Monday 29 May 2023


Former Warriors player Archford Gutu is facing fraud charges after allegedly duping a guardian of one of the 17 players he took to Dubai.

Nyaradzai Makove reported to the police that Gutu promised her a 40 percent share in his AGFA Soccer Academy which promotes talented kids in exchange for US$10 000 paid in March at an office at Chisipite Shopping Centre.

The case was confirmed by Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore
Chakanza, who added that investigations were ongoing.

Gutu and his wife, Mona Dube, also reportedly squandered the money paid by parents and guardians, leaving eight players stranded.

Reports indicated that Gutu together with his wife had been starving the players whose permits have since expired and are now being removed from hotels they were staying in. Parents and guardians have been asked for top-ups to clear the arrears.

“Sometime in February 2023, the complainant met accused person at Chisipiti shops and gave him US$10 000.

“The suspect promised the complainant a 40 percent share in his soccer academy.

“In March, the accused person left for Dubai with a group of soccer players. Complainant made efforts to locate the accused, but could not find him and she discovered that he has no soccer academy,” said Insp Chakanza. H Metro


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