Saturday 27 January 2024


I am advised, which advice I accept, that Nelson Chamisa was placed in such a suffocating environment that he had to conduct himself in the manner/way he did.

I give him the benefit of the doubt. I am unable to provide detailed facts which informed that advice. Am sure there are people who are better able to do so, if they so wish.

In my view however, the decision (for Nelson Chamisa to quit CCC) was a rushed one.

There was need to consult and get the buy in of relevant critical stakeholders. Ideally, the citizenry should have been consulted, a consultation which could not be carried out in the limited suffocating circumstances.

There are certain stakeholders and issues which must be addressed now if they were not addressed at the time the decision to remove oneself from CCC.

Parliament sits on Monday, there is time before Monday for Nelson Chamisa to meet the true CCC members, interrogate issues in a no holds barred manner and come to a common way forward.

I am aware that certain MPs have indicated their respective courses of action.

My suggestion is that all MPs and Senators address a joint letter to the Speaker of Parliament and President of the Senate dissociating themselves from the fictitious Sengezo Tshabangu CCC and identifying their leader of the house. 

Chamisa must do a supporting letter and dare Tshabangu to recall the MPs.

If recalled, they should not contest the recalls.

There are cases before the courts challenging recalls in one way or the other. 

Instructions must be withdrawn so that they are not argued when called.

The by-elections on 3 February must be forgotten.”

Advocate Eric Matinenga.

Former Constitutional Affairs Minister in the Government of National Unity 2009-2013.


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