Friday 19 January 2024


AN 18-year-old Marange man was gruesomely murdered by a gang of 11 assailants who were accusing him of stealing a cellphone.

Acting Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka confirmed the incident that happened at Chingombe Business Centre in Marange.

Assistant Inspector Chinyoka said one of the accused persons, Tawanda Mafa, lost his cellphone, an Itel A56, and suspected that the now deceased Morgan Manyere had stolen it.

Mafa teamed up with 10 other accused persons and dragged Manyere into a nearby bush where they allegedly assaulted him with a wooden block.

The 11-men gang allegedly took Manyere to an illegal mineshaft and beat him up as they demanded Mafa’s cellphone.

After a thorough hiding, Manyere allegedly admitted that he had stolen the cellphone. He claimed that he had thrown it in a mineshaft.

“The gang tied Manyere’s hands and shoved him into the mineshaft. They later took him out of the mineshaft and left him unconscious.

“The deceased’s uncle, Obvious Njanji, was informed that Manyere had been heavily assaulted. A
search party discovered Manyere’s body lying on the ground. A police report was made,” said Assistant Inspector Chinyoka.

“We urge people to desist from taking the law into their own hands.

“We do not condone violence, and we will not hesitate to bring the perpetrators to book.

“Taking another man’s life, no matter the reason, is unacceptable. We have since launched a manhunt to bring the perpetrators to book,” he said. Manica Post


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