Tuesday 19 March 2024


ZANU PF has reportedly hijacked the recruitment of government workers as it ostensibly intensifies its third term campaign bid for President Emmerson Mnangagwa, NewsDay has established.

The ruling party, through its government workers affiliates such as the Teachers for ED [Economic Development] and Nurses for ED, has set up centres in provinces where government job seekers who are Zanu PF members are being shortlisted for recruitment.

NewsDay is reliably PF informed that Zanu PF officials take the lists to the Public Service Commission (PSC), where government officials are reportedly “pressured” to prioritise the shortlisted members for employment or for training.

Zanu PF district and provincial party chairpersons, party legislators and affiliate leaders are overseeing the recruitment process and are demanding proof of the jobseekers’ links to Zanu PF such as party membership cards or their participation during party events.

In Chikomba District, for instance, Zanu Chikomba West legislator and Information Communication and Technology (ICT) minister Tatenda Mavetera is spearheading the recruitment process, according to a communiqué sent to party members seen by NewsDay.

The notice reads: “Chikomba West Constituency Teachers for Economic Development Update: All teachers who completed their course not employed go and register to MP’s [member of Parliament] office next to N Richards Chivhu.

“MP [Tatenda] Mavetera is a true leader who leads by example. That’s finalisation of second phase. Ngatifonerei vanhu vane madetails ari pazasi (Let’s contact the people with details below). #Famba Zanu PF Famba #Famba Mavetera Famba (Forward Zanu PF, Forward Mavetera).”

Repeated efforts to get a comment from Mavetera were in vain as she was not answering her phone.

PSC secretary, Tsitsi Choruma, professed ignorance on the matter.

“I have never seen the Zanu PF recommendation letters,” she said.

“Show me the evidence. I want evidence that they are doing that.”

Zanu PF director of information, Farai Marapira said the recruitment programme was not originating from the party.

Marapira, however, said the ruling party was in support of employment of job seekers.

“As the economy is starting to recover and expanding, more jobs are opening up and we want these jobs to be taken up by Zimbabweans, so  we conscientise  the nation on the jobs that are coming up so that people fill up these spaces,” Marapira said.

“The affiliates, in their autonomy have the right to behave as they do, but this is not a Zanu Pf programme and Zanu PF does not look for jobs for people, but if it is the wish of the affiliates to do so, I believe it is within their mandate because I believe they are independent juristic independent institutions. But we encourage Zimbabweans to take up the new jobs as our economy is expanding.”

Zanu PF activists have been known to hijack other national programmes such as food aid distribution, while a number of party activists have also been arrested for stealing presidential agricultural inputs in the process of hijacking government initiatives. Newsday


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