Tuesday 8 August 2023


National Chiefs’ Council president Chief Fortune Charumbira says he is not seeking re-election to the helm of the national traditional chiefs’ body at polls that are scheduled for tomorrow.

His current deputy, Chief Mtshane Khumalo of Matabeleland North province, is understood to be one of the frontrunners to succeed Chief Charumbira who has served two terms.

The National Chiefs’ Council is meeting in Bulawayo ahead of elections on Thursday, to elect a new Chiefs’ Council president and the deputy who will automatically become Members of Parliament as Senators.

Thursday’s election will be the culmination of a process that started last week with ZEC holding glitch-free elections to choose 36 chiefs into the National Chiefs’ Council in an exercise that officially kick-started the 2023 harmonised elections.

Chief Charumbira, the outgoing council president, was overwhelmingly voted back as one of the five Chiefs’ Council members from Masvingo province after defeating Chief Neromwe (Mr Clemence Madzingo) of Zaka by 27 votes to 7.

Chief Charumbira is also the president of the Pan African Parliament.

Chief Khumalo hailed Chief Charumbira for his impeccable leadership skills that saw him even getting the support of all African regions to become PAP leader.

He described Chief Charumbira as a repository and sanctuary of the country’s traditional leadership institution with his exemplary leadership depicting the ethos of the past, present and the future.It emerged also that the National Chiefs’ Council has unanimously resolved to deploy Chief Charumbira to an “appropriate post” where the organisation would continue tapping into his wisdom while he also continued to serve as PAP leader.

Chief Chundu (born Abel Mbasera) of Mashonaland West said they still required Chief Charumbira’s wisdom to improve the traditional leadership institution in Zimbabwe.

“There are still many issues that we feel Chief Charumbira’s expertise and leadership will be required as we continue to strengthen the traditional leadership institution.

“We are traditional leaders and we own the soil and we always agree on one position for the good of our institution and the people that we lead so we indeed still need Chief Charumbira’s guidance and services,’’ said Chief Chundu.

Chief Siansali born Mr Nkatazo Siatabwa of Matabeleland North who said: “Chief Charumbira is behind the growth and transformation of the traditional leadership institution to where it is today and he has vast experience nationally and internationally and we feel it is not prudent to just relegate him to the periphery without tapping from his experience and direction.’’ Herald


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