Wednesday 17 January 2024


PARENTS of Form 1 students at St Mary’s High School in Wedza are furious that their children are sleeping on the floor despite paying US$1 500 in fees.

The school, which enrolled a large number of students, is experiencing a crisis where some students are being forced to sleep on mattresses without bases.

The parents are critical of the school’s decision to enrol so many students despite ongoing construction work.

St Mary’s High headmaster, only named as Mr Dzvairo, issued an apology for the inconvenience caused and explained that the new hostel project was delayed due to heavy rains.

He said as a temporary measure, the school hall was renovated and several Form 1 girls were accommodated there under the care of the hostel warden.

“May I take this opportunity to outline our current situation pertaining to our students’ welfare, especially the Form Ones.

“The school has enrolled 220 Form 1 girls and 120 boys so far. Our aim has been that all the Form 1 girls would be housed in the new hostel, once completed.

“Our target was to complete the new hostel by the end of December 2023; a target that failed because of heavy rains that we experienced. “The project is now at roof level and we continue to pray that without further disturbances, the work would be completed soon.

“We are working flat out to complete our major project so that we can move our girls to the new hostel.

“May I therefore take this opportunity to sincerely apologise for all the inconveniences caused to our beloved learners and children.”

Parents are, however, not amused.

“Imagine, we paid US$1 500 plus an extra US$70, but our children are sleeping on the floor. Are all these monies we paid being accounted for?” said one parent.

Another parent said: “We are not sure if the block under construction will be completed before the term ends.

“Why did they enrol so many students when they surely know there is construction in progress? This is unfair to us and our children.” H Metro


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