Tuesday 21 May 2024


A Chivi man stole a goat to impress his girlfriend with meat. Nyasha Mhaka allegedly stole a goat from Donald Koroziya’s pen at the weekend and slaughtered the goat at his lover’s homestead and packed the meat into two buckets.

The Village Head, Zihove born Andrison Mapurisa told The Midweek Watch that Mhaka wanted to impress his 35 year old lover, Mugiya who is a mother of five and stays alone in the same village by gifting her with meat.

“The suspect stole the goat and slaughtered it at his girlfriend’s homestead. Today (Monday) in the morning when the owner of the goats wanted to release his goats for grazing, that is when he discovered that one of his most fertile goats was missing.

“He followed the footprints which led him to Mugiya’s homestead leading to the recovery of the meat which was in two buckets and still fresh.

“After being caught the suspect pretended to be tying his shoelaces and bolted away at the slightest opportunity and as we speak, he has disappeared from the scene. He admitted to committing the crime but his girlfriend is saying that she did not know that the goat was stolen.

“We are awaiting the Police from Takavarasha Base to come and assist in arresting the suspect. Villagers are gathered at the lover’s homestead and we fear for the worst if police take long to come as people are becoming restless,” said the Zihove on the phone. Midweek Watch


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