A war has broken out within the MDC tent. Leader Morgan Tsvangirai and Secretary General Tendai Biti are at each other's throats. The only one smiling is ageing leader, President Robert Mugabe.


Musician Alick Macheso whos is divorcing his wife, Tafadzwa, could be in trouble after his treatment of nhova was exposed. The treatment could be seen as child abuse and Macheso could, possibly, face arrest.


Cuthbert Dube has been re-elected the boss of Zifa to a chorus of boos within the football fraternity. Dube said he was not bothered as the people who voted wanted him to lead Zifa again.


Open war has broken out in the ruling party with the two factions, one believed to be led by Joice Mujuru and another by Emmerson Mnangagwa squaring off. Mugabe is on his last five year term and succession is now on the cards.


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Thursday, 28 August 2014


A Harare man yesterday told the court that his wife was denying him conjugal rights and telling him to go and quench his “sexual thirst” on their 20-year-old daughter.

Happy Mhlanga said whenever he asks for conjugal rights, his wife Esther Sidori, directs him to their daughter’s bedroom. This emerged at the Harare Civil Court where Mhlanga was seeking a protection order against Sidori whom he said was breaching his peace.

Mhlanga claimed Sidori was in the habit of verbally abusing him each time he reprimands their daughter from wearing trousers and mini-skirts. “I am now afraid of reprimanding our daughter because she always takes her side and insults me in her presence,” said Mhlanga.

Ms Masinire granted the order in Mhlanga’s favour which barred Sidori from verbally abusing him. She ordered the two to have respect for each other and live in peace. Sidori denied all the allegations levelled against her by Mhlanga and accused him of admiring their daughter’s legs each time she wears a mini-skirt.

“Our daughter is old enough to choose her own type of clothes but he keeps on forcing her to dress the way he wants,” she said.

Sidori told Harare Civil Court magistrate Ms Babra Masinire that Mhlanga always says the spirit medium on him does not allow their daughter to wear such clothes but at times he admires her legs saying they were sexy.

“Sometimes when our daughter wears these mini-skirts he tells me that she must keep on wearing them because her legs are sexy,” said Sidori.

Ms Masinire granted the order in Mhlanga’s favour which barred Sidori from verbally abusing him. She ordered the two to have respect for each other and live in peace.


An HIV-positive man yesterday told the Harare Civil Court that his abusive wife forced him to sleep naked every night during the just-ended winter season despite telling her that he was feeling cold.
Tawanda Mhonda said his wife, Philia Muchareva, was refusing to cook for him and switched off the stove if he tried to cook for himself.

 Mhonda was seeking a protection order against Muchareva whom he said was making his life unbearable. Mhonda told Harare Civil Court magistrate Ms Babra Masinire that Muchareva was in the habit of forcing him to bath in cold water even when it’s cold.

Mhonda pleaded with Ms Masinire to grant him the protection order, saying he had suffered a lot. Muchareva denied the allegations and accused Mhonda of infecting her with HIV.

Ms Masinire granted the protection order in Mhonda’s favour which bars Muchareva from physically or verbally abusing him.

She also urged the couple to preserve peace towards each other. “He is chasing me out of our matrimonial home for no clear reason yet he knows that he is the one who infected me with HIV,” she said.

Muchareva said she was not going to leave her matrimonial home because Mhonda had already ruined her life by infecting her with HIV. Ms Masinire granted the protection order in Mhonda’s favour which barred Muchareva from physically or verbally abusing him.

She also urged the couple to preserve peace towards each other.


Former deputy prime minister Professor Arthur Mutambara’s bodyguard masqueraded as a Government employee while in possession of an air-gun tucked in a pistol holster.

Tulani Hlupo (34) was yesterday convicted by Harare magistrate Mr Elijah Makomo of possessing articles for criminal use. Mr Makomo said he was convinced the air-gun was being used for criminal offences.

Mr Makomo sentenced Hlupo to 12 months in prison before suspending three months for five years on condition of good behaviour.  He will serve an effective nine months. In passing sentence, Mr Makomo said Hlupo showed no remorse and had started committing crime at the deep end.

“Although you are a first offender, you started committing criminal offences at the deep end.
“You did not show remorse and gave three conflicting versions of what transpired. The State was correct to say the air-gun was used for criminal offences. Your explanation that you bought the air-gun for your two-year-old child is misleading,” he said.

Prosecutor Ms Francesca Mukumbiri told the court that on August 20 this year, CID Homicide Harare detectives received a tip-off that Hlupo was moving around with a firearm. Hlupo was also in possession of a Government identity card, which he was using to gain access to Government institutions posing as a member of the State security agency.

Two days later, Hlupo assaulted a person at his friend’s home, whose address was given as No. 37 Nhanga Road, Chitungwiza, and was arrested by St Mary’s police. The court heard that Hlupo revealed that he was in possession of a BB air-gun and two pistol holsters, which he had hidden at Livemore Mavula’s house on the day of his arrest.

Detectives recovered the Taurus BB air-gun from Mavula’s house well secured in a pistol holster. Hlupo led to the recovery of another pistol holster hidden in his Isuzu KB vehicle parked at Mavula’s house.

Detectives searched Hlupo and found a Government employee card. Hlupo failed to give a satisfactory answer and was arrested.

Meanwhile, in a separate case, a suspected con-woman allegedly used Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa’s name in a fraud case. This emerged when the trial of Cordelia Warambwa (24) failed to start.

Warambwa appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Victoria Mashamba, who removed her from remand following the State’s failure to proceed with trial. In refusing further remand for Warambwa, Ms Mashamba said the State was not serious and their house was not in order.

“Further remand of the accused is refused and State will proceed by way of summons,” she said.In a warned and cautioned statement recorded from Pasipanodya, he explained how Warambwa narrated her arrest.

In another statement it was alleged that Waramba was arrested by members of the Zimbabwe National Army.

The complainant in the matter was Zvavahera Groosewell Mukunyadzi (32) of Cranborne, Harare. It was alleged that in July 2013 Warambwa approached Mukunyadzi misrepresenting that she was awarded a tender by a certain company to supply four medical machines.

She asked for a capital injection of US$10 000 promising to repay it in three days before offering two vehicles as surety..

Mukunyadzi managed to raise US$6 000 and was allegedly given a Toyota Mark II (registration number ABL 6507) and a Toyota Carina (registration number ABL 8391).
After one week Mukunyadzi was approached by Kapodogo and Felex Kuda Gondo claiming ownership of the vehicles.

Realising that he had been conned, Mukunyadzi looked for Warambwa but she had allegedly fled to South Africa. She was later arrested and Mukunyadzi lost US$6 000 of which only US$200 was recovered. herald


The Labour Court has thrown away two cases in which former Premier Service Medical Aid Society group chief executive Dr Cuthbert Dube is demanding nearly US$1 million in salary arrears from the society and its subsidiary.

 According to a default order granted on August 15 2014, Dr Dube failed to file his heads of argument within the stipulated time-frames, resulting in both cases being dismissed with costs.
“It is ordered that the application for dismissal granted in terms of the draft as follows: that the applicant having failed to file heads of argument within the time limits as per the rules of the Labour Court, the application as filed on May 19 2014 be and is hereby dismissed with costs,” reads the Labour Court order.

Dr Dube, who used to earn a combined US$230 000 a month from PSMAS and its subsidiary Premier Service Medical Investments, stopped receiving his salary between January and March this year and had approached the Labour Court demanding both firms to settle his salary arrears.
PSMAS through its lawyer, Mr James Chikobvu Muzangaza responded to Dr Dube’s application on May 19 2014 from which Dr Dube was supposed to file his heads of arguments within 14 days, but failed to do so.

This prompted PSMAS to seek the dismissal of his application in compliance with the court rules.
However, Dr Dube’s lawyer, Mr Jonathan Samukang,e filed an application for rescission of the judgment arguing that it was nicodemously obtained.

Mr Samukange said his client was not served with the chamber application to dismiss the two applications hence the decision should be rescinded.

“Applicant was not in wilful default. In fact, what respondent did is clearly what has been described by Justice McNally as ‘snatching at a judgment’ which should be discouraged.
“I must point out that at the time the order was granted, applicant had already filed his heads of argument,” read part of the rescission application.

Justice Makamure, through the Registrar of the Labour Court, wrote to Mr Samukange advising him that when his letter reached her office, she had already granted a default judgment.

In his claims to the Labour Court, Dr Dube was arguing that he was still the group chief executive for PSMAS and was entitled to his full salary and benefits as spelt out in his conditions of service.
He argued that his salary from PSMAS was first reduced from US$92 000 to US$60 000 before it was stopped in March while that from PSMI was stopped in January.

He is also demanding benefits that include clothing allowance, security cover at his home, and employment of domestic workers and payment of utility bills.


A married man, reportedly a Guruve Rural District Council top official was allegedly caught naked in a married woman’s bedroom.
NewsDay readers sent us this mobile phone video, which we have however censored as it contained obscenities and foul language.


AS the ZANU-PF December congress draws nigh, if the recent tumultuous events – as well as the unexpected twists and turns – are anything to go by, never before have battle lines along perceived factional leanings been drawn. One source of speculation has been the developments in the party’s Women’s League where outgoing boss, Oppah Muchinguri (OM) has been spearheading the taking over of her position by First Lady Grace Mugabe, herself a novice in politics. Questions have arisen as to why Muchinguri has moved that agenda; and where her heart is in all of this. Financial Gazette News Editor, Maggie Mzumara (MM), had a one-on-one with Muchinguri in efforts to find out whether the veteran politician is coming or going. Below is what came out of that interview.

MM: Now that you have spearheaded the taking over of the leadership of the Women’ League, which was your position, by the First Lady Grace Mugabe, what is next for you?
OM: That was an appointed position so it wasn’t mine per se. In the party we have our leadership who appoint people to be a secretary for any department, we wait to hear from the party leadership. Even to be a committee member without being a head of department is an option. It is up to the President. Hazviicampainwi. Hazvina wekucampaignera. (It is not campaigned for.) I am waiting for whatever comes my way. As it is I am very happy to the Minister of the Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development enforcing the policies that come from our party.

MM: But what party post do you hope for?
OM: Unotopihwa. (It is by appointment not by one’s wishes.) Most positions except the presidium are by appointment. The presidium is where people have to contest and that is full of headaches. I would much rather be where there are no headaches, to be appointed where I qualify. If I can at least be in the Central Committee that would be enough for me.

MM: Central Committee is where you feel you absolutely have to be in? That you should not miss?
OM: Yes, I want to be in the Central Committee. As a person who fought in the liberation struggle, it goes without saying that I want to be in the Central Committee. That I want. Zvekuhondo zvaiva nerufu ka izvi. Semunhu akarwa hondo, it is only fitting that I am in the Central Committee.

MM: What about the presidium? Would you like to be in the presidium?
OM: You are asking me as what? That is scaring me what you are asking. It can’t just arise from nowhere. Why are you asking?

MM: I am asking on my own behalf and just want you to say yes or no?
OM: Handidi. No, I am not interested (in a presidium position).

MM: And if you are nominated and endorsed for vice presidency?
OM: ZANU-PF has got procedures and it informs people of its decisions when the time comes. No one knows until it happens. So anything that is being said now is speculation and you media people quote us out of context and lie and say we have said what we didn’t.

MM: Regarding the nomination and endorsement of the First Lady for the secretary of women’s affairs position, are you leaving that position willingly? You were not forced or manipulated into relinquishing the position, were you?
OM: When you saw me in Mazowe (at the First Lady’s belated birthday celebrations where more than 3000 Women’s League members gathered to endorse the nomination), did I look as if I wasn’t doing it willingly? Did I look unhappy doing it?

MM: To the ordinary eye, you looked cheerful enough, but then again with you people who are veteran politicians, who have fought in the war, one never knows. You politicians have mastered ways of not showing your true colours. I would like to hear directly from you, that’s why I am asking?
OM: Some of us are very genuine and sincere. When I do something like that (spearheading the endorsement of First Lady’s candidature for Women’s League boss) it means I will have a conviction that this is the right thing to do.

MM: The Women’s League was influential in getting Mai Joice Mujuru into the vice-presidency in 2004…
OM: We made a proposal that one in every three positions be given to a woman and we pushed for it. Now we are at 50/50 positions to be shared between men and women.

MM: But so far we have not heard you push for Mai Mujuru to stay in the presidium? Is the Women’s League not as convinced in pushing that agenda this time around?
OM: Why are you pushing that presidium question? What is your interest? Don’t think for us.

MM: I am not thinking for you per se, but I am curious that if you nominated her last time why not now? We don’t hear you pushing for it?
OM: When we make any decisions as the Women’s League and are ready with them, we announce. Do not think for us. You people want to put words in our mouths and say untruths.

MM: Okay what is the truth? What do you feel is not understood and wish to communicate and make it clear to people?
OM: We are at elections in December at our congress and people should just stop fighting. The machinations that is going (in the party) right now, it should all just stop. People should respect each other, not what we are seeing now. We want a Zimbabwe with people that are united. Nyembe dzakawanda, (positions are many). There is enough space for everyone. We need to respect for each other. This issue of kufungirana (to mistrust each other and be suspicious of each other) needs to stop. And it is made worse by you the media, who fuel differences. Let us maintain peace. Let us engage in conflict management. In ZANU-PF leaders come and go. Look at me, I have been at the helm of the Women’s League since 1995. Do you think I still have any new ideas to offer? And yet people are asking why I am making way for a new Women’s League boss. We have discipline in ZANU-PF.

MM: You have been at the helm of the Women’s League since 1995 what can you name as achievements during that time?
OM: We now have more women in Parliament; more women are in jobs; more women are being promoted; we now have 50/50 representation of women in leadership. We now have things like Women in Mining, for example, all those things were not there. We are fighting domestic violence. If women do not celebrate all those things we have achieved, what will they celebrate?

MM: As you go to congress in December, are you going expectantly? With trepidation? Anxiety? With what?
OM: Some of us are students of politics. We go with no expectation. Chabuda, chabuda. Hatitye. (Whatever the outcome. We have nothing to be afraid of.) Whatever the outcome, life goes on.


President Robert Mugabe says Zimbabwe is more associated with China and Chinese leaders, not only because of the historical relations, but due to the fact that the Asian nation treats African countries as equal partners.

Responding to questions from Guangdong journalists, Mugabe said China uses aid to assist African countries develop, whereas Europe and America attach intolerable and exploitative conditions to their aid.

He said the western media has resorted to reporting negatively on Sino-Africa relations because their business ethics are different from the Chinese who are constructive and help African countries develop.

Mugabe said Europe still thinks Africa is their territory as they once colonised the continent.

He defended the indigenisation policy saying the concept of 51-49 percent shareholding is fair as local people should benefit from their God-given resources.


A STORM is brewing between top government directors and the rest of the civil service after salaries for the former were clandestinely increased by more than double that of their deputies. A copy of a salary schedule leaked to The Financial Gazette indicates that directors of ministries and government departments are now grossing US$1962 in salaries and benefits, up from US$914, with effect from April, while their deputies are taking home US$835. With regards to principal directors, their salaries went up to US$2 878, from US$2 265.

This comes against the standard practice whereby the salary gap between government employees, by their grades, should not exceed 30 percent. In addition, the directors earn other benefits which are not extended to their deputies such as a ‘representation allowance’, among others. Middle level managers earn US$565 while the least paid government worker takes home about US$400.

When government set the new salary structure in April, it only communicated a salary increase for deputy directors of ministries, government departments and State enterprises going downwards, leaving out the directors. This gave the impression that the directors were not receiving increased salaries. Unbeknown to the rest of the civil service, the directors had entered into a separate arrangement with their employer to have their salaries hiked.

The deal was kept under wraps until one human resources manager in a State enterprise stumbled upon a salary schedule which let the cat out of the bag. President of the Apex Council, the umbrella body of civil servants’ groups, Regina Smith, confirmed knowledge of the skewed salary schedule but said she could not comment since she was out of office. “We know about that and we have complained about it. I am out of the office currently. I will call you later when I have the full details and give you a batter comment,” she said.

Government has been on a warpath with its employees who have embarked on a series of strikes recently demanding salary adjustments that are in line with the poverty datum line. According to latest statistics, the poverty datum line stands at slightly above US$500 which is beyond what most of the civil servants are taking home monthly. Civil servants interviewed by the Financial Gazette have reacted angrily to the disclosures.

“This is nothing but the old divide and rule principle whereby they are trying to satisfy the bigger bosses while neglecting the rest in the hope that they will keep those lower them under check,” said a disgruntled worker.

“You can clearly see that this was a well calculated design. The difference between us and the directors is unbelievable and ridiculous. This is causing an uneasy relationship between us and the directors,” he added.

Another employee said: “The increment was done so clandestinely that it was very difficult to notice. It is so painful that we are being treated in such a manner.”


DEPUTY Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Fortune Chasi’s fortunes are deteriorating further amidst revelations that he could be censured for being absent without official leave, when earlier in the year he went to a Thomas Mapfumo concert in South Africa, without Cabinet approval.
The Financial Gazette understands that in April this year, Chasi unassumingly crossed the Limpopo River into neighbouring South Africa to attend the chimurenga music maestro’s show without undertaking the necessary procedure to secure lawful leave as per the dictates prescribed for top government officials.
Although Chasi could not be reached for comment this week and last week as his cell phone was out of reach and his personal assistant said he was in Victoria Falls, highly-placed sources said that the unauthorised trip outside the country was making things worse for the Deputy Minister, who has in recent months crossed swords with First Lady, Grace Mugabe, as he is said to have been opposing her acquisition of more land in the Mazowe area of Mashonaland Central for her intended projects.

When asked for comment, presidential spokesperson, George Charamba, said that although this particular matter was internal to the Justice Ministry, standard procedure was that all ministers and deputy ministers needed Cabinet authority before they embarked on any trip outside the country. Even if the travel was of a personal nature. “There is nothing personal when you are in government. The assumption is that you are a government official wherever you are,” Charamba said.
According to Charamba before a top government official leaves the country he applies for Cabinet authority through the ministry’s permanent secretary, which is then submitted to the minister, then passed on to the chief secretary to the President and Cabinet who submits it to the President who then decides whether or not the trip is worth it before approving.
“It is a requirement for government. The President has to grant you authority, to give you his consent,” Charamba said. “Besides the approval, this is also necessary in terms of risks inherent in travel; allowances, among other things.” Once the Cabinet approval is granted, there are additional procedures that have to be undertaken, including circulating letters to the President, chief secretary, other ministers and deputy ministers and other colleagues in the relevant ministry that one will be away, Charamba said.
In Chasi’s case, the Financial Gazette understands that this procedure was flouted as the deputy minister took the opportunity to catch up with one of his favourite musicians, Mapfumo, who has been in exile in the United States for years now. Addressing party youths in Mazowe early August, the First Lady warned those who were undermining her capabilities that they were “playing with fire”.
The First Lady told the gathering that Chasi, who is the Member of Parliament for Mazowe South was frustrating her intentions to take over Manzou Game Park, where she wanted to build a secondary school, hospital and Robert Mugabe University to generate income to support the orphans she looks after at her children’s home also in Mazowe.
The ZANU-PF Youth League which held conference a few days following the First Lady’s address, then petitioned President Robert Mugabe to remove Chasi from his post. In an interview with the media, outgoing deputy secretary for youth affairs, Edison Chakanyuka, said Chasi has to be recalled from government for disrespecting the First Family.
“As youths, we have written to the President demanding that Chasi be recalled because he has no respect for the First Family,” Chakanyuka said. While it is not clear what Chasi’s future holds, many have said the First Lady wields considerable influence on who serves in government at her husband’s pleasure. financial gazette


MAKOKOBA legislator and former Bulawayo MDC-T provincial chairman, Gorden Moyo, is officially part of the breakaway MDC Renewal Team.

Moyo resigned from his provincial post in June saying he could not stand the incessant squabbles and leadership failures in MDC-T.

He opted to be an ordinary party member and dismissed speculation he might be heading off to join the breakaway MDC renewal group led by Tendai Biti.

MDC Renewal Team, Bulawayo Province Chairman, Kucaca Phulu confirmed Moyo had joined their stable.

“After all the speculation and rumors regarding Gorden Moyo’s political affiliation. The Renewal Team would like to announce that he has joined our team and will be part of the key speakers on the 19th September at the MDC renewal provincial structures meeting,” Phulu said.

Initially, Moyo dismissed any links to Biti’s renewal team, after it announced its national executive committee members and 16 working committees in which the former cabinet minister had been appointed in absentia to head the diaspora and international relations committee.

MDC-T Bulawayo acting provincial chairperson, Dorcas Sibanda, came out guns blazing, accusing Biti’s team of desperation to a point of incorporating members who did not belong to them.

“As far as I know Gorden Moyo is still a member of MDC-T led by Morgan Tsvangirai. This is a show of desperation on the part of Biti and his team who now want to incorporate people who don’t belong to their grouping,”  Sibanda said then.

It has been said Moyo is an asset because of his alleged strong links with the donor community.

Moyo also reportedly controls civil society groups in Bulawayo like Bulawayo Progressive Residents’ Association and Bulawayo Agenda which have been accused for openly campaigning for MDC-T.


A CELLPHONE with a tracking system sold out a thief who thought he had hit the jackpot when he broke into the Apostolic Faith Church of Zimbabwe (AFMZ) offices in Bulawayo and stole the phone and more than $2,700 in cash, a magistrate heard. Bulawayo magistrate Charity Maphosa heard this when Timothy Mano, 45, of Pumula South appeared before her facing charges of unlawful entry and theft.

Mano pleaded not guilty to the charges and was remanded in custody to Friday for continuation of trial.

Prosecuting, Kudakwashe Jaravaza told how on August 19 shortly after 5PM Moline Pasi, an AFMZ office administrator, locked her offices situated along Josiah Tongogara Street and knocked off.

The State alleged that Mano then went to the premises and destroyed a wooden panel to gain entry into the offices.

“Soon after gaining entry, Mano opened a lockable wooden cabinet and stole $2,595, R2,000 and a Karbonn cellphone with a mobile tracker,” said Jaravaza. The following morning when Pasi reported for work, she discovered that her office had been broken into and alerted her superiors.

The court heard that on that same day, the mobile tracker reported on Pasi’s husband’s cellphone indicating that a Telecel simcard had been put on the stolen cellphone. A police report was made and investigations were carried out leading to Mano’s arrest.

In defence, Mano said he bought the cellphone from Lawrence Muchinda, a flea market trader at Unity Village market.

“I did not steal the cellphone. In fact, I bought it from Lawrence Muchinda at Unity Village and gave it to my brother’s wife so that she could use it since she had lost hers. I was therefore, surprised when police came and arrested me before they took me to Mzilikazi Police Station,” he argued.
Muchinda who also testified in court denied having sold the cellphone to Mano.

“The accused is lying. I was in Filabusi attending a week-long camp meeting on that particular day hence there is no way I could have sold him that cellphone. I don’t deal in cellphones, my business is strictly selling clothes and what the accused is saying is not true,” he told the court.


A ZANU PF senator has claimed that Western countries are encouraging Zimbabwean males to be circumcised as a ploy to weaken them so they can take over their land and women.
Mashonaland West senator Mike Byton Musaka told the Senate on Tuesday that he was amazed by the amount of money splashed on advertising circumcision saying people can “always abstain from sex or use a condom”. According to the parliamentary Hansard, Musaka said circumcised men would become weak in bed and result in population decline.

He was debating on a motion moved by Matabeleland South senator Sithembile Mlotshwa calling for a ban on child circumcision. “I am really shocked and amazed at the amount of money that is being spent on advertising this circumcision . . . you always abstain from sex or use a condom,” Musaka said.

“This conspiracy by the Western imperialists who want to take over our land, coming up to maim our boy child, we are already few Mr President. Men are few in Africa, particularly in Zimbabwe. We only have 14 million.

“It was observed that we will have no soldiers. In fact, by actually maiming our boy child, we will have no one to fight the war.

“Because when you do that — to actually label the boy child a carrier of Aids, that is the insinuation here, he is an Aids threat and therefore, he must be circumcised.” Musaka asked who would marry the women when all boys had been circumcised.

“It is them who want to take over the land and then the women. This is a ploy to make us fewer so that our population goes down,” he claimed. “No wonder the President (Robert Mugabe) also; many people do not seem to understand it when he says he does not want ngochani (gays).
“It is because there are no children born of them. It is the same thing with these people who are advertising.

“What has he done? It is exactly the same here with the ngochanis who do not want (to father) children, but want to adopt them instead,” he said.

In recent years, the government and health-inclined non-governmental organisations have been championing for male circumcision under the Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision scheme, but have been failing to meet set targets every year.

Last year, Zimbabwe had targeted to circumcise at least 115 000 men, but only managed 112 869 circumcisions. In 2010, the target was 20 000 but 11 123 were circumcised.
In 2011 those circumcised were 36 742 against a target of 60 000 while in 2012 only 20 775 were circumcised against a target of 80 000.


President Robert Mugabe has ordered Tourism Minister Walter Mzembi to work on the modalities of a free visa regime for Asian economic giant China’s nationals to boost the country’s tourism, The Zimbabwe Mail has learnt.

In a telephone interview from Beijing yesterday, where he is accompanying Mugabe on a state visit, Mzembi said the president “spoke passionately to restate his principled position” to liberalise relations between the “two sister countries”.

“The president wants us to work on liberalisation through an open visa regime, destination accessibility and air connectivity. That is the target, not that we will ignore other sectors, but if I can lobby and convince cabinet, as the president wants to declare 2015 a Tourism year, then we are likely to meet our growth targets as envisaged in the government’s five-year development plan. The only sector that is likely to impact immediately on the people’s lives with little or no investment, but just a policy shift, is tourism (sic),” said Mzembi.

If adopted, the move could open floodgates to over a billion people and reduce Zimbabwe’s over reliance on the traditional tourism markets in Europe, while providing a massive boost for Mzembi’s dream of a $5 billion tourism economy by 2020.

The Tourism minister said Zimbabwe would need to work on a new charter to define a work ethic that helps grow arrivals through a mind-set change straddling all government departments.

“We need a policy shift on how to engage the world, and you just need to look at what happened during the Jehovah’s Witnesses conference when all booking space was snapped up because people have realised, following our pronouncements on religious tourism, that Zimbabwe is serious about hosting international cultural conventions,” the minister said.

“His (Mugabe) stance did not start with the visit to China, but he pressed this issue during the United Nations World Tourism Organisation general assembly last year, that of a regime of openness between the two sister states, restating his principled position consistent with his pan-African position of a United States of Africa that is open for business to all.”

He said Zimbabwe would be strategically “giving focus to a service charter and pledging to remove all the negativities that hinder the growth of tourism in order to feed from the money of gentiles”.

Tourist arrivals to Zimbabwe have plummeted since government sponsored the Land Reform programme meant to redress colonial land imbalances, a move that angered former colonial master Britain. The United States joined in triggering a decade and half-long diplomatic row that has only began to thaw following the conclusion of elections last year.

Mugabe is currently on a week-long visit to China seeking financial support for his government’s latest economic blueprint, the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset), that reportedly requires a whopping $27 billion in funding.

Mzembi said Mugabe was driving a continental agenda and his move with the Chinese was meant to grow Africa’s share of the global tourism trade.

“Remember the president has just assumed leadership of the Sadc region and is the vice-chairperson of the African Union, so he speaks as a continental leader who wants to grow Africa’s share of global tourism,” the minister said.

“He said unless we address issues of Africa’s openness and integration we are unlikely to realise the double digit target growth by 2020 and the continent would remain stagnant. At the moment, Africa accounts for a paltry 4% of global tourism and Zimbabwe has 2% of that share.

“President Mugabe spoke so passionately here about this aspect that we need to liberalise entry between ourselves to give full expression to our age-old friendship. Good friends, especially those with strong ideological foundation and values, do not close doors to each other, they keep them open and warm.”

Mugabe, a week ago, was installed regional power bloc Sadc chairperson and currently serves as African Union deputy chairperson.

His government has over the last few years adopted the Look East Policy to woe Chinese investors, but negative publicity from the Western dominated global media and a spat of scare tactics hit the tourism industry, once one of the country’s top foreign currency earners, badly.

This week’s visit could probably signal a positive shift in relations following the signing of 12 memoranda covering almost all economic sectors, including tourism, transport, energy and information technology.

China, with an average economic growth of 7%, per capita income of $6 807 and a bludgeoning population of over 1,6 billion people, could change Zimbabwe’s economic fortunes overnight, based on tourist arrivals alone.


SEVERAL MDC-T youths were injured while others were detained when police swooped on them while demonstrating for jobs in Harare city centre yesterday. According to the MDC-T, 25 protesters were seriously injured and rushed to hospital, with some sustaining “broken ribs” while others had head injuries.

Nineteen party youths, among them national youth spokesperson Clifford Hlatywayo, Harare provincial youth chairperson and Mashonaland Central provincial youth chairperson Tonderai Samhu, were detained together with Mabvuku-Tafara MP James Maridadi and Highfield East MP Eric Murayi. They were later released from Harare Central Police Station without charge.

Hlatywayo claimed all the 19 youths, with the exception of the two MPs where severely beaten while at the police station by a policeman in anti-riot gear who called himself “Young Devil”.“He (Young Devil) beat us with baton sticks. Each one of us was whipped an average five times on the back,” Hlatywayo told NewsDay after their release.

Hlatywayo said the MDC-T youths wanted to hand over a petition to Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda and had notified police on August 21 about the demonstration.But police yesterday said they dispersed a group of 70 “drunken” MDC-T activists who were obstructing traffic and throwing stones.

Police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi said: “Police will not hesitate to apply the full wrath of the law dealing with malcontents who impinge on other innocent people’s rights to move freely.”NewsDay witnessed the street raid that took place at Joina City along Julius Nyerere Way where about 100 MDC-T youths had assembled.The youths were singing and waving placards with messages calling on government to create employment.More youths were still joining when the police descended on them.


AN 18-YEAR-OLD man from the Matjinge area of Plumtree yesterday stunned the Bulawayo Magistrates’ Court when he claimed that his sister seduced him to be intimate with her.
The man is accused of raping his sister, but he told Bulawayo Regional Court magistrate Mark Dzira that he found her in his blankets making sexual moves when he returned from taking a bath. The man pleaded guilty to the charge, but Dzira altered the plea to not guilty and remanded the case to September 1 for trial after the man raised the seduction defence.
The State led by Tinashe Dzipe had indicated that the man’s plea was that of tacit consent and a full trial must now take place to prove if he was indeed seduced or not before sentence is passed.

If it is proved that he was seduced, the charge is likely to be altered to that of incest and having sexual intercourse with a young person instead of rape.

“I did not rape her; she seduced me. When I came from bathing I found her in my blankets in my bedroom making sexual gestures,” the man said.

The court heard that on August 9, the man took advantage of their parents’ absence from home and invited his sister into his bedroom and asked her to sleep with him but she refused.

The man allegedly wrestled with her when she tried to leave his bedroom and pushed her onto his bed, ripped off her panties and tore a piece of her blouse, which he shoved in her mouth to prevent her from screaming.

He then raped her once.  A report was made to the police and he was arrested. southern eye


HEALTH and Child Care minister David Parirenyatwa yesterday shot down Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede’s suggestions urging the populace to shun contraceptives.

Parirenyatwa also defended his position that condoms should be placed in Bibles and distributed in churches.

Parirenyatwa told parliamentarians that contrary to Mudede’s assertions, his ministry encouraged the use of contraceptives such as condoms as a birth control measure and to curb the spread of sexually transmitted infections and HIV.

“My ministry encourages correct and consistent use of condoms to protect from sexually transmitted diseases and HIV, as well as that they are useful in family planning and spacing,”Parirenyatwa said.

“We reiterate that condoms have been part of prevention efforts for HIV whose rates have now declined partly due to consistent use of condoms.”

Mudede stirred heated debate recently when he castigated contraceptives describing them as a health risk and part of the Western world’s tools to reduce Africa’s population growth.
On condoms, he said: “Yes, indeed, I am on record as advocating for placing of condoms in Bibles in the context of them being placed inside hotel Bibles.

“We find a lot of people stay at hotels and sometimes they find the need to use condoms, but are embarrassed to ask for them from the hotel reception.

“I suggested as a strategy at hotels [that] condoms must be placed inside the Bible.”

He also disclosed that 33,4% of cancer patients suffered from cervical cancer, adding that about 1 500 out of 1 800 women diagnosed with cancer died each year.

He said the ministry had intensified cancer screening and prevention in all provinces.

Meanwhile, Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba (Zanu PF) yesterday demanded to know why members of the Independent Media Panel of Inquiry were paid handsomely while Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings employees had their salaries cut. newsday


ZANU-PF yesterday issued a gag order barring its provincial chairpersons and all other officials from talking about developments in the party in the media.

The order was announced by the party’s national chairman Cde Simon Khaya Moyo after a meeting he held with provincial chairpersons in Harare yesterday.In an unusual development, the meeting of the provincial chairpersons coincided with another one convened by the Secretary for Administration Cde Didymus Mutasa with all provincial secretaries of administration.

Issues discussed in that meeting could not be verified last night, although indications were that it had to do with events of that past few weeks where some party leaders have been exposed as fighting against the appointment of the First Lady Grace Mugabe as Women’s League chairperson even though the issue is, to all intents and purposes, a fait accompli given that two constitutional organs of the party — the Women’s and Youth Leagues — endorsed the First Lady’s ascendancy to the helm of the Women’s League and both have resolutions to that effect.

Matters came to a head over the weekend when Zanu-PF Harare Province deputy youth chairperson Cde Edison Takataka was assaulted allegedly at the instigation of Politburo member Cde Tendai Savanhu for attending the Mazowe meeting held on the eve of the Youth Conference where the Youth League endorsed the decision calling on President Mugabe to appoint Amai Mugabe Women’s League boss at the December elective Congress.

The attack on Cde Takataka prompted the Women’s League in Harare to convene a meeting at Mhofu Primary School in Highfield, presided over by Cde Cleveria Chizema the most senior Politburo member in Harare, that reaffirmed the Women’s League support for the First Lady and rapped Cde Savanhu and Harare province chairperson Cde Amos Midzi calling for their ouster for failing to run the province.

In a strongly worded statement after the chairpersons meeting yesterday, Cde Khaya Moyo also warned party members against ‘’abusing the name of the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe to score cheap political goals’’.

Discipline, Cde Khaya Moyo said, was a cardinal rule that should be observed at all levels of the party. “Zanu-PF is not a media party and its operations cannot be conducted through the media,” he said.

“Zanu-PF is a party of discipline and this must be reflected throughout its structures.
“On this note, I must warn the party members at every level, not to use the media to abuse the First Lady’s name for whatever reason. The First Family must be respected at all times.”
In any case, Cde Khaya Moyo said, members should focus on strengthening party structures ahead of the December National People’s Congress.

”Zanu-PF is a mammoth organisation, a revolutionary party with massive membership and therefore its structures must be intact and its membership registers verifiable all the time,” he said.
Some provincial chairpersons who attended the meeting expressed reservations with the  development saying they were shocked that the National Chairman, who chairs the party’s disciplinary committee, could convene a meeting with provincial chairpersons when six of them were implicated in the embarrassing vote manipulation and vote buying that afflicted the Youths Conference; and when a special Politburo to discuss the development was reportedly in the pipeline.
The chairpersons of Harare, Matabeleland South, Masvingo, Mashonaland West, Manicaland and Matabeleland North all stand accused of influencing the youths vote.

The Youths have since submitted a dossier of the alleged illegal activities by six of the party’s 10 provincial chairpersons.

A woman’s League member from Mashonaland Central, who spoke on condition of anonymity queried the call against discussing the First Lady in the media saying as women they found it strange that they were being told to keep quiet at a time they were celebrating First Lady’s endorsement by the Women’s and Youths conferences, and when the stories have been mostly positive. herald


MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has reportedly gagged both party national vice-chairman Morgen Komichi and party spokesman Douglas Mwonzora from speaking to the media about the ongoing discussions on the party’s proposed amendments to the constitution to be tabled at the October congress.
The gag order was reportedly issued on Tuesday during a tense meeting at the party headquarters following leaks of sensitive party information, especially on the proposed constitutional amendments.
“The president [Tsvangirai] called both Mwonzora and Komichi to an emergency meeting where they were told to stop commenting on the internal discussions on the proposed amendments,” a party source said.

The contentious amendments, among other things, include giving the party leader executive powers to appoint standing committee members. The changes also seek to reduce powers of the secretary-general’s office and create the position of second vice-president.

But Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka denied the claims, saying the constitutional review programme was an ongoing process and there was no way his boss would bar top officials from making public statements about the issue.

“No such gag order has been made. I suspect this misinformation is being peddled by people who want to portray Tsvangirai as a dictator,” he said.

The changes have been roundly rejected by the MDC-T provincial structures during public consultations led by Komichi. The amendments, the sources said, were being pushed by Tsvangirai’s ally, Komichi, who is believed to harbour ambitions of landing the MDC-T second vice-presidency.
On the other hand, the curtailing of powers of the secretary-general’s post was seen as a sinister move to block the likes of organising secretary Nelson Chamisa and Mwonzora, who were both reportedly gunning for the position.

The party, insiders said, had proposed to neutralise the secretary-general’s post to ensure the incumbent does not wield executive powers as that often led to conflicts with the president’s office.
Two former MDC-T secretaries-general Welshman Ncube and Tendai Biti have used the post as a springboard to form their own breakaway parties. newsday


A BULAWAYO man accused of a sex attack on a married woman from his church suffered a setback yesterday after a magistrate turned down his application to dismiss the rape charges. 

Hudson Mazonde, last week through his lawyer Robinson Mahachi, applied for a discharge at the end of the State’s case and a verdict of not guilty stating that he had consensual sex with an adulterous woman who was now framing him to save her marriage. Regional magistrate Chrispen Mberewere, however, said Mazonde must be put on his defence.

“After deliberating on what state witnesses said and what the defence alleges, this court concluded that it is important to go to the defence’s case. The accused has to be tried and before that there is nothing that this court will do,” he said, dismissing the application. Mazonde was remanded to tomorrow when the defence case will begin.

In his application Mazonde indicated that alleged victim cannot recall the title of the movie or what was playing on the television and this showed that the two where “absorbed by other things rather than watching the said movie”.

Prosecuting, Trust Mudumu Muduma said Mazonde, a single father of five, raped his church mate after she accepted his invitation to come and watch a movie with him at his house. The court was told that on July 10 at around 2PM, Mazonde contacted the school teacher and asked her to come over to his house so they could watch movies. She accepted.

It is alleged that when she got into the house, Mazonde started “acting funny” before he invited her to his bedroom, but she allegedly refused. He then reportedly used force on her and allegedly raped her once.

She later informed her husband of the ordeal and the couple made a police report. chronicle


WAR veterans’ leader Cde Jabulani Sibanda has hinted that he is eyeing the Zanu-PF national chairmanship but was quick to add that the decision would come from the people as no leader should impose themselves. Should he ultimately go for the post, Cde Sibanda is likely to battle it out with Zanu-PF secretary for administration Cde Didymus Mutasa who has already thrown his hat into the ring.

Contacted for comment, Cde Sibanda said, “What the people want, the people come first, that is the Zanu- PF slogan and my slogan. That is my answer to you.”

Pressed on whether that meant he was interested in the post, Cde Sibanda said when people want something, they mobilise on it.
Cde Sibanda said this some hours after addressing a meeting in Gwanda that was attended by Matabeleland South Cdes Gibson Msipa and Jabulani Phetshu Sibanda who later told Chronicle that the war veterans’ leader should be elevated to the post of Zanu-PF national chairman at the party’s elective congress in December.
However, Cde Sibanda said in a democracy one must not force people to vote for him or her.

“You do not have to have money to buy people or corrupt to be a leader,” said Cde Sibanda.
“In leadership, money can make you rich but not a leader. The people will come first.”
Cde Sibanda said presently the party faced its greatest threat not from MDCs or former colonisers but from members within the party who were working against the revolution.

“The revolution is the crown of the party. People have spoken to me (about the matter). It does not matter what I did for the party. My answer is if you have an idea, you take it to other people.

“A lot of people have spoken to me about that and yes Zanu-PF has never been short of a national chairperson. We have one now who is in transition and there are millions of Zanu-PF supporters who can be national chairman,” said Cde Sibanda.

Cde Phetshu said the war veterans’ leader qualified to be national chairman considering the amount of work he put in campaigning for Zanu-PF in the run up to the elections last year.

He said no one from the senior party leaders from PF Zapu had indicated interest in the post making way for Cde Sibanda to take up the post.

“It appears our leaders are more confident in contesting the VP position than that of national chairman. We know that precedence has to be followed but no one has so far indicated interest in the position of national chairman,” said Cde Phetshu Sibanda who is also Zanu-PF Matabeleland South provincial member.

“Since Cde Jabulani Sibanda visited all provinces campaigning for the party in the run up to last year’s elections, we really feel there is nothing wrong with him taking up the post of national chairman. People on the ground are already talking about it; some have went on to approach him.”

Cde Msipa reiterated that Cde Sibanda had played an instrumental role in the landslide victory by Zanu-PF in the last elections making him a good candidate for the post.

So far, Zanu-PF national chairman Cde Simon Khaya Moyo, considered a front runner in the race, Home Affairs Minister Cde Kembo Mohadi, former Zimbabwean Ambassador to South Africa Cde Phelekezela Mphoko are set to contest for the VP post.

Former Zipra chief of Staff Cde Ambrose Mutinhiri and Zanu-PF politburo member Cde Naison Khutshwekhaya Ndlovu said they were still consulting on whether or not to contest the post. chronicle