Sunday 16 June 2019


CHARISMATIC Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) leader Prophet Walter Magaya has offered RTGS$14 000 to pay back US$14 000 to a family of a Bulawayo pastor who allegedly died of stress after investing in the church housing scheme.

The late Pastor Ernest Mutasa, who was a pastor at Assemblies of God died in April after allegedly investing US$14 000 into a PHD housing scheme in 2016. Pastor Mutasa sold a family house and invested in stands and other business ventures that were promised by PHD in Douglasdale under Magaya’s supposed multi-million dollar housing construction scheme.

After Sunday News exposed the issue last week, the church summoned Pastor Mutasa’s family where they proposed to pay off the amount but in RTGS dollars. 

Pastor Mutasa’s daughter — Miss Bethel Mutasa, who has been fighting for the church to reimburse the family or alternatively secure permanent accommodation for them met with representatives of the church.

“They gave me bus fare to meet them in Harare, after the issue was publicised. It was during the meeting that they laid out their offer, which I declined, as it is valueless. They told me during the meeting that they could not make the payment in US dollars, as laws had changed during that period and would only make a payment in RTGS dollars, which is ridiculous. They acknowledged that the payment was made in US dollars but want to give us RTGS, which cannot and will never account for a house,” said Miss Mutasa.

She said she stormed out of the meeting as the church representatives, one Mr Chatambudza and Mr Mhango, would not budge.

She said her family was considering taking the legal route but due to financial constraints they could not afford a lawyer. 

“Had we been financially stable we would have taken the legal route. But because we are poor we cannot. We need some assistance from the leaders of the country if at all they hear our plea. This man has taken everything from us and he cannot continue doing this to people,” said Miss Mutasa.

An official with PHD Ministers Mr Clive Musango acknowledged that the church would pay in RTGS dollars.

“What they paid is what they will get. They paid in local currency and it is what they will be paid. We are following all procedures,” he said.

Meanwhile, a group of Bulawayo pastors has planned on engaging Prophet Magaya, over the matter. The pastors said they were saddened in the manner in which one of their own had died due to a stress related illness, caused by the deal and Prophet Magaya had chosen to turn a blind eye over the matter.

“Pastor Ernest Mutasa was a good man. He believed he could turn his family’s fortune around through the investment he had done with Magaya. As time went on and the deal, failing to yield results it affected his health. He was very emotional about the issue and approached some of us before his untimely death to consult us about the matter,” said Reverend Frank Mhlanga, who is the provincial chairperson of the Zimbabwe Christian Ministries Association (ZCMA).

He said the late pastor Mutasa on the day of his passing phoned them to inform them that he had suffered a stroke. 

“He phoned the church telling us that he had suffered a stroke before passing on a few hours later. Before his death he indicated to us that the man of God, Prophet Magaya had cheated him. He said this had greatly affected his health and mental being. It was so unfortunate that he passed away before we could do anything to assist him,” said Rev Mhlanga. Sunday News


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