Thursday 17 November 2022


A HIGHFIELD man was yesterday arrested for allegedly threatening to kill his estranged wife.

Shumai Nyaguri was detained at Southerton Police Station yesterday.

Nyaguri is harassing his wife, Charmaine Munodawafa over bedding a police officer.

Nyaguri has allegedly been sending messages to Charmaine threatening to kill her after she left him to cohabit with a police detective only identified as Mushonga.

Nyaguri told H-Metro that Charmaine said she had been impregnated by Mushonga, who claimed paternity of the baby.

“My wife ditched me and started staying with Mushonga weku CID,” said Nyaguri.

“She left me in December last year when she was pregnant and gave birth while cohabiting with Mushonga.

“I strongly believe that the child is mine, but Charmaine is after milking Mushonga by saying he is the father of the baby.

“Akandinyepera kuti abvisa pamuviri pangu ndokuenda kunogara naMushonga.

“Mushonga has been threatening to deal with me and my arrest does not surprise me because they want to fight me.

“I never threatened Charmaine with death as is being alleged.

“But she wants to avoid going to court where I applied for the right to access my child,” said Nyaguri.

Charmaine could not be reached for comment, but her aunt, Tsitsi Munyangwa, confirmed the story.

“I have since been warned and I stopped (intervening),” said Munyangwa. Charmaine ended up calling me names for trying to resolve the matter.

“I never met Mushonga, but their main issue was about the child,” she said.

H-Metro is reliably informed that Nyaguri’s court case for child access will be heard on November 22.

Mushonga could not be reached for comment. H Metro



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