Monday 3 June 2024


A 57-year-old teacher from a Bikita school was arrested for allegedly molesting five of his grade four learners on separate incidents.

The teacher who cannot be named for ethical reasons is alleged to have indecently assaulted his victims who are all between nine and eleven years old, between May 1 and May 23 2024.

A disturbing video of the innocent learners is trending on social media after the parents through the School Development Committee (SDC) and the local traditional leaders convened a meeting where they stopped school operations and brought everyone out forcing the leaners to narrate their ordeal in front of other learners, teaches, parents and police constabulary officers.

Masvingo Provincial Police Spokesperson confirmed the incident and said the teacher was arrested and would appear in court on charges of indecent assault.

“I can confirm we have a report of a teacher who was nabbed by the police for indecent assault after he was reported for molesting five leaners aged between 9 and 11,” said Dhewa.

He promised that the police will look into the matter of the trending video to establish its source, advising the school authorities, community to report such cases to the police and let them handle matters.

Bikita District Education Inspector (DSI) James Mahofa also confirmed the incident and said they had since dispatched a team to the school to establish what really happened.

He then referred the reporter to the Provincial Education Director (PED) Shylatte Mhike who also said she was yet to get a full report from the district.

“A team from different departments is currently on the ground to investigate the matter and we are yet to get a full report of the matter,” said Mhike.

Circumstances are that on May 23, one learner asked for permission to go to the toilet from the accused who then caressed the victim with his hand underneath the table before allowing her to go.

Around 1300hrs on the same day, he allegedly called another learner and asked her to escort him to his house and upon arrival he allegedly pushed her on the bed, caressed her before she got up and ran away and told her classmates.

One of victims gathered courage and reported to the deputy head who told the school head.

It is alleged that some learners later opened up with one saying she was forced to sit on his lap whilst he was naked.

However, the parents later got wind of the incident and convened a meeting where they paraded the learners to narrate their ordeal in front of them and local traditional leaders who later handed the accused to Bikita Police.

A number of people have raised concern over the way the parents handled the matter, forcing the learners to speak in public while someone was recording a video which was later leaked to social media. TellZimNews


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