Monday 25 March 2024


FIVE suspected kidnappers were on Saturday caught by residents in Epworth after they were found hiding two children in their car’s boot.

The suspects parked the car close to a market place and some people heard the screams of the children who were in the boot.

Sources said the suspects were made up of three men and two women.

The three men tried to escape but were caught after a chase.

“Vakaonekwa vane vana two muboot, after they parked their car close to where people sell their goods,” said a source.

“The kids vaichema, which made people suspicious and they went to check and found the children in the boot.

“The men tried to escape but were caught after a chase by the mob.”

During the confrontation, a certain woman identified one of the female suspects who was involved in another kidnapping incident involving children.

“Following their arrest, they were immediately taken to Domboramwari Police Station.

“The incident occurred in Epworth’s Stopover area along Delport Road.

The two kids were kidnapped while they were on their way from Rueben Shops.

“While the residents were confronting them, police arrived at the scene and dealt with the case.” H Metro


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