Tuesday 2 April 2024


AN unidentified man in Dzivaresekwa, who was suspected of being drunk, crashed his car while fleeing the police.

He had been drinking in public at some shops in the neighbourhood.

Police in the area have been arresting people engaging in public drinking at undesignated points during the Easter holidays.

According to a source, who identified himself as Carter, the man had been drinking outside a bar and, when the police came to arrest him, he sped off.

“He immediately got into his Vitz and sped off.

“The officers started chasing him along Boterekwa Street and he eventually lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a wall.

“He was arrested and it is also being said that he broke one of his legs during the crash,” said Carter.

Some residents were not happy with the high-speed chase.

“We have children who play on the streets and it is now dangerous because they can be hit by cars during these speed chases.

“We are not saying the police must not do their job, but this issue of racing with thieves has to be addressed, especially on these streets of the ghetto, which will be filled with people doing various activities,” said Tapiwa Sibindi, a resident. H Metro


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