Thursday 17 November 2022


THE wife of a man, who bashed South Africa based Tatenda Muchena last week for proposing to her, said he indeed deserved it.

Muchena was bashed by Tanyaradzwa and his friends and made to roll in the mud in Newcastle, KwaZulu Natal, in South Africa after trapping him.

A video of Tatenda being bashed also circulated widely on social media.

Tanyaradzwa used his wife, Tania’s WhatsApp to message Tatenda pretending to be her.

Tatenda’s wife, Rumbidzai, had last week claimed that her husband was bashed for no reason and blamed Tania for accommodating Tatenda’s love proposals.

However, Tania insists that Rumbidzai was married by a love cheat.

Tania said she had even informed Rumbidzai about her husband making moves on her, and was surprised that she was being accused of accommodating him.

“I can’t talk for my husband, but I am the one who has a name to protect. It’s not like I am the first woman he approached, but he has proposed to almost 80 percent of women here Newcastle.  It’s his behaviour.

“A lot of issues have been happening with his family. I am failing to understand how his wife has now changed. Firstly, she approached me saying she is looking for someone who can deal with her husband over his games.

“She’s the one who forced me to tell my husband. She is the one who led them to where Tatenda was and she even said, take him,” said Tania.

Tania showed H-Metro WhatsApp chats she exchanged with Rumbidzai, and said she always complained about her husband’s behaviour.

“I got more than five different cases in which he has been sucked into love issues and it’s not a lie.

I was shocked honestly how the wife has now changed her narration. She said I should feel free to talk to her husband.

“She poured her heart out to me complaining about her husband’s behaviour and she even told me that she believed in my story since she knows her husband.

“She said she got married to him last year after he had gone to another girl before returning to her.

“And as he said, nothing happened between me and him. Last year ndakatomu blocker on the other number,” Tania said.

She also explained how she met Tatenda.

“This year in January, I met Tatenda where he gave me his number since he said he wanted some items from me.

“He later texted calling me babe, but I warned him about that.

“He continued calling me babe and even proposed to come to my place, akati fanogeza ndopandakamuti ko mukadzi wako nhaiwe unomudarirei akati apinda papi haasi kuda kundipa sex.

“I then advised his aunt to give me his wife’s number so I could talk to her about her husband,” she said. H Metro






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