Friday 19 April 2024


THE High Court has granted a decree of divorce between a Zimbabwean man and his Tanzanian wife.

The couple, Kurauwone Chihota and Marilyn Chihota, nee Mosha, had signed an antenuptial contract before they married formally in South Africa on November 21, 2017.

The contract stated that neither of the two would be answerable for the debts of the other before or after the marriage.

The two met during a business convention in Botswana.

They were working as real estate agents.

Kurauwone and Marilyn moved to Zimbabwe in 2018 after acquiring a property in Glen Lorne.

In her application for divorce, Marilyn said their marriage had irretrievably broken down and was without prospects of them getting back together. No child was born out of their four-year union.

During the subsistence of their marriage, the couple bought vehicles and a property in Glen Lorne which was in dispute.

Kurauwone claimed he acquired the property through a loan facility advanced to him from his employer while Marilyn claimed a 50 percent share for effecting renovations.

Immediately after their separation, Kurauwone allegedly moved the property into a family Trust with the hope that it doesn’t get shared as matrimonial property.

High Court Judge Justice Amy Tsanga said Marilyn was not entitled to a 50 percent share of the property.

“Taking into account that Marilyn also has no desire to share in Kurauwone’s debts accumulated during the marriage and that she has already received virtually all the movables including the motor vehicle, and, further taking into account that her direct contributions in the acquisition of the property in question were minimal, what would be fair and just under the circumstances as her entitlement is 20 percent.

“A decree of divorce be and is hereby granted. Marilyn is awarded 20 percent of the value of the property after deducting US$80 000 for debts owed by Kurauwone.” H Metro


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