Friday 13 October 2023


 A Harare woman who pretended to be a Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) employee who was in the business of importing goods from China has appeared in court for defrauding unsuspecting clients over US$2 000.

Praise Faith Mukaro appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Dennis Mangosi charged with three counts of fraud.

Her bail ruling will be made on Monday.

The complainant on the first count is Maxwell Chambakata who was referred to Mukaro by a friend. He was told that she could supply him with chaffing dishes worth US$380 and decor materials that cost US$900.

Mukaro has a WhatsApp group where she posts the stuff that she imports from China on behalf of clients.

The State alleged that in July, Mukaro told Chambakata to meet her in town and pay US$1280 so that his order could be purchased.

Mukaro then posted in her WhatsApp group that she was selling extra decor material that had not been paid for by the owners and wanted to recover her money.

Chambakata made enquiries about his order but to no avail and realised that he had been duped as it was more than a month before the order was delivered.

Mukaro then called him informing him to come and collect US$500 from the total amount he paid. Chambakata reported to the police leading to Mukaro’s arrest.

On the second count, Mukaro was given US$210 by Teurai Farai Dube on July 23 to purchase some catering equipment.

Mukaro had promised to deliver the order within three weeks but failed to do so despite being paid.

She informed Dube using a different mobile number that she was still doing port clearance and another in Harare.

The court heard that on August 21, Mukaro told clients to pay for duty and Dube gave her US$700.

Since then, Mukaro became evasive and stopped giving feedback to Dube. That is when she realised that she had been duped.

On the third count, Rejoice Sibanda was defrauded US$633 using the same style and nothing was recovered. Herald


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