Wednesday 6 December 2023


IT never rains but pours for the grieving Needmore Mauka who is mourning the death of her five-year-old son who was stabbed and killed by her deranged lover on Sunday night.

Emmanuel Tinenyasha Mauka died after being stabbed by his mother’s lover, Thomas Nyamhunga, while they were sleeping on the same bed in Mufakose.

His brother, Andile Tawananyasha Mauka, was also stabbed and injured.

Needmore’s third child, who was also in the same house, fled the scene, as the attack unfolded, and alerted the neighbours.

Andile was rushed to hospital but, after being released yesterday, he was detained because the family has not settled the fees demanded by the authorities at the hospital.

Needmore’s uncle, Michael January, told H-Metro that Andile was detained for unpaid medical bills amounting to US$265.

“Andile was discharged but could not be allowed to leave hospital over unpaid medical bills,” said Michael.

Thomas (51) was arrested in the early hours of yesterday as he hid at the house of the younger sister of his wife Virginia Denhere.

Thomas’ sister, only identified as Mai Brian, told H-Metro he chose not to attend his sister’s wedding ceremony in Mutoko on Saturday.

“We are sorry about the murder that has affected the victims and our family at large,” said Mai Brian.

“Thomas ndiye aifanira kusvitsa hanzvadzi yake gotwe remumba medu kumurume wake pamuchato wakaitirwa kwa Mutoko.

“We tried in vain to convince him to attend, unaware that his eyes and heart were after Needmore’s movements.

“Thomas has been neglecting his family to support Needmore and her children.

“Besides Needmore, we heard rumours about other girlfriends around the Mufakose area.

“His evil actions have affected the family as a whole as well as his victims.”

Thomas was found sleeping in a commuter omnibus at the time of his arrest.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the arrest.

“Police arrested a Mufakose man in connection with murder and attempted murder involving minor children.

“Further details will be released in due course since investigations are continuing,” said Ass-Comm Nyathi. H Metro


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