Friday 22 December 2023


SOME residents of Budiriro West suburb in Harare have been left counting their losses after their homes were flooded by the incessant rains on Thursday evening.

The homes, which were built on a wetland adjacent to a river in Budiriro West, have not been spared by the incessant rains that have also flooded other high-density areas and low-lying areas in the country.

The Marimba River broke its banks Thursday night, with a family allegedly having lost a child whom the mother was carrying on her back trying to cross to safety.

When the ZBC News crew visited the area this Friday, police were in the area investigating the alleged drowning of the child.

Even with such news, that still did not deter some of the residents who could be seen crossing the flooded river.

Residents of the area, which experiences flooding every rainfall season, are counting their losses.

 “The situation is bad and the rains are showing no sign of subduing but because this is our home we have no choice but to stay,” said one of the residents.

Another added, “It's sad that a life has been lost but the situation is very bad but because of desperation people still stay.”

 “The city council is responsible for this mess which we are in. Our stands have papers but still, the city council has not resolved these flooding crises we face yearly,” said another resident.

“Every rainy season, this area is a disaster. The area will be flooded and sometimes the water gets into our homes. When there are heavy rains, those with cars will leave them near the main road, which is tarred,” another reiterated.

These Budiriro residents are part of many countrywide who have fallen victim to land barons who parcel out land on wetlands unfit for housing.

Despite the rainfall season starting late, the downpour witnessed during the past couple of days has left a trail of destruction and displaced families. ZBC


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