Friday 23 June 2023


FORMER Soccer Star of the Year, Masimba Dinyero, was blindfolded and stripped naked on Wednesday night in a savage attack by a group of armed robbers.

He lost some money and his mobile phones.

Affectionately known as the Member In Charge, during an illustrious football career, he was crowned Soccer Star of the Year in 1989.

The 58-year-old was one of the number of people who were victims in this robbery after they were lured into a kombi by five armed robbers.

Dinyero, and his fellow victims, boarded the kombi in the Harare Central Business District and they were travelling to Domboshava.

The robbers had pretended to be fellow passengers.

The former football star, and the other victims, were driven to Greendale, where they were blindfolded, and they had their hands and legs tied, as the robbers stole their valuables.

Dinyero confirmed the incident to H-Metro.

“The incident happened on Wednesday night around 0740hrs.

“I boarded a kombi that was going to Domboshava and, to our surprise, it took a quick off-route turn and exited the CBD from Robert Mugabe Road.

“We were blindfolded and had our hands and legs tied.

“We were stripped naked and all our belongings were taken.

“I lost my money.

“I had US$40 dollars in my wallet and my phones.

“One of the guys we had, who had hoarded groceries, lost more than US$250 in terms of the cost of his goods, and some money.

“We were then dropped in Greendale and we had to seek assistance.

“Besides losing my valuables I am now okay and safely back home.”

Dinyero remains active on the capital’s social football scene where he plays regularly for his teams – Tendo Electrical and City Social.

During his time as a professional footballer, he was one of the fittest players in the domestic top-flight league and used to be jokingly referred to as the player with three hearts. H Metro


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