Thursday 23 November 2023


ALPHA Media Holdings (AMH) chairman Trevor Ncube says Zimbabwe has a leadership crisis with the people who are supposed to drive and make a huge impact on the economy having abdicated responsibility.

He said the economy and policies were frustrating young people with brilliant ideas that could transform Zimbabwe.

Ncube said this while responding to questions following an In Conversation with Trevor session at the launch of Ideas Festival Conference in Nyanga yesterday.

“People who should be leading these institutions, the ZNCC (Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce), the CZI (Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries), Institute of Directors and so forth have backed off from this responsibility. Those organisations do not have the integrity and the calibre of people to lead such organisation. They all have stepped back. We have different kind of leaders who are sitting there. Unfortunately, they are not the kind of people that should be in those positions. We require principled and courageous leadership in the private sector and it's not there. We have a leadership crisis across,” he said.

Ncube added that it was sad that the private sector and the church were timid and were not playing their role. He bemoaned that some young people  were going to waste because no one was willing to listen to them.

The media mogul added that the policies and the economic situation were frustrating brilliant ideas that could really transform the country

“But here is the thing. The beautiful ideas, the beautiful execution that they have, the precision, have all been amazing. But still, the economy and policies are frustrating those people. The young people are disengaged from such institutions such as the ZNCC and the CZI. Nobody is listening to these people, but they have amazing ideas that could change this country,” Ncube said.

He said people in such organisations were interested in older people and what they can do in politics, blaming the rot in Zanu PF and the Citizens Coalition for Change saying it had afflicted  the entire society.

“I keep saying as a society we are broken but people have always said speak for yourself, you are broken. Yes, I'm broken but you are also broken and it's about time we own up to that. Let’s own up that we are broken and begin to work on fixing ourselves. People are scared to speak out and own up. We don’t have people who are courageous and principled. We don't have people who can stand up to the President and say we are not fighting but it's sitting down and reasoning with your leaders. That is not happening unfortunately,” he said.

The festival is a follow-up to the Ideas Festival Luncheon held in December 2022, where Ncube announced his intention to create an immersive platform where innovative entrepreneurial ideas could be exchanged to shape the economy.

AMH  are publishers of NewsDay, The Standard and The Zimbabwe Independent. It also owns online broadcasting company Heart & Soul. Newsday


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