Tuesday 7 June 2022


A FACEBOOK war between socialite Evidence Chihera and Mai TT yesterday spilled into court.

Chihera, whose real name is Moreblessing Evidence Jiri, allegedly said Mai TT’s children were raped by an insane person she lives with.

Jiri was not asked to plead when she appeared before Harare magistrate Tafadzwa Miti.

She was released on $20 000 bail and ordered not to interfere with witnesses and to reside at her given address, until the matter was finalised.

She will be back in court on June 30 for trial commencement. The complainant is comedienne Felistas Murata-Maphosa, also known as Mai TT.

The court heard that Jiri runs a Facebook page, by the name Evidence Chihera, and on June 1, she allegedly posted a live video of herself on her page saying that Mai TT’s children were raped by an insane person she lives with.

The State alleges the Evidence Chihera page is accessible to everyone who would have logged onto Facebook.

It is the State’s case that the live video footage, posted intentionally by Jiri, was done with intent to harass, bully, or cause substantial emotional distress, or to degrade, humiliate or demean Mai TT.

The matter came to light when Mai TT saw the live video and she reported the case to the police, leading to Jiri’s arrest.

The State, represented by Thomas Chanakira, opposed bail arguing that Jiri was facing a serious offence that attracts a maximum sentence of 10 years and may be motivated to abscond if released on bail.

“Accused person is facing a serious charge that attracts a maximum sentence of 10 years and, if released on bail, she may be motivated to flee.

“While the State is aware that the strength of the State case isn’t a compelling reason to warrant pre-trial detention, the State also has a video of the accused committing this offence.

“She is most likely to interfere with the complainant as she is known to her and the video was posted with the intention to harass and bully the complainant.

“There’s a relatively strong case against the accused person and that can induce her to flee,” said Chanakira.

In response, Jiri said she was a socialite who focuses on ‘‘gossip’’ on social media but denied ever mentioning Murata’s name in the  video.

“I’m a socialite and I made a video on my page but never mentioned her name, may the court note that it’s not the first time having an altercation with her,

“She once made a live video looking for my place of residence saying she wanted to kill me and when I went to make a police report, the police never arrested her.

“I am of fixed abode and have strong ties to this country hence I will not flee,” said Jiri. H Metro


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