Sunday 1 October 2023


VETERAN guitarist, music producer and musician Clive Mono Mukundu has over the years made public some private details regarding his life as he speaks against infidelity.

The artiste believes promiscuity is robbing the creative sector of gifted personalities as they either succumb to diseases or other challenges associated with bed-hopping.

In an unusual revelation, Mono used his personal example to buttress his point.

“I do not usually want to talk about such intimate things. I, however, feel I should use my personal experience to help other people,” he said.

“My wife, Jean, was diagnosed with a mental illness and as such, we could not be intimate for eight years. In those eight years, I never entertained thoughts of cheating on my wife.”

Mono notes infidelity has brought many musicians down.

“We have musicians who rush to have girlfriends and second wives once they earn a little money. Instead of buying musical instruments and upgrade themselves, they spend the hard-earned money on things that do not contribute to their development,” he said.

Most men, according to Mono, focus on the wrong things in life.

“What I did should inspire other men to shun infidelity. I never divorced my wife or had a girlfriend. Men can live without some of these things that we are so fond of,” argued the talented artiste.

A former guitarist for the late national hero, Dr Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi, Mono also spoke about the need for artistes to build reputable brands.

“Some musicians are immensely talented but have bad names. If one has a bad reputation, then many companies would not want to be associated with such a person.”

Without a good name, Mono reckons, an artiste cannot break onto the international scene.

“We have musicians who marry today and divorce tomorrow. Some are involved in scandals. Without a good name, one cannot be signed by international recording and promotions companies,” he said.

He urged young musicians to learn from the mistakes made by some of the yesteryear chart toppers.

“Some of the musicians made a lot of money but later on became broke and died paupers. If you look at it closely, infidelity was the major cause of the musicians’ demise.” Sunday Mail


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