Saturday 29 July 2017


UMGUZA MP Dr Obert Mpofu has blasted people agitating for the secession of some parts of the country saying Zimbabwe will never be divided.

The Minister has also appealed for political tolerance ahead of next year’s polls.
Addressing farmers during an exhibition in Nyamandlovu on Thursday, Dr Mpofu, who is also the Minister for Macro-Economic Planning and Development, slammed people and groups pushing a secessionist agenda.

“There are those pushing for the so-called separation of Mthwakazi from Zimbabwe. They are delusional. They make ludicrous claims. Zimbabwe we don’t want people to promote tribalism and regionalism. We are a united country, such a thing will never work. We won’t accept it no matter what,” he said.

Dr Mpofu’s comments follow recent pronouncements by a claimant to the Ndebele throne, Mr Stanley Raphael Tshuma, that he would revive the Mthwakazi Kingdom.

Mr Tshuma declared September 12 this year as the day for his coronation as King Mzilikazi II, which he said would also mark the official restoration of the Mthwakazi Kingdom encompassing the Midlands Province, parts of Masvingo and the three Matabeleland provinces.
Dr Mpofu said attempts to divide the country would be in vain. He also warned against political gossip.

Dr Mpofu said he always exposes those who come to him with the intention of gossiping as he knows that next time they will be turning against him. He also said people should be free to join a party of their choice.

“We are progressing because we are peaceful. We don’t want anyone forcing people into joining any political party. If they don’t want to join your party leave them, don’t force them. And no one has the right to go around pinpointing others saying they belong to Zanu-PF or MDC. Why are you giving people political parties? Let’s tolerate each other and desist from harassing each other on political grounds,” said Dr Mpofu.

He said the country had a successful farming season with Command Agriculture and the Presidential Input Scheme propelling the country to a bumper harvest.
Dr Mpofu said those who are against Command Agriculture are not farmers and do not understand farming.

“Command Agriculture is a Government programme that has actually succeeded. These (against Command Agriculture) are  people who do not know what they want. They don’t even know what they want. We are the farmers. We know what it has done for us. There is no farmer who is against Command Agriculture,” he said. chronicle 


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