Thursday 11 January 2024


A 42-YEAR-OLD Harare woman has implored the civil court in the capital city to protect her marriage after her husband allegedly hooked up with their maid.

Media Kapfudza dragged her husband, Joseph to court accusing him of having an affair with  their 17-year-old maid.

The two appeared before Harare magistrate Tamara Chibindi, with Media revealing that her husband was planning on taking their maid as his second wife.

She said her husband was looking for a baby boy because the couple had five girls during their 27-year-old marriage.

Media accused her husband of sexually abusing her, forcing her to try and conceive at the age of 42 years which could expose her to health complications. She also submitted that her husband kept a firearm in the house and was always chasing her away from their bedroom.

Her husband, however, denied the allegations labelling his wife as a “great liar”.

Joseph claimed that problems in their marriage were caused by Media’s infidelity and disrespect ever since she acquired a degree.

He said his wife had once cheated on him for six months before he discovered the affair.

Kapfudza also denied chasing away his wife from their bedroom or threatening her with a firearm. He told the court that his wife had stopped doing house chores after graduating from college.

Magistrate Chibindi granted Media the protection order, ordering Joseph to stop insulting, harassing or threatening to chase away his wife. Newsday


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