Friday 15 March 2024


MADZIBABA Ishmael’s daughter Lisa has defended her father’s actions to establish a cult in Nyabira and dismissed claims that a lot of women, and children, were being abused at the compound.

Lisa, who is regarded as the most powerful woman at the shrine, fumed outside Norton Magistrate Court claiming no women or children were beng abused at the shrine.

She said the women and children were being offered spiritual guidance.

However, it is believed many children were being denied their right to education and proper health care while women and young girls were being subjected to various forms of abuse.

She said: “Yes, I went to school up O-Level but that has not contributed anything to my well-being.

“I look up to my father for everything but now he is going to be away until March 19, which is a disadvantage to us.

“They have incarcarated him for his vision, there is no abuse at the farm and we are one big happy family.

“The same abuse, which he is suffering for, was adminstered on me when pthe olice came and relocated women and children taking us to Chinhoyi for medical examinations.

“It made me feel unsafe,” she said.

Lisa claimed they will rather apply to have a separate kingdom than to endure such humiliation.

“Munyika macho matiri ndimo matava ku abuswa, ndokodzero dzangu here, tochidini?

“Kana musisatatide muno munyika tipei kumwe kwekunogara toziva hatisi macitizens emunyika muno, zvitori nani,” she said. H Metro


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