Monday 11 March 2024


Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa’s Blue Movement is using Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) structures to mobilise support amid concerns by political analysts that the organisation might just face the same fate as the previous one.

Chamisa stepped down from the CCC, arguing that Zanu PF had infiltrated the party after self-imposed interim secretary-general Sengezo Tshabangu purged several CCC legislators from Parliament.

Former CCC legislators Amos Chibaya and Ostallos Siziba have been on a whirlwind tour of the provinces updating the party’s grassroots supporters on Chamisa’s impending political movement which will have blue as its colour.

NewsDay reported last month that senior opposition figures are not pleased that the duo is holding provincial meetings pushing for a new movement without their knowledge.

And now, Newsday has learned that the duo is using CCC structures to mobilise for the new movement despite Chamisa dumping the formation.

This came to light after Chibaya and Siziba sought to hold a rally at Mkoba Golf Course in Gweru yesterday.

The duo applied to hold the rally using the CCC name and structures.

“Police has banned our rally in Mkoba which was slated for this afternoon on the basis that there was not sufficient information about the venue when the letter clearly stated that it will be held at Mkoba 4 Golf Course,” Sibiza said.

However, in the urgent application, NewsDay observed that CCC was also cited as an applicant.

According to the prohibition order dated March 9, officer commanding Gweru Police Urban one Chief Superintendent TB Gumpo addressed the conveners yesterday as “CCC Midlands Province.”

Professor of World Politics at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies Stephen Chan said Chamisa needed to be organised or he would not succeed in his next move.

“I think the uncertainty as to how Chamisa will proceed originates from his own indecision as to the best way forward,” said Chan.

“He is anxious not to be 'infiltrated' again, but infiltration depends upon an organisation that can be infiltrated. Yet, without an organised way forward, Chamisa cannot succeed.”

Political analyst Rashweat Mukundu said while no one could claim ownership from support base politically or legally it was however, possible that the movement might be thwarted given the “politicised Judiciary”.

“We are alive to the fact that we have a hugely politicised and ineffective Judiciary of course (it) can be abused for the political gain of  Zanu PF but even stretching this far makes a mockery of our Judiciary and political systems. The way forward for Chamisa is to launch a new party that tries to be foolproof from Zanu PF infiltration and the likes of Tshabangu.”

He added: “What we are seeing more broadly in the political space in Zimbabwe is undermining of the democratic political practices in the sense that you cannot have impostors like Tshabangu who never campaigned for CCC and are not known come out and claim that they are leaders. Regardless the opposition forces must maintain pressure on Zanu-PF, must maintain mobilisation and hopefully be in a position to contest again.”

Meanwhile, police in Gweru said they banned the rally due to “threats of violence.” Newsday


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