Thursday 20 June 2024


A Mutare man has been left with only US$20 from his US$400 monthly pay after his three baby mamas dragged him to court.

Manica Post reports that the third baby mama, Felistus Munenwa, last week told Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato, that since giving birth to their daughter, there is never a day she got any assistance from Gilbert Mhlanga even though he is assisting his other six children from the other two mamas.

“Your Worship, this man has never helped me with anything pertaining the upkeep of our child.

“I always scrounge around for assistance from my relatives, resulting in me and the child becoming a burden to them, yet the father of the child is alive. He has other children in Kadoma who are well taken care of even though his salary is US$400. I have no other source of income, and I sell sweets, earning about US$5 per month. I cannot continue going through this Your Worship.

“I am suffering the child alone. Lately, my mother has been supporting me with food and toiletries, but she was involved in an accident and has not been working,” she said.

Munenwa informed the court that her daughter is still an infant, and therefore cannot be starved, while her father’s other children were living lavishly.

“I cannot let him choose to neglect his own blood. As a toddler, our daughter requires the best care and attention.

“She needs to have a balanced diet so that she does not suffer healthy wise. It is against that background that I am applying for US$200 as maintenance for my 15-months-old daughter,” she said.

In his response, Mhlanga said the money Munenwa was demanding was too much, considering his salary and the other children he has with other women.

“Your Worship, I am not denying my responsibility, but the money she is asking for is too much, considering that I have other children that I take care of with different mothers.

“I also take care of my ill father, and have two other women who have three children each. The other woman is dead, and left her children behind.

“Things have not been easy for me because at the end of each month I just give them my bank card to withdraw all the money.

“They get money from the bank and pay all their bills. I usually get change of US$60. I can only afford US$40 for the minor child since I do not have any other source of income,” he said.

Mr Chipato ordered him to pay US$40 as maintenance.




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