Wednesday 1 May 2024


REDCLIFF Municipality has achieved 50/50 gender parity following the recent election and swearing in of Christine Sigauke to the council.

With six female and six male councillors, it is the first local authority to reach the gender parity level envisaged under the Second Republic led by President Mnangagwa.

The Government introduced the 30 percent representation for women to increase female representation in local authorities, hence, Councillor Sigauke’s election means that the Redcliff Town Council now has equal representation of men and women.

Three female councillor were seconded to council through the proportional representation to add to the nine elected councillors. Out of the elected councillors, only two were female.

Clr Sigauke from the ruling Zanu-PF beat opposition candidate Tinei Siziba in the April 6 by-election, to win the Redcliff Municipality Ward 3 by-election.

The seat fell vacant following the death of Mayor Clayton Masiyatsva in January after a short illness.

Long-serving deputy mayor, Alderman Vincent Masiiwa, was elected mayor, while Clr Fortunate Makawa was elected deputy mayor.

Kwekwe District Development Co-ordinator, Mr Fortune Mpungu, praised the gender-equitable achievement, saying it was a milestone and urged the councillors to fulfil their campaign promises.

“Redcliff Municipality has achieved the envisaged 50/50 gender parity and I congratulate them for that milestone. I think they are the first local authority in Zimbabwe to achieve that milestone,” he said.

“It is indeed a big achievement for the district in particular and women in general. It is something that women should celebrate.

“As I congratulate councillor Sigauke today, I wish to remind her that the vote was not only for her alone, but for good governance, continuity, growth and progress of the people who voted.

“Consequently, I urge you to pledge your passionate dedication to ensuring that confidence and faith reposed in you will be maintained in line with the Call to Action blueprint launched by President Mnangagwa last year,” said Mr Mpungu.

He challenged other councillors to carry their people along the road of attaining an envisaged city.status by 2030.

“We all want good roads, clean water, better schools and better prospects for Redcliff Municipality to be a city by 2030. Any councillor who does not carry his or her people along is selfish and will be bypassed for the interest of the common good.


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