Thursday 6 July 2023


Superbrand Baker’s Inn Bakery has reduced the price of bread alleviating the strain on the pockets of Zimbabweans.

In an era where rising costs have become the norm, Baker’s Inn, has emerged as a knight in shining armour by slashing bread prices, making daily bread a little more affordable for everyone.

In support of Government efforts to drive prices down, Baker’s Inn has taken it upon itself to combat speculative pricing.

In an interview, Baker’s Inn COO Mr Benjamin Mavros applauded the Government in its efforts to stabilise the market.

“We have seen the Government’s notable efforts to combat inflation and in support of this, we have reduced the price of bread as a way to hold our local currency,” said Mr Mavros.

“Bread is a basic commodity and should thus be affordable and available to everybody. Baker’s Inn values its customers nationwide and that is why the new price of bread will be experienced across the entire country, from Beitbridge to Gokwe to Victoria Falls,” he said.

Baker’s Inn has taken a stance against speculative pricing and will continue to offer premium baked goods at the best prices. The new price of bread has been pegged at $ZWL5,800 wholesale, and $ZWL6,400 retail.

Taking note of the financial hardship felt by many families in the country, Baker’s Inn recognised the importance of supporting their community during tough times. Hence, the decision was made to reduce the price of their signature bread without compromising on quality and taste.

“We expect our customers to be very excited by this reduction and as a result we are expecting to see volume growth,” he added.

This move has not only delighted patrons, but it has also rekindled their love for freshly baked Baker’s Inn bread, setting off a flurry of excitement and gratitude within the community. Herald


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