Friday 7 July 2023


FORMER Bulawayo Deputy Mayor, Mr Gift Banda, was on Wednesday dragged to court for allegedly defaulting on paying maintenance  for his 13-year-old child, whom he fathered out of wedlock in a love affair, which was highly publicised in 2009.

Mr Banda, who is also a prominent businessman and football administrator, was dragged to court by his ex-lover, Miss Kholiwe Sitshoni, who applied to the court to order him to meet his obligations to their child.

Mr Banda is alleged to have failed to pay for his child’s upkeep in the past three years. Miss Sitshoni, in her affidavit, had applied for an upward variation in maintenance fees from US$150 to US$300 per month.

However, after negotiations between both parties, it was agreed that Mr Banda would pay all fees related to school, while Miss Sitshoni caters for transport, as well as her clothing.

The pair arrived at the Bulawayo magistrates’ courts, housed at Tredgold Building as early as 8am and only managed to have their case heard shortly before lunchtime. Mr Banda also agreed to clear all the arrears for the past three years.

According to a consent order issued by the Maintenance Court of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo in January 2014 Mr Banda consented to pay US$150 per month as maintenance for the child.

Also in the document, he agreed to pay the child’s school fees until she finished her education, transport and medical expenses, as and when necessary.

In the same consent order, where he acknowledged being in arrears, Mr Banda was advised to clear the arrears within six months from the date of issue of the document.

The pair has ever since the exposure of their dirty linen been going back and forth dragging each other to court over issues related to maintenance.

In 2014 Mr Banda was in arrears amounting US$2 400 and he was ordered to clear the arrears, which he then did. Chronicle


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