Tuesday 16 January 2024


IN remand prison, they shared a bond, outside it they have been split by a row over land.

Their dispute has now spilled intyo court.

Nakai Kamusuku applied for a peace order against Thomas Madya claiming that he was being violent towards him.

“He sold me a stand in Glen View 1 Extension Churu Farm and we signed an agreement during our stint in remand prison.

“We agreed that I would pay him what I had and pay the balance later.

“When he was released from remand prison, he came to my place and demanded the balance.

“I told him that I did not have the money and he said I should return his stand instead,” said Nakai.

However, Thomas denied being violent and said he had only asked for his outstanding balance.

“Our relationship is that of a buyer and seller. I have never been violent towards him, but just asked for what he owes me peacefully,” said Thomas.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira dismissed the application for lack of merit. H Metro


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