Tuesday 16 April 2024


Yesterday 's aspersions , innuendo and allegations against an unnamed  former Public Servant /Governor  of the RBZ  ref the disappearance of Gold, a public asset,  cannot go unchallenged. Cde Chris Mutsvangwa should name the Governor and beneficiary country or countries he is referring to. Sanctions on Zim were imposed in 2001 under

1. Governor Tsumba who served to 2003.

2.A/ Governor Chikaura,  May 2003-  Nov 2003

3. Governor Gono, Dec 2003 to Nov 2013

4. A/ Governor Charity Dhliwayo, Dec 2013 to April 2014.

5. Governor John Mangudya , May 2014- to March 2024.

Ministers of Finance

Dr SH Makoni

Dr Kuruneri

Dr Murerwa

Dr Mumbengegwi

Hon Tendai Biti

Hon Chinamasa

Dr Chombo .

External Auditors

Deloitte & Touché

Ernest & Young


Kudenga BDO

What do these reputable external auditors who covered the period say?

What does IMF say?

Then the genius no nonsense Biti & Inclusive Government and its intrusive modus also failed to pick this?

At this stage, I would be more interested too in the one the lot the President himself says is being kept by his friends at a location only known to him and the officers who took it there ..the Big Q is HOW did they do it ?

Does it reflect on RBZ financial transactions and auditors books. What is the risk associated with this  in the event of loss of office, incapacitation or death in office . Mzembi writing on X


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