Tuesday 7 June 2022


THE family of serial OK Grand Challenge Jackpot Promotion winner, Clement Muhle, who described his feat as pure genius after mastering the game, has divided the country.

The majority of people, who reacted to the story we carried yesterday, which showed the family has won TEN cars, at the promotion, in the last FIVE years, believe there is more to the story than what meets the eye.

There is a sizeable constituency which believes he uses juju to win big at the annual jamboree.

Muhle, his wife Fatima and eight children, have won 10 cars, out of the promotion. He maintains he is a Christian, a physiotherapist by profession and runs businesses in Rusape.

Muhle says he doesn’t believe in juju. Despite the backlash, he remains unmoved.

“Like I have always said, it’s in the volumes you buy during the promotion and, as for me, I make sure I concentrate on one product and spend a fortune just to increase my chances.

“This is what I have been doing since 2018 and it has gotten me 10 cars, I sometimes enter my children’s names and we have all won something, including cash prizes, out of the competition.

“It’s not about spending $100 000 on groceries but one should narrow that to a participating product, I challenge anyone to try this next year and see if they won’t get a car,” said Muhle.

His wife, Fatima, who was the recipient of the family’s latest car, a Nissan NP200, claims she had to spend US$100 on a daily basis.

“This is purely gambling, I had to spend US$100 on a daily basis buying Delta Lagers and selling them at a newly-opened bar.

“I pinned all my hopes on the beers and it got me the car,” she said.

Below are some of the mixed reactions from our readers:

“I have had the privilege of knowing Clement at a personal level. He is a physiotherapist by profession − running a physiotherapy clinic in Rusape behind OK Supermarket. The last time he won two cars − I met him and his explanation was convincing. − reader.


One entry ticket out of 1 million tickets can still win. But, if you have 800 000 tickets being yours among 1 million tickets, chances of your ticket being picked are way too high! JUJU hapana. − Chief Svosve.


Haaaaa still, even akatenga ka 10 000, it’s still maybe one percent of total national sales. The probability is still going to be low. I think kamushonga karipo ini, even though I hardly believe in juju, I have found no reasonable explanation for this kubvira kudhara. − Tom not Cruise.


Hakuna zvakadaro kubva torega hedu ku filler ka vamwe tongoziva kuti ndezvavo. − Chipo Masere.


OK must explain this, umwe akatobva Gwanda atori ne confidence kuti ayizohwinha, veduweeka. Plus ndoona kunge munhu one haafaniri kuhwinha kanodarika kaviri so that kana dziri 42 cars ngadziwanikwe ne 42 vanhu. − Green Valley.

I bought groceries worth over   48 000RTGS but they did not credit me with the points. I think the outcome was predetermined − Minister of Wedza South. H Metro


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