% is going to employment costs. Therefore, that is the tree that we must cut,” Kanyemba said.

“It’s almost like the bonus issue — it’s politics. These areas are highly sensitive.”


THREE Zanu PF members who allegedly terrorised former Hurungwe West MP Temba Mliswa’s workers at his Spring Farm in Karoi in May, appeared at the Chinhoyi Magistrates Court on Saturday facing assault and theft charges.

Nigel Murambiwa (30), Tapiwa Masenda (27) and Chinjai Kambuzuma (32) were granted free bail and remanded to August 14 by Chinhoyi magistrate Nyaradzo Ringisai.

It is the State case that the ruling party supporters invaded Mliswa’s farm ahead of the June 10 by-elections and repeatedly assaulted the politician’s employees with sticks, iron bars and logs accusing their boss of seeking to contest the by-election as an independent candidate.

The suspects also allegedly stole the farm workers’ kitchen utensils and other valuable goods worth $1 000 during their stay at the farm.

Mliswa eventually lost the by-election to Zanu PF candidate Keith Guza. The three are being represented by Mike Mutsvairo.


THE Zimbabwe Electricity and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has threatened to switch off over defaulting customers on the post-paid meter system starting this week accusing them of neglecting to pay their electricity bills.

The outsanding bills have ballooned to $1 billion, the Zesa subsidiary has said. ZETDC managing director Julian Chinembiri told NewsDay yesterday that the debt had stalled most of the power utility’s expansion projects.

“People are defaulting on the payment plans that they made. We have automated the payment plan platform. The moment one defaults on the payment plan they will be switched off. The disconnections will begin this week,” Chinembiri said.

He said when the company introduced payment plans for its customers there was a slight improvement in payments but after a while customers started to default again.

The power utility has close to 500 000 of its customers on prepaid meters and about 100 000 still on post-paid meter system.

“We have sent specifications for some more prepaid meters and we are waiting for the State Procurement Board so that we go to tender,” he said.

Chinembiri said the $1 billion debt owed by various customers that include commercial and domestic consumers had made it difficult for the utility to service its financial obligations and also to access fresh capital from financial institutions.

The debt has also reportedly stalled expansion projects at Kariba and Hwange Power Station, which are meant to boost power generation and reduce load shedding.

Zimbabwe produces 1 256 megawatts (MW) of electricity against a local demand of 1 950MW. newsday


PARENTS in Harare’s Glen View suburb have petitioned the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education demanding the immediate expulsion of Glen View I High School head, Alois Maronga, whom they accuse of assaulting 94 pupils over non-payment of fees.

One of the parents, Givemore Matanhire, approached the ministry’s provincial offices last month to register his concern over Maronga’s conduct after his daughter was severely beaten over outstanding fees.

In a letter dated June 4 2015 and addressed to Matanhire, the ministry’s acting principal director identified as Jacob Gonese confirmed receiving several similar complaints but said “appropriate action” had already been taken against Maronga.

Part of Gonese’s letter read: “This communication serves to acknowledge that you visited head office of the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education on several occasions starting from February 2014 and lastly on June 1 2015 and that you made a verbal and written report that your daughter, one Nyaradzo Matanhire, who was in Form 2 in 2014, had corporal punishment applied on her by the head of school on January 2014 for non-payment of fees.

“Be, however, advised that the ministry also received a report that several Form 2 students had corporal punishment applied on them for the same purpose.

“Consequent to your report and the report that had been received by the ministry, investigations were carried out and it was confirmed that several Form 2 students had corporal punishment applied on them.

“As a result, appropriate action, in terms of regulations applicable to the case and in the best interest of the school and the children there, action was taken.”

The enraged parents last week said they were angered by Maronga’s continued presence at the school and demanded his immediate expulsion.

“I am the voice of the voiceless. I know my rights and what is best for children. We cannot have a situation where a school head beats up 94 children for fees. Why did he not confront parents if he felt he was so personally aggrieved for non-payment of fees?

“We want him removed from the school and be replaced with another,” Matanhire said.

Another parent who declined to be identified said the school head should have dealt with parents not children.

“That’s the worst form of administration. Children do not pay fees, parents do and if he was so angry he should at least have communicated with parents,” the parent said.

Maronga could not be reached for comment yesterday. newsday


CHIRUMANZU-ZIBAGWE MP Auxillia Mnangagwa (Zanu PF), has called on the Ministry of Education to urgently overhaul its school curriculum and focus more on technical subjects to enable pupils to acquire self-sustaining skills.

Speaking at the Midlands provincial prize-giving day last Friday, Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s wife said the country’s education system had been criticised for producing half-baked graduates who could not translate their theoretical knowledge into practice.

“Our education is often criticised for failing to produce graduates who are useful to society, but what I have seen here tells me that this will be a thing of the past,” she said.

“The As on the certificates have to be concretised so that we can begin to see the pupils and graduates inventing life-changing machinery and technology, which will uplift the status of Zimbabwe and its people on the global arena,” she said.

The MP also called on the business community to invest in home-based inventions, which were tailor-made to address the challenges faced by the local industry.

“Quite often, we are forced to import simple technology from foreign companies and this puts a strain on our import bill. Simple items like maize-shelling machines, which can be designed and manufactured locally and will be affordable to the farmer are sometimes imported because we don’t have local industry which supports inventions by our young pupils,” she said on the sidelines of the event.

She also warned pupils not to engage in acts of indiscipline following the ban on corporal punishment.

“Government has said no more corporal punishment in schools and what do we see, an upsurge in cases of indiscipline in schools but let you be warned: The Bible says the wages of sin is death but I say the wages of indiscipline is ignorance,” she said.

Regina Mundi maintained the top spot with a pass rate of 97,1%, while in the primary schools category Bata, Shabani, Maryward, Kwekwe and Fitchlea schools were tops with a high number of pupils attaining four units at Grade Seven. newsday


Zanu-PF central committee member Cde Ephraim Chengeta, has been appointed interim Mashonaland West provincial chairman in a move expected to bring stability in the party. Cde Chengeta who is also Chegutu Rural District council chairman, emerged as a dark horse and a surprise choice as several people had put their names in the hat to take up the post following the ouster of acting chairman Cde Ziyambi Ziyambi two weeks ago.

The provincial executives passed a vote of no confidence in Cde Ziyambi accusing him of fanning factionalism and insubordination. Members of the executive announced the ouster of Cde Ziyambi at a Harare hotel and appointed Cde Keith Guzah interim chairman.

All other positions in the executive remain the same with Cde Guzah reverting to the vice chairman position. However, National Political Commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere, announced the appointment of Cde Chengeta after a caucus with the provincial leadership.

He said in coming up with Cde Chengeta, the leadership looked at getting someone whose interest was in serving the party and had no ambitions of contesting in elections to choose a substantive chairman.

“After so much has been said concerning Mashonaland West province, we are moving in to bring order and unity in the province,” he said.

“We are bringing in someone who does not harbour ambitions of standing as chairman.”
Cde Chengeta’s mandate is to oversee the restructuring of the party in the next 10 weeks before elections are held to choose a substantive chairman.

Cde Kasukuwere said the party had avoided taking the Mashonaland East route of dissolving the entire executive and choosing an interim chairman Cde Aeneas Chigwedere, who also harboured ambitions of being chairman.

This, he said paralysed the restructuring exercise as people would first want to secure their position at the expense of the party programme. The national PC hailed the restructuring exercise in Mashonaland East headed by politburo member Cde Edna Madzongwe saying it went on well.

Secretary for administration Dr Ignatius Chombo, said the province should support the new chairman.
“There were people interested in landing the post of chairman, but at the end of the day the party settled for someone neutral who is loyal to the party, no matter what position he serves in.” Cde Chengeta said the appointment came as a surprise before pledging to work with everyone for the good of the party. herald


A GUTU man will spend the next 64 years in jail for raping his 13-year-old daughter on numerous occasions, sometimes in his wife’s presence.

A court heard how the man, 35, of Gwama Village under Chief Mataruse, would force his biological daughter into sex.

During one incident, he waylaid his victim in her bedroom while she was taking off her school uniform and on another, he pounced on her when her mother was outside in the garden.

The man, the court heard, would on other occasions sneak back home from funeral wakes leaving his wife behind, only to be caught sweating it out on top on his daughter.

He pleaded not guilty to raping his daughter when he appeared before Masvingo senior regional magistrate Judith Zuyu last Thursday. The magistrate, however, convicted him due to overwhelming evidence.

Magistrate Zuyu said he deserved the harshest sentence the court could mete out. “Your cruelty and perversion leaves the court with no option but to give you one of the harshest sentences.You betrayed the trust that your daughter had in you by taking your own offspring for a wife. You don’t deserve to be part of this normal and God-fearing society. You must go to jail so that you can come back a reformed man with a conscience and respect,” said Zuyu.

She said by raping his daughter in full view of her mother, he exhibited socially awkward behaviour which could only be corrected by prison life.

“The court wonders what kind of sexual starvation makes you get attracted to your own daughter in the presence of your wife. Cases of this nature are on the increase and culprits shouldn’t be treated with kids’ gloves. Prison life remains the only option to whip your character into line,” Zuyu said.
Prosecuting, Mukai Mutambe said sometime in December, 2014 on an unknown date, the girl’s mother left her homestead to visit her parents in Mukaro area.

“During the night while the girl was sleeping in her bedroom hut, her father took advantage of his wife’s absence and sneaked into the girl’s blankets. He forcibly removed her panties, wore a condom before raping her once while threatening her with unspecified action if she screamed,” said Mutambe.
The court heard that he would on several occasions rape his victim and the girl would not report the matter out of fear.

“At one time, he left a funeral wake in the village to go home where upon arrival he raped the girl. His mischief came to light when he attempted to rape the girl in the presence of her mother. On another occasion and on a different day, he waylaid his victim in her room and raped her once,” she said.


A $1,6 million loan deal between Chinhoyi Municipality and a financial institution hangs in the balance after the bank discovered that one of the signatories was previously convicted of fraud. The deal is widely expected to ameliorate the municipality’s financial woes as it battles to fund capital projects and staff salaries.

Salaries are in arrears with workers at some stage threatening to down tools.
The stormy issue was recently brought before council where councillors wanted to know how finance director Mr Tonderai Mukosa, was employed when he had a previous fraud conviction and served a 24-month custodial sentence with labour.

Councillors accused management led by town clerk Mr Mungororo Mazai of failing to exercise due diligence in recruiting the finance manager.

The matter came to light when the bank (CABS) requested CVs of senior managers as it wanted to do a background check on whether they had not been blacklisted before.
As a precondition before releasing the money, the bank ordered council to clear the matter as the board had since approved the loan.

In council minutes dated May 1, 2015 two scenarios emerged where either council knew about the conviction and still went ahead with engaging Mr Mukosa or council was not aware that he had a previous conviction and would take steps to address the matter.

A recommendation was made that the matter be treated as a disciplinary issue. It is therefore recommended that this is a disciplinary issue and requires due process and that while this process is underway, the director of finance would not deal with all financial matters that involve CABS and other banks with immediate effect until disciplinary measures were finalised.

It is further recommended that the director of finance would also not be involved in future transactions involving CABS and other banks, reads the minutes.

Councillors laid the blame squarely on town clerk Mr Mazai with calls for him to step down.
Cllr Voster Mashevedzanwa said that both the town clerk and the finance director should be suspended.

Another councillor interjected saying the issue was about the finance director and not the town clerk. Mayor Test Michaels pointed out that he was the only one who could suspend the town clerk and he had not done so.

This put him in the line of fire as the councillors were now baying for his blood.
Meanwhile, Mr Mazai tendered a resignation letter on June 3, 2015 stating he would serve his notice until August 31.

The letter was read before council and another one was later read showing that he had withdrawn his resignation letter.

Cllrs were of the view that Mayor Mr Michaels sat on the letter of resignation.
Ideally if a person of that stature is to resign, council sits within 24 hours to discuss the matter. However, the mayor, for reasons known to himself, decided to sit on the letter. We smell a fish here, said one councillor.

Councillors then moved a motion to recall the mayor from the chair. The matter is still being finalised. Mayor Mr Michaels said the town clerk was still on duty. herald


Businessman Mr Philip Chiyangwa is demanding over $100 million in compensation from residents settled at Odar Farm, popularly known as Southlea Park, according to figures he put as price for the land. Mr Chiyangwa’s Sensene Investments flighted an advertisement in the media last weekend in which it pegged $50 per square-metre for high-density stands and $16 per square-metre for low-density stands.

Commercial and industrial stands would be charged between $100 and $250 per square-metre respectively. With more than 6 000 residents settled on 200 square-metres in high-density stands, the figure translates to $10 000 per individual and $60 million rich pickings for Mr Chiyangwa.

For a 2 000 square metre stand, an individual has to pay $32 000 at $16 per square metre.
Residents were also asked to pay $150 as registration fee. He will rake in about $40 million from those in low-density suburbs and commercial and industrial stands.

“Payment terms available up to the 36 months. Every occupied stand must be paid for. All residents should regularise their occupation by August 31, 2015 to expedite the process of issuing tittle deeds,” read the press notice.

However, it will not be an easy go for Mr Chiyangwa as the Odar housing development consortium chairperson, Mr Benny Matenga, vowed to resist takeover. Odar housing development consortium convened a meeting with residents at the weekend in which they vowed to resist efforts by Mr Chiyangwa.

Government, through the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing returned Odar Farm to Sensene Investment, part of Stoneridge Park and Nyarungu Estate whose beneficiary was Mr Chiyangwa.

But the consortium that settled more than 7 000 residents on the land has argued that giving the land back was unlawful in that it was not consistent with a Supreme Court judgment confirming the acquisition of the land from the Zimbabwe Tobacco Association.

Consortium executive members representing employees from 56 companies argued that they settled at the farm under the employer-assisted Garikayi/Hlalani Kuhle Phase two.
They convened a meeting with residents on Saturday where they took turns to denounce Mr Chiyangwa.

“You should never lose sleep with what Chiyangwa is doing. Do not panic. We have gone to court challenging the transfer of title to his company. We are confident that we will win. ‘We faced a temporary setback last week and the court ruled that the matter was not urgent. No one is going to pay him a single cent,” said Mr Matenga.

He said they would not rest while waiting their case awaits to be heard in the High Court, as they would take their case to senior Government officials including the Presidium.
“We did not invade this land. We were given by the Government and this property was owned by white men. Chiyangwa is now coming as an agent of the whites to say it is his property.
“If Government wants us to pay compensation, it should come here and convey that message to you as residents. It cannot be my responsibility to do that,” said Mr Matenga.
When contacted for comment, Mr Chiyangwa described the Matenga-led executive as “criminals” fleecing the people. herald


Jailed former Air Zimbabwe company secretary Grace Pfumbidzayi has offered three immovable properties with a combined value of $135 000 as surety for bail pending appeal against a seven-year prison term imposed on her for criminal abuse of office. Pfumbidzayi was jailed along with the airline’s former chief executive Peter Chikumba.

They were slapped with 10 years each, but had three years suspended on condition of good behaviour.

Pfumbidzayi has offered a house in Southerton, Harare, with a market value of $30 000 and another one in Masvingo valued at $25 000 plus a Plot measuring 5 813 hectares along Lake Mtirikwi valued at $80 000 in a bid to buy her freedom.

Pfumbidzayi increased the offer after High Court judge Justice Happias Zhou, a fortnight ago felt the bid was not enough.

The judge asked the defence led by Advocate Webster Chinamhora to offer more security as part of the bail condition before the court decides on the application. Pfumbidzayi had initially offered the Southerton house.

But on Tuesday, Pfumbidzayi raised the offer by an additional two properties in Masvingo. The prosecution led by Mr Innocent Muchini, however, argued that all the properties offered as security were not in Pfumbidzayi’s name. He argued that she would not personally suffer anything by absconding. Mr Muchini further argued that her co-accused Chikumba was denied bail by the same court hence they should be treated the same.

But Adv Chinamhora argued that it was not a requirement of the law for security to be in the name of the accused.

“The very fact that third parties were volunteering to risk their properties was evidence of their confidence that she would not abscond,” said Adv Chinamhora.
Regarding Chikumba’s unsuccessful bid for bail pending appeal, Adv Chinamhora said the judge in that case had made a finding that the former Airzim boss had no reasonable prospects of success on appeal and that he was likely to abscond.

“In Pfumbidzayi’s case, the State had made a significant concession that she has reasonable prospects of success on appeal. That automatically put their cases on different footing,” said Adv Chinamhora.

After hearing submissions from both the defence and State lawyers, Justice Zhou reserved ruling to a later date.

Charges against Chikumba and Pfumbidzayi arose after an anomaly was discovered pertaining to amounts paid between April 2009 and April 2013 to a company called Navistar Insurance Brokers (Private) Limited (Navistar) in respect of aviation insurance premiums.
The State accused the duo of enlisting the services of Navistar to provide aviation and insurance cover without going to tender after terminating services of other existing companies. Chikumba, through his lawyer Admire Rubaya challenged the lower court’s ruling, arguing that she erred at law. He lost the case after Justice Owen Tagu threw out the application for lack of merit. herald

Sunday, 2 August 2015


The net is closing in on First Lady Nompumelelo ­Ntuli-Zuma, who has allegedly admitted to knowing about a plot to ­poison the president.

City Press has learnt from four well-placed sources – both in law enforcement and in family circles – that President Jacob Zuma’s estranged wife, known as MaNtuli, will “soon” be charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

The authorities are still on the trail of her alleged accomplices, which City Press has learnt includes a flamboyant KwaZulu-Natal businessman. Three of the four sources confirmed that other local and foreign ­individuals were also on investigators’ radar.

The alleged plot came to light in February, when the Sunday Times reported that MaNtuli had been cast out of the presidential home in Nkandla because Zuma had become suspicious of her involvement in a plot to poison him.
At the time, neither the presidency nor the police would confirm or deny the plot allegations. Both the government and Zuma have been keen to keep the matter out of the news because it thrusts his private life into the public spotlight. However, this may become inevitable ­because the ­investigation has been going full tilt behind the scenes.

A docket is now believed to be with the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) and is being dealt with by senior prosecutors. Law enforcement sources told City Press that MaNtuli had made a statement to investigators and her affidavit contained “some very interesting names”.
“This thing [plot] was big,” said a source familiar with the investigation.

Another well-placed law enforcement source said: “It’s true. She is going to be charged with conspiracy to commit murder. She hasn’t been charged because we haven’t been able to nab the man [or] people who are behind the plot,” the source said.

The decision to charge MaNtuli is likely to be one of the first hot potatoes to land in newly appointed National Director of Public Prosecutions Shaun Abrahams’ lap.

Although two independent sources close to the investigation told City Press that NPA top brass were fully aware of the matter, spokesperson ­Luvuyo Mfaku denied this.
“Regrettably, we cannot comment. The matter has not been brought to our attention. [Provincial prosecutions director] Advocate [Moipone] Noko is not giving any prosecutorial guidance to police on the matter,” said Mfaku.

City Press now understands from sources familiar with the case that an investigation is now under way to find out whether NPA staff leaked information involving the MaNtuli investigation.
A source close to the Zuma family said suspicions about a possible poison plot arose when Zuma became very ill in June last year.

“At some point, we noticed that ubaba was very sick and it had nothing to do with the routine checkups. He was really sick,” said a law enforcement insider.

When it became clear that he had been poisoned, suspicion fell on his wives. Most fingers pointed in the direction of MaNtuli, whose relationship with the president had been going through a rocky patch.
MaNtuli’s marriage was rocked by infidelity after she allegedly cheated on Zuma with her bodyguard, Phinda Thomo. Details of the alleged affair came to light when a letter, supposedly written by concerned family ­members, was sent to an isiZulu newspaper. The family came to MaNtuli’s defence, denying wrongdoing on her behalf.

The Sunday Times reported a senior intelligence source saying the ­poisoning was discovered when Zuma travelled to the US in August last year for the US-Africa Leaders’ Summit. The newspaper reported that ­doctors there discovered what was wrong with him and the diagnosis was subsequently confirmed by Russian doctors.

City Press has learnt that during the subsequent investigation, MaNtuli allegedly crumbled and confessed to having knowledge of the plot.

“She, in not so many words, admitted that she was behind the plot and she was kicked out of Nkandla because she was a threat,” said a family associate.
“She was told to take all her belongings and leave Nkandla. She is only allowed there if she is there to bring the children.”

MaNtuli later revealed the details of the plot to the authorities.
Sources close to the Zuma family said they believed that although the motive for the plot was still unknown, MaNtuli was drawn into it while on a business trip to the US last year. While there, she was wooed by the plotters, who allegedly offered her money to facilitate Zuma’s murder.
“They wooed her because she had direct access to the president. Money exchanged hands, a lot of it ... The deal was to kill the president,” said a law enforcement insider.

The family became more suspicious after they claim she was able to buy a house in the Pietermaritzburg area, and allegedly treated her loyal friends to a three-week stay in a five-star Durban hotel. “The money was driving her crazy,” said a law enforcement source.
While MaNtuli has been stripped of her privileges, she still has her VIP security detail “because it is to monitor her movements ... so we will always know where she is”, said a family insider.
Zuma is also keeping her within the marital fold because “she is fine where she is, where we can monitor her”.

MaNtuli has since kept a very low profile, said the family insiders. Last week she was seen at the funeral of prominent ANC leader Thulani Mashaba – it was the first time she had been spotted at a public event since her exile from the family.

At the funeral, she was ushered into a seat towards the back of the hall, next to Deputy Agriculture Minister Bheki Cele and his wife, ­Thembeka – well away from Zuma and his first wife, Sizakele ­Khumalo-Zuma, and his fourth wife, Bongi Ngema-Zuma.

She has also not been seen at Zuma’s side during his official trips abroad. During a trip to Russia last month for the Brics summit, Tobeka Madiba Zuma accompanied him. On trips to Mozambique in May, to China in ­December and to Senegal in October, MaKhumalo was by his side. ­MaNgema accompanied him on a trip to the Democratic Republic of ­Congo in October.
MaNtuli was also not seen at her husband’s state of the nation address in Parliament in February, an event all his wives traditionally attend.

Investigators from the police and intelligence agencies are now ­monitoring her suspected co-conspirators and gathering evidence to link them ­directly to the plot.
“We still do not know why they wanted to kill the president and what they stood to gain. No one really knows. Until we can get to the masterminds, it is still a mystery and a confusing situation,” said a source close to the investigation.

MaNtuli could not be reached for comment this week. Police spokes­person Lieutenant General Solomon Makgale declined to comment on the case, referring all questions to the presidency.

Presidency spokesperson Bongani Majola also declined to comment, saying he was unable to speak on a personal family matter.

In a statement from her lawyers, BDK Attorneys, MaNtuli today denied involvement in, or knowledge of, such a plot.

"Our client has not 'crumbled and confessed' to having any knowledge of any plot to poison her husband," BDK Attorneys director Ulrich Roux said in the statement. city press


Zimbabwe beat New Zealand by seven wickets in Harare to claim their first one-day international win over a Test-playing team in almost a year.

Ross Taylor hit 112 not out as the tourists reached an imposing 303-4.

But a blistering 130 off 108 balls from Craig Ervine, supported by 84 from Hamilton Masakadza, saw Zimbabwe to their target with six balls remaining.

It was only Zimbabwe's second ODI win of 2015, having failed to win any of their last 10 matches.

The victory also marked only the second time that Zimbabwe have chased down more than 300 to win an ODI - with the first coming on the occasion of their last victory against New Zealand in Bulawayo in 2011.

New Zealand, captained by Kane Williamson in the absence of regular skipper Brendon McCullum, have now lost five of their last seven ODIs, having won the previous 11 in a row in reaching the World Cup final.



As Zanu PF’s deadly factional and succession wars get nastier and more confusing, the battle between First Lady Grace Mugabe and Water minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri over the control of Manicaland province, as well as the ruling party’s women’s league and youth structures in the province is escalating.

Sources within President Robert Mugabe’s divided party told the Daily News yesterday that the war between the two ladies had recently witnessed many spouses of senior Zanu PF officials allegedly trooping to Grace’s multi-million dollar business hub in Mazowe, “in a bid to try and knock some sense into her”.

Fresh details regarding the nasty cat-fight emerged yesterday, amid indications that the fight was taking a turn for the worse as Zanu PF in Manicaland prepares to elect a substantive provincial leadership next month.

A well-placed source told the Daily News last night that the war between the two former political allies was causing “serious turbulence” in the province — which has seen suspensions and counter-suspensions of senior provincial officials, including a recent abortive vote of no confidence in the leadership of acting regional chairman Samuel Undenge.

The source added that Grace’s name was allegedly “featuring prominently in several petitions” that were being drawn up by rival party youths fighting for the control of the provincial youth league structures.

“Things are very bad between the two women. As a result, todays’ planned provincial coordinating committee (PCC), to audit the party structures ahead of the elections, is likely to produce fireworks,” he said.

Another source said Muchinguri-Kashiri was allegedly pushing for the return of former chairperson Mike Madiro and his then deputy Dorothy Mabika, with the backing of some provincial women’s league members and youth chairperson Kelvin Manyengavana.

“The First Lady, on the other hand, wants the status quo to remain, with Undenge becoming the substantive chairperson, as reward for ensuring that the party won the recent two by-elections in Headlands and Dangamvura-Chikanga,” the central committee member said.

The senior party official added that Mandi Chimene, who is also a central committee member, was fighting Muchinguri-Kashiri allegedly to please Grace, whose power both in government and party had risen tremendously since she became women’s league boss late last year.

Preparations for the Manicaland elections scheduled for next month will start today, with a high-powered party delegation led by secretary for war veterans in the Zanu PF politburo Sydney Sekeramayi expected to attend the provincial co-ordinating committee meeting.

“Both the factions led by Muchinguri-Kashiri and that of the First Lady, as represented by Chimene, would want to see that all their people are part of the Electoral College. The weaker faction will have their supporters left out and the party knows there will be chaos, hence the presence of Sekeramayi at a PCC meeting of a foreign province,” the insider added.

Recently, the party was forced to temporarily shut down its provincial offices following violent clashes between feuding youths from rival camps — which led to a planned PCC meeting being aborted.

“The situation is tense in the province because it is no longer a secret here that Muchinguri-Kashiri blames the First Lady for her political woes.

“She has made it clear that as things stand, she either has to become the provincial god-mother or she will have to content with being no more than a peripheral politburo member who has no constituency,” a women’s league official said.

Muchinguri-Kashiri and Grace ironically fought in the same corner when they plotted and fronted the decimation of former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s camp in the run-up to Zanu PF’s disputed damp squib “elective” congress late last year.

The two apparently fell out later, amid claims that Muchinguri-Kashiri felt used by the First Lady, after the former reportedly failed to land the senior party positions that she coveted — a development that she blamed on Grace.

Muchinguri-Kashiri is said to have been angling to replace former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa as party secretary for administration, but was instead appointed to the lesser influential position of secretary for transport in the politburo.

To cover lost ground, insiders say this is what is driving Muchinguri-Kashiri to set her eyes on controlling Manicaland province and working to weaken Grace’s influence in the region.

An audio recording, in which Muchinguri-Kashiri is allegedly heard plotting against her rivals in the province was recently leaked — ushering to the fore the infighting that is devouring Zanu PF and which the ruling party has continuously denied.

Two weeks ago, sources within Zanu PF also claimed that the war between the two ladies had recently witnessed many spouses of senior Zanu PF officials allegedly trooping to Grace’s multi-million dollar business hub in Mazowe, “in a bid to try and knock some sense into her”.

Apparently, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s wife, Auxilia, had led a Midlands women’s league delegation to Mazowe, where it appeared that the intention was to de-campaign Gweru businesswoman Smelly Dube, who is allegedly linked to the First Lady and the ambitious party Young Turks who are known as the Generation 40 (G40) group.

“The delegations talked bad about Dube and claimed that she was the one fuelling factionalism in Midlands. They also accused Dube of using her financial muscle to cause division amongst women’s league members.

“However, Amai (Grace) refused to entertain those allegations and instructed the women to work together. Amai also questioned why they were talking about Dube in her absence, saying allegations should always be dealt with when all parties are available.

“It’s unfortunate for Mai Mnangagwa and her team because they did not get what they wanted,” one of the sources said.

Mnangagwa’s wife declined to comment about the matter when approached by the Daily News saying, “Zanu PF has structures. Please may you look for the provincial chair or spokesperson for women. I do not know about that issue”.

Dube was unavailable for comment.

At the same time, and amid this confusion, it also emerged then that the party’s youth league was seeking a meeting with Grace to complain about Muchinguri-Kashiri’s “nefarious activities” in Manicaland — where the Water minister is in a bruising fight with regional leaders over who is in control of the province.

The Water minister is now said to have cut her ties with the G40’s brains trust, the so-called Gang of Four, choosing instead to throw in her lot with Mnangagwa’s camp, while Grace and the G40 are allegedly on the other side. daily news


A NATIONAL University Science and Technology (Nust) lecturer, David Foya, has been caught in a sex storm and is being sued for $40 000 in damages for having an adulterous relationship with a married student.

The affair was uncovered after intimate messages were discovered by the woman’s husband on her WhatsApp application.

Foya, a lecturer in the Faculty of Business, according to court papers seen by Sunday News, is being accused by Bongani Ngulube, the husband to Judith Moyo, of bedding his wife to the extent that he has lost “love, warmth and affection for my spouse”.

He said he had also lost the support and “services” of his wife as a result of her romantic affair with Foya.

Moyo is a teacher at Montrose Girls High School and was Foya’s student when she was advancing her education at Nust.

Summons filed at the Bulawayo High Court revealed that Ngulube, who wedded his wife on 22 December last year, wants $15 000 for contumelia (a deliberately offensive act or something producing the effect of deliberate disrespect) inflicted upon him by Foya as a consequence of his adulterous relationship with his wife.

He is also demanding $25 000 for “loss of comfort, society and services of his wife” because of the sexual affair.

Ngulube has applied for a default judgment against Foya after the lecturer reportedly failed to file his plea in the stipulated time in terms of the High Court rules.

In his declaration, Ngulube said he was still married to Moyo and added that Foya fell in love with his wife when she was his student at Nust.

“The defendant (Foya) has ridiculed and laughed at the plaintiff (Ngulube) in public on diverse occasions and the affair has caused plaintiff much discomfort and pain. The plaintiff has been greatly humiliated and demeaned by the defendant’s conduct, which conduct has embarrassed plaintiff among his friends, family and members of his church,” declared Ngulube’s lawyers.

Some of the WhatsApp messages which Ngulube filed in court as evidence are that of Foya and Moyo inviting each other for sex and deciding where to be intimate.

Nust recently crafted a gender policy that addresses the issue of sexual harassment of students by lecturers at the institution.


BULAWAYO City Councillors have demanded an allowance increase of more than 450 percent, a move that will see an ordinary councillor getting $1 000 every month.

The move has, however, attracted a backlash from residents who accused the local authority of having misplaced priorities.

The city’s mayor, Councillor Martin Moyo, made the request of the allowance increment last Thursday during a meeting between councillors, council officials and the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, Cde Saviour Kasukuwere.

“It is a matter between us and the minister, of which I believe it won’t be professional for me to discuss it in the media,” said Clr Moyo.

Minister Kasukuwere also confirmed the request by the councillors but said he would not be approving anything that would see the bulk of council resources being directed towards paying the councillors.

“While I understand that the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) is one of the best performing councils in the country and the councillors really deserve to be incentivised, I cannot approve anything that will see these councillors get ludicrous amounts.

“I will sit down with my Permanent Secretary Engineer George Mlilo; we look at the figures which they are suggesting and duly advise what we think. The response might be positive but I must emphasise that service delivery has to determine the amount of allowances they get,” said Minister Kasukuwere.

Council sources, who spoke to this publication, revealed that the councillors had written to the new minister requesting the increase, a move that had been blocked by the previous minister Dr Ignatius Chombo, who now leads the Home Affairs portfolio.

It was revealed that according to the new figures that were being proposed by the councillors, an ordinary councillor would be receiving $1 000; council committee chairpersons, $1 200; the deputy mayor, $1 500 while the mayor would take home $1 600 every month.

Currently, the mayor, Clr Moyo, is getting $350; the deputy mayor, Clr Gift Banda, $300; committee chairpersons, $240 while ordinary councillors get $220.

The demand by the councillors, translates to a 455 percent increase for ordinary councillors.

In Harare, the approved allowances are that the mayor gets $450; deputy mayor, $395; committee chairpersons, $340 while ordinary councillors get $290.

“Councillors wrote to the minister some time ago and on Thursday they took advantage of the minister’s presence to make the request verbally. It is our hope that this request is granted because most of us are now full-time engaged as councillors because it is virtually impossible to be a councillor and hold a normal 8am to 5pm job,” said one councillor.

The councillors are demanding that the increase be effective this monthend.

However, Bulawayo United Residents’ Association (Bura) chairperson Mr Winos Dube had no kind words for the councillors saying this was a clear sign of misplaced priorities, noting that it was high time people realised that being a councillor was not a career path.

“Those people are there simply to ensure that they safeguard people’s monies ensuring that they are used for service delivery but they are now busy demanding these high allowances for themselves.

“It is now becoming clear to everyone that they are not there to represent us but themselves, we now hope that the minister does not give in to such ridiculous demands,” said Mr Dube.

The latest revelations might put the councillors at loggerheads with employees as the increase would mean councillors would be getting way more than the lowest paid council worker. It is the same councillors who blocked a request by the workers to get an increment.

According to the council’s salary schedule contained in a confidential council report, the lowest paid worker, who is in Grade One gets a basic salary of $180 that can be incentivised to Notch Six where they can get up to $241.

Grade two workers get $255 and their maximum notch is $340. Grade three workers get a basic salary of $360.

The workers’ request was rejected by the councillors who argued council was in no financial position to award them the increment but instead a Cost of Living Adjustment, which would see workers get a determined allowance across the board. sunday news