Tuesday 23 January 2024


THREE women whose video went viral on social media at the weekend after they were caught stealing from a 22-year-old woman using the classic ‘chadonha’ trickery appeared in court yesterday.

Fransisca Zhanda, Sylvia Gondo and Emilia Muriva have also been linked to five other cases from last year. They will remain in custody until a bail hearing tomorrow.

The court heard that on January 20, the complainant, Ropafadzo Mauruka, saw something that appeared like a bundle of money at the corner Nelson Mandela and Mbuya Nehanda Street.

The trio then asked her to share the money equally.

Muriva then went into a nearby shop claiming that she was going to count the money, and returned saying it amounted to US$720.

She then asked Ropafadzo to hand over her money and belongings so that she could go and divide the money in the shop.

Ropafadzo handed over US$267 and her cellphone and was given the bundle in a sock.

She went into the shop and found that she had been handed papers when she took out the bundle from the sock.

She went outside to look for the trio, but they had vanished.

She was assisted by Tafadwa Chidawo, who witnessed and filmed the whole incident, to recover her cash and cellphone.

In another case that happened on December 9 last year, the trio approached Lynette Nyamaropa of Zengeza using the same modus operandi.

Nyamaropa lost her cellphone and US$80.

Ellen Rukweza of New Mabvuku also fell victim to the trio and lost her wallet containing US$200. H Metro


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