Monday 29 January 2024


Citizen's Coalition For Change refutes a statement purportedly issued on its behalf on the 28th of January 2024 by unknown people claiming to be a Standing Committee.

CCC was formed on the 24th of January 2022 and only celebrated its 2nd anniversary a few days ago. The party did not exist in 2019 and does not have a structure known as the Standing Committee. The party is yet to conduct its inaugural congress.

CCC decisions are taken by its supreme decision-making body; the Citizens National Assembly (CNA) assisted by Provincial Taskforces and District Clusters.

CCC deployees in parliament and local authorities, activists, members, local leaders, supporters and members of the public are urged to remain patient until formal communication regarding the way forward is made and confirmed to be authentic.

Kindly disregard any statement purpoting to be from CCC which does not appear on the official social media handles of the party.

National Spokesperson

Promise Mkwananzi


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