Tuesday 28 May 2024


The four, Allen Chinamonya, 42, Danmore Chinamonya, 35, Samson Karonga and Brighton Bunganirwa, 46 are in custody.

Zimlive reports that the court heard that sometime in 2018, Grace brought 11 containers loaded with various household properties which were moved from State House following the ouster of the former President in 2017.

She secured the property by locking the container doors. Mutsokoti told the court that despite all the measures to secure the container, from a period extending from 2018 to May 2024, the four acted in connivance to break padlocks securing the container doors.

They went on to steal some various household items which include television sets, clothes, cutlery, bath towels.

The offence was discovered by Grace on May 22 this year after she had visited the containers intending to select pieces of artefacts which once belonged to her late husband for donation to the African Liberation Museum.


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