Wednesday 16 November 2022


LITIGANTS and people intending to wed in court and those applying for liquor licences will now be required to pay more to access the services following the increase in court fees.

The fees, which are pegged in United States dollars, are also payable in Zimbabwean dollars at the prevailing interbank rate.

The latest development follows the gazetting by Justice and Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi of Statutory Instruments (SI) numbers 194 High Court (Fees) (Civil Cases) (Amendment) Rules, 2022, (No. 13), 195 High Court (Fees and Allowances) (Amendment) Rules, 2022, (No. 26), 196 Magistrates Court (Civil) (Amendment) Rules, 2022, (No. 4), 197 Labour Court (Amendment) Rules, 2022, (No. 2), 198 Supreme Court (Fees) (Civil Cases) (Amendment) Regulations, 2022, (No. 9) and 199 Constitutional Court (Amendment) Rules, 2022, (No. 3).

According to the new schedule, the highest fee is pegged at US$500 for a late-night opening of a nightclub. For those intending to wed, the marriage licences fee is now pegged at US$25 up from $1 000 in local currency.

To apply for a liquor licence in Bulawayo and Harare districts, now costs US$350. For one to make an application for a summary judgment, custody and guardianship they have to pay US$5.

Application for a stay of execution is now US$10 while those applying for civil imprisonment will have to pay US$20. A notice to plead was reviewed to US$5 including the registration of consent orders and summons.

Transcription of record and request for typed judgment per page is now pegged at US$1.

If one requires to appeal a judgment at the High Court, a copy of the court record of the case must be provided. A record can be as long as 200 pages depending on the case.

Notice of appeal is now US$10, request for default judgment is US$2 while a notice of pre-trial conference is pegged at US$2. A warrant of execution against property is US$4, warrant of civil imprisonment is pegged at US$10.

To retrieve a file from the archives costs US$5.

To make a Constitutional application one has to part with US$10 while an appeal from lower court costs the same amount.

An application for condonation or extension of time or reinstatement, review of taxation, Certificate by the Registrar and affixing the seal of the court to any document per page costs US$10.

Application for leave to appeal and an order of court or certified copy thereof is pegged at US$5. A notice of taxation and an application for set down for taxation cost US$30.

For travelling on a journey exceeding one kilometre from the office of the Deputy Sheriff, the following allowances and amounts apply: (a) when a journey is performed by road by a vehicle other than a motor cycle on or off tar, for each kilometre after the first kilometre or part thereof, the rate chargeable shall be as per the Automobile Association of Zimbabwe rates applicable at the time of the journey, plus the current cost of one tenth of a litre of unleaded petrol for each kilometre or part thereof;

(b) where a motor cycle is used, per kilometre after the first kilometre is US$0,50

(c) when a journey is performed by rail or other public conveyance, a refund of the actual fee paid is chargeable

(d) a refund is chargeable of such necessary out of pocket expenses as are proved to have been incurred while the Deputy Sheriff is away from the town in which his or her office is situated;

(e) whenever it is necessary for the Deputy Sheriff to take with him or her away from the town in which his or her office is situated an officer or employee, a refund is chargeable of such necessary out of pocket expenses as are proved to have been incurred by or on behalf of such officer or employee. Chronicle


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