Tuesday 31 October 2023


President Mnangagwa is today attending an ExtraOrdinary SADC virtual summit drawing Heads of State and Governments aimed at discussing the security situation in the region with particular focus on the Democratic Republic of Congo where there has been hostilities in eastern parts of that country.

The summit is being presided over by SADC chairperson who is also Angolan leader President Joao Lourenco. Other Heads of State and Governments who include chairperson of SADC Troika on Politics, Defence Zambian leader President Hakainde Hichilema are also in attendance.

Issues expected to come include budgetary support towards deployment of SADC troops to DRC.

The deployment of more SADC forces followed a field assessment by the region’s defence chiefs in March after a resurgence of armed conflict by M23 and other rebel groups in the Eastern DRC which is rich in natural resources.


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