Thursday 1 February 2024


SULUMAN Chimbetu says he has been blown away by the 2022 Mercedes Benz GLE300d, which cost US$140 000, which he received from businessman and philanthropist Wicknell Chivayo.

He becomes the latest high-profile musician to receive a luxury car from Chivayo, in the past two weeks, after Jah Prayzah got a US$180 000 Mercedes Benz.

So, in just a matter of weeks, Chivayo has splashed US$320 000 on two cars he bought for two local musicians.

“To be honest, I never expected to receive this award from Chivayo, who has done a lot of philanthropic work in a short space of time,” Sulu told H-Metro.

“It’s an honour to be remembered and given such a gift among all the musicians we have in the country.

“I was surprised when I was contacted to come and collect this car.

“Of course, we chat here and there but I never expected since I became a professional musician.”

He added: “When you get such a gift worth a fortune, it means a lot to us as players in the creative sector. 

“I will continue serving all my fans with distinction. I also want to leave a legacy as was done by my late father.”

Chivayo shared a post appreciating the Chimbetu family for their contribution to Zimbabwean music.

“Congratulations to no one other than the current king of Dendera Music himself Mr Sulumani Chimbetu

“Your immense contribution and continued support at our ZANU PF rallies cannot just go unnoticed

“Obviously, I am biased not only because I am a die-hard Dendera Music fan but your Father Simon, the Chopper Chimbetu, was my very good friend and to me the best singer of all time.

 “So today I say to you mwanangu Sulu please go and enjoy your new 2022 Mercedes Benz GLE300d.

“If you continue supporting ZANU PF the revolutionary party your future remains bright. “Just some small pocket change well spent on you wholeheartedly”.

Sulu is not the only high-profile figure who has benefitted from Chivayo’s generosity.

Last week, Jah Prayzah received a 2023 Mercedes Benz 4Matic S500 at Exquisite Car Dealership.

Last year, Chivayo gave Director of Ceremonies and Ndarama High School teacher, David Masomere, a Toyota GD6 and house.

He also donated a Toyota GD6 and house to Chief Hwenje for his hit song Mai Welly.

In October last year, he also brought smiles to the ZIYA Cultural Arts Trust trio cast – Vharazipi, Chairman, and Mbuya Mai John – by giving them US$10 000 each for their skits.

Joining the list of beneficiaries is musician BaTroy who also received a car from Chivayo. H Metro


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