Saturday 29 July 2017


A PATHOLOGIST who examined the remains of a Bulawayo woman who died after giving birth concluded that the cause of death was due to widespread bacterial infection emanating from the wounds inflicted during an assault by her husband.

Ntandoyenkosi Sibanda (23), who was 39 weeks pregnant, was forced to prematurely deliver the baby through a surgical incision due to the assault.

She was allegedly fatally assaulted by her husband, Siphiwe Ngwenya (26) of Nketa 6 suburb following a domestic feud over the paternity of their unborn child.

Ngwenya accused his wife of cheating on him. He allegedly slammed her against a wall several times, struck her with a stone on the head before punching and kicking her on the stomach.

Dr Innocent Jekenya, a pathologist at Mpilo Central Hospital, yesterday took to the witness stand and told the court that Sibanda’s death was directly linked to the assault, allegedly at the hands of her husband.

“The deceased had multiple injuries and the reason for conducting the Caesarean section was because of the degree of the assault. She was examined by several specialists because of the severe injuries on her body,” said Dr Jekenya.

He said the infection emanated from the bacteria due to the wounds.

“The deceased was of good immunity and she was HIV negative.

“The bacteria colonised the wounds and spread through the body resulting in a widespread infection after the operation, infection that subsequently led to heart failure,” said Dr Jekenya.

Doctors who examined Sibanda said she sustained severe head injuries, deep lacerations on her left ear and swollen shoulders.

She also suffered injuries on the abdomen and chest and was badly traumatised.

Ngwenya appeared before the Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Nokuthula Moyo facing a murder  charge. The matter was postponed to August 4 for judgment.

Prosecuting, Mr Khumbulani Ndlovu said on November 17 last year at around 11PM, Sibanda was at home asleep when her husband arrived from work and woke her up.

Ngwenya confronted his wife and started shouting at her accusing her of cheating on him. During the altercation, Ngwenya also accused his wife of having been impregnated by her alleged boyfriend only identified as Melusi.

“During the dispute, the accused person picked an electric heater and struck the deceased twice on the head while holding a stone in the other hand,” said Mr Ndlovu.

The court heard that Ngwenya dragged his wife to a neighbour’s house. On arrival she screamed for help and the owner of the house Ms Sibonisiwe Ndlovu opened the door and Ngwenya continued assaulting his wife and shouting at her.

“The deceased tried to run into the house but her husband caught up with her and continued to assault her on the face and head. Ms Ndlovu tried to beg Ngwenya to stop assaulting Sibanda but he did not heed the plea,” said Mr Ndlovu.

Ms Ndlovu called other occupants at the house and they escorted Ngwenya and Sibanda out of their yard. Ngwenya continued the attack on his wife during which he struck her once on the  head with a stone.

“The accused removed his leather belt from the waist and assaulted the deceased several times and she bled through the nose.

“He then dragged her back to their home where he continued to further assault her and kicked her once on the stomach,” said the prosecutor.

“Ngwenya took out the deceased’s clothes and threw them at her before continuing to assault her.” chronicle


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