Tuesday 5 December 2023


Harare Regional Magistrate Mrs Vongai Guwuriro has postponed the assault trial of Tendai Biti to December 15.

The lawyer is facing charges of verbally assaulting businesswoman and investor Mrs Tatiana Aleshina at the Harare Magistrates Court in 2020.

Biti’s trial is now approaching its fourth year due to applications and postponements at the instigation of the defence.

Last week Biti denied attacking the complainant saying he could not do so due to the bag and books he was carrying.

He said this after witnesses told the court that they saw him advancing towards Aleshina before one of the witnesses Michael Van Blerk stood in between the accused and the complainant to protect her from being attacked.

The witnesses also told the court that Biti was very angry while coming out of the court and he advanced towards Aleshina where he shouted on top of his voice saying she was stupid.

The witnesses corroborated their evidence saying they heard him shouting.

But the politician said he did not advance towards her and also said he did not point a finger at her saying his hands were holding books and a bag on both hands and could not point at someone.

Biti said he did not know the complainant as of November 30, 2020, when the incident happened but went on to tell the court on the incident that he alleged the complainant did in 2009.

Biti said that his conversation with the complainant did not last a minute.

He said he does not get angry as he had faced several things that could get him angry but he did not.

The politician has been submitting his defence for almost three weeks and he told the court that his submissions could take even years.

However, Deputy Prosecutor-General Mr Michael Reza has been complaining that the politician was delaying the completion of the case by submitting irrelevant information to the court.

Magistrate Vongai Guwuriro postponed the matter to December 15, for continuation of trial. Herald


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