Thursday 28 September 2023


OPPOSITION Labour, Economists and African Democrats (LEAD) party leader Linda Masarira torched a stormed this week during a meeting to promote post-election peace after sensationally accusing Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party activists of receiving insurgency training in Zambia ahead of the August 23 polls.

She claimed CCC deputy spokesperson Gift Siziba and Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition spokesperson Obert Masaraure were some of the people who went to Zambia for insurgency training.

The meeting which was organised by Heal Zimbabwe Trust and intended to foster open dialogue and promote unity among various political parties and civil society organisations, degenerated into chaos as tempers flared after Masarira’s accusations.

“There shall come a time when some comrades who are part of the panel will have to show their passports that they did not attend training in Zambia. I still maintain they were trained for insurgency in Zambia,” Masarira said.

University of Zimbabwe lecturer Pedzisai Ruhanya who was facilitating the meeting attempted to restore order by encouraging a return to meaningful dialogue, but failed.

Siziba and Masaraure vehemently denied any involvement in insurgency training or any unlawful activities.

“Several lives were lost because people sold out the struggle because of trinkets from the regime. It is not new, even in the days of the liberation struggle there was someone who was known as Morrison Nyathi who sold out. When you sell your soul to the devil, the first thing that departs is common sense,” Siziba said.

“Sadly, when you are given trinkets, your masters want to see you doing things, even lies and hallucinations. There is no way I have been trained outside the country.”

Masaraure said there was nothing wrong with attending meetings outside the country.

“At any given time, there are conferences taking place across the globe. Sadly, one of our comrades has sold out the struggle. We used to fundraise and donate to her when she pretended that things were not well only to realise that she was hopping from one bar to another,” he said.

Siziba said there was conflation of the ruling Zanu PF and the State.

“There is party-State conflation in Zimbabwe. I was abducted and tortured at Zanu PF headquarters in 2016. After the ordeal, I was handed over to the police where I was detained at Chikurubi Prison and was also denied bail,” he said.

Masarira said Zimbabwe had for too long enjoyed “artificial” peace which is not sustainable and was plagued by polarisation. “We need dialogue that is inclusive. The dialogue that every section of the people contributes to, even those in rural areas,” he said.

Advocate Wilbert Mandinde accused the police of selective application of the law. Newsday 


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