Tuesday 7 June 2022


A HARARE woman was impregnated by her sister’s husband after “they got carried away.”

Lorraine Chiwake confirmed she was dating Gorge Mutyaka, behind her sister’s back, until she got pregnant.

Lorraine approached the Harare Civil Court, seeking a protection order against Gorge, who had been insulting her, and threatening to kill her, as he wanted to take away the child.

Gorge, in his quest to get the custody of his child, stated that Lorraine was not a fit parent.

He claimed one of Lorraine’s children was once raped, and kidnapped, and she did not report the case to the police.

“I refute most of her allegations, I am not a violent person but l only admit to have threatened her once after she refused to give me my child last year.

“l am concerned because l feel that my child is not safe with her. Now, she leaves my two-year-old with her boyfriend.”

He added: “My current wife is her sister, she is comfortable with taking care of my baby.

“Lorraine once threatened to perform rituals on the child so that if she gets sick l will then return the child.”

In defence, Lorraine said: “He is lying, my child was never raped and l never leave them with my boyfriends, it never happened.

“She was never kidnapped, it’s only that a car stopped in front of her and we were following behind and l ran to her, there was a Chinese in the car and because of communication barriers, l did not get what he wanted.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavire deferred the matter to June 7 as they were ordered to bring the child to court before the protection order could be granted. H Metro


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