A war has broken out within the MDC tent. Leader Morgan Tsvangirai and Secretary General Tendai Biti are at each other's throats. The only one smiling is ageing leader, President Robert Mugabe.


Musician Alick Macheso whos is divorcing his wife, Tafadzwa, could be in trouble after his treatment of nhova was exposed. The treatment could be seen as child abuse and Macheso could, possibly, face arrest.


Cuthbert Dube has been re-elected the boss of Zifa to a chorus of boos within the football fraternity. Dube said he was not bothered as the people who voted wanted him to lead Zifa again.


Open war has broken out in the ruling party with the two factions, one believed to be led by Joice Mujuru and another by Emmerson Mnangagwa squaring off. Mugabe is on his last five year term and succession is now on the cards.


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Thursday, 31 July 2014


Some Zanu-PF bigwigs are jostling for power and clandestinely approaching President Mugabe pleading with him to influence their election or appointment to certain positions at the party’s National People’s Congress in December. It has also emerged that some party officials are holding secretive meetings at night, while others are using money and other dirty tricks to buy support ahead of the congress.

This came out at the Zanu-PF Politburo meeting yesterday where the President said he was aware of such manoeuvres and urged members to desist from doing so. Addressing journalists after the meeting, Zanu-PF spokesperson Cde Rugare Gumbo said President Mugabe, who is also the party’s First Secretary and President, said no one could cheat the system because people knew who represented their interests.

“The President expressed concern on those in leadership who on a daily basis cherish indiscipline in the party,” he said. “It was apparent that there are some who hold clandestine meetings, seeking positions in the party largely because we are going to congress. They use dirty money, they use dirty tricks in order to influence the outcome of congress.

“The President said he is aware of such people in our midst. Some have even come to him with their ambitions for leadership at congress. The people know who is who and who will represent their interests. You can never cheat us, you can never cheat the people and it is important that people be careful about what they do.”

President Mugabe’s remarks came in the wake of unconfirmed reports that there is a tussle for power within the party, with groups organising themselves to upset each other at the congress. Gumbo said the Politburo also discussed preparations for the youth and women’s conferences set for next month.
Dates for the women’s conference were changed together with the venue of the youth conference.

“The youth conference will be held from the 7th to the 10th of August,” he said.

“It will now be held at the Harare International Conference Centre and no longer at the City Sports Centre. The women’s conference will be held from the 12th to the 15th of August, instead of the 20th to the 22nd. Opening will be on the 13th and closing on the 14th.”
Cde Gumbo said the venue of the women’s conference was yet to be finalised, although it was likely to be HICC.

 He said the Women’s League inter-district elections would be held next Wednesday and Thursday. Cde Gumbo said the Politburo received a report from the party’s national chairman Cde Simon Khaya Moyo relating to candidates for the Youth League and Women’s League submitted by the provinces.

He said names of the approved candidates would be announced next week after the party’s Central Committee meeting.

“We have the list of people who were qualified and who were not qualified,” he said. “I may just say the majority of people who did not qualify, particularly for the youths, is because of the age limit or the fact that they have not served in the provincial executive for five years.

“For the women, most of them to a larger extent qualified, but maybe one or two did not qualify.”
Cde Gumbo said the Politburo endorsed Cde Kudakwashe Sinto from Mashonaland Central who was facing a disciplinary hearing to stand as a candidate at the youth conference.

 He said the Mashonaland Central leadership was also tasked to address challenges bedevilling their province. Cde Gumbo said another discussion centred on the roll-out of the electronic cards by the party’s commissariat department. herald


Former Mines and Mining Development Minister Dr Obert Mpofu allegedly did not disclose the truth to President Mugabe about the mining joint venture that culminated in the formation of the now defunct Canadile Miners to extract diamonds in Chiadzwa. Minister Mpofu, who is now in charge of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development, wrote a letter dated June 23 2009 to President Mugabe recommending the partnership between Government and BSGR Group.

But he did not disclose that the mining giant had stated conditions to be met before it rendered financial support to its contracting partner, Core Mining and Mineral Resources led by Lovemore Kurotwi.

BSGR director Mr Marc Struik communicated to the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation that the mining giant would only come on board to support Core Mining after a binding agreement had been finalised and when its conditions had been met.

Minister Mpofu allegedly did not include this in his letter to President Mugabe, which only indicated that the deal had been sealed and was ready to be operational.

This emerged in the case in which Kurotwi and former Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation chief executive Dominic Mubaiwa are being charged with defrauding the Government of US$2 billion through misrepresentation.

Minister Mpofu is testifying in the case after Kurotwi and Mubaiwa indicated that he demanded a US$10 million bribe in exchange for Core Mining to partner ZMDC in mining diamonds in Marange.
Kurotwi’s lawyer, Mrs Beatrice Mtetwa, said it was Minister Mpofu who misrepresented facts and not Kurotwi and Mubaiwa.

“Did you disclose to the President that BSGR said it would only come on board if certain conditions had been met?” she said. “You are the one who made misrepresentations to the President because you did not disclose the pre-conditions to the President.”

Minister Mpofu confirmed that he did not disclose the information to the President, but argued that he had not been informed of the conditions by ZMDC.

“How could I have told the President when I had not been informed by ZMDC?” he said.
Minister Mpofu had at first refused to comment of the letter he wrote to President Mugabe, saying he did not want to comment on his communication with the President.

The letter was written to the President a month after BSGR wrote to ZMDC spelling out its pre-conditions.  BSGR’s pre-conditions were as follows: “That the Core diligence report indicates to BSGR that the Marange Diamond Project can be economically mined in accordance with all BSGR’s internal investment criteria.

“That all legal tenure matters relating to the Marange Diamond Project area have been resolved (or suitable comfort has been provided to BSGR for the resolution of such tenure matters).
“That final agreements in respect of the Marange Diamond Project are concluded between ZMDC and Core (Mining) that are acceptable to BSGR.

“That all diamonds in terms of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and that all parties to the joint venture will adhere to the principles of good corporate governance.
“The parties will ensure that the operations are conducted in a way that is consistent with the rule of law and protects all stakeholder and shareholders’ rights.

“All stakeholders must have the opportunity to obtain effective redress for any violation of their rights.

“The parties shall ensure that there will be adherence to all anti-corruption laws. The parties shall adhere to international norms in this regard and shall ensure that no corruption practices take place.”
Mrs Mtetwa said when the June 23 letter was authored, Government had not even met the pre-conditions and that no further communication had been received from BSGR confirming that the company’s pre-conditions had been met.

 Part of the letter to the President from Minister Mpofu reads:
“Your Excellency, we recommend and stand guided that we enter into partnership with BSGR through ZMDC. Subject to further due diligence investigation, the company possesses the required capacity to enhance production and exploration of the Marange project.”

Minister Mpofu told the court that when he met potential investors in the absence of ZMDC executives, he did not take into account the parastatal’s operational guidelines.
He said being a minister, he was not guided by the ZMDC Act and that the meetings were courtesy calls that did not require any minutes.

 The guidelines include that which compels bidders to come up with business plans before their proposals were entertained.  The trial continues on Monday with Mrs Mtetwa expected to further question Minister Mpofu. herald

Wednesday, 30 July 2014


MUTARE – The Morgan Tsvangirai led faction here has won a property ownership tussle today after the acquittal of its members in a case of unlawful entry and malicious damage to property reported by the Tendai Biti-led rebel group.

The Biti led group known as the MDC Team Renewal reported a theft case to police in what was seemed to be a bid to incapacitate the MDC-T faction in the province.Former Mutasa South Member of Parliament and Mutare Mayor Misheck Kagurabadza and two other youths, Knowledge Nyamhoka and Allen Mukodzani were arrested last month facing theft charges.

Brian James, aligned to Biti camp is the one who made a police report and pressed the charges.It was alleged that on 28th April at about 1800hrs at the MDC-T offices at 26B Carrington Drive, Darlington, the three, Kagurabadza, Nyamhoka and Mukodzani acting on connivance broke into the party offices by breaking the locker secured by a locked key with an iron hoe to gain entry into the office.

The state said while the three were inside they stole a Dell Computer Monitor, one Dell computer Central Processing Unit (CPU), one Techcom Computer CPU, one Omega fan, one photocopier, to computer keyboards and various accessories and packed the items in Kagurabadza’s vehicle a Mazda T50 twincab.The accused persons got information that police were looking for them and they handed themselves to the Mutare Central Police station leading to their arrest.

Mutare magistrate Sekesai Chiwundara ruled that the three were safeguarding party property as they had acted in accordance with a legitimate directive from the party leadership. Acting Secretary-General for MDC-T, Tapiwa Mashakada, said the directive was for them to secure all party property.“The rebels are on a concerted effort to destabilize the party by grabbing all party assets across the provinces. The rebels have been moving around the provinces lying that all party property belongs to them. The judgment in the Manicaland case deserves celebration because those who acted to protect party property were acquitted,” said Mashakada.

The vehicle and the rest of the property which had been confiscated by the police upon the arrest of the MDC-T officials have since been handed over back to party. The Zimbabwean


Gokwe-Nembudziya MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena on Monday took a dig at party secretary for administration, Didymus Mutasa, saying he is a divisive element bent on fanning factionalism.
Wadyajena, a Midlands MP and believed to be a loyal cadre to Justice minister, Emmerson Mnangagwa, told a  party gathering at Buno Primary School, Nembudziya, that the Justice minister did not lead a faction within the party as alleged by Mutasa.Although he did not mention Mutasa by name during his address he, however,  later confirmed that he meant him.

Said Wadyajena: “Kune vamwe vakuru varikufamba vachizviti varikuda kubetsera mayouth ivo vari kukambeina for some youths (There are elderly people who are criss-crossing claiming to be helping youths while campaigning for some and at the same time claiming that Mnangagwa has a faction). It is them who have a faction.”“Mnangagwa does not have a faction but those people saying so are the ones who have a faction and should be dealt with,” he said.

Mutasa could not be reached for a comment as his mobile phone  went unanswered.The ruling party has been embroiled in factional politics as the battle to succeed  President Robert Mugabe continues with two names emerging.Mnangagwa and Vice President Joice Mujuru have been touted as front runners to take over from the party’s veteran leader, but both of them have denied harbouring such ambitions, let alone leading any factions within the party.

Recently, Mutasa told a youth rally in Manicaland that Mujuru did not have a faction and accused Mnangagwa of leading a small camp within the party.Presidential Affairs minister  claimed that Mnangagwa and Information minister Jonathan Moyo were “divisive” and should be sprayed with gamatox, a banned pesticide used to kill weevils in the early 90s.“You said there are two factions, one led by Joice Mujuru and the other by Emmerson Mnangagwa,” Mutasa intimated.

“There is only one faction led by Mnangagwa because a faction is described as a group of few people who will be working outside the majority,” Mutasa said then.But Wadyajena said: “Don’t be misled, Mnangagwa does not have a faction, don’t be used in factional politics by people who want to abuse you as youths. They claim that they care about you but they are up to no good.”

Zanu PF is due to hold its main  elective congress in December but before that, the party’s youth and women’s leagues will hold mini congresses to choose their  own leadership, respectively.The women’s league is, however, likely to be led by First Lady Grace Mugabe following her endorsement by the league’s structures last week. Zimbabwe mail


Zimbabwe’s first successfully separated conjoined twins are likely to be discharged from hospital soon as they are recovering well.

Tapiwanashe and Kupakwashe Chitiyo, who were successfully operated on the 1st of July, are now out of the intensive care unit but are still being monitored in a separate ward to ensure they do not contract any infections.

Dr Bothwell Mbuvayesango, who led the 50-member team of locals to perform the delicate surgery and the Harare Hospital Children’s Hospital Matron, Charity Doto said the two boys are responding well to treatment. While the twins lie recovering at Harare Children’s Hospital, there is joy that the historic operation has completely altered the lives not only of the twins but many such situations that might arise in future.

The smile on the face of the twins’ mother, Agnes Mangoro speaks volumes of satisfaction that the three and a half months period stayed in hospital has been worthwhile. The twins were born on the 22nd of April at Murehwa District Hospital and had to be transferred to Harare Central Hospital where the landmark surgery which took close to eight hours was conducted on 1 July.  


ZESA Holdings Chief Executive Engineer Josh Chifamba’s contract has been renewed for another four years in line with government’s corporate governance and remuneration policy framework for chief executive officers of parastatals, state enterprises and local authorities.

The ZESA board met in Harare on Tuesday and unanimously agreed to extend Engineer Chifamba’s contract up to 2018. His conditions of service remain the same until government comes up with a proper remuneration structure for chief executives of parastatals, state enterprises and local authorities.

A board member who attended Tuesday’s meeting said Engineer Chifamba’s contract has been extended for him to oversee the completion of projects started during his tenure. He further said that wide consultations had been made before arriving at the decision, adding that the ZESA Human Resources Committee met last Thursday and resolved to extend the contract and the same situation prevailed this Tuesday.

Some of the projects that Engineer Chifamba will oversee the Kariba South power extension and Hwange 7 and 8 thermal power stations which will add 600 mega watts to the national grid. Engineer Chifamba came to the helm of the organisation during the inclusive government, signing a three-year contract under the then Minister of Energy and Power Development, Mr Elton Mangoma.

His contract expired on 31 January this year and the Minister of Energy and Power Development, Cde Dzikamai Mavhaire extended it by six months as there was no board in place to decide his fate.


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will stop flights to Harare and Lusaka from the 28th of October, two years after the resumption of flights to Zimbabwe.

The international airline, which resumed Zimbabwe flights in 2012 after a 13 year break, has once again announced the discontinuation of flights to the Harare and Lusaka. The airline says recent optimisations in its network portfolio in East Africa led to the decision to discontinue direct services from Amsterdam to Lusaka and Harare.

Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) General Manager, Mr David Chawota confirmed the development, adding that the airline briefed the authority about the decision. The discontinuation of the Harare flight by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines however comes at a time a number of international and regional airlines have expressed renewed interest to service the local route.

The discontinuation of the Dutch flights will bring to 13 the number of international airlines plying the Zimbabwean route from the current 14. The country is however confident it will attain the 40 international airlines target by 2018.


A woman from Rusenya Village in Zimuto district in Masvingo last week shocked passengers in a commuter omnibus when she suddenly threw her two-months-old baby out through the window of a moving kombi.

Vimbai Wapendama (22) then jumped off the speeding kombi immediately afterwards. Her baby Munashe Chinzou died on the spot while Wapendama suffered a fractured leg. Assistant Police Spokesperson for Masvingo Province, Nkululeko Nduna confirmed the incident and said investigations are underway. The incident happened on Tuesday at around 4pm along Gonamombe Road as the kombi headed for Masvingo City.

Although Police investigations are still going on, it is believed that the woman at some stage suspected that the kombi crew wanted to abduct her and use her and her child for ritual. Initial reports indicate that the crew could have been   joking amongst themselves saying zvedu zvaita (we have made it) which confused the woman into thinking that she was already into captivity.

Police however, could not confirm this allegation because the woman is still in hospital. According to the Police the woman tried to run away after jumping off but was chased by the kombi driver who apprehended her and returned her to the kombi before calling Masvingo Rural Police. The driver has been identified as Johannes Mataruse.Chinzou`s body was taken  to Masvingo General and Wapendama is in the same hospital under arrest.They were three other passengers who witnessed the incident. Mirror


A ZIMBABWEAN truck driver who says he was falsely accused of armed robbery has for the past seven months been languishing at Livingstone State Prison in Zambia with prosecutors allegedly demanding a $2,000 bribe to set him free. Family man and father of three, Qhubekani Dube, 44, of Pumula East suburb was arrested on January 12 charged with robbing Inter Africa Bureau De Change in Kazungula of $17,000 on December 31 last year.

His case has been set for trial at least four times but has failed to take off after the prosecutor, the robbery victim or both, failed to show up in court. Hermis Transport Congo, the company he works for, sent evidence to Zambian authorities, collaborated by about 40 other truckers, to show that Dube was in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) at the time the crime was committed but the courts have seemingly ignored it.

Copies of pages from his passport also show he was in the DRC on December 31. His children have since stopped going to school because they have no one to pay their fees. Dube has written letters from prison to organisations that include various media houses in Zambia, international human rights organisations, embassies in both countries, Cross Border Truckers Association, stating his case and appealing for assistance.

Dube’s mother, Gogo Lucy Dube, 73, shed tears as she narrated her son’s ordeal to Chronicle. “As you can see from the letters, he left Zambia for DRC on 12 December and was arrested on 12 January when he eventually returned. The Zambian police have all the evidence to show he is innocent but they don’t want to release him,” said Gogo Dube.

She said the family could not meet the demands for $2,000 or K10,000 from the prosecutor (name withheld). “No one has that money. The children aren’t going to school. We have no money to travel to Zambia every time they say the trial is on. We can hardly feed ourselves. I don’t know which office I can approach to secure freedom for my innocent son,” she said.

In a letter addressed to the Ministry of Home Affairs in Zimbabwe, Dube said he was innocent but was being held to ransom by unscrupulous court officials.

“Honourable Minister, when all this happened I was not in Zambia. I was in another country at work. My company has been writing letters and have provided the Zambian police with proof that I was indeed in Congo when all this happened,” wrote Dube.

“The company has even engaged a lawyer for me but the lawyer has been working on behalf of the public prosecutor demanding K10,000 from my wife in Zimbabwe so that they can dispose of the case when they know I am innocent.”

Fellow truckers who were with Dube in DRC when the crime was committed, said their friend was literally “rotting” in prison.

“They don’t give them food. He relies on handouts from truck drivers who pass through Livingstone to feed him. Sometimes he goes for days without food when there is no truck traffic into Zambia,” said a driver.

Gift Murapa, the managing director of Crystal Clearing Company in Victoria Falls, said what was happening to Dube was serious injustice.

“I think these people just want to wear him down by keeping him in prison until he pays. Mambo Moyo, a truck driver who had been with him in the DRC when the crime was committed in Zambia, tried to back Qhubekani’s story but the police arrested him under unclear circumstances. He was released after a number of days,” said Murapa.

He said witnesses were getting frustrated with having to travel to Zambia for a trial that never kicks off.

One of Dube’s employers in the DRC, Tapiwa Maphosa, is on record vouching for his innocence.
The Zimbabwean embassy in Zambia has not responded to questions sent to them last week Friday.


SUSPECTED goblins have struck Ndangababi Primary School in Cross Dete again with teachers now living in fear following a series of mysterious incidents.Barely a year after a purported cleansing ceremony was conducted at the school after it had been temporarily closed, teachers yesterday said the “tormenting creatures” had resurfaced.

The school has 16 teachers and 674 pupils. Speaking on condition of anonymity, some teachers said they have started experiencing strange sounds and movement of furniture with food and money disappearing mysteriously.

“We’re living in fear again and since last week most teachers woke up at night seeing chairs moving with strange noises on the roof while others found their food and money missing,” said one of the teachers.

The teachers said the goblins were now attacking all teachers unlike last year when they only tormented female teachers. On Monday lessons at the school were stopped as teachers thronged the headmistress’ office seeking protection.

“We couldn’t work because of what is happening and we went to the head’s office to try and push the authorities to act since this is our life we are talking about,” said another teacher. “Sadly children were writing their mid-term examinations and the progress has been affected by these things.”
Hwange district education officer, Lovemore Ncube confirmed the reports but could not be drawn to give details referring questions to Matabeleland North Provincial Education Director, Boithatelo Mnguni.

Mnguni acknowledged the report saying she was distressed by the issue. She feared operations at the school were likely to be suspended if the situation continues. “I haven’t been to Hwange to assess the situation, however, the DEO briefed me on the matter,” said Mnguni.

She said her office was closely monitoring developments at Ndangababi while urging the community to deal with the issue to avoid  closure of the school. “I call on the parents to deal with this issue swiftly as delay would force us to withdraw the staff at the school in order to protect them,” said Mnguni.

“I understand the cleansing process will begin this week since an inyanga has been found from the neighbouring village so we will wait and see what happens tomorrow. If the situation has not changed the school might be closed.”

The school made headlines last year when the goblins terrorized teachers with noises on the roof, movements of chairs and blowing out of candles before attacking the headmistress leaving her unconscious.

Some teachers were forced to sleep in groups at a nearby Dampa Secondary School while their male counterparts who had remained at the cottages resorted to drinking themselves into a stupor to brave the night.

A traditional healer from Binga was called in to cleanse the place before peace and sanity returned to the school.chronicle


A 23-YEAR-OLD pregnant woman was yesterday sentenced to six months in prison after she pleaded guilty to a charge of robbery.

Thubelihle Ncube and her five accomplices pounced on Admire Moyo, 39, at night and threatened him before stripping and robbing him of his valuables.

She pleaded guilty before Western Commonage magistrate Themba Chimiso while her accomplices, Sandile Ndlovu, Spencer Moyo, Tafadzwa Mubingwa, Munyaradzi Kota and Mthokozisi Ncube, denied the charge.

Prosecuting, Whatmore Tembo said Ncube robbed Moyo of his clothes and left him naked last month.
“On June 30 at around 3AM at D-square, the accused persons robbed Moyo of his property namely X2 Nokia phone, Blackberry, brown jacket, brown shoes and a navy blue T-shirt and cash amounting to $200 and R400 and left him naked,” said Tembo.

He said the combined value of the property stolen was $395 and R400 and that only a brown jacket was recovered.

Ncube pleaded guilty to the charge and asked the court to be lenient when passing sentence.V“I admit the charge and please give me a non-custodial sentence because I am pregnant. A jail sentence would not be conducive for me,” she said.

However, Chimiso slapped her with a six months prison sentence and conditionally suspended three months. She will serve an effective three months behind bars. Trial of her alleged accomplices is on today. chronicle


BEAUTIFUL Grace Baloyi says she her sex life has been ruined by a tokoloshe. 
Grace (28), a mother-of-two from Lephalale in Limpopo, said: “I feel this thing sleeping with me, usually in the early hours.” And it also sleeps with her when she takes a nap during the day. “Sometimes I see it coming to my bedroom and taking off its belt. “I wake up wet and tired,” said Grace, a sales consultant. 

“Unless I wake up and stand it won’t stop. It’s been happening every night for seven years.” 

Grace said the evil creature haunts her even when she’s visiting her boyfriend! “I’m always tired and unable to have sex with my boyfriend. “This tokoloshe makes me impatient with every man who comes into my life,” she said. “Sangomas and churches couldn’t help me. They all say the tokoloshe was sent by jealous people who don’t want me to get married or have a stable relationship.” 

She said she wants to settle down but the longest time she’s been with a boyfriend was seven months. “I need help to get rid of this tokoloshe. I can’t take it any more,” said desperate Grace. daily sun



Legislators have been exempted from paying tollgate fees. This follows a request tabled by parliamentarians seeking an exemption ostensibly because they would be performing parliamentary duties.

Transport minister Obert Mpofu told legislators recently that they should submit number plates for their respective vehicles to Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) so that they are captured in a database for easy implementation of the policy.

“Government has exempted legislators from paying toll fees as the necessary paperwork to enforce the policy has been completed,” Mpofu said. He said a meeting was convened recently between him and Zinara boss Frank Chitukutuku.

“We agreed that we would come up with a solution,” Mpofu said. “We also highlighted that the cars being used by MPs should be given separate numbers so as to make it easy to ensure that the car that would be passing through belongs to an MP.”

The Daily News understands that all MPs have since submitted their documentation to Zinara.
Matabeleland South MDC Senator Watchy Sibanda had asked Mpofu on what had become of their request to Zinara that they be exempted from paying toll fees.

He was supported by Matabeleland North MDC Senator Herbert Madolo Sinampande.
The country has 22 tollgates and has mooted introducing more in urban areas to decongest cities, in particular Harare.Legislators exempted from tollgate fees. daily news


The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) yesterday denied that it was pursuing Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s United Family International Church’s (UFIC) incomes following reports that officers from the revenue authority wanted to garnish the church’s account.

Reports indicated yesterday that Zimra officials had in the past few weeks visited UFIC offices in Harare demanding books of accounts accusing the popular church of accumulating millions of dollars but failing to pay tax.

But Zimra spokesperson Taungana Ndoro said he had not heard of any such investigation but promised to check with authorities at his organisation. Makandiwa’s spokesperson Prime Kufa said UFIC had no issues with Zimra and but confirmed that his church had become a victim of conspiracy theories.

“Everything we do at UFIC is above board and our books are okay and Zimra knows that. They have all the information they want and we are available with our records 24 hours a day.
“Here and there, we get people claiming to be from different institutions claiming to be investigating this and that.

“It is shocking that for more than a year, different sets of people come to us demanding information.
“Different officials have been coming to us demanding the same information, saying they would have lost our documents. We furnish Zimra with up-to-date information,” said Kufa.

Asked to comment on reports that rival churches were out to tarnish the UFIC image, Kufa said: “At UFIC, we don’t have time for petty fights and jealousies. We concentrate on delivering the word of God which is our calling.

“You will never hear us attacking other churches because we serve one master — God.
“While this has been going on, spiritually we have been witnessing a mighty move of God and amazing miracles are taking place and our numbers are increasing and we are buying more tents to accommodate the increasing numbers. We will remain focussed on our primary objective which is preaching the gospel,” said Kufa.

He also denied media reports his church was in competition with other churches for people.
A Zimra official, who refused to be named, said it was common that officials from other church organisations can be used by individuals to pursue personal agendas to settle scores without the official knowledge of authorities.

“In Harare, anything can happen, you find that these youngsters are paid to harass rivals using the name of Zimra, and any employee caught doing this is severely punished,” said the source.
The development comes as churches appear to have taken their campaign to woo people into overdrive.

In Harare on Monday, fliers were thrown in the city purportedly from Prophet Walter Magaya’s Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) ministries which read: “Prophet Walter Magaya is the only man of God and a real Prophet in Zimbabwe... the only true prophet who pulls the largest crowds through soul winning in Zimbabwe. Come and witness him performing real miracles every Sunday at Zindoga Shopping Centre. Don’t be left out.”

A top PHD official said she could not immediately comment on the fliers as she was out of the country. daily news


TWO minors were badly burnt and hospitalised after their father allegedly locked them in a hut and set it ablaze following a dispute with his wife over used condoms.The two girls aged seven and three years were taken to Zvishavane hospital, but one of them had to be transferred to Mpilo Central Hospital due to the severity of the burns.

Lovemore Shoko of Chisungo Village in Mplawani, Fort Rixon appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Sibongile Msipa yesterday facing two counts of attempted murder. He was remanded in custody to August 14 after he pleaded not guilty to the charges, claiming he was not there when the incident occurred.
Shoko’s wife, Rumbidzai Madhuku reportedly discovered the used condoms in their bedroom hut and accused him of having an affair with a neighbour’s wife. Prosecuting, Dennmore Kasenza told the court that Madhuku called a meeting with Shoko’s parents after finding out about the alleged illicit affair.

“On July 13 Rumbidzai Madhuku found used condoms in their bedroom hut. She then learnt that Shoko had been having an affair with a neighbour’s wife,” said Kasenza.

The prosecutor said she called Shoko’s parents to reprimand him and this apparently did not go down well with him.

In a fit of rage, Shoko allegedly locked his  two daughters, Vision, 7 and Tambudzai, 3, in a thatched hut and set it on fire before fleeing from the scene.

“While Madhuku escorted Shoko’s parents back to their homestead, Shoko used the opportunity to lock the children in the hut and lit it. A passerby rescued the children who were taken to Zvishavane Hospital,” said Kasenza.


THE stampede to endorse President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace, as the new Zanu PF women’s league secretary-general hit a bizarre note yesterday with war veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda describing her as Mother Theresa.

Sibanda said he saw no one better qualified to lead the Zanu PF women’s wing than the 49-year-old Grace. Zanu PF organs have been falling over each other to publicly endorse her to succeed Oppah Muchinguri at the party’s congress in December.

Muchinguri and some members of the women’s league set the ball rolling when they announced the endorsement in Mazowe last Friday. She said Grace was being rewarded for standing by her husband during tough times, including when he was hounded by the “paparazzi”.

Since Muchinguri’s request, various choruses of approval have been sung by Zanu PF’s organs, including those whose votes won’t be required to propel Grace to the politburo.

Sibanda was at pains to compare the First Lady to the late philanthropic Roman Catholic religious sister and founder of the Order of the Missionaries of Charity, Mother Theresa. He said the First Lady was an excellent philanthropist like Mother Theresa.

“She has been kind to the people and cares for orphans. She is the only one in the world I know, besides Mother Teresa, who led an organisation,” Sibanda said.

“The First Lady is an ordinary citizen who used her own money to build an orphanage. She grew up a country girl and happened to get married to the president. She cares for orphans, both girls and boys.
“What touches me is that she also cares for children of women who are in prison. On the political front, she is the only woman who is on the sanctions list, not because she committed a crime, but because she stood dedicated to the ideology of the country; dedicated to an ideology of people who were enslaved inside and outside the country’s boundaries; dedicated to the ideology of a race, which fought a protracted war to get back its land,” he said.

“She suffered for that despite the fact that she was not in the (Zanu PF) central committee, women’ league or the politburo.” He said as war veterans they viewed Grace as the right person to work with since they shared the same ideology.

“I feel she’s not only a partner to the women’s league, but also to the war veterans as she fights for an ideology which we believe in,” Sibanda said. Zanu PF Bulawayo women’s league provincial chairperson Ever Bitu yesterday said her province had endorsed the First Lady’s leadership.

“We will not change our endorsement. We endorsed her in Mazowe as provinces and Bulawayo still endorses her. She’s a hard worker who has women issues at heart,” she said.

“We know that if she is close to us, our lives as women in politics will improve as she will be easily accessible. I am 100% behind her like women in this province. You saw what happened last year during election campaigns when women got kitchen utensils?

“She was the one who was telling the president that our women needed him.
“We are very happy to have her as our leader. Muchinguri was also good, but she did the right thing to offer her position to the First Lady.”

All the Zanu PF provincial structures have supported the proposal for her to lead the women’s league.
Zanu PF apologists have previously bordered on blasphemy by equating Mugabe to Jesus Christ saying he shared the same vision as the Lord.

Some have declared that Mugabe was God-ordained to rule Zimbabwe, while others said he was like the biblical Moses who would deliver Zimbabweans from oppression. southern eye


Former Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) chief executive officer Cuthbert Dube allegedly bribed two board members with posh cars to have his salary increased, the Labour Court has heard.

In an affidavit deposited with the Labour Court in response to Dube’s application demanding that he be paid his salary, a copy of  which The Zimbabwe Mail has in its possession, interim PSMAS head Gideon Mhlanga said the Zifa president’s actions bordered on criminality.

Mhlanga said after the December expose by the media of Dube’s staggering salary, investigations were carried out and that the results unearthed were shocking.

“It came as a shock to the respondent (PSMAS) that while applicant (Dube) was in receipt of $92 000 monthly from the respondent, he was also secretly taking $138 000 per month from one of the respondent’s subsidiaries.

“The total was, therefore, $230 000 per month that was reported in the press as part of what became known as the PSMAS salarygate scandal. The circumstances as unearthed, showed improper, if not criminal conduct on the part of the applicant (sic),” Mhlanga said.

Mhlanga also sensationally told the Labour Court that Dube bribed board members to get a salary increment.

“The respondent’s board discovered that the applicant had, while in office, purchased as a bribe or some other improper consideration, two brand new Mercedes Benz E300 vehicles for two board members who had secretly approved his scandalous salary as described above,” said Mhlanga. “The applicant had, without board approval, purchased for himself a house in Glen Lorne, Harare for a sum of $1 593 523, inclusive of renovations and tax payments.”

Mhlanga said contrary to assertions by Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba that the board then chaired by a Finance ministry’s senior bureaucrat, Meissie Nemasasu, had been forced to dissolve itself after government threatened to withhold civil servants’ contributions, the board had self-liquidated in shame.

In a supporting affidavit also seen by The Zimbabwe Mail, Luckson Zembe, who briefly served as interim chairperson following the dissolution of the then board, said Nemasasu had been forced off after revelations of abrogation of duty.

“When the respondent’s board got to know that the applicant, in collusion with the then board chairperson, unprocedurally had his salary raised to $230 000 per month before allowances it felt betrayed by the applicant and the board chairperson in that they both had abrogated their duty of care to the society in line with good corporate governance fiduciary responsibilities,” Zembe said. “The board resolved, among other things, to relieve the then board chairperson of her duties after it emerged she had betrayed the trust and confidence of the board in her capacity as chairperson by colluding with the applicant to approve his abnormal and unreasonable package without seeking approval by the full board aforesaid.”

Dube, according to Mhlanga, also in the course of a single year (2010), illegally accessed from PSMAS coffers $815 000, allegedly for medical treatment “without tendering any proof of such treatment”.

“Applicant irregularly gave Buymore Investments in which he has a controlling stake a contract to supply meat and meat products to respondent’s canteen, resulting in payments in excess of $245 000 being made to it,” averred Mhlanga.

Between April 2010 and September 2013, Mhlanga told the Labour Court that Dube accessed PSMAS funds totalling $285 000 “as travel and subsistence allowances” while conducting the business of Zifa, “which organisation has no links of any nature with the respondent”.

Under Dube’s watch, Mhlanga told the court that PSMAS accrued a tax debt of more than $60 million, a fact Dube kept away from the board.

“Other misdemeanours, both great and small, continue to be unearthed on a daily basis since applicant vacated office.

“When the issue of applicant’s scandalous salary was unearthed, he was engaged in talks and an agreement was reached to reduce his salary from $230 000, initially to $60 000 (January 2014) and ultimately to $43 000 (February 2014). There are witnesses to the deliberations and the agreement,” said Mhlanga, adding that Dube was a larger than life character in his own right who was paid his dues after the agreement and voluntary retirement.

Mhlanga averred that Dube had, by bringing the matter before the Labour Court, jumped the gun because the dispute “ought to have been referred to a Labour Officer in terms of Section 93 of the Labour Act for conciliation”.

“Only in the event of there being no settlement would the matter go to arbitration from which the matter could then come to the Labour Court on appeal on questions of law,” he added.
Dube has approached the Labour Court seeking relief for salary arrears owed him by PSMAS since his suspension. The matter is pending before the court. Zimbabwe mail


The death toll in the road accident involving a commuter omnibus and a truck along the Masvingo-Beitbridge Highway on Monday has risen to 19 after one more passenger died yesterday upon admission at United Bulawayo Hospitals. The death came as police had identified 16 of those who perished in the accident, while nine bodies had been collected from Neshuro Clinic by relatives yesterday.

National police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi said the 16 identified victims were Tawedzerwa Charumbira, 56, Stella Nyamutsanza, 34, Amos Zirima, 23, Moses Mutaurwa, 20, Fungisai Jefrey, 39, Loveness Masvanhire, 36, Cotney Nyasha Zinhanzva, 3, Tracy Zinhanzva, 5 months, Susan Gwese, 40, Simbarashe Manyapa, 25, Martha Muzenda, 36, Peter Nekate, 47, Ranganai Kudzokera, Mandingudza Shungu, Letwin Maugara (33) and Patience Maugara (33).  Most of the victims’ addresses were listed under streets in Masvingo city.

“We are concerned with the narrowness of Masvingo-Beitbridge Road and appeal to drivers to exercise caution on this road,” said Chief Supt Nyathi. The collection of the nine bodies by relatives brought relief to Neshuro Clinic which had been overwhelmed since it has the capacity to carry only 10 bodies.
Masvingo provincial medical director Dr Robert Mudyiradima said only six bodies remained at Neshuro.

“We had planned to transfer all the excess bodies from the Bubi accident to Ngomahuru Hospital today (yesterday) in the morning, but we cancelled the move because most of them have been collected, leaving enough space to secure the remaining bodies at Neshuro,’’ he said.

Masvingo Provincial Affairs Minister Cde Kudakwashe Bhasikiti has since called on government to construct a bigger hospital near the Masvingo-Beitbridge highway, so that accident victims can quickly access medical attention.

He implored government to speed up the dualisation of the Masvingo-Beitbridge highway considering the high volume of vehicular traffic, especially haulage trucks, plying the route.
Acting Beitbridge district administrator, Peter Moyo said four other victims were still admitted at Beitbridge District Hospital and were in a stable condition.

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter commuter omnibus, which was heading to Musina in South Africa from Masvingo, had 28 passengers, while the truck had three occupants.
The incident which occurred at around 3am on Monday claimed 14 people on the spot, while another died upon admission at Neshuro Clinic.


WAR veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda last week descended on Bulawayo Polytechnic College where he made a passionate plea to students to be patriotic and “to look up to God”.

Sibanda visited the institution of higher learning on Wednesday afternoon for a three-hour “lecture” to students on the history of Zimbabwe, patriotism and the future of the country. All students were reportedly forced to attend the lecture and none were allowed to leave until Sibanda finished his talk. Sibanda yesterday confirmed to Southern Eye that he had engaged Bulawayo Polytechnic students on patriotism last week.

“This is an ongoing programme where freedom fighters try to meet with every Zimbabwean and discuss the history of this country and where it is going,” he said.

“There is nothing peculiar about my visit and lecture at the Polytechnic on Wednesday.
“We have been meeting people from all spheres of life. We are having meetings with students, civil servants, doctors, traditional leaders, village heads and everyone in Zimbabwe.

“Our message is simple, we need to know where we come from and where we are going.
“We are also saying now is the time to look up to God and into ourselves to guarantee a stable future for us as Africans.”

Bulawayo Polytechnic acting principal Gilbert Mabasa requested questions in writing when asked whether his institution had invited the war veterans leader for the lecture. Sibanda said he was on a mission to convince Zimbabweans to value their independence.

“We want Zimbabweans to take a stand and say they can do it on their own,” he said.
“We want everyone to take a stand to say that we are a sovereign country and the future rests in our hands.

“We want to look into ourselves and agree that we stand together with one ideology.
“It’s a discipline that we want to instil in the minds of our people that we need not wait or stand by the opinions of foreigners.”

Zimbabwe National Students Union national spokesperson Avoid Masiraha yesterday said war veterans should not be allowed anywhere near tertiary institutions to avoid the politicisation of education.

“It is not proper. War veterans should not be allowed anywhere near colleges to lecture students.
“We do not want our education to be politicised.  “They have no business to be there,” he said.
Sibanda was at the forefront of Zanu PF campaigns in rural areas before last year’s elections.
Opposition parties accused him of leading terror campaigns — a charge he denied by calling on his accusers to provide evidence.

Sibanda was also at the forefront of organising the “one million men march” in 2007 to mobilise supporters to endorse President Robert Mugabe as Zanu PF presidential candidate. southern eye


THE MDC Renewal Team yesterday said South Africa-based Zimbabwean businessman Mutumwa Mawere was not involved in the merger between the party and United Movement for Democracy (UMD).

MDC-T Renewal spokesman Jacob Mafume said the Biti led outfit merged with UMD after negotiations with its leader, Ashiri Mawere, and not Mutumwa Mawere.

“From where we stand, Mutumwa Mawere is a victim of poor economic policies. “He is a businessman who has done so much for himself and employed many. But the likes of Patrick Chinamasa [former Justice minister] decided to disregard the law and caused the fall of Shabanie and Mashaba Mines,” he said.

Mutumwa Mawere has persistently denied links to the UMD.