Saturday 29 July 2017


First Lady, Grace Mugabe says she makes mistakes like any human being and women should pray for her.

“As the First Lady, I am as human as you are and when you see me err don’t hesitate to tell me,” she said. “I mean it from the bottom of my heart. If you hear me saying things that are uncouth or un-First Lady like please tell me. The position of First Lady is important because I see myself as a representative of all women in this country.

“I always have that in mind in whatever I do. I don’t want to embarrass the women in this country, I want to be diligent and to be prayerful as the mother of this nation.”
She said this while officiating at the Today’s Woman Interdenominational Conference founded by Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa Archbishop Dr Eunor Guti in Harare yesterday.

“I wish to appeal to the women of Zimbabwe to join hands and help build the nation of Zimbabwe,” she said. “I always hear people talk about the Zimbabwe we want, but the Zimbabwe we want can only be built by us. We all have a role to play and it’s us, only us who can transform Zimbabwe.”

She urged women to share ideas and influence Government policy. “Let us be agents of positive change through the cross pollination of ideas,” she said. “A collection of ideas that emerge from such gatherings has the potential to influence policy frameworks that in turn can sustain national economies.

“As women of prayer, we must be seen to influence the world if we are to become true ambassadors of Christ, who described us as the salt of the earth and the light of the world. The success we post and the milestones we achieve as today’s women, must be the necessary anecdotes that compel society to emulate our exemplary lives.”

Dr Mugabe commended organisers of the conference, saying such efforts could transform nations and make the world a better place.

She urged Zimbabweans to be thankful to God for the peace prevailing in the country.

“My word of encouragement to you all is that there is great hope for our nation as evidenced by the divine peace that prevails in Zimbabwe and the region at large,” said Dr Mugabe. “We must be thankful to God for his blessings and continue to give glory to him.” 

The conference is running under the theme, “A year of having, but you need a clean heart first.”

“This prophetic theme rings true to our current situation in the agricultural sector where, as a country, we are enjoying a bumper harvest,” said Dr Mugabe.

“It is a blessing from God to have men and women who prophesy, and their prophecies do come to pass.

“Indeed, our faithful farmers had clean hearts and they honestly committed all the acquired inputs to production and they yielded remarkable success.”

Dr Mugabe urged women to be resilient in the face of adversity and to take advantage of the opportunities availed by President Mugabe to empower them.

“Never give up as women, wake up early as a woman and work for your children and don’t just depend on men,” she said. “Our President has given us opportunities to do as men do, especially in the field of education.

“Let’s ensure that our children, especially the girl child, (are educated) because if you educate the girl child, you have educated the whole village.”

Dr Mugabe said women had a key role in moulding characters of their children and urged them to teach them, especially girls, the dangers of engaging in pre-marital sex, having affairs with older men and drug and alcohol abuse. 


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