Monday 2 October 2023


THE Chitungwiza community is facing a grave challenge due to continuous sewer bursts which are allegedly caused by a lack of council water in the area.

This situation has forced a family in Unit O, Seke, to construct a makeshift toilet in their backyard as the main latrine connected to the municipal sewer system has become non-functional due to blockages.

The tent structure is reportedly used as both a bathroom and a toilet, emanating an unbearable stench and leading to the spread of flies, which can transmit waterborne diseases.

Residents are concerned that the family’s actions could endanger their lives.

“We cannot even eat comfortably nowadays because of the smell that comes from the toilet next door, and the flies sometimes come to our houses,” said a neighbour.

The neighbour expressed deep concern about the family’s actions to build a pit latrine in the yard and called on council to intervene. H Metro


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