Monday 3 June 2024


 A Gokwe man who is alleged to have brutally murdered his brother together with his two sons and was on the run, appeared at the Gokwe Magistrates Court where he faced murder charges.

Kenneth Mupamhanga (51) appeared before Magistrate Grace Tupiri and he is jointly charged with his two sons Elvis and Evans.

The siblings who recently benefitted from a Presidential Pardon appeared in court last month and were remanded in prison while their father was only arrested early this week.

The murdered man is Kiddny Mpamhanga, a former prison officer and the murder took place at the family farmhouse in Chemagore, Gokwe.
Kenneth allegedly murdered his brother over a farm ownership dispute. Both parties stayed at the farm.

On the fateful day, Kenneth’s sons ambushed Kiddny on the way to the farmhouse. They assaulted the deceased, smashed his head with a stone, cut his throat and burnt his clothes.

Kenneth was remanded in custody and will appear in court on June 4, 2024.
Farai Kwatireni appeared for the state. Masvingo Mirror


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