Friday 12 April 2024


A HOMELESS woman, who was impregnated by a street kid, gave birth to twins and the family has been moved out of the streets for the sake of the babies.

Violet Chikanzi, 23, had been sleeping at Harare Gardens when she fell pregnant.

She was having a relationship with a street kid.

She gave birth to her twins four weeks ago.

Violet, whose father was of Malawian origin, told H-Metro that her mother was also homeless when she died.

She left her living on the streets.

“I was born on the streets and when my mother died I had nowhere to go besides living on the streets,” Violet told H-Metro.

“My first born is a boy aged five years and these twins, one is a boy and the other one is a girl.

“One of the street kids impregnated me.

“I had to visit Domboramwari Clinic in Epworth, soon after giving birth, and the children were examined and were found to be healthy.”

She added: “One of the vendors took me to her house in Epworth where I gave birth.

“Neighbours found me giving birth to the first one and helped me with the second one.

“I returned to the streets, where I used to sleep with them under the Seke Road flyover, and later relocated to Harare Gardens.

“One of the passersby directed me to the Twins Association of Zimbabwe offices, along Park Street, promising me help since I had given birth to twins.”

Violet returned to Epworth after Twins Association officials encouraged her to take the babies to a safe place and avoid exposing them to harsh conditions.

Twins Association presidents — Farai Lawyer Katonha and Tendai Mayor Katonha — yesterday visited Violet and donated baby wear, groceries and diapers.

“The twin babies have the right to a better shelter, access to health facilities and good feeding and that is why we encouraged her to leave the streets with the babies,” said Katonha.

“We managed to get groceries, baby wear and diapers for her babies and we will look for accommodation for her.

“We are appealing for more support from individuals, churches and corporates to make sure the twins do not grow on the streets like what their mother did,” said Farai. H Metro


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