Thursday 4 January 2024


At least 11 miners are feared dead after they were today trapped at Redwing Mine in Penhalonga, Manicaland Province.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed and said they were still waiting for full information from the province.

“The ZRP is waiting for full information from Officer Commanding Manicaland province on the alleged eleven miners trapped at Redwing Mine, Penhalonga.

“More details will be availed in due course,” he said.

Minister of ines, Zhemu Soda said in a statement :” The accident happened between 0500-0600am today Thursday 04 January 2024. 

2. 11 people are suspected to be trapped underground about 20 metres below surface.

3. Cause of the collapse of the mine shaft is suspected to be an earth tremor whose source is yet to be ascertained.

4. The miners are suspected to have entered the mine through different shafts.

5. The Rescue team of Metallon Gold at Redwing Mine together with Inspectors from our Provincial Office went underground around 0900am attempting to rescue and had to retreat after noticing the ground still carving in.

6. The team tried again around 1200hrs and noticed that the ground had collapsed more. 

7. Metallon as a company has indicated that it has sufficient capacity to carry out the rescue mission.

8. More cracks developed on surface and subsidence was noticed on surface around the mine. 

9. The ground is still curving in.  It appears like the miners had mined out support pillars. 

10. I have established that Metallon Gold Redwing has been tributing mining areas at Redwing even to individuals. The shaft that collapsed was under some individuals and the people trapped were workers of the tribute. Management of tributed areas falls under the Principal owner, Metallon Gold in this case. Therefore, The Rescue team from Metallon has been leading in the rescue effort supported by Ministry of Mines and other stakeholders including ZRP and Civil Protection.

11. Of concern is the fact that the ground at this place is visibly cracking and subsiding and therefore is unsafe.

12. They will resume rescue activities tomorrow morning.

13. We maintain strong hope that these efforts will bear fruit.



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