Friday 13 October 2023


IN a sad development, a 74-year-old granny from Empandeni area in Plumtree, who lamented that her five children had allegedly abandoned her, has died.

Gogo Jane Ndlovu who was taken care of by her brother’s wife Sikhangezile Moyo after she suffered a stroke four months ago died on Wednesday morning at the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) where she had been taken for treatment.

Her death came a few days after B-Metro published a story in which Gogo MaNdlovu lamented that all her five children, who she had hoped would care for her in her old age, had all failed to step up, leaving her in a vulnerable and uncertain situation.

She had expressed frustration with life, saying her children had abandoned her.

A family spokesperson who is also Gogo MaNdlovu’s younger sister Sophie Moyo confirmed the sad news.

“We are very saddened about the death of our sister, this morning (Wednesday) despite the fact that when I left her she was able to get up,” said Moyo.

Before Gogo MaNdlovu’s death it was alleged that her brother’s wife Sikhangezile was the sole caretaker.

Despite having five children, none of them had allegedly made an effort to care for their ailing mother. One daughter, residing in South Africa, claimed she had a husband to care for and could not manage to look after her sick mother.

When B-Metro spoke to two of Gogo MaNdlovu’s children Sibonokuhle and Nyasha they all disputed the allegations that were being levelled against them.

“I am a quiet person and do not love talking much, all that my mother’s sister is saying is not true, she just wants a fight with me.

“I did call her yesterday to come take my mother so she could live with her because I had to go and attend my brother-in-law’s funeral so I needed someone to be with her for the time being,” said Sibonokuhle.

Nyasha said: “The reason why we left our mother is because her sister Sophia took her from Plumtree in Brunapeg where she had been living for years, saying my mother is not getting the care that she deserves and therefore she’ll have to go to their parent’s house and be closer to our uncle who is her brother at Empandeni.

“All that my uncle’s wife and aunt are saying are lies. Those two have been friends from high school and my aunt was even the one who arranged her marriage to my uncle, so they just want to drag our names in the mud.

“For now I cannot take her to where I’m staying as I’m in a one-roomed house in Victoria-Falls and it cannot contain both of us so she will have to stay with my sister Sibonokuhle for the time being”. B Metro


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