Friday 12 January 2024


Zanu-PF has called on the opposition CCC party to put aside their internal differences and join forces to stabilise the country’s electoral landscape, arguing that holding further by-elections was not in anyone’s best interest.

Zanu PF does not see gaining a two-thirds majority in Parliament as a priority, although this is possible with multiple by-elections in opposition seats triggered by the opposition party tearing itself apart and recalling elected legislators, but wants to focus on improving the lives of the people.

Zanu-PF’s appeal to CCC comes just a few days before another set of by-elections scheduled for February 3, meant to fill the vacancies created by the second batch of recalls of CCC legislators on November 10 last year.

Speaking during a press conference held at the Zanu PF headquarters yesterday, Zanu PF national spokesperson Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa said there was absolutely no appetite for willy-nilly changing the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

“ZANU PF, in concert with the CCC, then the MDC, wrote the Zimbabwe Constitution. We took it to the electorate of Zimbabwe, and a referendum passed it.

“We are just being made to respond to the constitution because certain provisions say that if there is a recall, you go for elections. Please triple-C close ranks, love each other, stabilise the electoral landscape map, and spare us elections; we don’t need two-thirds at all,” he said.

Ambassador Mutsvangwa said Zanu PF was satisfied with the strong absolute majority they won in August last year. “We are happy with that, so we don’t ascribe to causation from the opposition, which then occasions elections that we had not planned for and then you ascribe a malicious motive to us.

“So your issue of a two-thirds majority is not an ambition for Zanu-PF. Look, if the other party continues to commit hara-kiri, ,self disembowlment and then they are foisting us on an election, then if we end up with two-thirds, it is fortuitous. It was never our intent because the cause is coming from the other side, not from our side.”

“What is happening is happening in the CCC, and to us, the outcome is fortuitous. It was never wished for, definitely never desired, and never willed.”

Ambassador Mutsvangwa said Zanu PF was now focusing on urban renewal afterafter years of failed policies from opposition-run councils.

“The past two decades have shown us what the MDC and CCC are capable of doing to run down services. If they can’t manage a town house what about the whole nation. This is why there is Operation Chenesa Harare which will go to other areas. As ZANU PF we are prepared to develop the urban settlements,” he said.

Ambassador Mutsvangwa also stressed that the ruling party was now prioritising increased trade and cooperation with its neighbors.

“The focus is on increasing investments. The ZANU PF policy thrust is to increase economic activity and has done so. Expansion is on other areas like construction of terminals at Beira to boost trade with Mozambique.”

Ambassador Mutsvangwa applauded South Africa’s condemnation of the recent Gaza attacks, and congratulated the African National Congress on its 112th anniversary.

“We are proud of South Africa whose stance is against genocides in Gaza. They have raised the global conscience in solidarity with the people of Palestine. We also take this opportunity to congratulate the ANC which will be celebrating its 112th anniversary on Saturday. The President Cde ED Mnangagwa will send his message to the party that has contributed to national consciousness,” he said. Herald


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